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  1. all the chat about brits behaving badly abroad led me to posting this hilarious link:
  2. Great read articulating the potential problems with this duo behind the show:
  3. Great post, @karaddin. And I saw someone else mentioning 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, that illustrates this point well (a girl so terrified she can't speak). It isn't always simple or cut and dried, is the issue. And yes, women (for instance a woman stuck in a shitty or even abusive marriage) may even 'give in' to get to the other side; to survive, to not get hit again... loads of stuff. So I fully agree: there should be clear consent given, rather than assumptions made.
  4. Been following this topic and all older threads. Very interesting from an outsider's POV. My tiny contribution re nuclear strikes being more likely with DJT in charge: I think it's useful to ask yourself whether he reacts as the POTUS or as Donald Trump - who is also POTUS. So far it's been the latter; personal snipes, defensiveness etc. all make it clear it's about the individual, not the position. So the question might be whether he understands the fact that he represents a country, and not just himself, once he's in office. If he does, he may/should consider the big picture and the ramifications of his actions in response to, say, a step taken by China. If he takes it as a personal slight (all signs point to this considering his history), he may do or try something rash.
  5. As someone on reddit says, we're like Stannis, starving, waiting... I so hope this is true. I can hardly bear to think on it!
  6. LOL. I feel sorry for us, and amused by us at once. Any snippet, however vague and unfounded would do me right now!
  7. Lol, yes. Sadly.
  8. Worth fapping over :D?
  9. Bu fantasy by its very definition as a genre allows for much mixing stuff/subverting traditions. Sounds rather silly @Illyrio Mo'Parties: not implying people are racist; I am saying that such ideas have the tinge of racism. Ideas=/=people.
  10. This. Let's stop pretending ASOIAF is 'historical fiction'. It's not. He's taken a few cues from medieval Europe. He's also riffed off loads of other stuff, including earlier fantasy. Funny how dragons and white walkers and orcs and elves are all fine, but the mere suggestion of a darker skin tone for main characters is too much for some.
  11. I'm not questioning why the story has mostly white people; I'm pointing out that there is nothing wrong with discussing other possibilities. Where did I say he should have South Asians or any other ethnicity?? Also it may be based on some bits of European history but that certainly isn't all the influence he uses, nor is fantasy the same as history or even historical fiction. The very term indicates the potential to do a lot more than stick to real history, subvert traditions and so on.
  12. Again, Martin discussed the idea himself. So, it isn't as though the OP or anyone else came up with it and insisted Martin follow, or that he should change the story etc. I don't see the issue. The actual author found the idea interesting enough to discuss it, which means the default setting doesn't need to be white just because the writer's white. Are we saying 'write what you know' is the only acceptable way of doing it? Because if so, the implication is that Martin shouldn't write women, or Dothrakis and so on. Also, I thought the USA (where he is from) has Black, Latino and Asian minorities in significant numbers? I imagine Martin may even have had some interaction with some 'non-white' people in his 60+ years. So he can 'know' about more than 'white' stuff. Last, English =/= white. Perhaps it did before Britain colonised parts of the world; not now. It's funny how English is touted as being 'international', and comments here imply it's a 'white' language. If I'm mistaken, apologies. I live in South Asia, and English is the official language in this country. We are brown. So there's that.
  13. I'm a she, FYI. And LOL at your exaggerated interpretation of my post. 'Vehement' is pretty accurate if you look at the posts demanding the thread be locked. Asking for a shut-down doesn't equal 'mild disagreements'. In fact, it stinks of some imagining they decide what is discussed and what isn't. I was under the impression that was the mods' domain, myself. I'm not surprised at all: I'm not. A pretty GIANT leap from my mild snark to 'frothing-at-the-mouth' racists. And I'm the theatrical one? It's almost as though you feel you're the only one who can overreact or be 'sarcastic' while posting. Unfortunately, I disagree.
  14. Yes, this. Who did I call a bigot? How overly defensive to think so! It's rather odd to see people throwing around labels like SJW/progressive etc., implying extreme sensitivity on the part of those they've labelled, only to get so defensive/extremely sensitive in turn. Weird, that. I find this (PERSONAL OPINION ALERT!) to be in a similar vein to 'the default setting is always white' and 'why change anything?!': the implication seems to be that non-white people shouldn't ever want representation in pop culture or even dare to suggest or discuss such a concept. On a fan board that's discussed all manner of ludicrous, far fetched shit related to ASOIAF, this is somehow a step too far. At least, if you look at some posts that outright want the thread closed. Pretty self evident, IMO.