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  1. Well that This makes two awesome shows starring Logan-Marshal Green (Quarry being the other one) that got shit-canned after one season... its a shanda, because he is really really good... he didn;t even last as the Shocker...
  2. It seems like just yesterday he beat Bruno Sammartino for the title
  3. I'm with ya here... I'll probably stick with this because I tend to follow through on things I've started... but as even a flaming liberal like me, I find myself rolling my eyes at how many tropes they cramed into these episodes... we are two episodes in and I already know everything about every one of these characters...rather than allow them to develop they keep hitting us over the head with cultural banalities... and i truly can't stand Holly Hunter's character... Ramon is by far the most likable, best written character... and the best thing this show has going for it.
  4. Its worse in movie/TV writing, but I hate dream sequences... no one ever dreams the way the do in fiction Also... and this is more a movie /TV thing too... but I hope that anyone who ever wrote a script/novel where someone in peril finds car keys in a sun visor steps on a lego at 2AM
  5. The most fun part of this show is that its semi- censor-proof... Margo's mouth --in particular-- is filthy... and Alice looks like she's smuggling undeclared cantaloupes through customs... this show is absurd, obscene, and hilarious.
  6. Something I noticed last evening, was that JK Simmons is so f'ing good, that when a scene changes, you can immediately tell which Howard you're looking at... unlike Tatiana Maslany (Who is nothing short of brilliant herself)... JK isn;t playing different people with the same face... he is playing two versions of the same person... there is no difference in hair or clothes... its all posture, mannerisms, and temperament... In my opinion, Maslany's best work was when she was one character pretending to be another (Sarah pretending to be Allison)... What Simmons is doing is different... both brilliant... but worth noting...
  7. I think almost every show would benefit from these little vignettes... especially shows that develop slowly like this, or Westworld, where minor things become important later ... they're really informative... but even with a show with a barely existent plot like Strike Back, these post show shorts are fun, and usually very helpful, in case we missed something...
  8. Like most Marvel/Disney movies, this wasn't a mere "Good Guys V Bad Guys" flick.... There was a greater underlying plot as it pertains to European colonization, and the 21st century responses to complex sociology... Just as Winter Soldier was a political thriller, and Ant Man was a heist film, this was a compelling social commentary as it pertains to whether activism or violence is the most effective means to achieve socio/economic justice. Chadwick Boseman simply owns this role... he's both regal, and a legit superhero... Often, these movies are only as good as their villain... and Michael B Jordan's Killmonger might be the best foil in the Marvel Universe since Loki... he got *huge* for this role, and the combination of anger and conviction was absolutely terrifying Lupita Nyong'o and Denai Gurira completely sold me as kick-ass spy and bad-ass general respectively... They were both great... Letitia Wright's Shuri was probably the most pleasant surprise for me... besides pulling off the brilliant inventor/tech genius part of her character, I was always aware that she was T'Challa's little sister,... playful... rebellious... and no doubt the one who used to get him in trouble when they were kids... I loved their chemistry... The rest of the cast was all terrific... Daniel Kaluuya, Martin Freeman, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis, and Winston Duke killed it... ... and I will publicly proclaim my love for Angela Bassett
  9. Since my lengthy post was lost because it was part of the other thread, and they got merged before I hit "reply"... I'll just say that I loved it.... I'll probably post again later when I'm not
  10. Besides Chadwick Boseman simply owning the role of T'Challa (we could go on all day about how great he is)... these movies are often always only as good as their villain, and Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger steps up... holy cow he got jacked for this role... he was terrifying Beyond that, the supporting cast didn;t have a weak link either... Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira are both totally believable in their roles as kickass spy and badass general respectively... Letitia Wright is perfect for the role of Suri... Although she is brilliant, strong, brave, etc --all of the things that the character is written as-- underneath it all she is a little sister... playful, and rebellious... LW pulls that off perfectly... She and Boseman had great chemistry that way... like although he love her, he remembers all the times she got him in trouble as kids... Daniel Kaluuya, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Winston Duke, and Forest Witaker rounded out a great cast... ... and Angela Bassett is as talented as she is gorgeous.... the perfect Queen Mother
  11. There has to be a reason why dopleganger Howard didn't come clean to prime Howard that he wasn't being honest about dopleganger Emily being dead... There was a good chance that he was going to find out anyway (he did)... and if the idea was to have prime Howard stay under the radar, then that seemed like a silly thing to keep from him... the takeaway is that dopleganger Howard is setting up prime Howard... for what, we don't yet know... But there are so many small things going on that will undoubtedly reveal a bigger picture... this is a wonderful show.
  12. After the (much deserved) grief they got over The Last Jedi...and how shitty the writing has been... The had to do something... is bringing on D&D the right move?... I dont know... but I doubt they'll make the product worse...
  13. To me, there are different types of villains... some are simply evil... like Joffrey, Agent Smith, or Ernst Blofield... they're written kind of two dimensional so that we never consider that they might be redeemable... But for pure villainy, they are awesome. But for me, I prefer the villains with more depth, like Kai Proctor, Boyd Crowder, the Governor, Batiatus, Ben Diamond, etc... But my absolute favorites, are the anti-heroes... the bad guys as main character who we wind up rooting for despite the fact that they're complete scum..... Walter White, Nucky Thompson, Al Swearengen, Saul Goodman, Dexter, Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, John Silver, Capt. Flint, etc...
  14. Oh man... REC was great... he killed in House of Cards, Banshee, The Wire, and Outcast
  15. I concur. This week's reveal was just great.... Simmons is just f'ing fantastic...