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  1. My mother also has 2 brothers who were named Gabriel. The first one died very young, so the next newborn son was named after him. Unfortunately, the second Gabriel also died young. The kids after both Gabriels had died got a completely different name and they all survived childhood.
  2. Why would they recast Lyanna Mormont??? Why would she need to be more mature? The actress is perfect!
  3. You know there is a 7th and 8th season. Some people will oppose Cersei next season, I'm sure of. And probably the people in Kingslanding will choose Dany or someone else who has a (minor) claim, but it may take some time.
  4. But the show did a very good thing with Pedro Pascal/Oberyn. I never cared for Oberyn in the books but he was absolutely my favorite character on the show. A pity he had to die. Alexander Siddig was a good casting choice too, but I think it was too difficult with the limitations a tv-show has to really explore his character. In a book, you can write as many pages as you want and you can spend as much time in (re)writing as you want to make it really what you want. But a tv show has limited time and money to do all these things and it's difficult to correct filming/script mistakes/weaknesses in the editing room.
  5. I think its logical with winter that has come, that they will film more in colder area's. And a medieval town in the north of Europe seems perfect to me.
  6. Where do you think the kid came from?
  7. If you check the map, the dragons can use the Stepstones between Dorne and The Free Cities to cross the narrow sea.
  8. I don't think Tywin poisoned Joffrey, but it's possible he knew or guessed who did it and did not want to accuse the Tyrells because they needed them. I've always found it strange he never searched for the poisoner and immediately followed Cersei in blaming Tyrion. It's not good for his house if his son is a murderer and a kinslayer. He had better said that Joffrey had choked on his pie and sending Tyrion somewhere far away (the north, Essos, ...).
  9. @Crazydog7: he was really really good in Harry Potter (and I'm not a kid). Thanks to his performance the Harry Potter movies were also enjoyable for an older public. @DanteGabriel: No I haven't, It's not always easy to find movies legally. But I'm gonna check it when I can find it. Thanks!
  10. I recently rediscovered Alan Rickman while watching the Harry Potter movies this Christmas for the first time. When they came out I didn’t watch them because I didn’t like the hype. I had already seen Alan Rickman in Die Hard, Sweeney Todd, Love Actually, … and I was impressed with his special voice. But in Harry Potter he was amazing, he was by far my favourite character. I was really shocked when I read on my phone on the train that he had died. I would have loved to see him in more movies, but I guess I’ll have to rewatch the old ones… RIP Mr Rickman.
  11. No their grandmother is Aegon V's daughter Rhaelle. Funny thing is that this makes them related to Dany and Jon too.
  12. How do you know when Ashara was pregnant? Maybe they swapped the babies because Elia's baby was the stillborn girl?
  13. He could also be descendent of Aerion Brightflame (Aegen V older brother), making him a true Targaryen.