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  1. Here's a litle thing I want. NO Jon and Dany relationship, no Jon taking to the dragons or Targs. This man is a Stark...a wolf. Most i want is the North not kneeling to some foreigner who has no idea about what the North is about. The North knows no true king but the king in the north, whose name is Stark. Not Dany.
  2. Be cool if Negan gets eaten alive by the Tiger.
  3. Dont think so...we're getting to the end of the tv series and the White Walkers will take precedence over a bad guy like Euron..who to be honest on the show lacks charisma and isnt scary at all. Besides, once you've met Ramsay you cant really top that so you just gotta let go. Ramsay makes everyone look like a saint.
  4. Come on...GoT is much better than what a lot of you haters of the show think. If it was a popularity contest much like some People's choice awards....where's the Walking Dead? It wins nothing.
  5. SmallJon was also awesome in the books! He clubbed that Frey right over the skull with a piece of meat! The show unfortunately ruined the Umbers. After having started so well, with GreatJon who in season 1 was epic and I wish could have continued...but for some lame reason we got a disloyal Smalljon....the exact opposite to what I will always remember him as in the story. I find the show could have done so much better with Robbs bannermen...we didnt get enough of them until maybe this past season and when we did half of them were against the Starks. I would have loved watching Robb going about his business with the Glovers, Umbers, Mormonts, Cerwyns and Karstarks throughout the war. Would have added more depth and even more emotion. If we can see many followers for Dany...why not Robb eh?
  6. The GreatJon. "Your meat.....is bloody tough" Wait did he say that in the books? lol I can only hear and see him saying it on the show right now. Dacey Mormont. Tough woman and very loyal. Defended Robb till the end.
  7. Roose betraying Robb though was totally not understandable at all. This guy was just a tresonous cunt from the begining and plotted this out well before anything was truly lost.
  8. Why should he expect respect and to be treated fairly when each time there was battle, he never moved a foot until the side was won. Hence the late Lord Frey. He never earned respect.
  9. What is it with Stannis fans? They get so angry whenever someone doesn't praise the man. He was a brittle man who longed to be what Robert was and didn't understand why people loathed him. So he continually surrounded himself with people that would never endear him to those he wanted to make alliances with or rule over. He even let them dictate what and who he should go after....and that was Mel and her foreign God.
  10. What was the point of that chapter anyway?
  11. Any character that is ingrained in religion or others such as Sam who interact with boring people such as Grand Maesters at the citadel etc. Also Stannis....Melisandre clearly wears the pants.
  12. Jon vs Sansa would be so stupid. Stark vs Stark...after everything they've been though and that happens? Please no.
  13. Not for me. Ramsay was played by an equally good actor, except Ramsay was more badass, more dangerous, more sinister, more threatening.....Ramsay would chew Joff up. Joff is like a Bieber in comparison. Not to say Jack wasnt a good actor. His character was just a little chump though. I liked Richard Madden lots. Sean Bean of course. Props to minor characters like Luwin, Karl Tanner, and another thumbs up to Walder Frey.
  14. Only Drogo out of Dany's end of the world would stand a shot.