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  1. the burned hand makes it harder for him to jerk off to thoughts of fucking his niece Ahsa
  2. I think that he's not letting on as much as Jon would want. For example, I don't believe that he's illiterate, and I don't think that he's politically unsavvy as he would have us believe. But I do think that he is at least on some level fond of Jon, he must recognize that he is no ordinary crow. Most other crows would never even entertain the idea of letting the free folk through the wall, yet Jon does it. I think he knows that Jon is the best shot he's got at saving his people.
  3. Plus Stannis has a good deal of SL troops with him in the North, so unless they all gain the ability to fly they aren't getting down there in time to help. He only left skeleton crews at DS and SE
  4. Lord Mord always makes me laugh
  5. I'd also like to add that such an object hanging a mere 100km above Planetos is well within the Roche limit, the minimal distance at which objects bound together by gravitational forces can maintain themselves. For Earth, any moon closer than about 6,000km would be ripped apart by tidal forces, and if Planetos is larger than Earth then that distance is greater. But still, a cool idea and a wizard did it etc.
  6. I think it's a really cool idea despite the fact that it is not totally consistent with gravitational physics. But this is a magical world with ice zombies, dragons and resurrected people etc. To borrow a quote from The Simpsons: Whenever you notice something like that, a wizard did it.
  7. Still rowin'
  8. Cersei's coronation at the end of episode 10 doesn't make a lot of sense to me. With Tommen's death, the matter of who should ascend the throne becomes rather complicated. Since no one seems to know about Gendry, and since Dany's only claim would be through conquest, I assume that the next claimant would have to be descended from a Targaryen daughter. Robert justified his claim not just on conquest, but also from his grandmother's Targaryen blood. Are there any living characters who have Targaryen lineage through the female line? I checked through the lineages listed in the back of the World of Ice and Fire, but nothing sprung out at me. I read an article online that argued that if Tommen were to die, the next claimant would have been Tywin Lannister, as he is supposedly descended from a Lannister-Targaryen marriage somewhere in his ancestry. Since it was a clickbait article I take it with a grain of salt to say the least. But assuming it is true, then with Tywin dead, Jaime sworn to not hold lands and Tyrion attainted, the next ruler would indeed be Cersei. Not that her reign will likely last long, she has the backing of literally no one of the other regions and she's got Dany, Unsullied, Dothraki allied with Ironborn, Martells and Tyrells coming for her. Anybody able/willing to shed some light on this?
  9. The North is Littlefinger's. He's got the knights of the Vale in Winterfell and Sweetrobin is his puppet. All the major Northern houses save the Manderlys forces were decimated in the battle. Sansa owes him big time, she will probably be forced to marry Sweetrobin in order to solidify her position with an army.
  10. Sam is, at his core, a good hearted lad who doesn't wish harmon anyone or anything. He is one of the truly "good' people in the story, and many people interpret his kindness as a weakness, as is common in the real world as well. This would only be exascerbated in a world as cruel as Westeros (which admittedly mirrors real life to some degree, but there is more room for such idealism in modern times.) Gutting prey and bathing in blood wouldn't make even the bravest man more brave, and in Sam's case probably just causes psychological trauma. Sam will eventually evolve into a stronger character, but not because of any magical ritual. He will come to a logical conclusion that in the current circumstances, brutal acts will have to be carried out in order to further the cause of peace. If he ever does have children, which I sincerely hope he does, he will be an infinitely better father than his own because he will teach them that such brutality always comes with a price, which will lead to more of the same down the road. I believe Sam is the embodiment of mercy just like the Mother of the Seven, despite the gender discrepancy. After all, both sexes are capable of showing mercy.
  11. Sly Wren, I agree with you that there is a "true knight" trope within the story that Martin is exploring, and that Jaime, Brienne, and Sandor are the primary characters within the trope. Sandor is certainly within the trope, and though he believes that there are no true knights, he certainly holds onto the ideals of a true knight even though he refuses to admit it. He is too cynical from his past experiences to admit it, but in his youth he almost certainly held these ideals. I personally believe that he is lying to himself. He still holds these ideals deep inside him, but they are buried deep within his "Hound" persona. This persona is how he copes with the events that happen in the world and how he would like others to perceive him, just as Jaime likes to be perceived as an honorless Kingslayer, although deep inside he loathes his reputation as such. It's a defense mechanism for dealing with how society treats him. Although I believe that Brienne holds more similarity with Dunk than Arthur Dayne. She can never truly be a knight because of her gender, at least according to the traditional standards. But I believe that her ideals and her resolve technically surpass society's ideals and I do hold her to be a truer knight than any other living knight we have encountered so far in the story. After all, it's all about upholding the oaths that she swore. I think that you have done a good analysis and I look forward to you expanding your analysis as more information becomes available to us. Kudos on some good research.
  12. Well personally I can't stand Christie and that's coming from someone from New Jersey!. But I expected Cruz to team with Rubi because they seem to hold the advantage in the early voting states suh as Iowa and New Hampshire.
  13. My personal theory is that Cruz will want to make Rubio his Vice President.
  14. I'm glad that you could only think of one difference between RL and what I posted. I must've done well. Hey, Pobody's Nerfect.
  15. Joffrey = Donald Trump. Says and does outlandish things. Has a solid base of support but everyone else hates him. Has lots of money. His hair is an issue with some people. Stannis = Jeb Bush. Younger brother of former ruler. Is seen as stiff and boring and has small but dedicated support. Few people take his claim seriously but he keeps trying anyway. Ted Cruz = Renly Baratheon. Young claimant that is quite popular among the establishment. Seeking a marriage with another young, powerful person (Rubio) to seal the deal and simply overwhelm the opposition. Will probably fail anyway. Rob Stark = Rand Paul. Most see him as a usurper to the traditional power structure. Dedicated to the ideals of his father to the point that it will be his undoing. Balon Greyjoy = Ben Carson. Has a small but dedicated following. His strange ideas about his religion make him seem like a weirdo in the eyes of his opponents. Is probably better at his usual job (reaving/neurosurgeon) than he would be at ruling. Disclaimer: This topic is supposed to be a fun discussion about the parallels between the above candidates and who you think they share similarities with in the major players in the presidential race. Please do not turn this topic into bickering about politics IRL in the U.S. (probably unavoidable)