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  1. Hank left the seat up after realizing Walt was Heisenberg. From what I've been told, that's a serious offense. He did cover for Marie's kleptomania didn't he? My memory's kind of fuzzy because I haven't done a rewatch in some time, so maybe he didn't know.
  2. What exactly is the appeal of Jon Snow?

    I was always a big Orell fan, so I also don't see the appeal.
  3. Jackanapes at the Wall: A Retrospective

    I meant on you, insulting him like this. I mean, with Bowen's charm, winning personality and strategic prowess, he's exactly the man the Watch needs leading it during the apocalypse* *Assuming you want the Others to win and/or are a Lyle Crakehall fan.
  4. Jackanapes at the Wall: A Retrospective

    The Old Pomegranate will have his vengeance. In this life or the next.
  5. What's the most common middle name in Westeros?
  6. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    If you rearrange the letters in Izembaro, you get R a zombie!
  7. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    If you posted quotes in good faith that presented a convincing case, maybe I (and the others who disagree with you) would change their stance, you don't know. Asking for textual evidence in a discussion about a book series is not exactly asking a lot though. Because a conversation where people present their arguments and make good points that leads to useful conversation is more interesting than people just talking past each other. That is the point of a forum. Yes, I'm taking it too seriously, not the one using all sorts of loaded verbiage and calling me an angry nerd. :dunno: If you think my posts are "taking it too seriously", you're not going to last long on these forums, frankly. I've been completely polite, outlined what additional information I wanted about your argument and presented my arguments without attacking you or your intelligence. Resorting to the "you're an angry nerd" isn't going to get you far anyway, but on this forum there are tons and tons of people who enjoy writing virtual dissertations about minutiae from the books, and there's plenty of others willing to be a lot more aggressive when arguing. In any case, if you'd simply argued: You've made an argument that stands up better than where you started (although I don't find it convincing anyway, obviously).
  8. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    I was talking about the argument that Sansa is destined to turn evil/darker/however you want to phrase it. Those quotes aren't really convincing for the same reasons others have said. The first is when Sansa is really upset over Lady, and she remembers Arya fondly later in the series, even dreaming of having kids that look like her, the second is an obvious joke, and Arya similarly remembers Sansa more positively when they're not, you know, being sisters.
  9. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    Because Daeron, the fraudulent insurance man and the random Bolton guard wronged her family? Again, I'm not saying Arya is evil or is necessarily going to be evil, but let's not sugarcoat the fact she's killed multiple times and is training to be a professional assassin. Generally, hired killers tend to be pretty dark. She's so gullible she made the point that LF has two personalities - Petyr (who is kind to her, gracious, and friendly) and Littlefinger, the manipulative plotter. She's hardly the airhead she was in AGOT. And yet, she's not at all like Cersei despite it... That's because I've asked you to clarify your argument and you haven't. Your stance is "Sansa is around LF who is a manipulative guy, therefore Sansa is clearly going to go bad", with the addendum that she's more likely to do so than Arya, who's actually killing people and being trained (willingly) as an assassin. Until you provide some textual or logical backing for your argument, I don't know how to proceed from "can you explain your actual argument". And you're engaged in "fervent" speculation with regards to Sansa given that you're ignoring textual references and her PoV chapters because they don't fit into the "Sansa as ASOIAF's Darth Vader" theory. What? Sansa doesn't grow or learn in King's Landing? And in her PoV chapters she explicitly notes that LF is manipulative, not necessarily trustworthy and makes her uncomfortable because of how he acts towards her. He also tries to entice her with a major power play when she doesn't want to have power or be important, she wants family, home, safety. Why would she want to emulate him, again? See above. Not only is "becoming more insightful and calculating" a dubious argument to make given your overall position (i.e. it means she also sees right through LF on several occasions), your second sentence is nothing more than a guess. She did want to be a proper lady w/regards to the Westerosi power structure back in GOT but where is the evidence this is even remotely a goal any more? So an assassin who's already killed multiple people at a young age being trained by (arguably) the most fearsome of organizations among hitmen isn't a "dark path" but being "insightful and calculating" is? Yes, except this theory doesn't have any real textual evidence. What reason do you have to argue that Sansa is going to consider sending thousands of people to die so she can become Queen of the North/Vale/Riverlands? It was a bad analogy but it also was largely the same as your general argument (that LF is Sansa's mentor and because of that he'll corrupt her and turn her evil), and I was pointing out that the specifics are very different. I'm not sure why you're getting so upset, because I wasn't attacking you, only an idea that gets tossed around a lot. Sansa being trained by LF doesn't mean she's going to go evil as a matter of course because she's a very different type of person than those that are often in her position (Anakin, for example, was being manipulated with the threat of Padme's death, his rage over his mother's death, and his incessant desire to become more powerful, etc.). It's sort of strange you're launching into the angry nerd ad hominem when all I've done is repeatedly ask two questions. Someone disagreeing with you doesn't mean they're some angry nerd trying to destroy your place on the forum and since, after reading your latest post, it seems like you misstated your argument (which I still disagree with, but at least now seems more like speculation rather than an unfounded conclusion), I'm not sure why you're so angry. I've asked two major questions in response: (1) How Sansa is "clearly" going down a dark path based on nothing but speculation while Arya hasn't and is just sort of in moral limbo? (2) What textual evidence (not "hey this could happen") is there that Sansa is not only going to get unduly influences by LF but also act on it? As it is, your argument seems to be "Sansa might be in a position to do a lot of evil and so she's clearly going to because of LF's influence" but there's not much reasoning for why this will happen. It's speculation unsupported by the text, which is why I've been questioning it. You said and Which simply aren't supported by the text. The latter, especially, is very clearly not reflected by her PoV.
  10. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    I'm not saying Arya is definitively evil or even going to turn evil. I was questioning how Sansa is more likely to turn out bad/evil than Arya given that Sansa's PoV chapters show no real desire to turn into a female LF or power-player and Arya's already killed multiple people and is training to be an assassin.
  11. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    What does being psychotic have to do with anything? We're talking about the Stark children being on a "dark path". You don't think killing one of her brother's soldiers (leaving aside the Tickler/Daeron) is a dark thing to do? I'm genuinely curious - how is what Arya has done and is likely to do (being an assassin in training after all) less likely to cause her to go "dark" than Sansa? How is extrapolating other characters moot when you're using what you think Sansa might do at some point in the future to argue she's more likely to go bad than her sister who's already killed people and is training to be an assassin? What makes her most likely? Your entire argument seems to be that being in the vicinity of LF as a mentor will necessarily make her go bad, despite the fact she didn't do so in King's Landing, her PoV chapters telling us she wants her home/family not to manipulate her way to the top, that despite her annoyance with Sweetrobin, she still takes care of him, etc. Is there a real argument for Sansa being the "clear" choice to go bad among the Stark children beyond her being in close proximity to LF? Sansa doesn't display interest in political manipulations, she specifically wants family, home, to feel safe, basically everything that LF isn't offering her (power, revenge, etc.) - when in KL she didn't become a manipulative or dark person; in fact she remained polite, kind and gentle. She's perfectly capable of becoming a savvy person without going bad. On top of that, you're adding the further argument that Sansa is more likely to do bad things than Arya despite the fact Arya has already killed multiple people, not always for good reasons, and is training to be a professional killer. It's also a bad analogy because Darth Vader wasn't corrupted because having a treacherous/evil "mentor" (and I put it in quotes because I very much doubt Sansa actually wants to emulate LF anyway) doesn't just inherently cause the underling to go evil. Anakin Skywalker was also corrupted because of his particular personality and history that left him vulnerable to the Emperor (to say nothing of the metaphysics of the Force itself). Sansa didn't seem particularly inclined to turn evil having spent time with Cersei, why is she suddenly going to go bad?
  12. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    You mean like murdering the Bolton soldier (ostensibly a man fighting for her brother) or killing Daeron from the Night's Watch? And, even ignoring those killings, orders of assassins are not generally known for upholding morality over their more pragmatic goals. We know that Bloodraven/the Children are either controlling or have some kind of hold over Coldhands, an undead creature. We also have no way of knowing what their specific goals and methods for achieving said goals are. Old northern practices included blood sacrifices, for example. This doesn't mean Bran is destined for darkness or evil, but there are reasons to wonder what he's going to be doing. Maybe yes, maybe not. I was taking issue with the fact Sansa was clearly headed down a dark path compared to the other Stark children. I think only Arya really is a threat to do so, frankly. Only we have Sansa's PoVs to read and she's not full of rage or bitterness; she wants to go home and she wants to be with what remains of her family. She's made uncomfortable by LF's advances on her (especially the blatantly physical ones), and all her time with dishonorable and cruel people in King's Landing didn't turn her into a cruel person herself. Learning to manipulate people doesn't make her "dark", unless you think only Baelor the Blessed could qualify as a good person (or, I guess, someone like Ned when he decided to tell Cersei he knew about her children). Yeah, I don't see much, if anything, of Darth Vader in Sansa.
  13. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    How is Sansa headed for the dark side, "clearly" or not? Especially if you compare her to Arya (amoral assassin in training) or even possibly Bran (depending on what he's trained to do or ends up doing) or Rickon (possible feral cannibal)?
  14. Will Arya end up killing Sansa

    Faceless Men aren't assigned to kill people they know and - more importantly - what reason would Arya have for killing her?
  15. Who are your top four characters?

    Characters who are alive: 1. Dolorous Edd 2. Davos 3. Sansa 4. Stannis/Asha (yes, I cheated)