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  1. That makes sense. Although what was “leaked” is not mutually exclusive with that.
  2. I agree with this. Although I am prob 10/90 real vs. fake.
  3. the person who posted last year's leaks posted leaks they were recently given that are more likely fake but are very well done and believable. its basically 4 script pages, 1 from 8x03, 2 from 8x05 and 1 from 8x06 and then some additional color. the reason they seem like they shouldn't be dismissed at first glance is the person posting them and they seem very much like GoT scripts. that being said, the overwhelming probability is that they are fake since they don't have a code name. @Meera of Tarth
  4. I hope he is right. I thought those “leaks” were great.
  5. I buy her point about the code name. Not their being no scripts. Lads leaks had the code name.
  6. I buy that
  7. Even the non dialogue parts really match D&D: the scene descriptions.
  8. Yea. Those are either real or incredibly well done fake script pages. All 4 pages looked and read like scripts D&D would write and make sense. Either way that person gets an A+ for getting his hand on it or for amazing bs
  9. Isn’t running the North kind of a full time job?
  10. Lol. You so want to see her fight
  11. No point in introducing that idea if you don’t plan to use it
  12. First somewhat legit “leaks” have been coming out. Not sure if you have scene those. Interesting to think about in light of this theory.
  13. Impossible to really say. My guess would be that the people that enjoy the show who read the books is probably less than the percentage who enjoy the show who did not read the books. But who knows. Without the data being collected in a rigourous way very easy for small vocal communities such as this one to have an outsized influence due to availability bias. i think what can be said without a doubt is people on this forum tend to like the show less than the population at large.
  14. But what is your point. An excessive reliance on the rule of drama lead the show astray and the examples are sansa’s plot line and stannis decapitation? Sansa’s season 5 plot is def a by product of the rule of drama. Not sure the same for Stannis though. They could have easily played that straight stannis vs boltons and had plenty of drama. But the rule of drama is actually incredible now that i think of it. Basically for every question we have been asking for the last three months, the right answer is always the one that leads to more conflict and drama.
  15. The rule of cool def sums up part of the succes of the show. Although does not work always. Beyond the wall had more mixed reception.
  16. For >95% of viewers, BOTB and TWOW work based if nothing else on the rule of cool http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RuleOfCool
  17. I watched the first two seasons first then read the books in between two and three then continued watching the show. For me the books helped me enjoy the show more because i had much more context and understanding of what was going on and I never thought of the books as perfect, particularly the last two. But i think it comes down to mindset and how you think about it. I enjoy the show a lot. But for me I recognize that the show is an adaptation, can enjoy it on its own terms and when I think how good it is or not I don’t compare it to the books but just compare it to other tv shows. Just don’t take it too seriously. Its just a tv show. Plenty of other people are able to enjoy it.