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  1. ^^^ So, Kit, Iain, Joseph and Paul Kaye have been spotted in Iceland this week. The only ones missing are Rory and the actor who plays Berric, according to the leaks.
  2. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    The only children Rhaegar had were Elia's (Jon hadn't been born yet). So, they are the only children that could be disinherited. Nonetheless, once the line of succession passed on to Viserys his children or heirs become the official heir.
  3. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    Oh, I see. Well, Ramsay should be example enough. Although, I highly doubt any of this will ever come into play. Their child will be legitimate, I don't think that will be the issue here.
  4. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    Yes, Aegon The Unworthy legitimized all his bastards, that's why the Blackfyre Rebellions happened. The point is that Dany can legitimize her own child and even if she died in childbirth if Jon is still King in the North he can legitimize the child as well.
  5. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    - Yes Rhaella was known to be pregnant when she was sent to Drgonstone with the Targaryen heir Viserys - It doesn't matter if Aerys was mad or not, he was king and his decrees still stand as such. If he skipped over Rhaegar's children and name Viserys his heir that is the law and the line of succession now runs through Viserys. - When Aerys died Viserys was crowned King by his mother at Dragonstone, making him the new Targaryen king. As the Targaryen king he chose Dany as his heir. In fact she is first introduced to us as Daenerys Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone. The Prince of Dragonstone is the title given to the heir to the throne. - Because Dany was the heir to the last crowned Targaryen king (whether he rained or not he was still crowned king) she is the last true heir. Whether Jon is legitimate or not he was never part of the official line of succession and no king named him heir. Therefore his claim is not as strong as Dany. - Jon of course has a claim being son of Rhaegar, but he hast to prove it and he would have to push his claim with army and support from other's if he wants to be king.
  6. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    Technically speaking if Daenerys is Queen, she can legitimize her own child. Kings have done it in the past and I don't see why a Queen can't do it.
  7. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    This discussion about who is Queen and who is King or who has a better claim is not very relevant of course. None of that will matter once the Wight Walkers invade Westeros and by then Jon and Dany will be together. It matters even less if they have a child, as that child automatically will be the Targaryen heir, they aren't going to fight over something that is going to their child anyway. This paring should not have come as a surprise to anyone, it's been pretty clearly telegraphed both in books and on the show. You don't like the incest, read another series. And no incest hasn't been portrayed as bad or good. It's a mixed bag, like everything else in the series.
  8. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    When Rhaegar died Aerys skipped over Rhaegar's children and named Viserys his heir. Thus the line of succession has been moved. Dany being Viserys' heir has a better claim to the throne than Jon does. Of course this doesn't even take into consideration that Daenerys is a known Targaryen, while Jon is a known bastard of Ned Stark. Many people might not believe Jon's story that he is Rhaegar's son. "Power lies where me believe it lies" I would say it lies with a hundred thousand soldiers and three dragons.
  9. I'm with you. I don't expect Lands to be accurate about everything, in fact I'm sure he must have misinterpret some things, didn't know about others and maybe embellished some others. But in general his leaks were very good and in some instances spot on. Cine is supposed to post his Jon leaks today so we'll see what he says. But he did claim that the Wight hunt doesn't happen and that there is something that Lads left out regarding Jon's time beyond the Wall. My own interpretation once it was revealed by WOTW that a Wight was being brought into the Dragonpit is that the mission beyond the Wall is not to hunt a Wight but to find/search for something else and that they are ambushed by the Night's King and the Wights. But we do know for certain that Jon, Gendry, Jorah, Sandor, and Uncle Benjen were filming in that set where there was an island in the middle of a frozen lake, which is exactly what Lads said. It was also confirmed that 300 extras had been hired to play Wights. There is probably more to the Wight ambush than was leaked but that was always to be expected. Nonetheless, Lads was pretty accurate about describing the setting, what happens might be a little different than what he described but I still think he was pretty accurate about describing the setting and perhaps the overall scene. Oh, there were also large green screens spotted there, which tells us that there will be dragons (I think this was also confirmed by WOTW). Just like Lads said.
  10. I've considered this possibility as well, it would be one explanation for having Jon killed and resurrected and for showing us how others can be resurrected in kind. I think the leaks alluded to Berric doing this or being done to him again by Thoros in the leaks. if I read it correctly. If so, they would want that information front and center in the fans minds. I'm also a firm believer that Dany will have another child. If she gives birth but dies, Jon might sacrifice himself so that his child can have a mother. Especially if they are away from any wet nurse and Dany is the only one who could feed the baby. Or something like that.
  11. Wow. That's crazy. They have done no more damage than any other noble House in Westeros. One of the worst wars that we know of is the War of The Five Kings, which had no Targaryen involvement as you well know. Before the Targaryen's conquered Westeros all the other regions were constantly at war for thousands of years. Eradicating entire Houses from the face of the earth and doing all kind of butchery to one another. And by the way Fire and Blood has done more good than not. Two of the people set to save the world are of Targaryen blood. So, it's a good thing that they are still around.
  12. Yes, actually I do. I think she's going to get pregnant at the end of this season. I've been saying it for a long time that D+J are having a baby. True. You never know how they'll play it. I was just noting that having given up her pursuit it would be stupid for her to start it up again, especially against a family member when she's been yearning for family all her life. But they might create some artificial conflict around it. You are right though, they should have a lot in common given their need to help others.
  13. I was thinking about this, and it seems to me that such a conflict would be out of place given the information we have. If as we have been told they have the parlay and Dany chooses to give up her quest for the Iron Throne and the fight against Cersei wouldn't it be out of place for her to then turn around and start a conflict with Jon after she has literally just given up on fighting for the throne? And it's not like Jon is going to decide to press his claim, they'll be fighting the undead and will be embroiled in that battle. I can see an issue with the command of the forces and resources but as the majority of these are Dany's it would be a manner of other people wanting to encroach on her leadership.
  14. Yes, especially if the end this season together as we have been told by the leaks. Season 8 will only have 6 episodes according to D&D. Given this information we will probably be shown D+J's relationship early in season 8, so the earliest I can see Jon finding out about his parentage is either the end of episode 1. Which then leaves 5 episodes to deal with everything, revelations, others, baby, etc. There is no way Jon starts a second relationship in that short frame of time. They waited this long for D+J because they are endgame for each other, whether they live or die.
  15. In the show there is no Jaehearys II, Dany's grandfather is Aegon V. Still two grandparents but not as inbred as in the books.