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  1. Yes, these are the only times, Daenerys has ever been called Dany by another person.
  2. That's my biggest problem with that part of Arya's storyline, even in the books if it happens that she leaves the FM on her own accord. Why would they let her go after teaching her how to become a faceless man? The FM have not been presented to us as the type of organization that would just let a recruit walk away. I keep on hoping there is more to this, but I won't hold my breath.
  3. I though it was very nice and sleek. Good choice of music. I liked all their costume but Cersei did look pretty great.
  4. Jon was sitting, I don't know where people get these things. Look behind him, you can see the fire place just like you can see the fireplace behind him whe the cameras transitions from the ToJ to him at the end of last season. He was sitting down.
  5. Agreed. Although, even an epilogue with Jon and someone else would seem beyond fucking crazy if the character is a known character. Like a true WTF moment that is left completely unexplained, which I would hope GRRM is a better writer than that to do that to his readers. We won't know the answer to this until we see the ending, whether he changed his mind early in the development process or the outline did not contain everything he had in mind, we'll just have to wait and see. But if we pay attention to what we're being shown, we can reasonably deduce that the Jon/Arya narrative was abandoned or the outline did not tell the whole story. Of note, while book Jon thinks a great deal about Arya, show Jon hasn't mentioned her in seasons. But I'll reiterate what you said, whatever ending we get from the show will be canon for the books, at least for the protagonist. Minor characters could have different endings. To the bold - that's the crux of most of the disagreements people are having. The series has been around for a while and a lot of readers/show viewers have developed their own theories and now a lot of those theories are not coming true and some people can't rationalize that. They've had these theories for so long that they are having a hard time letting go. There are things that I thought would happened and didn't, that's okay, that's the way it goes when it comes to stories you don't write. D&D have been pretty good about setting things up (generally speaking), there aren't there to trick us. Just like GRRM isn't out there to trick us. You can find breadcrumbs and foreshadowing for all the wow moments in the books, he's really good about setting the foundation for them. And it's the same with the show.
  6. That's the thing, if Dany were to die it probably wouldn't happen until the last episode of the series. So the only two scenarios for Jon having another relationship is if he begins another relationship while claiming to be with Dany or right after Dany dies he decides to marry someone else because reasons. While I'm sure there will be conflict when Jon's parentage is revealed, I don't think this will end their relationship. First, I don't think Jon is going to find early in season 8, it'll probably be around 8x03, they'll want to grow his romantic relationship with Dany and perhaps reveal she's pregnant before he know, for maximum drama. Second, I think a lot of the conflict Jon will feel is at the lost of not having Ned as his father. Ned is such a central part of his life and to lose him in that way would be devastating, I think. So, GRRM wrote the outline and thirteen (13) sample chapters two years before he began to write AGOT in earnest (an he claims to have forgotten about the outline). I think what he means when he says he's known the faiths of all his protagonist all along, he might mean once he sat down to write the actual story. As we know the series as a whole has deviated substantially from the original outline. ETA: On further thought, I'm pretty sure he's not lying when he says he doesn't remember the outline. Las year I participated in Camp NaNoWrimo (April 2016) and I wrote 20,000 words of a story. I can barely remember what the story was about, because I never took it further then that. If you ask me next year I might not even remember I wrote a story. lol.
  7. Oh yes, they're going to be so hostile towards the woman who is bringing them supplies, armies and fire breathing dragons. They'll be practically frothing at the mouth with hostility. And let us not forget that this very same "foreign whore" saved their king's life. But because she's "foreign" they won't like her, like at all. They might even ask her to leave the North and to take her stupid armies and her stupid dragons with her, they don't need them up North. They can fight the WW all by themselves. This logically fallacy people who espouse these beliefs fall into. You never consider that they need Dany and her resources more than she needs them. You also always forget the words spoken at the KITN coronation: But they [the dragons] aren't dead, are they? Not anymore.
  8. It's not my opinion if I'm proven right. Do you see the differences? If you can't recognize the difference in that my interpretation of the book/ show is shown to be correct and yours is not, then I have nothing else to say to you. And Dany doesn't have a "type". She was forced to marry Drogo and learned to love him and she chose Daario. Other than being warriors Drogo and Daario are not the same. And Jon fell in love with a woman who bossed him around and had a penguin for killing people she dived her enemies.
  9. The vision goes "A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly." Victarion who has come to "wed" Dany will kill Hizz and tie him to the prow of his ship (the way figureheads* are tied to ships.) so that he can marry Dany. The connection with the Aeron chapter is that we see another Greyjoy character tie a man to the prow of his ship. *Bonus- Hiz is currently serving a a figurehead in Meereen. As for the other stuff, I think you are purposely missing the point. The quotes you provided a meaningless because they are just a single isolated element, which I clearly stated these two scene did not have. They have multiple similar elements. I'm going to make one final attempt to show you how all the elements put together show us the connection between D+J. If you don't get it then whatever. Dany's Vision - elements * Blue flower = Jon * wall of ice = The Wall * the air smells sweetly to Dany (because of the image/ person she's looking at) Jon scene - elements * woman with silver hair (by moon)= Dany because Dany has silver hair and is associated with the moon. Not just because of "Moon of my Life" but also the Qarthian tale of the birth of the dragons. * the location = The Wall * the air smells sweetly to Jon (Because of the person he's looking at) And no, GRRM is not going to hold you by the hand and spell it out for you. He wants ToJ to think about it, to put together the leaves he's left for you.
  10. No, your opinion is not objective at all. Being YOUR opinion or YOUR point of view makes it automatically subjective. An objective opinion is a neutral opinion which you do not have as you have clearly stated that you do not like this development. Well, the difference between our opinions is that, if the leaks are true, I've been right all along. And that would include a good number of readers and viewers. This people who have paid attention. And accepted what was being shown to them. The foreshadowing is there and it has been clear as day to me. Why would I call it vague; when I clearly recognized what was being shown to me? That makes no sense. What's even more clear is that they have been in parallel journeys and that they compliment each other. They share experiences that no one else would be able to understand. That's how they connect with each other, through their shared experiences as outcasts and young leaders, as two who have lost their first love in tragic ways as people who have learned to adapt to cultures they were not raised in in order to survive. This is unique to them. GRRM has created Jon and Dany to compliment one another.
  11. Hizz is there. If you had actually read what I linked to you would see my explanation of Dany's second vision. He is the corpse who has been tied to a prow of a Greyjoy ship. We've already gotten a hint of this in the new Aeron chapter. The smell is import because many of the elements present if Dany's vision are present in the Jon scene. It's not just a random description, it's several all which tie together nicely with each vision.
  12. I think the vast majority of readers will not be surprised when a romantic relationship between Jon and Dany develops, whether they like it or not. You claim to have an objective point of you but you don't. Your being intransigente in your views and quite frankly in full denial of what has been pretty obvious for a while in both the books and the show. This isn't a matter of opinion, it's a fact. A fact that will be in full display next season. It's not a show invention or an invention of us readers, it's there for all to see. The clues aren't vague, they are mostly subtle, although, some are pretty obvious. Like I said, you are entitled to your opinion but choosing to believe that this is not something the author has not had in mind for a long time is just setting yourself up for dissapointment.
  13. Val is not being introduced in season 8, that's silly given what we know of this season and the limited number of episodes next season. The sweetness has nothing to do with Lyanna as the vision is NOT about Lyanna. The imagery of the blue rose is used to signify who Jon is. The flower is growing from a "wall", i.e. The Wall. A flower growing in a harsh environment is symbolic of hope, this to Dany smells sweetly. The romantic portion of this is sealed when it ends with Bride of fire, i.e. These three visions shown to her are about the men she'll marry. The quote about Val's hair is a blatan connection to Dany. The symbolism of the moon is part of Dany's character (moon of my life). Dany silver hair is constantly pointed out to us. Furthermore, while Jon thinks about this he's at the Wall and at the moment he sees Val's turn silver the air smells sweetly to him So, we have Dany having a symbolic vision of Jon at the Wall and this smells sweetly to her. Then we have Jon at the Wall looking at a women whose hair at the moment (symbolically) resembles Dany's and this smell sweetly to him. The fact that these images smell sweetly to both indicate that they are happy to be with one another. GRRM couldn't have made this more obvious if he tried. Having five episodes to develop Jon and Dany's relationship is more than enough. It took less episodes to develop Dany and Drogo and Robb and Talisa. And Dany and Jon will get more screen time to do this given the condensing of storylines. Heck, is a romance can be developed in 90 minutes for a movie we have enough time. Dany having a child is pretty clear if you pay attention. The clues are there. But what seals this is the fact that her and Jon will be together, thus making him the only potential father to her child.
  14. It's happening in the books, there is really no question about it. The placement of the blue flower is the same series where Dany's other husbands are placed is an indication of their future relationship. These are two of the main protagonist in the series, a relationship between them is a huge moment and will have reverberations that effect the entire series, this isn't something that D&D are just going to make up and believing otherwise is akin to trying to cover the sun with your hand. I understand that you don't like the idea of Jon and Dany getting together and that's well within your right, we all have our preferences. But to deny the clues that have been provided both in the books and the show is bewildering to say the least. You don't think there are clues, there are, you don't want to admit to them because you don't like it. Just about everyone who reads and studies the books agrees with this, just go to ASOIAF University, or go read Race for the Iron Throne or any of the number of knowledgeable book reader blogs. They will almost all say the same. Word of advice, come to terms with it, it'll be a lot less unpleasant for you when it happens.
  15. I don't think that'll be a problem. Everytime they are together they have great chemistry with one another.