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  1. Taylor Swift would be better than Taylor Kitsch
  2. Oh cool!... thanks I didn;t realize... so I guess they have re-worked it so they *could* be Barron Von Strucker's grand kids instead... if there was ever a merger of properties...
  3. I am liking this a lot more than I thought I would... the hour flies by. I had to brush up on "who's who"...LOL..... Polaris, Blink and Thunderbird are the big mutant names, but the rest I am unfamiliar with... is there supposed to be an MCU connection with the name Strucker?
  4. Wow... I'm surprised... they've been plugging this for so long that I figured it would have been much sooner... as in "any day now"... LOL... still this looks really interesting... and I'm glad that Dakota Fanning is getting roles... so many child stars don't make the transition into adulthood.
  5. Is anyone else not wild about Channing Tatum as Gambit?... I know he is the driving force behind the role, kind of like Ryan Reynolds was with Deadpool, but I just can't picture him pulling it off.
  6. Holy cow... how did this not come up on my radar?... Thanks!
  7. Binged 8 episodes of Mindhunters on Sunday... really really liked it... it'll make my top 10
  8. Did anyone else catch the Serpico reference that Sandra made in a conversation with Alston? ... to which he responded, something along the lines of "Nah, that don;t affect us." ...and yet they're developing the "Sweeney shaking down the Bar & the Massage parlor" sub plot... if I'm not mistaken, this show takes place about the same time as the Knapp commission
  9. Finished... loved it... psyched for S2
  10. I really liked this movie... for a lot of reasons... but mainly because it wasn't a "remake" or a reboot, and a hackneyed re-casting and/or re-working of the original... they merely kept the story going with a smart plot... and IMO, it really showed respect to the original....and I loved that the "swerve" was a non-swerve... knowing how Hollywood writes, I thought for sure that K was going to be Deckard and Rachael's kid... I was waiting for the awful... "It's you.... it's been you all along" trope... but then they made an executive decision to not suck....
  11. We just started this... so far so good.
  12. One of the things that Rodenberry said was that TOS Klingons couldn't exist, insofar as they were purely evil... and devoid of depth... which makes sense... how could such a species ever be capable of space travel? ... which is why the cultured was retconned through Worf in TNG..... MacFarlane is making sure that he gives some rationale to the Krill so as to not create such an obvious fault in the cannon... This show reminds me of when I watch the original series (and sometime TNG) and --even though I love it-- I find myself goofing on it... its so easily made fun of... The Orville removes any pretense, and is just a self-aware sci-fi show that reminds us of how --no matter how advanced we become-- we are all just a bunch of moronic meat sacks trying to find our way.
  13. I dug the first episode... I was left appropriately confused... which is to say that there are answers I am seeking, but at least I know some of the questions... I totally agree... if they're talking about these concepts in the abstract, then fine... the same with time travel... but otherwise adding Stephen king-esque science fiction into the story would take this show directly over the shark... I would rather Elliott's recollection of Mr. Robot sharing his consciousness than a time-travel/alternate universe version... it would be so much more plausible.
  14. The Path, and the Handmaid's Tale are top-notch shows... Shut Eye, Chance, and Harlots aren't bad...11-22-63 was also terrific... Granted, they still have work to do to fill-out their line-up... but the tHT won the Emmy for best drama... so if nothing else, that should be the catalyst higher level original programming moving forward
  15. As an aside... This probably means nothing, but my wife and i go to a lot of nerdy events... Monster Mania, ChillerCon, NJ Comic expo, etc... last week we went to NY Comic Con... and for some reason, no one had *any* Sense 8 posters, pics, or anything... When I asked, most vendors had no idea what I was talking about... Kind of weird for a show this popular...