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  1. Tuesday should work for me actually. My schedule has cleared up a bit so I have less pressure on me than I first thought. 9:30 pm est should be fine.
  2. Really kicking myself here, but those dates aren’t much better for me. It’s midterm season for me at school and from now till the end of the month I’m swamped. I went back and read the posts from last week; is it too late to have a draft early afternoon this Saturday? Worst comes to worst Jaxom can take my place as I know he wanted to play.
  3. I’m sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t see that. That’s totally on me. That week is really busy for me. I could do Monday night, but other than that I’m not free again until the weekend.
  4. I don’t mean to be a pain, but that time does not work for me. I thought it was going to be this weekend?
  5. Give him and inch and he’ll take a mile. Manfred should not be allowed any concessions at this point.
  6. So Manfred’s latest “great” idea is to start extra inning games with a runner on second at the minor league level. I’ve been willing to tolerate pitch clocks and limiting mound visits, but this goes too far. If he ever tries to implement this at the major league level it’ll be a very sad day.
  7. I remember reading some posters thought Beevor was too sympathetic to the Soviets. I find that interesting cause I’m halfway through The Fall of Berlin and I think it’s the opposite way around. I thought there was a lot of focus on Soviet atrocities and not enough on the Nazis. The retreat to Berlin gives them an underdog vibe which was not what I was expecting.
  8. Nah, it was Moustakas that got royaly (heh heh) screwed. The qualifying offer that was originally extended to him was higher than what he ended up getting.
  9. I appreciate it, didn't mean to kick you out of the league; but thanks for being willing to let me go for it. Also, is there a group chat for this league or something that will make communicating easier?
  10. Just finished Rendezvous with Rama. Fantastic book, I really liked it a lot. It’s a pity the sequels aren’t any good.
  11. I should be able to make whichever date of those we choose work.
  12. With the amount of filmography he’s done by now it’s probably very doable to replicate his voice now. They did it with Tarkin in Rogue One already.
  13. I’m interested yeah.
  14. Well I was hoping for a biased answer in a way, I’m always interested in what the local tastes and favorites are. I’m not saying that he was reluctant, that’s just how he came off in the movie initially. I get why Rickey selected him, that was the best way to go about it.
  15. I’m watching 42 for the second time and to me it seems like Robinson was portrayed as a reluctant hero much like Peter Jackson’s Aragorn. Anyone know what he was like in real life? Any good books to recommend about his life and story?