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  1. She was best friends with Elia. Her brother was the same with Rhaegar. I think Ashara's suicide was over guilt. She told Ned Stark where to find Lyanna, and when he returned with Dawn she felt she was responsible for her brother's death. And finally, What baby? Barristan Selmy is the only one that bought up that Ashara commited suicide becauce of a stillborn and the culprit? One of the Starks. No other mention by another character. A gorgeous noble woman that every man wanted? Maybe Barristan is still hurting after all these years. Maybe Ned Dayne was right when talking to Arya "My aunt Allyria says Lady Ashara and your father fell in love at Harrenhal—" Hearing all the horrors year around and then having it come to your front step as verified proof could make someone jump off a cliff. So much for being a second son with no aspirations to ever rule and be free to follow your heart.
  2. I take Stannis over 70,000 Tyrells any day of the week.
  3. Where's the human conflict? When Jojen accepted his fate of dying: "He want to go home," Meera told Bran. "He will not even try and fight his fate. He says the greendreams do not lie." "He's being brave," said Bran. The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid, his father had told him once, long ago, on the day they found the direwolf pups in the summer snows. He still remembered. "He's being stupid," Meera said "I'd hoped when we found your three-eyed crow... now I wonder why we ever came." For me, Bran thought. "His greendreams," he said. "His greendreams." Meera's voice was bitter. "Hodor," said Hodor. Meera began to cry. In the appendix of ADwD. It mentions Jojen twice: Once under House Stark, where it refers to Jojen's greendream as a blessing, and the other time under Beyond the Wall, where it refers to them as a curse He fully drank the kool-aid or weirwood paste. He abstained from his identity as Bran Stark of Winterfell. He fully embraced himself as the 3ER. Both Reed kids are informing Bran you have a choice and in the last book, he choose.
  4. Probably the worst episode so far in the series. I don't know what's worse... the dialogue or the actually plotline. Jeez =/
  5. Well given that most major lords would've died if they were written in the show at the sept, nevermind the blood relation to their liege lords. Its lazy writing, I'm surprised Olenna didn't get up and started sword fighting. How did she even get back and why is even there? Name dropped Tarly for 2 episodes and had a scene last year and everybody is pooping in their pants. Should've just moved the capital or whatever its called in the show to Horn Hill. And saved the budget for a better writing staff.
  6. There's no Westermen mentioned either
  7. There's no Reach mentioned...ever.
  8. This is not a Nettles theories topic. Ever since TWOIAF, There's a pretty nice theory of a Vale Mountain Clan most likely the Painted Dogs/Burned Men who worshiped a fire-witch and so it happened to be Nettles. Let's take a step back and apply some logic. When a overwhelming foreign invasion is underway and the natives can't win, they usually retreat to the mountains. Its almost like a natural human instinct like breathing. Mountainous Terran is probably the hardest to conquer and the invading force usually moves on. OK back to Fantasy, When the Andals came, The Valemen retreated to the mountains and the Andals moved on. The various Vale's mountain clans were born. We can conclude now as of 2017, that they were a) Decedents of Vale's First Men b.) Simpler People c) Not Neanderthals d) Remote and Safe e) Not So Isolated Que in the Timeline after the Dance of Dragons, conveniently a Vale's Clan, the Burned Men, sprung up. and worship what appears to be Nettles and her dragon Sheepstealer. Making sacrifices (humans) and burning their manhood or whatever. But here's the reasoning: A) Its a dragon. A dragon that invaded your personal space. Your first instincts would be to run like your ancestors have. B.) Do you attempt to defend your turf and attack the dragon? C) The few that stayed behind decided the best way to deal with your new neighbor is to worship him and its master and you do that by burning yourself, great, but its dragonfire and you'll mostly be dead. D) Word will spread to the rest of the clans. Some may visit and end up being burned men. Some others will feel threaten and want to attack these heretics E) Next it will spread to the average Valesmen. So now you got new suspicious onlookers that's looking out for signs of dragons. Probably now you got someone who can read and write and communicate this further F) How do you even keep a dragon locked away in a cave or on the top of a mountain away from everyone? G) If you're Nettles, won't you be bored of this? You just got yourself a dragon and want to keep playing around with the same group of village idiots? H) If you're the Burned Men clan, would you go along with this rumor that your whatever was burned by a dragon to look more fearsome than the others? could go on forever... Lovely theory overall, nice storytelling and connecting the dots but.... a Dragon that is burning a willful mountain clan on top of a mountain somewhere in the Vale???
  9. Hire a Dornish FM Spear throwing expert, Incite violence with a mob of peasants while they're are changed up or have a maester poison them. And of course, the dragon binder.
  10. This isn't the hobbit. Hell yea lets see if we can take out a dragon up in air going 500mph with bolt launcher.
  11. Those Reach lords should be hanged for even showing up. How quick they turn coat when the sept, corpses and carnage all over on display. Might as well take selfies with all your comrades. Yea thats the show's jist. But there's a handful of Tyrells to pick up the mantle. Show doesn't cover the background Tyrells, but after all, Olenna is a Redwyne. Pissing off the Redwynes and Hightowers that have the might of a single kingdom should deter these treasonous lords. 10 episodes, no new characters, production costs $$$ and its just going to be Poor little Olenna left to go out swinging... They have dishonored and ruined the prestige of their houses.
  12. Yea journeying down to Sunspear they couldn't spot Euron's big cock floating around in the waters.
  13. Just saw the episode. Its feeling more and more a fan service, and as they should since everyone gets a mil a show + CGI. Cersei blows up the sept 2 episodes ago killing many lords, nobility and smallfork alike and everyone thinks the mad king's daughter is the real danger here? lol Getting the Dornish to siege KL? lol what the... Jesus did Dorne get a beating this entire series, holy hell Dorne is already mobilized, just get a raven out there, jeez They be better off elsewhere in the 7k attacking Lannister strong points to draw Cersei out. Hey lets go after KINGS LANDING. All those reach lords should hang for treason. Olenna Tyrell is the lord and there are many other Tyrells waiting to inherit after. Lannister is control of half the Kingdom? wait what/? Cersei is not the Queen, you can put the crown on her head, she sit on the IT but it will all be meaningless Curious as to where all those dothrakis are
  14. /case closed
  15. Lust for me.