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  1. Even as he embraces the darkness and learns the taste of blood beneath the earth?
  2. I just don't think there's a lot of difference between say, Viserys and Dany, and Renly. He was just a kid during the rebellion, he can't be held accountable for Robert's or Tywin's crimes. He hated the Lannisters probably just as much as Doran, and he seemed to have a cordial enough relationship with the Martells. If Doran isn't really after the throne per se but wants a solid marriage to the royal family as you said, then supporting Renly would've made a lot of sense.
  3. Yeah, Xaro. And Jon Connington is as cool as a wet blanket.
  4. The Targaryens made their last stand on Martell blood. Rhaegar humiliated Elia in front of the entire realm and then Aerys kept her hostage and left her to the mercy of Tywin. They're just as complicit in Elia's death as the Baratheons, if not more. Yet Doran's got no qualms in aiding that failed regime.
  5. I disagree. If that's all he wanted why not join Stannis or Renly? The reason he's waited so long to make his move is because he's got his eyes on the prize. If you think about it, he'd be reclaiming what Tywin took away from him: a Martell consort on the Iron Throne.
  6. I don't get it, what's in it for the Martells by doing what the OP says? They basically hand in Dorne and the Iron Throne to the Tyrells of all people, and all they get in return is a sexually unfulfilling marriage for Arianne? That's it? There's two scenarios I could see Doran using the Wot5K to get what he wants: 1) If Doran wants the jackpot (the Iron Throne): AFTER Renly's death. Pull a Tywin. March to King's Landing offering his help. Hope Cersei/Tyrion are scared of Stannis enough to let him in. Sack the city. Kill every Lannister. Here he has 2 choices, depending on the outcome of the battle: IF the Tyrell-Lannister alliance defeated Stannis but fell apart once Joffrey et al got killed: persuade the Tyrells to join the Martells on a coup. Result: King Quentyn/Trystane and Queen Margaery. IF Stannis won the battle but ended up in bad shape: Send Stannis to kick rocks. Close the city gates. Declare Myrcella queen and marry her to Trystane. Send envoys to the Reach, offering Arianne's hand in marriage. Contact Robb and Edmure, allow them to remain semi-independent. Basically get allies to get rid of Stannis. Result: King Trystane and Queen Myrcella. IF Stannis won a decisive victory and remains strong: Open the city gates. Gratefully present him with the corpses of Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella, wrapped in Martell-orange cloaks. Get him to marry Trystane to Shireen. Result: King Trystane and Queen Shireen. 2) If Doran settles for a consolation prize: BEFORE Renly's death. Attack King's Landing. Kill Lannisters, etc. Assume Renly is gonna get off his ass then and come to the city. Graciously open the city gates for Renly and the Tyrells. Hand over the Iron Throne. Ask for two things in return: Casterly Rock, and one Tywin-sized oubliette in its dungeon.
  7. I dreamed a dream of spring gone by When Robert was hot yet Lyanna was cheating I dreamed that Rhaegar did not survive I dreamed the Tower of Joy existed Then I was a sweet summer child And theories were proved and read and tested There was no Star Wars to be heard No secret twins No hidden identities But the fans they come at night With their crackpots smart as HBO As they tear your ships apart As they turn Rhaegar to Mance And still I dream of Howland Reed That we can put R and L together But not all theories can canon be And we all like our fanfics better I had a dream that Winds would be Published by now so I'd be reading So different from what was Feast Now the wait has killed The book I dreamed
  8. The real question here is why Martin gave us not one but two overt lesbian, male gaze-y scenes featuring "straight" characters but god forbid Jon Connington have one gay thought in his head that isn't ambiguous and exceedingly subtle. Of course the one gay POV we get has to be pretty much asexual. (I concede that Cersei's scene with Taena had some character implications but Dany and Irri was out of character, out of nowhere, and had zero repercussions whatsoever. It was Martin's inner HBO rearing its ugly head, though at least those in HBO have the decency of using random prostitutes for their unnecessary porn fantasies instead of main characters*). * Except Yara, but you get my point.
  9. That would be good but I personally would like more than a cameo, to get to know the characters better. That would change the plot too much I think. Yeah, little hints like that would be cool. I like the relative simplicity of that idea. The only part I'm not a fan of is Team Aegon being missing for two books before showing up again but I guess that happened with Theon as well and it turned out okay.
  10. ^ Still better than The Cursed Child
  11. Tell me about it, the Inhumans are screwed. As for Iron Fist, I side eye everyone going, "But he's always been white in the comics!" Sure, but literally everything else about Iron Fist is Asian. Everything. Back story, supporting characters, mythology, skill set, inspirations, world-building, everything. The "7 Heavenly Cities" arc - arguably the best Iron Fist story of all time - is an anime/Zhang Yimou film brought to life, for crying out loud. Iron Fist is an unequivocally Asian character that had the misfortune of being created white. Marvel could've righted that wrong by casting an Asian actor but they didn't. Ok, fine. At least they should've cast a more compelling white actor, because if the reviews are to be believed, Finn Jones is unfortunately bland in the role.
  12. Yeah, I think so too. But then you'd have to come up with a way to set up the Dance of the Dragons, a reason for Dany and Aegon to fight each other.
  13. The Imp slammed his dagger down in the table, where it stood quivering. “Then you’ll service your own bride with a wooden prick. I’ll geld you, I swear it.” #Canon
  14. Because he showed up too late in the series, in my opinion. Also, slow day at work.
  15. That would actually explain his sudden entrance to the story