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  1. Geder from Dagger and Coin.
  2. The books are good and definitely worth reading but be warned that you are probably going to have to wait a long, long time for the author to ever finish them.
  3. Beauty of a free kick. Should have been 2-0 to Chelsea had Morata not missed a sitter.
  4. Newcastle look dire. Hope Rafa can bring in some players and boost confidence as well because Newcastle do not look like they have enough to stay up.
  5. 1. Covers around the first third of the book. 2. Very faithful. The roles of some characters are expanded and work quite well. Had some issues with the pacing of the show but that should be alot more palatable if you binge watch.
  6. A big positive so far has been that we look alot more clinical in front of goal. Scoring first in both matches helped a great deal too as the opposition were then forced to come out a bit more and we were able to use our powerful counter-attack. Our play is still a bit too narrow when the opposition is compact though. Rashford's movement is very good; much better than Martial's. He just needs to improve his finishing. It's great to have Martial as an option off the bench when there are tired legs about.
  7. Shaw should be back next month. He's training again and will feature for the U23s on Monday. I can see why Mourinho wanted a traditional winger like Perisic. Not a flashy signing but would have added a dimension we really need.
  8. Pogba's woodwork jinx lives on. Fortunately Bailly was alive to the situation. ETA. and we still have the major problem of very little to no width in our play.
  9. The problem with this is The Citadel entry which states that Martin confirmed that particular vision is Elia, Rhaegar and newborn Aegon. I doubt Ran would fabricate such a thing.
  10. Nope, valonqar was never mentioned on the show. We had the number of children, gold will be their shrouds and younger more beautiful queen casting her down and taking all she holds dear.
  11. According to Joyce, the breakdown of the offer was a guaranteed payment of £82.1m + £36.5m in add-ons. It's a similar sort of offer they made for Dembele but Dortmund want a higher initial fee and total value of the deal to be around €150m since, reportedly, Rennes (Dembele's former club) are entitled to around 25% of the transfer fee. Difficult to see Liverpool selling at this late stage especially given how tough it has been for so many clubs to get deals done in this window. Liverpool have more leverage this season because of the WC. Coutinho can't really afford to sulk and put in shit performances if he ends up staying. Sure, he might still get selected anyway but performance isn't like flipping a switch - a poor season would likely carry over into the WC as well.
  12. Doubt it. Barca are reeking of desperation atm.
  13. Paul Joyce reporting that Liverpool have rejected a new bid for Coutinho believed to be around £118m including add-ons.
  14. I don't buy that explanation either. This is usually an argument used by people attempting to defend crackpot rubbish i.e. 'X is absolutely true but the author will never reveal it'.
  15. How convenient. If the show reveals AJT - theory confirmed! If the show does not reveal AJT - it doesn't mean anything! Bottom line is this: If AJT is true then the importance of such a development should be on par with RLJ. The show did not leave out the latter so I don't see why they would leave out the former if the theory is indeed correct. On another note: while I came around to AJT after the world book, I don't consider the theory to be as compelling as RLJ. Would I like for the theory to be correct? Sure, but the story works just as well with Tyrion as a true born Lannister.
  16. Just another example of their poor transfer business in recent years. Their squad is aging and signing Paulinho doesn't help with that either. There is alot of dead wood in the squad as well and they are struggling to offload those players. On another note: Dembele is behaving like a real cunt.
  17. I remain hopeful that Shaw is not just another player made of glass. He had some fitness issues initially in his first season but a freak leg break is the reason he missed most of the games. Think this is a make or break season for him as it is for Martial. Smalling may be on borrowed time as well.
  18. Shaw will be given a chance which is why we haven't been trying to sign another LB. He's been really unlucky with injuries and even towards the back-end of last season, Mourinho was giving him more game time until he picked up yet another injury. I hope he is able to stay fit this term as he is a really talented player who offers far more going forward than any of our other options at LB and our left flank has no width whatsoever. At the end of the day though, if he continues to be plagued by injury then the club will probably look to offload him. Can't keep carrying a player who spends most of the season injured regardless of talent.
  19. There was an interview around 5 or 6 years ago where Martin said that he will eventually provide an explanation for why the seasons are the way they are and that it will be a fantasy explanation rather than a science-fiction one.
  20. Real Madrid are completely outplaying Barca without Ronaldo, Bale, Casemiro and Isco. Just shows how powerful this squad is. Real have done some excellent transfer business in recent years, bringing in young talented players to future-proof the squad for not much money while Barca are looking a shadow of the team they once were and their transfer business has been dismal in comparison.
  21. I agree with this. D&D did not lay much groundwork for RLJ either. But now that we are close to an explicit reveal, we get more details. I expect the same if AJT is true. If we all of a sudden start getting some exposition on Aerys and Joanna for example, that should be a giant red flag for AJT.
  22. I'm sticking to my original opinion: while the show runners have made huge deviations, they still tick off the major plot points. If AJT is true then this should be important for whatever reason to the endgame, right? So a reveal in the show = true and a non-reveal = false as far as I'm concerned.
  23. We will have to wait and see. I don't expect the show to omit something as major as AJT if it is indeed true, so if Tyrion is a Targ bastard on the show then we can safely assume that this will be in the books as well. Conversely, if the show does not reveal AJT then we should be safely assuming that AJT is wrong. Unless the goal posts are shifted based on personal bias.
  24. Surprised City haven't made a move for VVD. It seems like Southampton are not so much against a transfer altogether as opposed to selling him to Liverpool. I think that VVD is overall the better player and better fit for Guardiola's system than Evans. While Evans has been consistent, it's worth noting that some of this consistency might be attributable to a very conservative system at WBA. City have spent alot of money but there has been numerous outgoing transfers as well - think their net spend is currently sitting at around £137m. 60-70 mil for VVD should not pose a problem wrt FFP and Guardiola did say that he will not be spending this much again next season.
  25. Still doesn't make much sense to me. If his role in saving the world does not involve riding a dragon then he can fulfill that role just fine as a true born Lannister.