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  1. Well she doesn't control Dorne or the Reach in any meaningful way, as in being able to field an army from there, collect taxes / food from there etc. With Elaria hostage who knows what Dorne will do. Who leads them? Who would Dany send orders to? And would those orders be followed by whoever that was? These regions might not be fully in Cersei's hands either but that's not the point. The point I was making is Dany doesn't control any regions (apart from Dragonstone and the castle of Casterly Rock). Maybe in some time Dany will be able to establish some control and make demands of Jon from a position of power but currently she can't.
  2. Dany needs Jon as much as he needs her. Jon at least has two kingdoms (North and Vale) under his control whilst she has none (she almost had two with Dorne and Reach but they're lost now). Her conquest is not going as smoothly as she thought it would. She accused him of "pride" for not bending the knee when the crown was put on his head by his people and he never really wanted nor enjoys power. She on the other hand has been screaming about taking back her throne with Blood and Fire for years now and not because the people want her but because it's hers by birthright. She needs to realise that she needs Jon to take back the Iron Throne. Maybe if she's helpful enough he'll return the Vale to her.
  3. I don't see Arya going south again. I think her story will be in the North from now on. The dagger is a reasonable clue that she will fight the White Walkers. Either in the North if the Wall is breached as in Sandor's vision or beyond the Wall as one of Jon's companions if he ventures out to find the NK. I think Cersei's story will play out against Dany & Tyrion. Jaime will be the deciding factor here, will he switch side if Cersei goes mad enough? Will he stop her like he did the Mad King?
  4. An impressive 9 for me. Some good character moments with Sansa & Arya, Jon & Dany, Jon & Theon. Some great action scenes, the fight between Brienne & Arya was quite good but the battle was excellent. There was real peril there, I thought Bronn was a goner. Didn't think they'd kill Jaime but the chance is there. Team Dany has had some major loses recently so it's about time team Cersei lost a major player or two. Bran's "Chaos is a ladder" was a nice moment, the look on Littlefinger's face.
  5. Anyone else use the Audio Description feature on Sky Atlantic in the UK? I've had to since the lighting on the show went quite dark a few seasons back. Apart from them calling Ser Davos Seaforth rather than Seaworth, this week it had quite a big gaff. It described the Lannister army with Jaime on horseback with Kevan Lannister. I was quite confused as I thought he had died in Cersei's purge last season. But from reading other comments I think it must have been Randyll Tarly with Jaime. This makes much more sense. Good episode either way. Plenty of plot progression. Some good interactions - Jon & Tyrion and Jaime & Oleana in particular. Minor gripe with the Iron Bank of Braavos being in the Slave Trade when the city of Braavos was founded by escaped slaves and it's the one city in Essos which never had slavery. A minor plot point which doesn't ruin the show for me.
  6. The IBB scene sontained my main gripe with this episode. Their slave trade took a down turn? The whole point of Braavos was to escape slavery. A minor gripe really but still. Unless the IBB were just saying this to make Cersei feel more comfortable with them and their representitive who visits Dany (assuming one will) talks of how they support her effort to rid the world of slavery, playing both sides...
  7. A steady 7. Good progression on several plot-lines, they're not dithering much this season - with us drawing close to the end of the story and with only seven episodes this season they really are marching at a pace. Some great scenes with Jon & Tyrion (Davos and Dany were good too), Jaime & Oleana, Sam, Jorah & Archmaester. I liked that the battles were brief (save the big battle scenes for later in the season). My one gripe was that the Iron Bank of Braavos suffered a down turn in its slave trade. The whole point of Braavos was to escape slavery. No way is the Iron Bank funding slavery anywhere. But meh, a minor plot point.
  8. What is Baelish up to? Is he trying to antagonise Jon in order to make fuel the rivalry between him and Sansa? I'm not liking Sansa just now, wondering if she is acting under the influence (even if unknowingly) of Littlefinger?
  9. Arya meeting Hot Pie. Her finding out about Jon and turning North. Another step towards Arya's redemption re-humanisation.
  10. Reek would have submitted straight away and knelt down for Euron. Theon escaped Winterfell when he stopped being Reek, Theon escaped Euron by not being Reek. I don't see that he had much choice as to what to do. Give himself over to Euron to be a prisoner, tortured and likely executed or run.
  11. poll

    Another solid 8. The stories are moving along at a reasonable pace, no too much dithering. Arya had some great moments. Meeting Hotpie, finding out about Jon, turning North and then meeting her Dire Wolf again. Melisandre getting right down to it at Dragonstone, Jon heading there for dragon-glass and allies. Only grumble here was Sansa arguing with Jon again. They're building this Jon / Sansa rivalry thing which I'm not enjoying. Then we get some decent action scenes with the naval battle. A cull of sand-snakes can't be bad any time!
  12. What I took from that scene is that Arya's humanity is returning. So I don't think she will harm these soldiers (unless they try to hurt her, which seems unlikely). Since she became Arya Stark again (rather than No-one) last season (after watching the play about her father and sister she tried to save Lady Crane and now she is laughing with people around a campfire. Yes, she killed the Freys but they had killed her mother and brother whilst breaking Guest Right so they pretty much deserved it.
  13. I don't think the show is doing Valonquar, Maggie's prophesy on the show mentioned the younger more beautiful queen which will take away all she held dear. This was to build the rivalry between Cersei and Margaery (Cersei assumed it was her). So now the candidates for this are Sansa and Dany. Most likely Dany at the moment.
  14. Her redemption started last season when watching the play about her father and sister. She becomes Arya Stark again and retrieves Needle. She hadn't been Arya since becoming Ari when she fled King's Landing with Gendry & co. The scene with the soldiers just shows that her humanity is re-asserting itself. She is not just a vengence demon out to kill any lannister soldier. It contrasts her previous two scenes where she was slaughtering Freys. I think Arya's list is down to just one name, Cersei. I think the others have been forgotten or forgiven. Once Cersei is dead (whether Arya is the killer or not) she will go home to try and live in peace.
  15. A solid 8. It covered almost every character and set up their plots nicely. Couldn't really expect much more from a season opener. They packed a lot into that episode and it nearly all was important story building.