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  1. I don't see Mace as a secret smarty-pants, like Manderly. Every time I see him on the page he's saying something ignorant, displaying a total lack of awareness of what's going on. Paxter Redwyne, on the other hand, from the little we've seen of him, seems a fairly competent bloke. And since he would have been the one watching the seas around Dragonstone, he may very well have calculated that prolonging the siege was better for House Redwyne/Tyrell in the long run. I also think it's probable that he came up with a cover story about Loras' injuries at Dragonstone, and that the Knight of Flowers will show up hail and hearty shortly.
  2. And this is assuming that Varys in, in fact, a eunuch. But he seems to turn this persona on and off, like any good mummer:
  3. Well, let's look at it this way: When did Mance leave the watch? He was still a watchman on his first visit to Winterfell when Jon was just a boy. This had to be some time before 288 because he was with Lord Qorgyle at the time, and probably no earlier than 286 because Jon and Robb have to be old enough to pile a "great mountain" of snow above the gate at Winterfell. Sometime after that, Mance quit the NW and started gathering the free folk, so this could have been as early as 289 or 290, a good 10 years before the events of the book. We know he then spent "years" trying to unite the clans and at some point started opening crypts looking for the horn. There is no text whatsoever that definitively states when the Others first reappeared, but I think it's a safe bet that the encounter in the GoT prologue is not the first time they came across humans. So if Mance's despoiling of the crypts did have something to do with the Others' reappearance -- either by releasing them somehow or causing some disturbance that made them come south -- that would fit with Craster's wives' account of them becoming more active in recent years. And it would also account for why, after so many years of resisting, that the remaining clans, and the giants, decided to join Mance.
  4. It's unclear whether the Others became active before or after Mance opened the crypts in the Frostfangs and "let all those shades loose in the world", as Ygritte put it. If that is the case, then Mance's band was rather small at first and focused solely on destroying the Wall and defeating the Night's Watch. Afterward, when the Others started mucking about, the other tribes joined Mance, probably not knowing that he was the one who released them in the first place, and the goal shifted to getting south of the wall, using the fake horn as a bluff. This, of course, would assume that the Others are, in fact, dead, which is not certain. But neither is it certain that the Others are controlling the wights. So perhaps opening the crypts unleashed some other undead horror that preys on Others and living men alike, causing everyone to flee south.
  5. This? This is the technology that's going to take over the world? How sad.
  6. In times of great geo-political turmoil, it isn't unusual for highborns or the bastards of highborns to take secret identities. Just look at all the ones that arose from the Wot5K: Arya: Arry, Weasel, Nan, No One, Cat of the Canals, Mercy... Sansa: Alayne Tyrion: Hugor Hill Ramsey: Reek Theon: Reek Mance's baby: Gilly's baby, and vice versa Varys: Rugen Bran and Rickon: the miller's boys Sarella: Alleras Until all the dust has settled, your real name can get you killed. So you adopt a fake one.
  7. They might be the same roses. Red roses turn more purplish when they die, so blue petals in life may very well turn black. And there are simple ways to keep dried roses intact for years.
  8. Tyrion would have died. Sansa would have escaped to the Vale with Littlefinger where she would be free and clear to marry again. Joffrey and Margaery would have woken the next morning safe and sound to begin their reign as King and Queen of Westeros. Cersei would have been shipped off to her next husband in a fortnight. And Littlefinger and Lady O would have fulfilled their respective goals of producing a Tyrell heir to the Iron Throne sooner rather than later and ensuring more chaos in the realm with the idiot Joffrey making decisions and butting heads with Tywin rather than the more thoughtful and pliant Tommen. At some point, of course, the Tyrells would kill Joffrey, but this would be after an heir or two has been born and their hold on the Iron Throne is secure. And it can also be done quietly, in private and staged to look like an accident, rather than at a public event where literally hundreds of people can see the killer do the deed.
  9. So are you saying that Dany is complicit in the plan to murder her and Rhaego and Drogo? Drogo drinks clotted mare's puke, so there's no reason to think he would want Westerosi girlie-wine. And if the dosage is prepared carefully enough, they could easily kill Dany and/or her baby while giving a large man like Drogo a case of the runs.
  10. Yes, which is why I argue that if Arya had heard the rest of the conversation in the dragon room, it would have them deciding then and there to tell the small council about Dany's pregnancy, which would launch the inevitable assassination plot that, regardless of whether it succeeded or failed, would spur Drogo to invade Westeros sooner rather than later. So there is no need for Varys or Illyrio to stage anything in Vaes Dothrak, because they get what they want whether Dany and/or little Rhaego lives or dies.
  11. Well, we don't know if Egg actually burned. The castle burned and presumably all of the non-stone structure collapsed, which might be what killed him. And if they were messing with wildfire and the pyromancers had the same setup they use in their tower to smother accidental ignitions, then its possible that Egg died underneath tons of falling sand -- kind of like the dream Dunk had when they were in Dorne. But if Dany does have some sort of resistance to fire (she does get burned, so clearly she is not immune), who says it has to be a Targaryan trait? Remember, Dany has some Dornish blood in her as well (her great-great grandmother was a Dayne and her ggg-grandmother was a Martell), and that blood was infused with Rhoynish blood ages ago by Queen Nymeria. The Rhoynish, of course, fought and lost a 100-year war with Valyria, so I ask you: If someone were to magically infuse their blood with the ability to resist fire, would that be the people who controlled dragons or the people who were fighting against the dragons?
  12. And let's not forget about Benjen showing up for the second miraculous rescue. By throwing logic out the window, D&D actually kill off the best part about Martin's literature: that things don't happen, or not happen, just because its needed to tell a great story, but because that's how they would happen given the character traits and circumstances they find themselves in. And all this mad racing around the world is apparently due to the need for a shortened season. I still don't see why they couldn't have gone with another 10-episode season and added a little more color to it: a relationship between Theon and Greyworm; whatever happened to Yara and Elaria, perhaps some more time on Dragonstone for Jon to discovery he could ride a dragon as well, obviating the need for Dany to race north at supersonic speed... All kinds of ways they could have fleshed out the plot to make the action just a bit more believable.
  13. No, because it would take the better part of a day just to tender 10,000 men and their horses and all their supplies onto shore, during which time news of the landing could easily reach the nearest castle on horseback. The castles on the map are not the only ones; there are thousands of them all over Westeros. Then a raven could make the flight from that castle, which has no Dothraki anywhere near it to shoot it down, to KL in a few hours. Since the gold had already been delivered to Cersei in KL that means the army is near enough to send a rider out post haste. And this is assuming that neither Cersei nor Euron bothered to leave any ships near Dragonstone or on the bay to keep an eye on Dany's fleet, or that Jaime is stupid enough not to even post a scout up on a hill to see this massive horde bearing down on them in the wide open, virtually treeless terrain they are in. So, sorry but no. It makes for great television but it is completely implausible.
  14. Of course, all rationality is suspended here, especially with the twin miraculous saves from last night. It makes for good television. But the OP brought it up, so...
  15. My bet is on Sam the Slayer, the worst archer in the Night's Watch, who'll nick the NK with an obsidian arrowhead.