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  1. Amazon’s 2017 pilot season - March 17

    a Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan series could be good I think... and anything having to do with Cuba, I am all in. It seems like yesterday there was a similar thread where most of us thought that "the Man in the High Castle" showed Amazon has some terrific programming... but it seems like netflix has more money to burn through
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if neither Chuck, nor Jimmy come away unscathed by this... something has to precipitate Jimmy's evolution to become Saul...maybe taking the condition, and changing his name so he can practice law again? ... and my guess is that Vince Gilligan will give us the satisfaction of watching Chuck completely unravel .... I am just curious as to how Gus becomes aware of Jimmy/Saul .... I'm not sure if they ever do business together, but by Breaking Bad, Mike works for both of them...
  3. NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    The Leafs were a shit ton of fun to watch in Round 1.... there wasn't a game where the mighty Caps didn;t know they were in a scrape.... I really expected the Blue Jackets to make this a series, what a disgrace.... I agree with @MarkAnthony that this is the Penguins conference to lose... the Rangers have --it would seem, but you can never tell-- an easier path to the EC finals in the other conference.... This McDavid kid is a friggin joy to watch...
  4. Reboot wish list - they are a thing, deal with it

    Re-imagining older properties is one of those things that can --if it comes across as a blatant, "we're out of ideas/money grab-- can be so awful that inspires ire among the faithful... The thing is, it can work.... The Fugitive was a terrific movie... I prefer John Carpenter's "The Thing" to the original... and we've all seen how great the new WestWorld is.... but the thing most well-done do-overs have in common is that they are made from older properties that couldn;t do the original concepts justice... Although Dredd was an exception to this.... But why on earth would anyone think that re-making Robo-cop --and PG-13 to boot-- was a good idea?.... The same with Total Recall.... Red Dawn.... Arthur... The Bad News Bears... and then they re-re-did the Thing.... and every time they Hollywood produces a Ghost-Busters-esque turd-of-a-retread... most of us can see it coming a mile away.... you can hear the groans in the theater when the trailers play... For me, I'd like to see the "Six million dollar man" brought into the 21st century.... they'd have to re-title it, since Six million would probably be his co-pay... but it could be if they get the right writers, and pay the proper amount of respect to the original...
  5. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS - Seasons 1 and 2]

    Yeah.... good season cliffhanger.... almost out of the woods..... almost.... then everything goes to shit..... hahahahahahaha
  6. Bosch... Amazon Original

    we have a coupe of things to catch up on... and then we begin S3 this weekend.
  7. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    This is how I feel.... I am perfectly OK with them cutting back on what i considered "page-filler" from the books... I hated it --but understood cutting out sub-plots from ASoIaF.... but here I think it would improve the television product .... BTW... does anyone know what network this is supposed to air on?
  8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    I had no idea this show was back for the past 3 weeks.... Christ I feel like a moron #WatchingOnDemand
  9. Holy cow, Chuck is a piece of shit.... But
  10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    My guess, is that since Simmons is already dead in the Framework, that upon entering it will assign her a new identity, Gemma Patrick.... where she and Fitz can continue their hokey gimmick of their names combining to create one Irish surname
  11. The Leftovers (spoilers)

    The opening and closing scenes were really powerful, without being gratuitous.... well done.... Everything in between was terrific too, insofar as every question they answered, they introduced two more... I'm not as big of a fan of this show as others here are, but I thought it was a really good opening serve.
  12. Riverdale -- Archie, only with more murder

    I don't know why I like this show. I want to garrote most of the characters to death with piano wire.
  13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    I wonder if perhaps --with the Ultron arc all but over-- that they might change the origin (like they did for Ultron) and Aida might become Jacosta somehow....
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    My prediction: After the success --and fan reaction-- of Rogue One, they've figured out that they should try not to make movies for eight year olds... hence, this flick will be markedly better than TFA.... Personally I love that they're taking this direction.... Not fer nuthin' but Obi Wan and Yoda were complete dicks.... they lied to Luke so he would kill is own father?.... what sanctimonious, religious extremist assholes...
  15. If I had to guess, I would say that the the inevitable Kim break-up is what sends Jimmy past the point of no return... Jimmy can stand to lose anything, or anyone, except her... and I think Chuck will play her the tape... As great s Odenkirk is --and he is-- Michael McKeon is right there with him in terms of acting chops...