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  1. First article I’ve seen to reiterate what has already been mentioned up thread about the possibility of the oddly shaped asteroid being a spaceship-
  2. That would make sense to me. From what I’ve heard altcoins such as Ethereum and Litecoin are supposed to be improvements upon Bitcoin although I can’t say I understand all the technical implications behind them.
  3. Gotcha that makes sense, although I’m now confused as to what Nakamoto’s intentions were. From what you’re saying it sounds like Bitcoin would be better suited as “digitial gold” that was described earlier in the thread. But that seems to fly in the face of what Nakamoto wanted. It’s hard for any peer to peer system to catch on if it’s too much of a niche creation.
  4. Yikes yeah this is definitely the worst case attitude to have with something this volatile, bubble or not. I’ve only thrown some breadcrumbs into it to see what happens at this point. Nothing I can afford to lose. As @Altherion mentioned, Bitcoin is not being utilized as Nakamoto had envisioned. To realize his vision, might the bubble popping be a good thing? If it were to stabilize around say $2000 it’s slightly more likely to be attractive to retailers who’d consider accepting it I’d have to think.
  5. True, but at least the Padres haven’t tried to contend only to fall flatter than a pancake the last few years. Yeah I really don’t understand that part at all. He’s seemingly not here to join a team that’s primed to win, but he doesn’t want the money and big lights either? Yet he wants enough attention to slake his thirst? It’s all very strange.
  6. Mariners are being touted as the favorites from what I’ve heard. I really hope he doesn’t end up there, I can’t think of a more boring team in MLB.
  7. This seems pretty relevant to this thread- Any thoughts on this?
  8. I think there’s a difference between how the Euro and Bitcoin have been implemented and how the latter could be more accepted internationally as time goes on. The Euro was a top down approach whereas Bitcoin has come from the ground up with individuals driving it’s increased acceptance. As a currency it should be quite easily acceptable internationally since it is cutting out the middle man that is the government.
  9. I can’t speak to all the economic specifics, but I will agree that the value in a form of currency is based on the trust and even the gold standard was arbitrary should gold have lost its lure. However ive also seen the way in which Bitcoin has inserted itself into the political economy. I was recently reading an article which described how it is gaining popularity in countries such as Zimbabwe or Venezuela where their economies have gone to shit. Regardless of the political ideology that it is at times associated with I think it’s worth looking into it’s potential.
  10. From what I’ve seen there isn’t really anything backing up the value of Bitcoin at all except trust in your fellow users. Bitcoin has also been marketed as “digital gold” so that has helped make it attractive I’m sure. As far as fiat money goes it seems that the argument runs along the lines of, “well there isn’t anything backing up fiat currency except trust in the government ever since the gold standard was done away with.” I also remember seeing someone point out that it was in the wake of the Great Recession that blockchain was established and that this is merely one of the symptoms of the growing distrust of government and the economic system in general.
  11. I’ve just gotten into the confusing and nascent world of cryptocurrencies recently and was wondering what the board’s thoughts on them are. I’m fascinated with all that I’ve seen so far. Some of my friends have told me Bitcoin and the like are nothing more than a fan while I’ve seen countless enthusiasts across the internet harping on about their futuristic potential. Are they are they’re hyped up to be or merely a fad?
  12. Thanks guys, I’ll consider it just that!
  13. I’m gonna hope you’re wrong only because it looks like we’re not gonna have any chance of investigating further and finding out the truth.
  14. Hold up, Mortal Engines is actually steampunk not cyberpunk. I gotta investigate that genre more. On another thread, Rama was brought up in relation to that interstellar asteroid that recently whizzed through the solar system. I remember I tried reading Rama in high school before giving up on it as it was a lot more slow moving than I had anticipated. I'm considering picking it back up again, but I also just noticed that it is part of a six book series. How good is the series? Is it worth reading all six or are they disjointed enough that I could get away with just reading the first one?
  15. Ah I see, yup a hyperbola would do it. Ive read a lot about the asteroid online, but I haven’t seen anyone directly compare it to Rama. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions here. Are you saying it’s behavior simply mirrors Rama’s or are you implying the “asteroid” is indeed an alien spaceship?