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  1. Not really surprising. Mourinho has never missed an opportunity to drop him. He'd be amazing playing for a manager who actually has faith in him and allows his qualities to shine.
  2. Arsenal draw AC Milan in the last 16. Gonna be good. Milan will be taking this competition very seriously given they are 8 points off 4th place.
  3. Schmelzer with a rare goal to bring Dortmund level on the night and 4-3 up on aggregate. Going to be a great finish.
  4. Napoli have played much better than in the 1st leg. Just scored their second to go 2-0 up.
  5. It's been a little while since I read D&G but I remember that the first half of The Dragon's Path was a bit tough to get through. Things pick up around the halfway mark though and The King's Blood is better on every level.
  6. That was a fucking nightmare to watch. If I wasn't a United supporter I'd have changed the channel before halftime. Really, fuck Mourinho. It's not like we have a shit squad. Put Poch, Pep, Klopp or any manager with some balls in charge and we would be so much better. Mourinho hasn't been an improvement over LVG. The only area he's done better in is the transfer market but LVG was by far the more successful big game manager. I fully expect a score draw at OT and us to be eliminated. The biggest problem with our 4-2-3-1 is that it is totally unbalanced. Our front four are all strikers or wannabe strikers so the 4-2-3-1 is actually a 4-2-4. This leaves us top heavy and Pogba as a second defensive midfielder but he is also expected to be the primary creator and this is where the problem comes in - he looks unsure about his role. Our complete lack of pressing from the front compouds the issue and leaves our midfield totally exposed. Mourinho's shitty tactics of setting up attacking players to fail don't help either. ETA. no idea how a spoiler tag got in the post and can't delete it. Fuck this shit and fuck Mourinho.
  7. He's handy but being the only one makes it pretty easy for Chelsea's three CBs. ETA. one defensive lapse is all it takes to fuck up all that good work. Messi breaks the hoodoo.
  8. Willian deserved that and Chelsea deservedly in front. They have been the better side. Barca have just had loads of possession but created very little. Courtois has not had a save to make. The fact that Barca have resorted to going wide and lumping in crosses (or putting in a cross straight from a corner) despite not having any aerial threat of note shows how well Chelsea have defended.
  9. Seems to be working very well so far.
  10. Well, it's being reported that neither Guardiola nor Aguero will face any sanctions as the FA have deemed that no misconduct took place. Go figure.
  11. Not really just about last night though. Aguero often gets pissy when things aren't going his way. He has a nasty streak which tends to go under the radar so he isn't branded 'public enemy #1' like, say, Costa. Wigan should be sanctioned for their security measures and failing to protect both sets of players and Aguero should be sanctioned as well. Just because a fan was fucking with him doesn't mean it's justified for him to go after the person like that otherwise an incident like Evra kicking a fan can be justified as well since he was also being (verbally) fucked with.
  12. Feel better now, do you? Kunt is still a cunt.
  13. Kunt Aguero is well....a cunt. Quality player but a sore loser.
  14. I see that the City fans were causing some shit as well.
  15. I love Wigan. Always had faith in them.
  16. That was a top game. Real Madrid ran out 5-3 winners. Madrid were much better in the 2nd half helped by Betis being quite sloppy with their passing. Credit to Betis though, they had a proper go and created numerous good chances but were not as clinical as Madrid. Benzema finally didn't fuck up a clear-cut chance.
  17. Real Madrid have woken up in the 2nd half. They are 3-2 up now. Great game. Two goals for Asensio.
  18. Real Betis giving Real Madrid a torrid time. After going a goal down they've been all over Madrid and go into halftime 2-1 up. They could easily have been three or four up.
  19. Pre VAR no reasonable person would have blamed the linesman for raising or not raising the flag in that situation. The offside was so marginal that one cannot expect a human being to be 100% certain - it would be a gut call. But this situation shows why VAR is necessary: to provide conclusive evidence that a person alone could never be 100% sure of. You can feel sorry for Mata but the correct decision was reached which is the whole point of VAR.
  20. A technical glitch or whatever it was with the weird lines was absurd and resulted in those already opposed to VAR to come out and shout at the top of their lungs again and make a mountain out of a molehill. There can be no doubt that Mata was offside. 1cm or 1 meter, offside is offside and VAR (eventually) proved conclusively that he was. There's really no controversy here. The system just needs more refining which we already knew and it will take a bit of time.
  21. Meh. Lost interest in the books anyway. Will not be wasting my money on Fire & Blood and unfortunately it doesn't look like we will be getting more Dunk and Egg any time soon either.
  22. Napoli are being outplayed as well. Leipzig have squandered a number a good opportunities and Napoli scored very much against the run of play. On the balance of play, Leipzig should be more than just the one goal ahead. Serie A is probably the priority for Napoli though.
  23. Nasser Al Khalifa will never allow Neymar to leave so soon. He is far too valuable an asset to PSG. Verratti's agent even described PSG as a "golden prison" when he was pushing for a move to Barca. You aren't getting out unless the club wants you gone or you run down your contract. Don't think Real could come up with the money required even if by some miracle PSG agree to sell. Plus Neymar's father/agent is greedy as fuck and no club is capable of lining his pockets to the extent that QSI can. Hazard would be by far the cheaper option for Real Madrid.
  24. Hard to see us doing business with Real Madrid. Perez will likely demand DDG in exchange. They jerked us around big time for Morata so I don't see them selling us one of the brightest young talents in Spanish football without making ridiculous demands which we won't meet. ETA. another good performance by Batshuayi. Two goals to give Dortmund a 3-2 win over Atalanta.
  25. Doubt it. Conte is more likely if Emery is sacked.