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  1. because Selyse has a booty that does not quit
  2. The deserved it for all their crimes against the Northern Kings for the past 8000 years And for not bending the knee for Stannis
  3. Frey Lannister Bolton Blackwood Bracken Blackfyre House Stannis Sweet Robin for the Iron Throne 2020
  4. Instead I'd rather have the Yronwoods rule Dorne, maybe the Freys in the North and somebody with sanity in the Iron Islands.
  5. 50 shades of Ramsay
  6. Ice: Ramsay & Roose will be fighting each other Fire: I don't know, hopefully it moves the Mereenese plot forward Blood: Euron's goal was not to lord of the shield islands, I wonder what his true motive and end game is. Steel: Unfortunately Arianne is not her father's daughter and will probably mess up (Or more likely XYZ will use her)
  7. Republicans are mad because children are tired of being Victims. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, I don't care how powerful the NRA and these gun lobbies are. They can shove their bump stocks up their a$$es. WE MUST DO SOMETHING. Enough is enough.
  8. North: Blackwoods Riverlands: Freys East: Mountain Clans West: Greyjoys Dorne: Yronwood Stormlands: Swan Crownlands: Velaryons Reach: Daynes Iron Islands: Lannisters
  9. law vs honor vs family vs your inner turmoil
  10. Ned died because he got littlefingered
  11. Recurring Theme in the story: People don't think ahead
  12. Ice: Stannis vs Boltons Fire: Daenerys vs Slavers Blood: Euron vs Redwyne Fleet Steel: JonCon vs Storm End's garrison and Mace Tyrell's forces
  13. I learned some people hate the Freys
  14. Are Tully genes more prominent than other family genes? because Ned's kids (minus Arya) are said to take after Cat's family. Also Jon Snow is said to have a horse face like Ned even though he's half Valyrian. SweetRobin's looks are kept hidden by the author. Harry is said to look similar to a young Jon Arryn (dirty or sandy blonde and robust) and Tullys usually have Auburn hair and blue eyes.
  15. Last thread: They rose from nothing and didn't owe anyone blind allegiance. No legendary or historic roots like some other great houses in Westeros. But they should be proud that a commoner was able to rise to royalty and the the rest of the royalty class didn't accept them and continue to spit on them!!! Sure there are some bad apples but when you are sh_tted on for your entire existence what else would you expect? Here's to House Frey!!!