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  1. the north didn't remember anything in the show. the only people that remembered were the starks and that old lady who was flayed.
  2. They turned on Joffrey when they were hungry and pissed because there was an army that was going to attack them. The minute they were fed and Joffrey had a pretty queen on his arm they cheered him. Literally, in season 2 they attacked him and in season 3 they cheered him and his new queen. they have already been shown to be a fickle bunch. again. your assuming they didn't like Joffrey. But as the show showed in season 3 when they cheered him and Margery when they walked out of the Sept not sure that assumption holds. this makes no sense. your comparing an explosion of a building with a triumph/ parade. two very different things. they are fickle morons. that was already established in season 3 as i mentioned above. actually, crowds in real life are fickle and respond to the latest news or the most recent events. that is why recency bias is a thing. we respond to what is new, to what our minds can easily retrieve, and to how we feel in a given moment. that is one reason why approval ratings for politicians can very so much. its a what have you done for me lately world.
  3. He is not crediting them with attracting viewers like yourself. As you said, you were hooked based on the source material. He is crediting them with succesfully adapting these books into the biggest TV show in the world. +95% of the show audience is not people like you who watch because they read the books. He is crediting them with creating a show that appeals to that many people and he makes a very good point that adapting material is hard and a lot of crap entertainment gets made that is not as popular as GoT nor as critically aclaimed as GoT despite having good source material from which to draw. By almost any metric aside from your own subjective tastes this show has been an incredible success. They deserve credit for that regardless of whether or not you want to give it.
  4. Tyrion did ask. Jon just didn't really answer. "At some point I want to hear how a Knight's Watch recruit became King in the North." - Tyrion 7x03
  5. There are a lot of different poetic endings. It just depends on the theme they are going for. I think the theme is that the game of thrones never ends. The wheel never stops. Someone is in power than someone else is in power and that is how it goes. Its even in the structure of the theme song, which is just an alternating series of major notes minor notes major notes minor notes. However, if that is not the theme, than sure several other endings could be poetic. I pick the Rebellion as somehing that would make sense being pointless since its really the starting point of the entire story. Its sets the stage for where everyone is starting in season 1. So i think it makes sense from that perspective and also two of our main characters are Targareyns while we have no main character who is a Baratheon so having those Targareyns on the throne just feels like it makes more sense than a Baratheon who is not an important character.
  6. I agree. The changes were for the better. Only thing i missed was them talking about Dorne falling into civil war and Vary's lines that good monarchs have to be ruthless at times. Yea. She loved his loyalty. I saw a side by side shot of the two reactions and its clear the scene was acted to be similar. Emotionally she loved it intelectually she knew it was not great timing.
  7. Just read this comparison of the final product vs the original outline that leaked. interesting read overall, but it does seem based on the outline the burning the Tarly thing was potentially being set up as an issue. Although maybe this was just an idea they moved away from. I say that because of how they originally had Jon reacting against burning even foot soldiers and Dany lying about the war. Hopefully they dropped it though.
  8. Its a possible hypothesis. What i laid out is just a hypothesis as well. Whether Gendry is better than Robert or not doesn't really change the core reasons as to why your hypothesis is less likely than the one I laid out: 1.) A baratheon in charge doesn't make Robert's Rebellion pointless and 2.) Gendry is a super minor character and I have a hard time believing we end up with such a minor character in charge. But those reasons also don't mean it won't happen just why I don't find it convincing based on the evidence we have now. We shall see.
  9. Yes but than Robert's Rebellion would also not be showed to ultimatley have been futile. If the Targs are back literally everything including Robert's Rebellion was pointless. We end up with King Aegon and Queen Daenerys just like we would have had their been no rebellion in the first place. Because of that, and also because Gendry is just not an important enough character in this story, I think a Targ restoration is more likely and makes more thematic sense.
  10. I agree with you. But most people fall in love and get married even if it doesn't work out in the end. To expound on my point, that is what i find not realistic. I don't need to see that they lived happily ever after. But people falling in love and getting married yea, that should happen because that is a fundamental part of most lives - even if in the end they fall out of love and get divorced. I agree whole heartedly with how it should end. They can't leave it with the notion that the game of thrones is over. The game of thrones never ends. It continues even to our day. That has to be made clear. Which is why on a thematic level I think its interesting if after all this we end up with a Targaryen restoration. What better way to send the message that the game never ends, people gain power, they lose power and on and on it goes - plus war is ultimatley futile - than having all these wars and battles just bring us back to where it started. Robert rebelled and after everything that followed the Targaryens are on the throne. Maybe these new Targs do somehing to improve the life of the small folk, but at the end of the day it was all just another chapter in the never ending game of thrones.
  11. Yea. That is probably set up for civil unrest in season 8. But it was not established that the people were hungry now. Just that food was needed if they were to survive a siege and we can infer a bad winter.
  12. I think season 2 established that people were hungry and that played a large role in them rioting. I added more to my point above regarding the remnants of sparrows. EDIT: regarding my point above about the sparrows happening off screen, i think we have to recognize that TV as a medium has more in common with plays than it does with novels. Even the great plays allow for a bunch of stuff to happen off screen if its not important to the main tale. Sometimes for the main tale we don't need to know the how just that it was done and resolved. If we are going to accept TV as a medium, we have to be willing to grant the same licesnse. Its not a novel.
  13. I don't think they showed that civilian legacy matters in the North at all. I think they showed individual peoples legacies mattering due to the impact they have on other individuals. But the northern people did not rise up to fight for Ned Stark's good name. If anything they have showed that the mob, the people don't care about the games high born lords and ladies play. Civilians do want spectacle. This is a historically truthful statement. True enough that Roman poets decried how docile the people were in the early imperial period. Make sure people are fed and entertained and the people are taken care of. I don't think its an accident that the only time we see a violent mob in King's Landing is when people are hungry in Season 2. Do you think it requires much more than that to keep people from revolting? Regarding how many survived the sept splosion. Yea. Your just supposed to assume that most of them blew up in the sept and not think too much more of it. Lol. But I don't think that makes it bad writing or a bad TV show. At the end of the day this is a TV show which entails a certain amount of narrative economy. For this specific story being told, how Cersei rounded up and dealt with the remnants of the Sparrows is fundamentally unimportant. Something like that can truly be left off screen if it has no broader impact on the main tale either plot wise or character wise.
  14. I def. don't think they care about logistics for example. I think they want to make it plausible enough to not destroy the sense of disbelief but no more than that. Of course, when your going for the bear minimum sometimes you miss. Thinking about it a bit more, i think its more the bread and circus interpretation than that Cersei is beloved. They cheared Euron because it was a fun show. They cheared Cersei's walk of shame because it was a fun show. They just want spectacle and they love to see mighty high born's humbeled, in these two cases Cersei, Yara and Ellaria. Jaime has a quote that supports this interpretation. Good point about the sparrows. But where they from king's landing? I thought there was a line about many of the sparrows being people from the countryside. 5x01 KEVAN: They call themselves sparrows. Bloody fanatics. Religion has its place, of course, but at a certain point… They never would have come to the capital when Tywin was alive. EDIT: The Jaime conversation i referenced JAIME: This same mob spat at my sister not long ago, and if you turn on us, they'll cheer to see your head mounted on a spike. EURON: Or yours. They just like severed heads really.
  15. Not sure what to think. My concern is that it could mean she has short hair and that could mean she lost a battle and had to cut her braids in dothraki tradition. Most likely though its just an homage to the role that made her and she will just continue to wear the wig since not sure Emlia has the hair to actually pull off Dany's hairstyles. EDIT: if i wanted to come up with an optimistic reason for a hairstyle change in univserse versus the pessimistic one i cited, perhaps there is a time jump at the end and she has shorter hair in a different state. The whig with braids could be symbolic of her role as Warrior Queen which once the war is over may not be necessary.