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  1. The jesus scene surprised me... insofar as I'm surprised they had the balls to do it... and the descendant was hilarious...
  2. Sweet... For source material such as this, I much prefer television to movies these days... hopefully they do it justice... any chance of this being ready by the end of 2018?
  3. The Last Ship S4 began this Sunday... very under rated show...
  4. When an older property that no longer holds up can be brought up to date... then maybe... Netflix re-imagining Lost in Space comes to mind... But most of these reboots/remakes just reek of unimaginative middle management milking a barren cow for as long as they can
  5. Halt and Catch Fire.... tonight. yay.
  6. I don't think that the writers were trying to "fake us out" with Daredevil's death.... I mean... I doubt anyone really thought he was dead... and then they showed him to us five minutes later... I think they're just trying to set-up Danny filling the role for a while until Matt returns... I *loved* Electra in this... the moral ambiguity and the ease in which she killed... Elodie Yung was fantastic.... As for The Hand being a weak villain... it was really the plot to destroy the city that the defenders were trying to stop... and the five fingers were just the people behind the plot... and in the end, it was Electra... the numbers game --the Hand have a shit ton of red shirts-- really worked in that last fight scene... the choreography was fantastic.... I thought Finn Jones / ironfist worked much better in the ensemble cast.... none of the things that annoyed me about IF S1 bothered me in this... Kristen Ritter's "this is bullshit/oh shut the fuck up" faces are gold..
  7. Well, that was thoroughly enjoyable. I also really liked the way they developed relationships that exist in the comics, without the dialogue seeming contrived... everyone got their moments to shine... and as I had hoped, Finn Jones/ironfist worked much better in an ensemble...
  8. I never even heard of this... but now that I see it, it looks like it could be a lot of fun... Thanks for the post!
  9. Man... Talking Dead is going to take a serious hit....
  10. personally... I thought this show got better as the season progressed... I was luke- warm for a while, and all of a sudden I found myself immersed...
  11. Man... I'm in the wrong
  12. I can't believe how many people on social media that are supporting racists, and our fraud of a president... The willful, if not gleeful ignorance on the part of the republican electorate is staggering...
  13. Agreed.... the more absurd this show is, the better... when they try to ground it --normalize it-- thats when it gets blah.
  14. Orange and Purple are adorable... I'm a little sad that its over, which is a credit to Maslany.... who was able to make us become attached to --and root for--several different versions of herself...
  15. I enjoyed this show... I love history, and even though they took a few liberties, it still gave me a good feeling ... 4 seasons was perfect...