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  1. Entertaining game. Koeman did make changes and introduced pace up front but no matter what he does, things are just not working. Everton are in a bad place right now and things could get worse with Arsenal next up in the league followed by Chelsea in the league cup. At this point I don't see them winning their two league games after Arsenal either (Leicester and Watford either side of a trip to Lyon).
  2. Wouldn't mind that. Mourinho likes Ozil though. If he doesn't extend, I could see Mourinho trying to persuade him to join us on a free.
  3. Fekir looks quality. If Ozil and Sanchez piss off then Arsenal should be looking at Fekir and Lemar to replace them.
  4. An improvement in the 2nd half. We passed the ball better and more quickly which allowed us to control the game. We got a fortunate goal thanks to a goalkeeping error otherwise this performance can best be summed up as lethargic. Blind and Mkhi were atrocious - still baffled that they played the full 90 minutes. Rashford went off injured. Hopefully it's just a touch of cramp and nothing too serious. He was our best player today by a long way.
  5. We've been absolutely mediocre - our passing game has turned to shit so we have resorted to hoofball against fucking Benfica. Mkhi has been rubbish once again. He needs to come off and Mata move to #10 - either bring on Martial and move Rashford to the right or bring on Lingard.
  6. Damaging draw for Dortmund. Looks like it will be the Europa League for them.
  7. Real/Spurs is really good. Real Madrid doing most of the attacking but it isn't all one-way traffic and Spurs look dangerous on the counter. Kane just fluffed a great chance to put Spurs in front, one you would have bet on him to bury.
  8. Too bad Napoli missed their penalty. They were being overrun but going in at 2-1 would have given them some hope.
  9. Richarlison will face no action as the review panel has determined that he is not guilty of simulation.
  10. They should have sacked him during the international break. If Milan want to compete at the top then they need someone better than a mid-table manager.
  11. Brighton lucky to end with 11 players. Bruno could easily have been sent off for the elbow that led to Everton's penalty and Pröpper should have been sent off for the studs up challenge on Gueye. Everton should have had another penalty too. More shit refereeing today. Another uninspiring display from Everton though. They really need to add more pace and energy into their forward play. Wouldn't mind seeing Everton play a 4-3-3 with Davies as the attacking midfielder, Vlasic and Lookman flanking Calvert-Lewin or Niasse or a 4-3-1-2 with Sigurdsson or Rooney at #10. Right now Everton play a nice and neat possession game that goes nowhere and they don't look like being able to hurt the opposition.
  12. Napoli are playing some beautiful football. Looking forward to the City/Napoli game on Tuesday. That should be a great watch.
  13. Juve beaten at home for the first time in over two years. Dybala missed a penalty deep into stoppage time (97th minute) which would have salvaged a draw. Lazio did put in a very good performance though.
  14. Great win for Palace and well deserved too. They were the better side today. Thus far City are the best side in the league, playing the best football and by a fair margin as well. Hopefully there is a collapse like last season otherwise they will stroll to the title. This side looks much better than last season though.
  15. Well, Liverpool had one big chance in the first half which resulted in a great DDG save. The rest were half chances or barely half chances that were little more than catching practice for Super Dave. Lukaku also had a great chance in the first half that forced a good save from Mignolet. The second half was duller than dirt. Mourinho's tactics worked like a charm and United looked quite comfortable from a defensive standpoint while offering nothing going forward. Klopp had no answer to these tactics and Liverpool never looked like they were capable of disrupting our defensive shape.
  16. City absolutely tearing Stoke to shreds. They're making goal scoring look ridiculously easy. I know, early days and all that but City really are looking ominous atm and will take some stopping. ETA. Zaha has made a huge difference to Palace. A well deserved goal for him to regain the lead for Palace.
  17. Completely predictable and utterly dreary. I expect that Mourinho was not even bothered about trying to win this game and so he got the result he wanted. Mkhi has been poor for the last 4-5 games now (I'd rather start Mata at #10) and Herrera is a shadow of the player of last season (completely justified that Fellaini is ahead of him in the queue). A small plus is that Martial has really improved the defensive side of his game - too bad the tactics called for him to play more as an auxiliary LB rather than designed to put him in positions where he could actually hurt a dodgy Liverpool defence. Feel sorry for Lukaku - I expect there will be a bunch of stories cropping up concerning his goal scoring record against the top 6. Unfortunately for him, he used to be left completely isolated with little to no support in these games at Everton and it looks like it will be the same story at United. ETA. Palace have finally scored a goal. They have been the better side so far.
  18. The big problem is that Bangladesh have very little experience playing outside the Indian Subcontinent. The commentary team during the 2nd Test mentioned that including these two games against SA, Bangladesh have only played 17 Test matches away from home since 2010 and only 12 of those games were outside the Indian Subcontinent. That's just not right.
  19. Netherlands 2-0 up. Only five more to go without reply. And Portugal 1-0 up. As it stands they would qualify automatically.
  20. The Australia/Syria playoff is tense as hell. 1-1 (2-2 on aggregate) going into the second half of extra time and Syria a man down. It's been all Australia for the entire game but they just cannot find that second goal. This has penalties written all over it. ETA. Finally, Australia get the second goal. Cahill is still the man. That should be enough for Australia unless they get sucker punched again. ETA2. Australia go through to the final qualifying round - just barely as Syria hit the post from a free-kick in the 121st minute which would have taken them through. If I'm not mistaken, their potential opponents would be either Panama, Honduras or USA.
  21. Well, that's a turn-up for the books. Wales had alot of the ball but barely did anything with it. RoI were hardly under the cosh and were fairly comfortable defensively all game. Well done to them.
  22. Time to get Woodburn on. Wales need a lift.
  23. Republic of Ireland take the lead completely against the run of play.
  24. Well, I clearly said that it was a meaningless game for Belgium, which it was. Besides, replacing Fellaini with Dendoncker would hardly be disrespecting the competition. Utterly moronic by Martinez to risk a player like that.