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  1. We know for a fact that Jimmy does not get disbarred. It is also my understanding that permanent disbarment is quite rare. Heck, I just read about a real-life case in New Mexico where a lawyer plead guilty to filing false tax returns thereby defrauding the United States of more than $425,000 in federal income taxes over a seven-year period. After cooperating with the IRS and Federal Investigators, he was sentenced to probation and the only sanction he received from the Disciplinary Board was a deferred suspension. I think the scenario I laid out is a plausible one and one that I consider preferable (and more believable) to Jimmy simply being acquitted or charges dropped due to him doing something sly. As I said, the crime of breaking and entering looks to be pretty cut and dry to me.
  2. Didn't Chuck change the locks after the Mesa Verde incident last season? I don't recall him giving Jimmy another key so Jimmy no longer had free access to Chuck's place. Jimmy clearly didn't have permission to enter the premises and additionally used force to enter the premises - seems like a pretty cut and dry B&E plus Chuck has two mentally competent witnesses. Does any felony conviction warrant automatic disbarment? Maybe someone with better knowledge than I could weigh in on this. From my own cursory reading, one of the causes for disbarment is conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (the bolded certainly does not apply in Jimmy's case). Further, B&E is a class four felony so I could see a situation where Chuck wins the 'battle' (Jimmy is convicted of B&E) but loses the 'war' (due to mitigating factors, the judge exercises discretion during sentencing and Jimmy gets away with probation and possibly a fine as well but gets to keep his law license). Right now, most people are expecting Jimmy to simply be acquitted or the charges dropped. That might still happen but I would prefer the above scenario.
  3. Football - #WengerOut

    I'm watching the cup semi between Bayern and Dortmund. Excellent game of football so far. Aubameyang just equalised after Robben missed a gilt-edged chance to put Bayern 3-1 up. Great block on the line by Bender though. ETA. and Dortmund go 3-2 up. Top finish from Dembele.
  4. Football - #WengerOut

    Ended up being quite comfortable for Newcastle. Gallagher's stupidity and the converting of the resulting penalty effectively ended the game as a contest. Newcastle are back in the big time and just as Sunderland and 'Boro are headed down. Matt Richie was excellent and will be crucial to Newcastle's hopes of staying up. Bet Bournemouth are regretting that transfer. Newcastle will need a significant overhaul of their squad. Rafa does have the 'pull' and I'm sure he will be handed a healthy transfer budget. That defensive organisation really needs sorting out though.
  5. Football - #WengerOut

    Good start for Newcastle. Looking good for securing promotion tonight. ETA. Preston came back into the game nicely and look dangerous on the counter. However, Newcastle hit them with a lightning quick counter to reclaim the lead just before halftime. Both sides look vulnerable defensively so I'm expecting more goals in this one. Really entertaining game so far.
  6. Football - #WengerOut

    Really great game of football. Real came back to equalise with 10 men but were caught on the counter and Messi scored the winner with the last kick of the game. Think Real were a little naive given their position in the league. A draw would have been a great result for them so it might have been wiser to look to see out the final few minutes after having equalised especially with a man down. Great result for the neutral though - the title race in Spain is very much alive.
  7. Football - #WengerOut

    Another idiotic challenge by Ramos and another red card for his collection. He may have a knack for scoring important goals but his defending leaves alot to be desired. If Barca hold on for the win here, the title race is well and truly on.
  8. Football - #WengerOut

    Really kind of Liverpool to keep the door open.
  9. Football - #WengerOut

    No. That's why I said that I doubt he leaves.
  10. Football - #WengerOut

    It would depend how things pan out for him for the remainder of the season. Martial should get plenty of opportunity to play now with Zlatan out and he did have a good game today. I doubt that he leaves and it would also depend on who comes in for him. Considering what we paid, I don't see the club accepting anything less than £60m. Hopefully Martial and Rashford can find consistency in their game - we desperately need them now. It was a thoroughly professional performance today. We got the job done against a difficult opponent although a number of players were feeling the effects of Thursday night towards the end of the game. We looked a tired side in the last few minutes.
  11. Hmm...I never got the impression that Gus swept up something from the bag without Jimmy noticing. I thought the various shots of Jimmy went out of its way to show just how bad a job Jimmy was doing at remaining incognito and for a careful guy like Gus, Jimmy's suspicious behaviour would have been a red flag. I assumed that Gus may have whispered something to the bag man like "not now" or we're being watched" which prompted bag man to leave without doing the drop.
  12. Football - #WengerOut

    Massive blow for us. That Anderlecht game, in addition to being incredibly frustrating, has proved very costly for us. There are some rumours circulating that Zlatan has decided to retire. If true, it's an awful way to end a great career. Rojo's injury leaves us with Bailly as our only fit recognized CB. Wouldn't mind seeing Axel Tuanzebe getting a run though.
  13. Football - #WengerOut

    United have had to take the EL seriously given our league position and our upcoming league fixtures makes it very difficult for us to finish in the top 4. Besides, with the EL offering a route to the CL for the winners, more English clubs should start treating the competition with the proper respect. Celta Vigo have already beaten Barca this season as well as knocked Real out of the Copa Del Rey. They are not a side to be taken lightly despite their league position plus Spanish sides have dominated the EL for a long time. If our poor form in front of goal continues, Celta will make us pay. Having come so close twice in recent years, it would be great if Atleti can go all the way. Tough draw for Monaco. Think they would have preferred facing Real as Juve are so well organised defensively. It's going to be much tougher for Monaco to find a way through them than either City or Dortmund. Monaco will need to be on top of their game defensively to stand a chance.
  14. Football - #WengerOut

    CL semi final ties: Real vs Atleti Monaco vs Juve EL semi final ties: Ajax vs Lyon Celta vs United
  15. Football - #WengerOut

    Shaw was good going forward as well. Happy for him and hope he can kick on. Really don't want him to be considered surplus. We should have just gone with the 3-5-2 again. Put Herrera on Tielemans and have Rashford and one of Lingard, Mkhitaryan or Zlatan alongside him with Valencia and Shaw as wing-backs. This game would have been over long before full time.