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  1. Why do you say they do little cross season planning? Most of the interviews i have seen suggest that is not the case. I think its more likely they cross season plan poorly or are willing to change things in the middle despite what they planned than that they don’t do any cross season planning.
  2. I actually do like him. But thats because he reveals good plot details now and him being so weird is funny to me. I thought he was sorta boring in the early seasons. Plus, how he fits into the end game and the meaning behind his visions in 4x02 and 6x06 seems like the most interesting mystery left in the show. But overall, if its not the core seven characters, not sure you can expect much from the show.
  3. Ouch. This show must be tough for a book Bran fan. Talk about a character significantly diminished in the adaptation.
  4. Technically that would be a failure in the acting and directing if he was supposed to have changed last year
  5. Interesting. Well I thought there was something weird about him last year. But if only one of us saw it than the show failed to appropriatley make it clear enough.
  6. Jon was near death. Bran was not
  7. Interesting. I actually interpreted the scene completley differently. I saw that and thought this guy is is seeing his uncle who he hasn’t seen in years and thought was dead and is so non reactive
  8. They can't miss out on it. Dany and Jon coronation is a legit series finale level event. When they were asked if the ending was satisfactory three years ago they were super adamant that it was. Given the popularity of those two characters, not sure what else would inspire that level of confidence that the conclusion is satisfactory. I noticed a change in him after he woke up in 6x06. he was super weird and calm when he woke up. i think it makes sense that he is the way he is. you are you because you have your memories. if you also had the memories of every other person that lived inside of you not sure you would really be you any more.
  9. I am not going to lie. I think that would be a very satisfying moment for most people who watch the show. Literally 8 years building towards that. I also interpreted Michelle’s comments that way. Could you imagine if they actually did subtle?
  10. Possible. In ep 6 we get these two gems: ”we will talk about the succession when I wear the crown” - does that mean she will never wear the crown? That the succession will be resolved through magic targ baby? And “i won’t step foot in King’s landing so long as Cersei Lannister is Queen” - does that mean sansa will be queen next time she is in KL? Although on the whole I think the obvious interpretation is probably the correct one. Sansa will return to King’s Landing when Dany is Queen and magic targ baby will resolve the succession. Yea. Feels like they made it obvious at this point
  11. Sam as Warden of the South is so clear at this point. The whole structure of Jaime's words to Tarly were super suspicious "When the war is won the queen will need a new warden of the south." and then screen transition to Sam. lol. doesn't bother to say which queen.
  12. Yes. It would be potentially awkward given the way they respectively dealt with it. I also don’t know much about sexual abuse so don’t know if talking to another victim would be helpful for Sansa or if Dany herself would think about it very differently looking back now at what was effectively quasi stockhome syndrome. Prob best they don’t open that can of worms.
  13. Great post. It also made me think that whatever was being set up in season 2 was probably before they decided to have Sansa go to WF and get raped by Ramsey. By introducing the story they did in season 5, it very well could mean that they have to go in an entirely different direction with SanSan than they would have other wise. Its interesting thinking about it that with dany on her way to WF there will be two victims of sexual abuse amongst the main cast. I wonder if they will explore that in their interactions between each other.
  14. We the audience might not have all the information is what i meant. Grrm said more will be revealed on this. So we are operating with incomplete info.
  15. Liar is a strong word. didn’t he say based on a lie? If brandon went to KL to threaten aerys and rhaegar based on a lie than how is Bran lying? Sounds more like a difference in interpretation than a lie vs truth situation. Also, grrm has said we will know everything about the rebellion by the end. There is probably more information to drop so saying Bran is a liar based on the incomplete information we have so far feels premature.
  16. Wait... are you saying it might be weird that Sandor is old enough to be her dad and she has a fatherly relationship with her sister?
  17. Does it? Or does it mean all the information has yet to be revealed?
  18. Lol. So good.
  19. Its unclear whether they actually did not know it or whether they knew it and decided to change it for the show in order to create that bit of dialogue or whether Bran should have been paying attention to maester luwin’s lessons.
  20. I am so on board with random northern lord theory
  21. He never really appears in the books either, at least that I can remember. I think wanting to see him is more a function of hearing a character spoken about and wanting to just see him play a role in the story. Part of what makes the books interesting is all the world building so for many who like the books they want to see that expansive universe in the show. I just wouldn’t hold my breath given the way the shows focus is much more narrow and through Bran and Sam they have a way to accomplish what plot function HR would serve.
  22. To be fair i was responding to both someone’s comments that was not you and that is what you said. It couldn’t happen because george would right that because it would suck. my argument doesn’t rest on it being what i want to see. I don’t care one way or the other if Jaime dies at Cersei’s hands, survives or if he dies with Brienne. All can work so long as the execution is good.
  23. Hopefully we find out soon. Casting info like that should leak
  24. Its funny how easily people get tripped up by this argument. Its really hard so I understand. Answering the question what will happen is tough and inherently probabalistic since foreshadowing can be nothing more than unintentional or a red herring. The more we don’t want something to happen the easier it is to put things in the unintentional red herring bucket. Its a lot easier to substitute that question with what I want to happen. On a question i care about - Dany surviving and being succesful - I personally think it would be stupid if she dies. However, i have to remind myself that doesn’t mean squat and that there is potential foreshadowing for her death so its possible.