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  1. I forgot how dangerous Robin Hobb books are. I'm just starting the Fitz/Fool trilogy and keep staying up way too late reading Fool's Assassin. I remember when I first read Ship of Destiny, I stayed up all night to finish it, sitting on the floor of my bedroom. That was the first time I'd ever stayed up all night, and the next day at school my hands kept shaking from exhaustion. Truly deadly books.
  2. Anybody watching season 2? The BBC released six episodes at once on iPlayer, but IMDB lists seven episodes for season 2. Anyone know for sure if there's going to be a seventh episode?
  3. Mild spoilers for each show:
  4. The level of bad press Netflix is getting over this is pretty astonishing. There's even a pretty successful change.org petition going around right now. Maybe I'm too wrapped up in it, but the level of uproar feels unusually high, and I agree with drawkcabi that they are more sensitive to PR issues than regular network shows. Maybe we will see a wrap up movie/mini-series/special. One can dream, right?
  5. Wow... I am shattered over this news. Really bad timing (Pride month-wise) and coming right after canceling some of their other diverse shows. I really really loved Sense8 and connected to each of the main characters more than I have to any TV characters in years. Just really heartbreaking. At least we're not alone in being upset, #sense8 has been trending Worldwide on twitter for a couple of hours now (currently at #2, was at #1) and there's been a lot of bad press about the cancellation. I don't think it will lead to anything, but it's nice to see how much this show touched its viewers.
  6. States that have republican governments have proven to be hostile to LGBT+ rights, so I'm not sure what your point is. See North Carolina's bathroom bill + their attempt to ban gay marriage, South Dakota allowing adoption services to discriminate against LGBT+ families, and Kentucky passing a bill that allows discrimination against LGBT+ students as a few recent examples. So maybe #notallredvoters are anti-LGBT, but it sure seems like the people they elect are.
  7. Woo, glad to hear it! Thirding the request for pics
  8. I'm in NWS (Sydney) for the next two-ish weeks -- any can't miss things to do in the Sydney area? I am working during the week but have mornings and weekends free
  9. Theda, I feel very much the same way, and it's totally frustrating It doesn't help that I didn't come to terms with or even start thinking about my sexual orientation until a couple of years ago. Now I'm 24, still struggling with identity (bi? pan? gay?) and the whole "coming out" process seems so strange, like I've missed the opportunity. I went through all of my high school years and almost all of my college years thinking I was straight (or not thinking about it at all), and everyone I know from those years also thinks that. I came out to my mom as bi/uncertain-but-definitely-attracted-to-women about a year ago, and while she was supportive, it was sort of awkward and we've never spoken about it since. No one else in my family knows. At my new job where I'm far away, I'm pretty much out and I think most people know it and assume I'm gay, but talking about it openly and participating in LGBTQ spaces and events feels so strange and awkward and makes me very self conscious. The split between my new life and old is sooo weird and sometimes hard to keep track of, like what I post on Facebook vs what I post on Twitter. It's a pretty tough place to be in, and I'm really sorry that you're kinda stuck in the same boat Hang in there!!! I think it will get better, and I'm looking forward to finding out
  10. I haven't done any hiking/camping trips since I was a kid, but I have been to Iceland, and it's pretty incredible. June/July is definitely the time to go for camping, although it will be a little more touristy. Renting cars is expensive, but from what I understand, you can pretty much camp anywhere you want at any time. You can also drink water right out of the streams without worrying about quality. Another big plus (for me) was -- no bugs! Or hardly any. Great for me as an arachnophobe Good luck with whatever you decide, and happy (and safe!) camping
  11. Thank you for the advice everyone! I have decided to go with the time traveling serpentine overlords credit union, and I'm pretty happy about the decision. Good to know to stay away from WF and BoA because I was sort of considering one of the two haha thanks again!
  12. Board, your collective wisdom is required! I am a pretty recent college grad and have thus far only done banking through my teeny tiny hometown's bank. This had been fine until I moved out of state and cannot find a fee-less ATM for the life of me. I am now looking for a new bank, but don't know what to look for at all. The main things I'm concerned about are: 1. Having a brick and mortar store in my current city so I can pick up quarters without having to cajole the teller because I don't have an account 2. Widespread availability -- I would like to travel to far off places and continue to not have to pay ATM fees because my bank has one available. I also am not sure where I'm going to be living in a year and half, and would prefer not to have to change banks again. 3. I guess...decent interest rates on savings accounts and other investment options?! (money management is hard!) I can get into a major credit union because of my employee, which has good savings interest rates (1%) and tons of ATM availability, but no local branch. I've considered Chase bank or one of the big national branches because that just seems convenient. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything I should be wary of or that I may not have considered in my quest for a new bank? Bestow your collective knowledge upon me! ***Important note: I am in the US and currently live in Michigan, if that makes a difference
  13. Coming out of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do but was pretty sure it was going to be in the arts and humanities (college was never not the equation for me). So I go in undergrad undeclared, toy around with History, Classics, Anthropology. Take a Geoscience class just to get the science requirement out of the way -- hell, rocks are pretty cool, right? Fell in love with it! Who knew? Declared for Geoscience my sophomore year and couldn't be happier, despite the chemistry/physics/calculus requirements - ugh. Unfortunately, I never got into research and was too burned out on school to move onto a graduate degree, so I crossed my fingers my final semester and applied to 50+ geology/environmental consulting jobs, hoping someone would take me with just a piece of paper in my hand and good intentions in my heart. Heard back from two. Unfortunately, you have to be a man (sorry, it's true), have a Masters, or have 3 years of experience to get any job I was "qualified" for, so I burned out hard and fast trying to follow my dreams. Instead, the part time job I had in technology and customer service during my four years in undergrad paid off like crazy. Applied to a big tech company, got insanely lucky and passed each interview stage, and now I'm working for a tech giant and walk into work every day thinking how surreal my life is. The pay is pretty good for where I'm starting, the perks are amazing, and my coworkers are great, and I don't love it even a little bit; it's mostly just tolerable. I think that's called settling, but I'm okay with it. For now, at any rate.
  14. Robin Hobb and Daniel Abraham. 'nuff said