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  1. The rebellion was to overthrow the crown that was forged by the Targaryens that ruled over them for 300 years. That was no talk of making someone else King and Queen. It was a Targaryen conquest and submission of the people to 7k and swearing oaths of fealtys to submit to Targaryen rule. When people back in the day was actively trying to overthrow the British Monach, they didn't talk about being having Braveheart being the next king.
  2. Jaime slit King Aerys' throat under his roof Tywin and his army were invited in only to sack it It was BOTH Margaery and Joffrey's wedding, since Joffrey is a illegitimate king in the sight of gods & men, does that count?
  3. Since we don't touch on this subject almost never.... I believe King Aurane had something to do with some of the missing stuff fAegon & friends bought over, including the elephants. As well as some of the missing Vic's fleet on their journey to Meereen. He is no novice but not a Paxter but History will probably repeat itself and he;ll get bored with the step stones real soon. OR its the best place for a "viewing party" for the upcoming events. Some say he might take Driftmark. NOOO no NoOOOOooooooo not another obvious backstab and betryal!!! Besides love triangles, one other thing we can always count on is a knife thrusted into your back from the ones closest to you. Besides its not really that rewarding as it once was and easier to retake once things settle down. Some others have typed he'll help out fAegon or Daenerys' campaign. But of course, he'll probably sit on the IT for a day or two before getting killed. This whole scenario playing out is the same likelihood of him drawing up a plan to restore a Stark in Winterfell. Not everyone including the Corsair King is working on a Targaryen restoration and overthrowing the 'bad people' in the story. Hopefully Aurane will continue onwards and we'll hear of sightings from fisherman of a silver haired man riding a ice dragon in the shivering sea in the final paragraph of Ice & Fire. There you have it, Fire meets Ice. tada! We know little to nothing of this character or his intentions so everything is up for speculation and for story telling purposes, its probably for the best we never hear from this guy again. Except little snippets here and there, if any at all.
  4. He was a book worm. After shagging his new side chick Lyanna for a year in a tower far---far away from his nutty & dangerous father that he his friend Arthur Dayne hooked him up with. He left his wife and their heir & heiress with his bonkers dad at Kings Landing. So where did he get the balls all of a sudden to go fight a guy thats swinging a bloody war hammer around a year into the rebellion? he'll be better off heading to Tywin's place and pleading in person or he'd be better off if his horse threw him off. Idiot. Took only one clean swing to his chest that knocked the life out of him and he mummers Lyanna;s name with his breath likes its supposed to be some kind of brave and romantic gesture. lol? He should've continued shaggying the she-wolf from the North to fill prophecy imo.
  5. Human Scarifies are a common thing. The gods demand it.
  6. I'm a bit mystified, Its pretty harsh, difficult and not worth it when there's easier targets elsehwere. Hardhome was frequently raided by slavers after Mance's defeat. I mean were there the ships idlleing offshore? The Northerners had a hard time dealing with the Skagosi with many deaths. Davos knows it isnt going to be smooth sailing to get Rickon from Skagos. Jorah Mormont had slavers sail all around the continent to his bear BEAR island. Which leads me to believe they also raid the frozen shore parts too. But why? Its a lot of risk with a little reward, (but maybe it IS rewarding because of how many times slavers raided) Do Slavers know the areas beyond the wall better than the rangers do?
  7. because it feels good? I wonder if he got a change with granddaughters.... Theres thousands of keeps, villages, dwellings and yet Craster's keep is the only one on the map... Why?
  8. Robert didn't have any influence on Jaime & Cersei's bastards. IF he did,they would be.... A) Drinking B ) Fighting C) Whoring
  9. If slavers could reach hardhome...
  10. The so called "honorable" House Stark should've followed Jon Aryn and Eddard's example by marrying who they were promised to. If Robb managed to not only consummate the marriage but impregnate Roslin at Riverrun it probably would've prevented a red wedding scenario. Doesn't mean that ot House Frey would want to get out of a losing War. Disinhert Roslin? But Robb would've remembered that he already married somebodt and that means he can't do it again.
  11. The Baratheons have benefited greatly due to their closeness they share with the Royal Ruling Family of Westeros. I doubtt they get the same privilege up north where... "loyalty and honour" only exists during peace times.
  12. Probably the first real war to drive the others back, took a couple million people while only 1 person got the credit
  13. The 99% dont care what the games the 1% are paying, they just want to feed their children and not get raped, killed, pillaged (in that order) in the middle of the night
  14. Exactly!!! Your 10000 year old castle, 5000 year old sword , the 3000 year old war where your ancestor slew some rival lord because he wanted to take a stone mill from your lands... That all means nothing in the end If you can't catch enough fish to feed your people.
  15. But what about the Frey's rights?