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  1. Just caught up on the finale. What an awful way for Chuck to go out. Sure, he was an asshole, rigid, petty, smug etc but losing everything he worked so hard for decades to achieve, slipping into depression and relapsing makes for a pretty sad ending. I think most/all of us expected Chuck to die at some point though but I didn't think it would happen so soon. I'd be very surprised if the show isn't renewed for at least one more season. Perhaps they do a split of 7+7 episodes or something and call it 4A and 4B. Sure, viewership hasn't been good but the show has been warmly received by critics and I would think that BCS isn't all that expensive to make so AMC might be happy to give Gilligan and Gould the necessary time to complete their story. The show is well written, well acted and the cinematography is excellent and I think its rewatch value would be very good in years to come. Being able to binge watch the show in its entirety in the future would make the pacing issues more palatable as well. Also think that it is nailed on that Kim is going to switch to elder law. Her admiration for Atticus Finch and helping the little guy plus picking up Jimmy's rolodex and saying "you never know" makes this fairly obvious. She is also clearly dissatisfied with what she is currently doing i.e. trying to turn a mid level local bank into a mid level regional bank.
  2. Finished season 2 a couple of months back. This is a brilliant show - without doubt among the best shows I've ever watched. If it were on one of the big American networks, I suspect this show would sit at/near the top of most peoples "best show" list and would have collected numerous awards as well.
  3. You forgot about Areo Hotah (although I don't blame you as he is a very forgettable character). Watching paint dry is way more entertaining than reading a Hotah chapter.
  4. Lots of ridiculous rubbish being speculated regarding Ronaldo and United. One story says 180 odd million plus DDG for Ronaldo and Morata and another saying Real have slapped a 350 million price tag on Ronaldo. It's all garbage. In all likelihood, Ronaldo will see out his career at Real since he still has 4 years remaining on his contract. After that perhaps one last big payday in China or the US.
  5. The only internationals worth watching is the World Cup, Euros and Copa America. The last edition of the Copa was way more entertaining than the Euros.
  6. Cameroon v. Chile has been mostly one way traffic so far. Amazing that the score is still 0-0. Chile should be a few goals up already as they have been battering Cameroon. ETA. Chile with a goal ruled out in first half stoppage time. Pretty shocking decision from the video ref imo. Vargas looked to be level in the replays.
  7. Brilliant by Pakistan. They played a perfect game today and crushed India. After that big defeat to India, they went from strength to strength and were deserved winners.
  8. Well, as many feared, this has become a very one-sided contest. Except it's India being rolled over.
  9. Pakistan have been excellent so far (aside from the dropped catch which didn't prove costly). India's middle order will be under some pressure which is something that they haven't had to deal with during this tournament. However, Yuvraj and Dhoni have seen and done it all before. At least Pakistan did not implode and have put India under the most pressure they have had to deal with in the entire tournament.
  10. Competitive total. Pakistan will hope they can produce a comparable bowling performance against this formidable Indian batting lineup. Sharma, Dhawan and Kohli are the key wickets. While India have plenty of quality batsmen, their middle order hasn't had much batting to do and could be caught cold.
  11. Jimmy being an excellent lawyer makes his actions even more despicable. He could play it straight and be successful but chooses not to. Hell, he had a great job, one that most lawyers would give an arm and a leg for, at Davis and Main where he was given every opportunity yet burned those bridges all by himself. Yes, Chuck is an asshole. Jimmy is an asshole too. Only one of them is a criminal though.
  12. I doubt Conte will be going anywhere but you never know with Abramovich as the manager position has been a revolving door. Ronaldo is most definitely not leaving Real. He must be angling for more money again. Probably going to need that extra dough to pay back all the taxes he owes. Ever since the story broke, I've been having a good laugh at all the deluded United fans who think he will ever play for us again.
  13. No need for Real to come in for DDG now where they will have to pay a massive fee and considering the apparent difficulties between the two clubs on agreeing a fee for Morata, I'm sure United will play hardball should Real come in for DDG. They just need to wait until Donnarumma enters the last 6 months of his contract (January 2018 I assume) and do a deal directly with him then and there would be nothing AC Milan can do about it. In the meantime, Navas has been doing a decent enough job between the sticks for Real so their GK situation is far from desperate.
  14. India well on top now. Can't see Bangladesh getting to a competitive enough total now to trouble a formidable Indian batting lineup.
  15. I agree on the pacing issues. This show is a really slow burn and I think it would be better viewed as a binge rather than weekly. I think the decision to have BCS run as long as BB was a mistake. BCS would have been better off as a four season (max) show. Although, I recall reading an interview with Gilligan and Gould where they say that they originally planned to have the Saul transformation happen much sooner but as the writing progressed, they realised that there was much more of the Jimmy story they wanted to tell. I also agree with RumHam. BB had more action and higher stakes but I don't think it is vastly superior to BCS. I don't consider BB to be among the top tier of shows either.