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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Feast. It's a fantastic book. Maybe culling a couple of Brienne chapters...but I loved the more philosophical side to the book. It was great. Parts of the First two books and especially the Dany/Tyrion bits in DwD could have done with with a bit of editing. Actually way too many Arya and Sansa chapters come to think of it in the first three books given their lack of plot involvement in general.
  2. What an absurd notion. You cannot force yourself to write if the words don't come. It has absolutely nothing to do with dedication. Shutting yourself up might work for some but for many it won't. Secondly, the comparison is quite ludicrous and completely non-analogous. And this has come at the cost of quality and well...common sense. Half the things in the show doesn't even make sense anymore. They're not even bothering to explain stuff anymore because imbeciles seem to lap it up anyway. A bit of gore here and there, some tits and arse and they milk in the money.
  3. Agreed. No one is going to think he's a Blackfyre even with the Golden Company involvement. See the epilogue as an example. Primarily because the Blackfyres are irrelevant and their line is ended. As you say even Tyrion doesn't think too much of it. I don't see Varys and Illyrio saying anything about Aegon other than signing his praises and advising him. From a purely plot PoV the Blackfyre angle seems utterly unnecessary if all it achieves is seat a Targaryen on throne and re-cement their legacy. Hell, Brightfyre or Brightflame theory have even less evidence but they would make a lot more sense. After all, all of them are Targaryens and the different branches of house Targaryen uniting to seat Aegon on the throne is a more appealing storyline than a bunch of supposed Blackfyre loyalists seating a Targ on the throne. The other option would be to tell Aegon himself that he's a Blackfyre after he takes the throne but that's a bit too stupid and messy for the likes of Varys and Illyrio. I'm referring to the end game Varys and Illyrio have in mind for Aegon.
  4. No one gives two fucks about the Blackfyres or their aims, not even the sellsword company founded to achieve the said goals. Since Daemon died their presence can only be described as mildly irritating at best. The last known Blackfyre was annihilated almost a half a century ago and no one has heard a peep from them since then. They are the very definition of complete irrelevance. It's quite funny how not once in the epilogue does anyone in the small council bring up the peculiarity of the Golden Company supporting a Targaryen. There is no end game for Aegon as a Blackfyre. He will live and die believing he is Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar. His impact on the story itself will remain the same regardless of his true identity. No one is going to be believe him either way and no one is going to tell him otherwise.
  5. I'm not sure how you deduce that from my post... You seem to be the one who's getting offended because someone doesn't like the theory you've posted as your subsequent posts show.
  6. I know very well what I'm saying thank you very much. There are lots of theories I find very compelling but I'm willing to recognize that most of them are completely crackpot. My arguing tactics involve taking passages from the book to refute some of the arguments made. I'm sorry you don't like it but that's how it is.
  7. The only one being definite is yourself, not me. My position has been fairly open minded. Not everything has to have a hidden meaning. Indeed, most of things in this series will have no hidden meanings. Which is why the suggestion that because the Golden Company has been mentioned Aegon must be a Blackfyre is baseless. Could he be a Blackfyre? Sure, he could be. He could also be a faceless man from Bravos. He could also be Jon's twin brother. But there is no evidence for any of it and I say that despite liking the twin brother theory.
  8. Bother with that what? I mean, seriously, if you don't want people picking holes in your theories then don't post them. There are not a lot of theories that interest me. This is one of them that does interest me (Aegon is one of my favourite characters) which is why I happen to post a lot on these threads.
  9. Bingo.
  10. I'm not sure what you are are talking about. I wasn't one one to say people saying so and so makes me want to cry or scream. That was you! Bad theories don't bother me. I'll just keep on picking holes in them as and when I see fit. The point I'm making is fairly obvious. Not everything has to have a point in the series. Not everything has to be resolved. Not every slight detail is foreshadowing or turn out to be important. Aerion's plot will never be resolved in the actual books despite being mentioned because it holds very little relevance. I suspect Illyrio saying "The Male line of Blackfres being finished" is going to be similar. People will hang on to the fact he said male line but the likelihood is that that Blackfyres are finished. Brightfyre theory is a load of bollocks. There's zero chance of it ever happening. I probably shouldn't even call the GNC a theory. It's a bunch of people rambling on about nothing in particular.
  11. I don't think I ever said that. That was someone else in the thread (Greg I think). Actually, the assumption that absolutely everything George writes (or does not write in some cases) has to be some sort of clue or foreshadowing or has to be important is even more tiresome. People speculated for a long time that George not mentioning the Ned's mother in the series was a sign that she was hugely important or she was from Skagos and that George wouldn't omit such a detail if it wasn't important in someway. I wonder how that turned out... Then there's the Brightflame theory. People insisting that because Aeron was mentioned a couple of times, Aegon must be a descendant of him. Or the Brightfyre theory which combines the crackpottery of the previous two and takes it to new levels. The GNC is another example of complete gibberish disguised as a theory. By the time the series is done 90% of the theories knocking around will turn out be false for simple reason that not everything George writes has to have a point or hidden purpose. Sometimes, things are exactly as they seem to be. Not everyone is lying and not every word or smile is part of a larger conspiracy. Regardless, 1. The conclusion that Aegon is a Blackfyre because Blackfyres have been mentioned a few times here and there is beyond ridiculous. 2. The conclusion that because the GC is supporting Aegon, he must be a Blackfyre is logically flawed for various reasons already mentioned. It's a circular argument.
  12. This passage fits the Golden Company quite perfectly. A lot better than it fits Aegon himself.
  13. Because they are the best company with the largest army and a strong burning desire to return to Westeros. A combination that I imagine is quite unique among such companies especially as an actual motive other than money. Returning home to Westeros was also one of their aims lest we forget.
  14. This is not really going anywhere is it? lol I'll list my reservations below: 1. The idea that GC still holds strongly to their founding belies is rather tenuous based on textual evidence. We have more than one character even excluding Illyrio who think the GC is not what it was and they just want to go home. 2. Because of 1, the idea that because GC is now backing Aegon=Aegon is a Blackfre is very farfetched because the assumption itself is shaky at best. 3. So any evidence for Aegon being a BF must start with Aegon himself. And this is where the theory falls down because people have to resort to multiple assumptions plucked out of thin air. Illyrio being Aegon's father is a somewhat reasonable assumption given the clues but assuming he's a Blackfyre or Serra being Varys sister who is a Blackfyre are just plain gibberish.
  15. No, for Dany. That's what everyone in the GC was told and their only concern was turning down big money, not that they were supporting a Targaryen. That's because they don't really care anymore.