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  1. Dragonstone Truth Light of the Seven Rains of Castamere Winterfell Winter has come
  2. Wow. Just to understand. They think Euron will be King when KL burns down or they think Euron will be King at some point but there will be another King/ Queen when King’s Landing burns down? why does javi think AOTD does not reach KL?
  3. More I think about it the more I think Cersei goes down last. The real villain of the story are not the white walkers. It is humanity and our propensity for warfare. The White Walkers are just the blowback. Why were the WW created? Because humans invaded the land of the COTF and they needed to defend themselves. Why is the AOTD so big? Because the crow vs wildlings fought and the wildlings did not get over the wall and were butchered. How did the WW get past the wall? A chain of events caused by human’s vying for power and fighting each other lead to a dragon being killed north of the wall. Feels like Cersei going down last would fit thematically.
  4. It is crazy they forgot that fire works on wights well, except for davos in 7x02 when he told Jon dragons would be useful. And except for the wights in 7x06 that died when they got smashed with dragon fire and then Jon remembered in 7x07 when he spoke to Cersei but other than that they totally forgot
  5. The White Walkers are certainly no Cylons
  6. That is a great idea that those night shoots are meant to symbolize the long night. What is interesting is that the shooting in Dubrovnick was during the day. Was the Long Night over by episode 4 or had it just not come yet to KL? Guess we will find out when we see them shoot on the KL set in march
  7. Lol... dude. Why are you bringing logic into this conversation? Clearly what really matters is what a handful of people on the internet think about something.
  8. If I had to bet I would bet his name is Aegon Targaryen. Don’t think they would pull a Asha/Yara on something so important as Jon’s birth name.
  9. How he ended up at the incest was really mind boggling. Crazy that someone would fall for a super attractive super accomplished woman.
  10. I thought it was to give Jorah a reason to sell himself back into slavery so he could be in the fighting pits. Will be interesting next year though when Jorah finds that the two people he credits for saving his life are in contlict due to Dany executing Sam’s father and brother.
  11. I am excited to see that
  12. Wait... are you saying a for profit business would not just burn money for no reason other than to throw off a few people on the internet who would consume their product anyways?
  13. Would be interesting if Bran was his bodyguard and wargs her Queensguard to show his power.
  14. From episode 4 most likely. Picture of Nutter showed up.
  15. http://www.thedubrovniktimes.com/news/dubrovnik/item/3949-photo-exclusive-jon-snow-meets-cersei-at-king-s-landing Just Jon and Cersei having a little chat with Cersei’s Queensguard around.