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  1. Still doesn't make much sense to me. If his role in saving the world does not involve riding a dragon then he can fulfill that role just fine as a true born Lannister.
  2. AJT existed long before the world book came out. Yes, Martin fanned the flames in the world book but, like I said, at this point I have a hard time coming up with a narrative purpose for AJT should Tyrion not ride a dragon. Maybe Martin has a purpose that nobody has thought of yet. All I'm saying is that IF Tyrion does not ride a dragon then that is a point against AJT being true since this forms a major part of the theory.
  3. The foundation of AJT rests on 1)Targ blood needed to bond with a dragon 2) Three heads = three dragon riders. If no-one but Dany rides a dragon then there is no narrative purpose I can think of right now for AJT. At least Jon being legitimate could have a narrative purpose beyond dragon riding depending on what Martin has planned for the character but Tyrion as a Targ bastard doesn't make much sense now if he isn't going to ride a dragon. Of course the theory is not completely ruled out as there is still the possibility that either Jon or Dany ends up dying and a third Targ becomes necessary.
  4. Erm... I thought posting about leaked episodes is strictly forbidden around here. And if that's the case the, imo, AJT becomes extremely unlikely.
  5. Everton mean business. I see that Sigurdsson to Everton is done for around £40m + £2.5m in add ons. Will Barkley be on his way out? I read that he picked up a hamstring injury in training. Don't know how serious it is or whether that would affect any move. His stock isn't as high as it was a while ago so I don't think anyone will be spending £50m on him.
  6. Hoffenheim squandered too many chances and paid for it. Liverpool in a good position but that was hardly an encouraging performance. The defensive issues are a major problem and it doesn't look like Klopp has any idea on how to solve them.
  7. Finally Hoffenheim converts an opportunity. They were starting to look a bit ragged after Liverpool's second.
  8. TAA has looked very good for Liverpool and now he knocks in a great free kick. Clyne is going to face a major battle to win back a starting place.
  9. Really poor penalty.
  10. She tells Ned the baby was aborted in the books but not in the show. In the show there is also the scene between Cersei and Robert where she mentions their dead son so that puts to bed any question that she may have lied to Cat. Plus, it really stretches believability that the Queen, in the very public eye of the royal court, could carry a pregnancy to term, then give away said baby, then lie to the king about it and no-one is the wiser. I also don't see a narrative reason for doing such a thing. I also don't put much stock in the unreliable narrator argument unless it is backed up by solid reasoning based on actual evidence. I mean, characters are simply not unreliable narrators all of the time.
  11. In the books, Cersei never gave birth to Robert's child. She mentions that Robert got her pregnant once but Jaime found a woman to "cleanse" her and that Robert never even knew that she was pregnant.
  12. Yeah, since in Earwa "what comes after determines what comes before", I assume that to mean that Kellhus was always Ajokli entangled and The Circumfix is the point we can now look back on as where this becomes the most apparent to the reader. Also, if we assume that the Haloes were a deception on the part of Ajokli then he has been Ajokli entangled since the beginning since Serwe is the first to see the Haloes back in book 1.
  13. Premier League clubs to vote on having the transfer window close in the week before the start of the 2018/2019 season. The Premier League would be acting unilaterally here so it would mean that players can still be sold to overseas clubs until the August 31 deadline but EPL clubs would not be able to sign anyone once the season gets underway.
  14. Cersei did mention a black haired baby boy back in season 1 who died of a fever. That should mean that Maggy's prophecy in season 5 was already null and void since she said Cersei would only have three children.
  15. I don't think it has anything to do with being twin souled. In the AMA, Bakker mentioned that Kelmomas was always the No-God which means that he was always invisible to the gods.