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  1. Sure. But the Valyrians did it for a very long time. Presumably they wouldn't have fostered dragonriding if cities were always been destroyed by accident.
  2. Fires will certainly break out, I'm sure. But enough to destroy the city? That's a little hard for me to imagine. Again, the dragons are already free, and they haven't come close to burning down the city yet. Why would they be a bigger danger once they've been placed under human control and sent outside of the city?
  3. That's an assertion, not an argument. Yes, dragonfire is an imprecise weapon, but Victarion's enemies are outside the city of Meereen, not within it. Surely if anything Victarion could direct the dragons to attack the organized forces beyond the walls; if he can't do that, then he doesn't have control over the dragons in any real sense. (The big problem, perhaps, would be if Barristan's forces didn't retreat in time, but that's very different.) Regarding your earlier post, the fact that Victarion doesn't care much about Meereen in the first place is a good reason why he wouldn't care enough to destroy it, especially when it could potentially alienate 'his queen'. And once Victarion has chased off the Yunkish forces, he's going to need a base of operations to seek out Daenerys, so he would have no reason to burn Meereen at that time. And then once he finds Daenerys, his business is concluded and he might as well GTFO. At that point he would have no reason to burn Meereen, which is unlikely to pose a threat to his rule in Westeros and may well be controlled by allies. At no point would it be in Victarion's interests to burn down the city. Dumb compared to Euron? Sure. But people exaggerate his lack of intelligence. He's been leading men for a long time. If he was as stupid as some people think, he wouldn't still be in charge of the Iron Fleet. Balon would have replaced him a long time ago.
  4. "Going to be ugly" is not the same thing as "will burn a major city to the ground."
  5. I think that's silly. Victarion can tell the difference between burning a rival army and burning the city that he's supposedly fighting for. He's not the most clever person in the series, but he's not some drooling moron.
  6. Wait... if the dragonhorn isn't a 'remote control' for the dragons, in what sense does it control dragons?
  7. Why would the dragons burn down Meereen? Left to themselves they don't seem interested in doing so--they want to snack on passing Meereenese, perhaps, but they don't have an interest in destroying the city as such. (It's made of brick, too, so it's not as flammable as all that either.) And Victarion or Euron would have no reason to want Meereen destroyed, because they wouldn't want to alienate Daenerys, and because they don't ultimately give a shit about Meereen either way. That sounds like a contrivance to fix a perceived problem: that Meereen is boring, and Dany in Meereen is boring, so might as well burn the place down. But that doesn't make it a plausible direction for the story.
  8. Under whose command, though? Victarion is certainly under the impression that he's figured out the horn, but he's got Moqorro as his only help there and Moqorro's behavior has to be informed by his ominous kraken vision from mid-ADWD. If he's wrong, then he's going to summon the dragons under the command of the man who claimed the horn, i.e., Euron. Which could be interesting.
  9. You know, it occurs to me that Quentyn's coterie would know a lot about what happened in Westeros up until the end of ASOS or so, so it's a little strange that Barristan hasn't gotten information from them. (Daenerys didn't seem much interested either, but she was a little checked out in those days.) Then again, he does have more pressing matters, so perhaps he intends to return to that subject later.
  10. I don't think that's so clear. Barristan doesn't know where the Second Sons are. He assumes that they must have been distracted by the ironborn, but he sees the ironborn fighting the Yunkish. Tyrion and Brown Ben Plumm were aware of the ironborn's arrival before the battle started--we know that from the Tyrion chapter--so presumably they wouldn't have been caught off guard. (Nor could I see them attacking the ironborn under the assumption that they must be the enemy.) I imagine that they would keep their distance from the ironborn until they know what's up with this new element. If I had to guess, I would assume that Tyrion's 'misery' comes from being upstaged by Victarion. He might still win himself over to Ser Barristan by changing sides, but everybody's going to attribute the victory to Victarion's sudden arrival, not Tyrion's cunning. (Which is always the way with Tyrion, it occurs to me.)
  11. I don't think that would have made a difference. Harry Strickland and Jon Connington are acting on Varys' behalf, and it certainly seems as if they got the idea that Aegon and Daenerys need to get married from Illyrio. The trick is that Varys and Illyrio were constantly changing their plans in response to events. BTW, can we both maybe cool things down a little bit? This debate is getting awfully heated considering that we're talking about made up people.
  12. I don't know. If the dragon eggs were gone before Varys got there (and it seems to me that they probably were, for reasons that I outlined above), then I don't see why Varys and Illyrio would be better suited than anybody else with means to track down dragon's eggs.
  13. I suppose I imagined the quote from Harry Strickland that you quoted above? I suppose I also imagined Jon Connington saying to Haldon Halfmaester at Griffin's Roost that Aegon must be free to marry Daenerys? Limited third person. As in, third person narration that is constrained by the perceptions of the main character, and doesn't include knowledge that the main character doesn't have. Ummm... that wasn't me. That was somebody else's argument.
  14. The cloth dragon _is_ a mummer's dragon (Jorah makes it clear), so I think Quaithe and the Undying are referring to the same individual. And GRRM is "obvious" by the standards of people who have read the books many times and have pored over every clue, but that's not "obvious" by normal reader standards.
  15. I don't think that's true. Having a dragon egg doesn't bring bad luck. Trying to wake a dragon by baroque methods brings bad luck, and if that's something that Aegon is inclined to do, he'll do it regardless of whether he has a dragon egg. I believe it was Aegon the Unworthy who tried it with wooden dragons, Aerion Brightflame tried it with a jar of wildfire, and Stannis and Melisandre were about to try it by murdering a child. None of those methods require a dragon egg. Meanwhile, a dragon egg is powerful symbolism and Aegon could use it.