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  1. He was a jerk like all the Targs. Robert smashed him and westeros was better off.
  2. Where the heck is Edmure Tully?
  3. By what right do these southerners have to the North? They know nothing of the long night, and the cold winters...the North are hard men governed by hard men. Stannis was listening to a red witch. He wasnt wearing the pants in that partnership.
  4. Maybe the raven got attacked on the way by an eagle. or something. you guys take everything too literally. there are like what, 11 episodes left? shall we spend them making sure we see the plots, schemes, designs and maps drawn up, the massing of forces, the build up with 50 minute epidodes and yet still so much to cover?
  5. What does Dany or any Targ know of the North? Sorry, she shouldnt rule over it. To me the northerners are just so much different culturally to the rest of westeros.
  6. I think Summer will be part of the white walkers army and he will battle with Nymeria and maybe Ghost.
  7. Ramsay was right all along about the Ironborn. They are weak. Ramsay would have had them all flayed no problem.
  8. poll

    Arya said it not you at the end because thats going back to what she told Ned in season one when he said she'd be a princess etc and she said no, thats not me. They're both independent. Nymeria was named after a fiercely independent warrior. She leads a huge wolf pack of her own now. However, having said that, I do think we will see Nymeria again, and she will be there to help Arya in some manner. At least I hope we do.
  9. True but really, this isnt a real medieval society. They're kinda about to go to war with some white walkers and other non authentic medieval time beings.
  10. Yeah the Freys getting their karma. The Jon scene and the mercy shown towards the children of the houses Umber and Karstark. I liked the Hound scenes but to be honest I'm not sure I see the point of him still being alive. I dont consider him a big deal. Oh and just the fact Game of Thrones is back after all this time!!!
  11. I have nothing to complain about, the show was good, really enjoyed it. A mild annoyance at Sansa talking about how stupid Ned and Robb were when she's kinda the one that got Ned into the mess he was in. Also I dont really see why the Hound is still alive. I dont see the point. Euron whether in the books or the show is not a replacement for Ramsay, Ramsay makes that guy look like a girl scout.
  12. Here's a litle thing I want. NO Jon and Dany relationship, no Jon taking to the dragons or Targs. This man is a Stark...a wolf. Most i want is the North not kneeling to some foreigner who has no idea about what the North is about. The North knows no true king but the king in the north, whose name is Stark. Not Dany.
  13. Be cool if Negan gets eaten alive by the Tiger.
  14. Dont think so...we're getting to the end of the tv series and the White Walkers will take precedence over a bad guy like Euron..who to be honest on the show lacks charisma and isnt scary at all. Besides, once you've met Ramsay you cant really top that so you just gotta let go. Ramsay makes everyone look like a saint.