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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Feast. It's a fantastic book. Maybe culling a couple of Brienne chapters...but I loved the more philosophical side to the book. It was great. Parts of the First two books and especially the Dany/Tyrion bits in DwD could have done with with a bit of editing. Actually way too many Arya and Sansa chapters come to think of it in the first three books given their lack of plot involvement in general.
  2. What an absurd notion. You cannot force yourself to write if the words don't come. It has absolutely nothing to do with dedication. Shutting yourself up might work for some but for many it won't. Secondly, the comparison is quite ludicrous and completely non-analogous. And this has come at the cost of quality and well...common sense. Half the things in the show doesn't even make sense anymore. They're not even bothering to explain stuff anymore because imbeciles seem to lap it up anyway. A bit of gore here and there, some tits and arse and they milk in the money.
  3. I don't doubt they will be in WoW but I doubt we will see them from Davos PoV. If GRRM wanted to expand on Davos' search for Rickon he would have done it in the last book but he didn't. More than likely that when we next see him it will be from Theon's PoV.
  4. Bran is almost as close to confirmed as it gets. There's no way he doesn't have at least one chapter in the Winds. Davos on the other hand is likely to miss out I think. I don't see any pressing need for him to have a PoV. That said, that's purely based on where I think the plot might be heading and I could be really wrong on that. One thing's for sure though, if the 13 number is correct then a few prominent PoV characters from previous books may no longer have their own chapter.
  5. I don't believe the Lannisters have complete control. It's shaky if anything. Although I don't see Jeyne having too much of a role either.
  6. It does imply that actually. You're being contradictory for the sake of it. There's literally no reason for Jeyne to be anywhere near Storm's End. She's on the other side of Westeros under heavy guard. Yeah she could be anywhere. She could be on the moon for all I know:rolleyes: You don't know his role in the story, so stop treating what you think as facts. Maybe you are right; chance are that you are not. But in the meantime you could at least stop being so conceited at anyone having a different opinion. Either Jaime or Brienne will have a PoV.
  7. I don't believe he said anything about a prologue. Besides, we already know Jeyne Westerling will be in the prologue which means it will be somewhere in the Riverlands or Westerlands no nothing to do with Storms End. Aegon might lead the attack but JonCon will be there alright. If we are to see the battle of Storm's End as GRRM has hinted JonCon will have a PoV. There's no way around that. It's not just about his role. It's the whole storyline. Marvyn is half across the sea by now so it has nothing to do with him. Sam dying pretty much renders that storyline dead because there's no one else near anywhere near him. There's too much left unsaid in that plot for it too end abruptly with Sam's death. Sam is alive and has a PoV. I'll stake my E-life on it. Jaime will have return very quickly from wherever Brienne's taken him to negate the need for a Cersie PoV. So I suspect we'll have at least one from Cersie as well.
  8. That was my view but I hear GRRM has confirmed that the battle at Storm's End will be on page. That cannot happen without JonCon since we know as of Arianne 2 that she still hasn't joined Aegon. I strongly disagree. I don't think Sam is dead and I;m practically certain he will have further part to play. What that is, I cannot guess since GRRM hasn't provided much on the Citadel stuff but there's lot more to come from that plotline and I don't see anny other PoV taking over that. I also completely forgot about Cersie in my post. Unless Jaime makes his way back to KL pretty soon one would think she would be the PoV for the trial.
  9. 13 seems a bit on the lesser side of things. Which are the PoV's that are expendable given the way the story is planning out? 1. I'd say Asha is the most expendable one at this stage. Theon is back and he can be the eyes in the Stannis camp. 2. Is there need for both Jaime and Brienne? One is definitely needed but given that they will be together I'd say one of them is expendable. probably Brienne. 3. Davos? I love him as a PoV and his DwD chapters were excellent but I don't think he needs to have one. My guess is the next appearance he makes will be with a PoV character (Either Theon, Jon or Mel) and relating his escapades in Skagos. The Confirmed one's: 1. Arianne 2. Barristan 3. Aeron 4. Victarion 5. Theon 6. Arya 7. Sansa 8. Tyrion If I hadn't seen the samples, I'd have said having all 3 PoV's of Tyrion/Barristan/Victarion would have been unnecessary but they already have 5 between them... PoV's that will likely be in the book but haven't been confirmed: 9. Dany 10. Bran 11. Jaime You need a PoV at the wall. Given GRRM has given such a low estate I'm assuming Jon will have a PoV fairly early on and thus negating the need for Melisandre. 12. Jon That leaves the following 3 PoV's who I was quite certain would have a chapter. If GRRM is precise with his number only one of them should have a PoV. JonCon Sam Areo Both Areo and Sam have storylines which are quite isolated from the rest of Westeros so unlike Davos I'm not seeing how they can be merged with another PoV. Areo's plot doesn't seem all that relevant but the Sam storyline appears to be quite important and even had a prologue dedicated to it. Hard to see JonCon not having a PoV as Aegon becomes more and more relevant in Westeros. I've rambled on but the way I see it you need at least 15 PoV's to tell the story.
  10. 3/10. The dragons looked cool and that's pretty much that.
  11. Did Tywin know in the books that Joffrey, Tommen etc.. were born of incest between his children? The way he said "I want you to father children named Lannisters" seemed a bit suggestive.
  12. I like the fact that they brought up the sand snakes. Guess that means we'll be seeing them next season