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  1. Fargo- the TV series

    I suppose he threw them out? Though if that were the case, it leaves the logical fallacy of why wouldn't he then also toss out the hammer along with the clothes which would have been the logical thing to do rather than hide the murder the same the same room....where the murder happened and risk having it found right there.... Yeah suppose so. Though it is sort of annoying that every cop with the exception of Molly seems to be nothing more than comic relief.
  2. Fargo- the TV series

    Ok fair enough, I just found myself somewhat struggling to believe that framing someone would be that easy without the police finding more holes in the setup than a block of swiss cheese. But then this show is not striving to be realistic so I guess the fault is with me for coming at it the wrong way. I've read too many police procedural novels so I guess it's kind of driven into me a habit of picking apart things like this. Still enjoying the show however after the latest ep.
  3. Fargo- the TV series

    One thing I don't get about the whole Lester framing his brother: Wouldn't his brother and his wife have an alibi? Wouldn't they both be able to remember being at home or wherever on the night the Chief was murdered? Eh, I guess I've just become overly critical to a fault.
  4. Fargo- the TV series

    So it was a tornado that caused the fish storm....still think it was dumb though. Anyway, good episode which brought the show back on track IMO after last week's derailing. Glad Molly isn't dead (I suppose it was a given seeing that she seems to be the protagonist of the story) and I enjoyed many of the exchanges between the characters such as Molly & Grimly, Lester & Bill, Molly & Wrench, Lester & the widow, etc. I'm enthusiastic about the show again after last week's turn off and look forward to the next ep.
  5. Fargo- the TV series

    Oh yeah and with the guy at the start - I imagine it was intentional for comedic purposes, but his "Australian" accent (he was Aussie wasn't he?) was....odd. It almost sounded Kiwi at times.
  6. Fargo- the TV series

    Sorry to nitpick, but I assumed it was a given Lester's hand got a pellet from the shotgun when the Chief was shot? Atleast I already knew it was before it was shown in slow-mo in last week's episode. Still though, they're really going to have to push the boundaries of believability with explaining some of these events. It reminds me a bit with the plane crash in Breaking Bad (apologies if you haven't seen it) - the event seemed outrageous at first, but they did explain it later down the track, even though it still seemed a bit of a logical stretch. So there's still room for Fargo to redeem itself atleast somewhat.
  7. Fargo- the TV series

    The latest episode went off the rails IMO, the show is shifting into absurdity. I don't know wtf I'm watching anymore. Too many coincidences, too many convenient plot devices and wild plot turns that come out of nowhere. There seems to be no rhythm or flow to the show anymore. Now arguably the show's best character (Molly) is dead? And in such a sudden and random manner? And can anyone explain the fish storm or is it supposed to be some sort of religious/philosophical thing or something? I hope next week's episode brings things back together.
  8. Fargo- the TV series

    I'm enjoying the show so far, but it's stretched itself perhaps too thinly IMO. Lots of concurrent plots it has to jump between with lots of ground to cover which kind of feels like each episode almost has to struggle to cover everything. The first episode went off with a bang, frantic yet satisfying pacing but these last 2 eps have slowed it down considerably. I also find some scenes unnecessary making me wonder what the point of them are like the horny woman (cougar?) living across from Gus' apartment or the scene where Molly catches up with her whacko friend who mentions the egg-laying spider in the person's neck. Perhaps these scenes will make sense in later episode(s), but for now they've really left me scratching my head. And going back to the first ep, after Lorne shoots the chief in Lester's house, he goes into the basement and then....just disappears? Is there an outlet there in the basement besides the main stairway? Did I miss something here, because how Lorne got out of Lester's house undetected was left completely unexplained and makes for somewhat of a gaping hole in the plot IMO. Oh well, it's only minor and I suppose we can just use our imagination (ninja-Lorne?).