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  1. Every little event, they either have Houses that are neutral(Frey), go against their interests, or fight among themselves (Blackwoods/Brackens), or go off and do they own thing (Darry, Whoever rules Harrenhal). Next would be the Tyrells, (weak leadership during the Dance of Dragons), when one of their vassals' offspring (Greens) had a very good chance of becoming King. Intermarriage of powerhouses like Hightowers and Redwynes seems to keep them afloat. Every other Leige Lord seems to have a solid gripe on their kingdom.... Yes yes yes I know swear fealty to the King first....
  2. Keep in mind the Targaryen King Blood Line is not pure... they have intermarried with Blackwoods, Velaryons (multiple times) ((yes I know they are still Valaryian)), Martells, Probably more
  3. I can't find any info on horses being native to Westeros pre-First Men...
  4. I was hoping no one picked it up. There is no one close enough.
  5. Need help with stormlanders and people from the reach
  6. Will and Jon Darry, Whent too, but not Rhaegar...need fighters and not jousters. I'm sure he would've improved remarkable but at the this exact time he was just another
  7. I definitely need more people from the North, maybe just add the Umber family tree DarkStar has potential...
  8. Forgot about Jason maybe Tytos Blackwood too? Darkstar has potential imo if not, he'll die off soon
  9. No Order North: Greatjon Umber Qhorin Halfhand Mance Rayder Riverlands: BlackFish Black Walder Frey Hosteen Frey Vale: Lyn Corbay Bronze Yohn Westerlands: Jaime Lannister Tygett Lannister Hound Mountain Strongboar Lyle Crakehall Stormlands: Barristan selmy Robert Baratheon Brienne Tarth Beric Dondarrion Reach: Garlan Tyrell Loras Tyrell Gerold Hightower Crownlands: Clarence Crabb Iron Islands: Victorion Greyjoy Haras Harlaw Andrik the Unsmiling Dorne: Darkstar Arthur Dayne Oberyn Martell Areo Hotah Lewyn Martell Who shall I add / disregard?
  10. Are horses native in Westeros or did the first men bring them?
  11. nice catch!
  12. My mistake, I thought they were 12,000+ years old
  13. Are horses even native to Westeros? I also thought it was like a middle-finger, a message, symbolic XYZ to send to men that this was our land as well. Since they defeated the NW and left the dead horse carcasses behind for others to see....