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  1. Hank left the seat up after realizing Walt was Heisenberg. From what I've been told, that's a serious offense. He did cover for Marie's kleptomania didn't he? My memory's kind of fuzzy because I haven't done a rewatch in some time, so maybe he didn't know.
  2. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    I was always a big Orell fan, so I also don't see the appeal.
  3. Jackanapes at the Wall: A Retrospective

    I meant on you, insulting him like this. I mean, with Bowen's charm, winning personality and strategic prowess, he's exactly the man the Watch needs leading it during the apocalypse* *Assuming you want the Others to win and/or are a Lyle Crakehall fan.
  4. Jackanapes at the Wall: A Retrospective

    The Old Pomegranate will have his vengeance. In this life or the next.
  5. What's the most common middle name in Westeros?
  6. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    If you rearrange the letters in Izembaro, you get R a zombie!
  7. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    You've made an argument that stands up better than where you started (although I don't find it convincing anyway, obviously).
  8. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    I was talking about the argument that Sansa is destined to turn evil/darker/however you want to phrase it. Those quotes aren't really convincing for the same reasons others have said. The first is when Sansa is really upset over Lady, and she remembers Arya fondly later in the series, even dreaming of having kids that look like her, the second is an obvious joke, and Arya similarly remembers Sansa more positively when they're not, you know, being sisters.
  9. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    Which simply aren't supported by the text. The latter, especially, is very clearly not reflected by her PoV.
  10. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    I'm not saying Arya is definitively evil or even going to turn evil. I was questioning how Sansa is more likely to turn out bad/evil than Arya given that Sansa's PoV chapters show no real desire to turn into a female LF or power-player and Arya's already killed multiple people and is training to be an assassin.
  11. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    It's also a bad analogy because Darth Vader wasn't corrupted because having a treacherous/evil "mentor" (and I put it in quotes because I very much doubt Sansa actually wants to emulate LF anyway) doesn't just inherently cause the underling to go evil. Anakin Skywalker was also corrupted because of his particular personality and history that left him vulnerable to the Emperor (to say nothing of the metaphysics of the Force itself). Sansa didn't seem particularly inclined to turn evil having spent time with Cersei, why is she suddenly going to go bad?
  12. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    Yeah, I don't see much, if anything, of Darth Vader in Sansa.
  13. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    How is Sansa headed for the dark side, "clearly" or not? Especially if you compare her to Arya (amoral assassin in training) or even possibly Bran (depending on what he's trained to do or ends up doing) or Rickon (possible feral cannibal)?
  14. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    Faceless Men aren't assigned to kill people they know and - more importantly - what reason would Arya have for killing her?
  15. Who are your top four characters?

    Characters who are alive: 1. Dolorous Edd 2. Davos 3. Sansa 4. Stannis/Asha (yes, I cheated)