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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Feast. It's a fantastic book. Maybe culling a couple of Brienne chapters...but I loved the more philosophical side to the book. It was great. Parts of the First two books and especially the Dany/Tyrion bits in DwD could have done with with a bit of editing. Actually way too many Arya and Sansa chapters come to think of it in the first three books given their lack of plot involvement in general.
  2. What an absurd notion. You cannot force yourself to write if the words don't come. It has absolutely nothing to do with dedication. Shutting yourself up might work for some but for many it won't. Secondly, the comparison is quite ludicrous and completely non-analogous. And this has come at the cost of quality and well...common sense. Half the things in the show doesn't even make sense anymore. They're not even bothering to explain stuff anymore because imbeciles seem to lap it up anyway. A bit of gore here and there, some tits and arse and they milk in the money.
  3. 3/10. The dragons looked cool and that's pretty much that.
  4. Did Tywin know in the books that Joffrey, Tommen etc.. were born of incest between his children? The way he said "I want you to father children named Lannisters" seemed a bit suggestive.
  5. I like the fact that they brought up the sand snakes. Guess that means we'll be seeing them next season