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  1. You HAD to go and post this for everyone to see after I'd already entered this morning didn't ya? Ah well, there can't be more than 1000 Bakker fans out there, so my odds are still pretty good!
  2. So this paper was just published. Fascinating stuff!
  3. Regardless of whether (or when) the third series is published it sounds like tUC will wrap up the major questions to a sufficient extent where most readers should be satisfied so I am not going to worry about the existence of a third series just yet.
  4. Does anyone know what Barnes and Noble will be selling the book for in stores? I thought about preordering it , but the cost comes to around $25 once shipping and handling is tacked on. I'm hoping it'll be cheaper to buy it in person.
  5. So the day of our hike is the 20th and right now it's looking like 30% chance of rain for that day with thunderstorms the preceding two days. Not ideal conditions to attempt Huntington Ravine in at all. I'm really hoping things look better as next week gets closer, if not we may sadly have to put off doing Washington for another trip. Bonds are probably our backup option at this point, although I can't imagine the views will be the same if it's overcast.
  6. Good point, I'll see if I can find any good deals there. Thank you!
  7. I was able to make it to my first game of the year today down in Pittsburgh. Absolutely beautiful day and a nice game to go along with it! Nova pitcher a gem of a game and could've gone longer had he not been pinch hit for with the bases loaded! Great day all around. In other news, a friend and I are planning on going to Chicago to see the Cubs play the Pirates in the second weekend of July. Being the poor college kids we are (and Cubs tickets being what they are), I was hoping that someone might know of a way to get discounted tickets. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  8. Wow! Just reading the chapter titles has me excited! Sorry for the double post, didn't check the link before the first post.
  9. I feel that I fall into this description. I always felt that the story was about Kellhus and his journey to confront the Inchoroi and whatever revelations that might be revealed. Are you saying there's more to that that I'm missing? Awesome, good to hear! I look forward to reading both your and Bakker's works!
  10. This is great work and I can't wait to read it, but do anyone else think this could undermine the cause for Bakker to write his version of The Silmarillion?
  11. Ok! I guess I'll have to go and see!
  12. Scooter Gennett MVP tonight! As always, YCPB
  13. I really hope we can make the trip work. What is it about the view from Bondcliff you like so much compared to say the Presidentials?
  14. Thanks I'll be sure to check those maps out! As for hiking the Bonds what route would you suggest to ascend them? My Dad wasn't thinking of starting on the trail that first takes you to Zealand before continuing south to the Bonds and then turning around and coming back. Is that the way you would do it or is it better to come from the south? Also if we do do this hike it would be after we ascend Washington, how does the terrain compare? Do you think we could complete the hike (looks like it'll be around 20 miles by my Dad's calculations) without being too exhausted?
  15. We were thinking of leaving the car at the base of the Tuckerman's Ravine trailhead, go up and hit Washington and Jefferson and circle back down to the car. I forget who mentioned it upthread, but the Bonds look pretty spectacular as well. We might have to see if we can work those into our trip. ETA: Does anyone know where I might be able to print out some maps of hiking trails of the Adirondacks or the Presidentials? I had a copy of the Presidentials that I lent to a friend last summer and never got back. I've tried doing some google searches for some good maps to print, but no luck.