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  1. Ho hum! In the latest escalation, Kim Jong “Rocket Man” Un seems to be considering testing a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific in response to Trump’s comments at the UN the other day. My personal theory is the Baby Boomers got dissatisfied with the anticlimactic end to the Cold War and are intent on taking themselves out with nuclear fireworks one way or the other.
  2. I am in awe of this Indians team. I refuse to believe they will ever lose again. Quite the postseason atmosphere in Cleveland tonight and I can't blame them!
  3. Looks like North Korea has possibly tested another nuke, maybe even a hydrogen bomb. If so, esclatory Trump tweets are bound to be incoming!
  4. I believe Detroit sent $10 million to the Astros as well. Still a lot of money for Crane and co to take on, but it's October or bust at this point. Astros have every opportunity to bounce back after their 11-17 August. Correa and McCullers returning can't hurt either! For Houston!
  5. My Dad recently moved back to the Houston area for a new job and he's been keeping me informed of the situation. He's been fine so far, but our family friends had two feet of water in their house as of this morning. Now, they've been forced to shelter in their attic with their pets. According to my Dad the rain is still coming down in sheets. Our friends have been calling the coast guard with no response so far. They have an axe and are prepared to break through the roof if necessary. I'm praying everything turns out alright.
  6. That is encouraging news to hear. It seems The First Law is more complex than I had first assumed. I'll certainly check out Kay and the Silmarillion is already a favorite of mine!
  7. Ok bear with me, but I did read Dune a year and a half ago and I was very underwhelmed. I was expecting a masterpiece, but for whatever reason it failed to impress.
  8. I haven't heard of Jemesin before, I'll be sure to check her work out. Thanks for the recommendation! I do love me some dark humor, so this is a big plus.
  9. As someone who has read Tolkien, GRRM (obviously), Malazan and Bakker what comes next? I really enjoyed all of the above except for Malazan which I have no desire to revisit. Robin Hobb the only remaining author worth the read at the moment? I've heard good things about Abercrombie and Rothfuss, but the ending of the former was spoiler for me a while ago and I don't want to dive into another unfinished series with the latter. I haven't heard much about Abraham and his work, would he be worth a shot?
  10. Basically. It seems to be the only "issue" they can agree upon. They perpetually have the mindset of an opposition party.
  11. I don't know the issue as much as I would like, but I vaguely remember hearing it was considered a free speech issue because it originated over an attack ad against Hillary Clinton and she or her affiliates tried to shut it down. That could be totally bonkers, but that's all I can say at the moment.
  12. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." It sure looks that way.
  13. The plot was compromised by the fact that the world building overtook the few already shallow characters I was interested in and made it hard for me to care about them. By the end, I wasn't really interested in what was happening, I was reading merely to finish the series.