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  1. GRRM also chose to give us in no uncertain terms that ________________ ______________ and definitely ________________ Until everything is verified by the author himself in this book series, we will no longer refer to the texts .... happy?
  2. It is rather like this: Doran had, as it was called earlier goals that he wishes to accomplish. Yet, he needs ideal conditions. To hide from everyone that he is having said goals, he essentially does nothing and tries to keep all doors open to jump on the best chance he gets. Sadly, or if you favor him, gladly, however, Doran has a very passive and cautious personality. he does not want good conditions, he wants the best conditions humaly possible. So he waits, and waits, and waits... Now explain to me what would be the next step be for Doran now? You're in his shoes now
  3. That marriage pact alliance was over when Viserys died His sent his boy with the marriage pact alliance to Dany knowing she wouldn't accept, it wasn't even binding, the idea was laughable...He wanted to show his fellow Dornishmen that backing another Targ for IT was a lost cause. If he wanted a match, he would've put in some effort to convince her otherwise.
  4. 1) There is no Dornish Master Plan. 2) The theory of Doran I like is the illusion of having a master plan. That's his chess. 3) Let it appear he has something up his sleeve. Let it appear that he has secret agents acting on his behalf. 4) Doran is Dorne, and Dorne is Doran. 5) The thought of a pending Martell retaliation is better than retaliating at all. 6) Because if he had any plans, the opportunity has LONGGGGGGGGGG passed. 7) Dorne will ultimately most likely leave the 7k and rule itself once more. 8) He knew of Cersei's plan of Tyrstane, He knew of Arianne and foiled that. Good Chance he knows Varys'. What others does he know? 9) Throughout its history, many tried to conquer Dorne, and they all failed. They can try again. and die in Dorne. What do you think Doran is doing with Dorne?
  5. Stannis continuous denial to sit in the Iron Throne.
  6. sorry about the mix up Queen Sansa Stark, I had a longer post saying Cersei perverts good advice given to her to fill or match her very objective and opinionated view of the world Cersei sees. (sometimes it works, but more often it doesnt) It would've cleared up the confusion.
  7. Yes, Art of War. That's how he got Myrcella, and a seat on a council. Know your strength and Know your weaknesses He's grooming his kids for roles of leadership, Arianne wants some kind of conflict, Quentyn probably doesn't but they need to see the world for what it is and come to the same conclusion Doran has. Let his enemies continue to think Doran is up to something....
  8. Cersei's mother died when she was 7 I believe. Joanna gave her sound advice on how to deal with the world she was born in at a young age. Eventually women figure this out by themselves. But Cersei takes the advice and adds a thick layer of psychopath-thinking to pass off to Sansa just for amusement and for shock factor during a crisis. And this is a common occurrence with Cersei's thinking throughout the series. Cersei was lucky to have a mom like Joanna
  9. Her mother said Tears Then Cersei adds Legs later
  10. the carpenter
  11. She was 7 Its not hard for women to figure that out by themselves
  12. I don't have the exact book quotes handy, but Arianne has dragon fever. But soon begins to probe about everything once she meets up with the Golden Company in the Stormlands. Then reflects how much Dorne has to lose if they fail. And its not a winnable situation, going so far as either labeling Blackfryes and Bittersteel as bastards. Doran is indeed very angry about what happened to his family during the rebellion and Oberyn. Prince Doran also knew it was a unwinnable war even with a alliance with the Golden Company and the time to strike to all those who did his family and countrymen has past. Look at how the North/Riverlands ended up. Maybe he just wanted his kids to realize this before he passes? Disclaimer: Maybe he has something up his sleeve in the next book but until then, the best strategic minds, know the cost/benefit of a all-out-war and know the consequences if he fails.
  13. The Stepstones is lovely this time of the year
  14. You don't want to go around kicking a hornet's nest
  15. House Frey NVM they tarnished their reputation. Its a stain thats going to be hard to wash up even by the most pious and honorable men. Arianne Martell, I just feel like Doran is training her to rule after him.