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  1. Watched the Accountant last night....Ben Affleck, JK Simmons, Anna Kendrick, John Berthal.... kind of liked it.
  2. I think the key to watching this show is pot brownies
  3. still no Krystal..... boooooooooo who rocks a kilt like Donny?...... No one, that's who.
  4. ... Rogue One was a fantastic film for the reasons you cited... I made the point earlier in the thread that the franchise might respond to its critical success by emulating it in future movies... and I was soundly disagreed .... I hope that they continue... as for the Force Awakens... it wasn't Ewok-esque, but I thought it kind of tried too hard to be gratuitous... but maybe I'm jaded. ... and as for my over use of the ellipsis?... I have no idea... its just my messageboard style I
  5. Star Wars is a frustrating franchise for me... it's like whomever is in charge --whether it be Lucas, or Disney-- knows what works... they see what nerds like us positively respond to... for instance, most hardcore SW geeks believe that Empire Strikes Back is the best of the original trilogy... whereas Ewoks and Jar Jar were almost universally panned.... and yet they don't seem to be able to resist the lure of camping up movies to the degree they do.... It seems to me --and of course, some will disagree-- that the more they try to appeal to kids, the less love the flicks will receive... It reminds me of the WWE... most fans loved the attitude era... and now we're inundated with the New Day
  6. A little bummed that I lost Better Call Saul, Genius, and Fargo in the same week.... We've picked up Queen of the South, and Animal Kingdom... but neither are A-list shows... Orphan Black and Turn help though...and at least there's Preacher to look forward to...
  7. I'm looking forward to this... its a fun, semi-mindless show to watch... rather than re-watch S2... I think I'll just go on wiki... that will catch me up enough I think.... ...and of course, there is always this message board
  8. Good point. I have no idea how Howard will react... Jimmy is an easier read... Howard can go either way
  9. Agreed... she is an absolute monster.... I'd love to watch the show with someone who didn;t know that all those characters were played by the same actress, and see if they could figure it out...
  10. I am a happy fatso
  11. I am all in for this
  12. I'm not so sure Chuck is dead... mostly dead perhaps, but nothing that Miracle Max couldn;t cure... My guess is that he'll die in the hospital next season due to burns... Kim looks like she's done with Law Gus seems to be on to Nacho No Mike in the finale ... and like I've been saying... Jimmy is a scoundrel... but unlike Chuck, he's basically a good person.... he'll rob someone, --like Ken the douchebag---but he won;t bomb civilians... he gave up a lot of money and ruined his elder law career for one old lady's morale... Chuck would never show concern for another human being like that #BurnMotherChuckerBurn
  13. Is anyone watching Genius on NatGeo????.... its about the life of Albert Einstein... its a good watch...
  14. RIP Flounder.... "May I have ten thousand marbles please?"