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  1. One of these sequels they'll need to add Fantomex to the team
  2. This was like watching Scott Baio play King Lear... it should have been titled, Troy: The Fall of Netflix Standards
  3. damn I love this show... I never thought I'd see Amos bail on Naomi Errinwright is a world-class prick
  4. same plan here.... just gotta finish up Troy
  5. I'm on ep 5... this show is pretty good if you are simultaneously doing your taxes...
  6. Blackfish sighting...
  7. Finished up Santa Clarita Diet, and Lemony Snickets.(loved them both)... 3 episodes into Troy: Fall of a City... I'll add .... This season of Homeland wouldn;t be bad if it wasn't for Claire Danes... Holy cow she is just terrible... Couterpart was the best S1 I've seen from anything in a long time... JK Simmons should get an Emmy.... he was brilliant. The Alienist was also very good, especially for TNT... Is it me?, or does Dakota Fanning always look like she has gas in a crowded room?
  8. Maggie has been pregnant longer than Bonnie Swanson.... and she's not even showing...
  9. How are they functioning in that cold?... I know its supposed to be spring... but I have to watch this show under a blanket...
  10. I liked it, but it struck me a little as "What if the Lifetime Network did a superhero show"?
  11. So Far, 1- Counterpart 2- Altered Carbon 3- The Alienist 4- The Path 5- Jessica Jones 6- Sneaky Pete 7- The Chi 8- The Magicians 9- The Looming Tower 10- The Assassination of Gianni Versace Honorable Mention.... Falling Water... Shoot the Messenger ... Damnation... Waco Will make this list, somewhere....but too soon to assign a number... Hap & Leonard ...the Americans ... McMafia ... The Terror ... The Walking Dead... Strike Back.... Biggie & Tupac ... Happy! .... Billions... Ash v Evil Dead
  12. The previews seem to be fairly Reagan heavy... I'm thinking that they'll jump forward a few years, and have the show end at the tearing down of the Berlin wall... perhaps with the ironic twist that they get nabbed right before Gorbechov ends the cold war
  13. The 3,4,5 hitters --Harris, Hinds, Menzies--on this show are impressive... I have no problem with the lack of action in the 1st 2 episodes... I expect this to be a slow burn... all I require, when people are telling a story, is... for it to be interesting, and to not roll my eyes due to bad writing/shark jumping... and I don't expect to have those problems with this show...
  14. Every time there's a kid, something stupid happens... Christ on skates I want that dopey brat to meet Lucille...
  15. I didn;t get to see TR in the movies although I wanted to... The thing is, that I don;t sit down in a theater with my tub of popcorn and giant soda with the same expectations for every movie... when I go see a flick like this, I just want to be entertained.. if there is a good plot/writing/cinematography/etc, then thats gravy.... when i went to see Three Billboards, I had a totally different mindset... so the Rotten Tomatoes score wouldnl;t phase me.