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  1. The Missandei bit was definite foreshadowing for the Field of Fire 2.0 I went back to listen to to what Tyrion said to Dany in episode 6, to me this was more related to the banging us over the head narrative they had all season about Dany continuing her legacy and skmehow selecting/producing a successor, more than anything else. i.e. If she wants to create a lasting difference than she'll needs a legacy. I think this might indicate she'll be more cautious once she finds out she's pregnant. I would find it repetitive for Dany to die the same way as Ygritte and in the books I don't see anything indicating she'll die that way. ETA: Jon has gotten hit by arrows and him and Dany parallel each other so much that she might get hit as well. And as I noted above this might make her reticent to fight if she finds out she's pregnant.
  2. I don't think that's a hint of Jon riding Drogon but of Jon's growing closeness to Dany and his Targ heritage. Tyrion petting the dragons the previous season wasn't a hint of him riding them but that the dragons sensed that Tyrion was a friend that wanted to help their mother. I'm sure next season we'll have a scene of Dany petting Ghost, showing the growing bond she has with Jon.
  3. I only remember it being mentioned twice, or where there's more instances? Also, it seemed to me they were alluding to the arrows shot at her in the Firld of Fire 2.0. Which coincidentally was a parallel to when the arrows where shot at Jon in the Battle of the Bastards and they all missed.
  4. I always found it ironic that in the books he sort of defends the slaver's without realizing that Dany saved hi s life at the fighting pits. Had she not intervened he would have been eaten by a lion. As for the topic, I think he might have a sort of crush but I don't think or I hope he's smart enough to realize it's probably not going to be reciprocal on her part. It would be sad if he becomes bitter about it as he has in the past as Dany is one of the few people he's met who respects him for who he is and appreciates his talents.
  5. For certain, GRRM has said that he's a gardener and that's how he writes his books. But he's also stated in numerous occasion that he knows what the ending will be for the major protagonist (Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Bran, Arya and Sansa) and has related this to D&D, as per the quote above. As he said two years ago: And I don't see how anything has changed since then. The details might be different but the broad strokes remain the same.
  6. Well, this is from yesterday from GRRM's blog Clearly the arcs of some of the minor characters has changed but the books and shows continue along the same trajectory even if a bit deviated.
  7. The only children Rhaegar had were Elia's (Jon hadn't been born yet). So, they are the only children that could be disinherited. Nonetheless, once the line of succession passed on to Viserys his children or heirs become the official heir.
  8. Oh, I see. Well, Ramsay should be example enough. Although, I highly doubt any of this will ever come into play. Their child will be legitimate, I don't think that will be the issue here.
  9. Yes, Aegon The Unworthy legitimized all his bastards, that's why the Blackfyre Rebellions happened. The point is that Dany can legitimize her own child and even if she died in childbirth if Jon is still King in the North he can legitimize the child as well.
  10. - Yes Rhaella was known to be pregnant when she was sent to Drgonstone with the Targaryen heir Viserys - It doesn't matter if Aerys was mad or not, he was king and his decrees still stand as such. If he skipped over Rhaegar's children and name Viserys his heir that is the law and the line of succession now runs through Viserys. - When Aerys died Viserys was crowned King by his mother at Dragonstone, making him the new Targaryen king. As the Targaryen king he chose Dany as his heir. In fact she is first introduced to us as Daenerys Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone. The Prince of Dragonstone is the title given to the heir to the throne. - Because Dany was the heir to the last crowned Targaryen king (whether he rained or not he was still crowned king) she is the last true heir. Whether Jon is legitimate or not he was never part of the official line of succession and no king named him heir. Therefore his claim is not as strong as Dany. - Jon of course has a claim being son of Rhaegar, but he hast to prove it and he would have to push his claim with army and support from other's if he wants to be king.
  11. Technically speaking if Daenerys is Queen, she can legitimize her own child. Kings have done it in the past and I don't see why a Queen can't do it.
  12. This discussion about who is Queen and who is King or who has a better claim is not very relevant of course. None of that will matter once the Wight Walkers invade Westeros and by then Jon and Dany will be together. It matters even less if they have a child, as that child automatically will be the Targaryen heir, they aren't going to fight over something that is going to their child anyway. This paring should not have come as a surprise to anyone, it's been pretty clearly telegraphed both in books and on the show. You don't like the incest, read another series. And no incest hasn't been portrayed as bad or good. It's a mixed bag, like everything else in the series.
  13. When Rhaegar died Aerys skipped over Rhaegar's children and named Viserys his heir. Thus the line of succession has been moved. Dany being Viserys' heir has a better claim to the throne than Jon does. Of course this doesn't even take into consideration that Daenerys is a known Targaryen, while Jon is a known bastard of Ned Stark. Many people might not believe Jon's story that he is Rhaegar's son. "Power lies where me believe it lies" I would say it lies with a hundred thousand soldiers and three dragons.
  14. There are plenty of people who are not related who have genetic disorders and chose to have children, even at the risk of passing those disorders on to them. Should we also judge them for doing so? And fifty percent higher of a 1.2% risk of genetic disorder is almost negligible. Regarding the psychological ramifications, the issue arises when there is a power imbalance in the relationship which I might add also occurs in non-incestuous couples. Nice wall of quotes, do know why you had to add it but whatever floats your boat. One of the best relationship in ASOIAF is that of Jaehaerys and Alyanne, a marriage between a brother and sister. And before you decide to post your crack theories on them, don't bother. Your head cannon does not equal book cannon. Exactly.
  15. Whether you agree with it or not, the genetic risks from incest are completely overrated.