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  1. I think if they beat Spurs this weekend then whatever minuscule hope that the chasing pack are still clutching to will promptly die and City will walk the league.
  2. Just finished up. I enjoyed the book but also felt that a 30 year time jump was too much. Duarte makes for an interesting villain, far more so than Inaros. Drummer's POV I found to be quite boring and the weakest part of the book. I think that a 10 year time jump could have worked just as well. We know that Duarte chose Laconia because this was where the alien artifacts were most intact in addition to the construction platforms with a half completed ship. He also took some of the best minds with him (including Cortazar who seems to be at the forefront of Protomolecule research) and the only remaining Protomolecule sample so I think it would have been plausible for a fleet to be constructed in that time albeit a smaller one that what was presented in the books (100+ battle ships + 3 Magnetar-class battle cruisers). A smaller fleet would have worked just fine since Sol system would have had much less time to recover as well.
  3. What "theory"? You haven't even bothered to put forth any evidence to support whatever this is.
  4. Shit performance but got the win. Mata was our best player, imo. He's the only one who actually looked comfortable in possession, linked up play and covered so much ground. Without him we'd have just resorted to hoofing long balls to Lukaku because we would have barely managed to string three passes together. If you didn't know which teams were playing, you'd swear the side in red was a bottom six team playing for a smash-and-grab. This is a failure of coaching - Mourinho places far too much emphasis on playing without the ball.
  5. We have been really sloppy in possession. Mata is the only one who actually looks comfortable on the ball and able to play out from tight spaces. I wish Martial would go down the outside from time to time or make use of the overlap. He always cuts in and looks to dribble two or three players and ends up being quite predictable. Bournemouth have moved the ball much better than we have and their off-the-ball movement has been better as well. Very unfortunate to not be at least level.
  6. IIRC, Conte said that Morata was suffering from a bit of fatigue. Think Pedro should be a regular starter. Umtiti has been quite good for them and Yerry Mina is set to join in January. Haven't seen him play but by all accounts he is a highly rated CB. Chelsea should be able to cause them trouble on the counter though.
  7. Another Watford defensive meltdown after Cleverly was sent off. Zaha has been the difference.
  8. I'm quite happy with it too but I only hope that Mourinho doesn't resort to his usual cowardly tactics. While Sevilla are not as strong as they were two seasons ago, they remain a good footballing side and Mourinho usually resorts to hoofball when up against teams that are good in possession and capable of pressing high up the pitch.
  9. Pretty good draw for all English clubs bar Chelsea and Spurs. Juve don't look to be quite the force this season though so I'd say Spurs have a better chance of progressing than Chelsea do. Real vs PSG is the standout tie.
  10. Lukaku gifts City a goal and also misses a clear cut chance at the other end. He's been really poor for most of this season. I'm also pretty sick and tired of these bullshit hoofball tactics. It is unacceptable for United to have under 30% possession like we did against Arsenal and in the 1st half today - no top side plays like that. In the 2nd half we showed that we can actually hold onto the ball, unfortunately we have no attacking game plan and rely solely on improvisation and that is totally on Mourinho. His coaching and tactics are outdated and that is reflected in his record against the top 6 at United. Oh well, the game played out pretty much as I expected. It's December and the title race is already done and dusted. At least Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal all dropped points as well.
  11. Great bit of skill by Salah to put Liverpool in front. Mane was a bit too greedy after that; a simple ball across and Liverpool would have been 2-0 up easy. That should be that really. Everton are over-matched and tend to wilt at Anfield anyway. It's not been a great watch and I expect the Manchester derby to be the same; only one team making all the running while the other defends for their lives hoping to nick something on the counter or from a set piece.
  12. Arsenal's defending has been shambolic thus far. Southampton are tearing them open time and again. Fortunate to be only the one goal down.
  13. Despite not registering a goal or assist, he had a good game today. Looks to be an impressive attacking player although the defensive side of his game could use some work. Definitely any premier league side looking for a left winger should be keeping an eye on him and Guedes. Arsenal seem to have set their sights on Lemar but they wouldn't go wrong with either of these players either and both would likely cost much less as well. Guedes in particular is unlikely to see much game time at PSG with Neymar in that position. Shouldn't be much trouble outbidding Valencia, although his performances is likely to attract a number of suitors next season. I wouldn't mind if we go after Guedes. Even though he prefers to play on the left as an inverted winger, I think he can do the job on the right as well. Blistering pace, excellent dribbler, good finisher and puts in a defensive shift as well.
  14. Zaza looks a completely different player compared to his time at West Ham and even Juve. Just knocked in another goal and is second only to Messi in the La Liga goal scoring charts.
  15. They are good enough on their day to trouble the big boys but over the course of the season, the top six are just too strong. Leicester (or anyone outside the top six) will need to both have a good season and hope that one of the top six has a bad season.