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  1. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    The only shows thus far that I think will be in my top ten at the end of the year are Black Sails, and the Expanse.... Iron Fist won't make it.... and even Lemony Snickets --which was fabulous-- probably will fall just short.... there are show I really like.... such as the Americans, Outsiders, sneaky Pete, Vikings, The Young Pope, the Magicians, Hap & Leonard, Into the Badlands, Billions, Underground, Legion, Homeland, Taboo, and there are probably several others,,, none of which will be top ten...
  2. Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    The Widow is the kind of woman I'd bury a body for... giggity S2 ep1.... did not disappoint... balls out hilarious violence galore
  3. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    Purely hindsight.... but does anyone know if Lewis Tan can act?... it seems like casting a mixed race Asian actor who is an actual martial arts expert would have solved a few PR problems... I think perhaps the casting director was banking on a Game of Thrones actor being universally accepted
  4. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I think this is the most fair review I've read... people tend to want to pile on, and make more out of the negative aspects then they're worth.... but you've put it into --I think-- the proper perspective Personally, while I think that this was the least of the five (DD1, 2 JJ, LC) ... it wasn't such a severe drop off that it deserves the amount of hate it gets.... to me, after Mahershala Ali was killed off, Luke Cage became similarly bland... and Jessica Henwick was fantastic
  5. Johnny Begone. Chuck Berry died.

    Authors think alike, I guess ;)
  6. Johnny Begone. Chuck Berry died.

    My favorite Chuck Berry moment.... as told by Bill Burr ....
  7. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I'll at this after four episodes... reviews are relative.... this is about the same quality as any of the other Marvel/Netflix series... whether or not one thinks it measures up is a matter of personal taste....
  8. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    if you're of a certain age --or not-- Feud: Bette and Joan is fucking wonderful.... What's you're name hon? Sylvia. Fuck off, Sylvia.
  9. Is Black Sails taking a week off?.... how many shows are there this season?
  10. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    While I agree that this would have been the perfect opportunity for Marvel to change the cannon and cast an Asian/Eurasian actor... I think most of us would care led if Finn Jones proves the critics wrong.... I doubt that will happen, but ultimately casting Jones will most likely be the problem....regardless of his ethnicity... I will like this show anyway, because Marvel is built into my synaptic predilections... but probably not as much as the others...
  11. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Went to see Kong: Skull Island today and was pleasantly surprised.... but I didn't know there was a post credits scene.... ugh As of right now, we're finishing up binging Shut Eye on Hulu.... which is a really fun watch.... good show...... Sunday nights we watch Walking/Talking Dead, Black Sails, then Homeland, Billions, and Feud:Joan & Bette the next day Monday: ShadowHunters. ..its an awful show, but Mondays are slow right now Tuesday: Flash, Outsiders, and the Americans... until recently Agents of Shield and Taboo Wednesday: Arrow, Magicians, the Expanse, then The Path, Underground, and Legion Thursday: Riverdale, Colony Friday: Sleepy Hollow
  12. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    For the life of me, I don't understand how anyone, anywhere, ever looked at Donald Trump and thought he was a viable option for President of the United States... besides the irrational assertions, inane platitudes and pathological lying.... he's an economic illiterate, sociological regressive, science denying dullard who not only doesn't understand what this job entails, he doesn't care to learn... .... and to make matters worse, he's surrounded himself with a cabinet who believes that Noah's Ark is a historical event, and that we should make laws based upon the bible...
  13. So... I'm engaged now.

    May you henceforth be inundated with tomfoolery, shenanigans, and silly laughs... congratulations, good sir
  14. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I'll reserve my judgement... what the reviewers are saying may to true, and this might be sub-par... but I've seen too many reviewers who trash things because they think they're too cool for the room That said, I wasn't a huge fan of Finn Jones casting... but with Marvel, I am usually wrong when I'm disappointed in that regard... The Dexter thing is what worries me
  15. Marvel cancels Inhumans movie in favor of 2017 TV show

    an article came across my FB feed suggesting that Marvel might change Namor's origins to make him an InHuman, in which case we might see him in the show... I doubt they'd risk the money on a feature film for this character, and he's among the biggest names in the MCU that we've yet to see