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  1. I found RWC to be a real slog. Yeah the dragon and elderling info dumps were nice but it took me like a month to get through those books.
  2. That's Liverpool into the final then. I don't see Roma pulling off what they did to Barca again - that 2nd leg was their final. Roma's game plan worked okay for the first 20 minutes or so but a high line with not much pace in the defence was suicidal once Liverpool gained a foothold in midfield which was bound to happen. Has Di Francesco even watched Liverpool at all this season? Liverpool are favourites for the tournament now imo. Yeah, Bayern and Real are true European superpowers but both of them will also employ a high line with fullbacks pushing forward. Liverpool don't need any complicated game plan against either of those sides - work hard in midfield, put simple balls through or over the top (like they did tonight) and let Salah, Firmino and Mane run riot in the space behind.
  3. Roma playing with a more positive set up than I thought they would. A high line and pressing high up the pitch. Salah does look to have the beating of both Jesus and Kolarov though.
  4. Big, big win for Napoli. Right at the death too. Title race back on.
  5. Disgraceful scenes last night by Chiefs supporters after Kaizer Chiefs lost in the cup semi final. Their fans went on a rampage causing millions of rands worth of damage and severely assaulting a security guard. Latest reports say the security guard is in a critical condition.
  6. Definitely among the greatest midfielders of all time. Nice to see the standing ovation he got from both sets of fans when he was subbed. Legend.
  7. The Copa del Rey final has been very comfortable for Barca thus far. 2-0 up and cruising without breaking a sweat. ETA. Barca are just embarrassing Sevilla now. 4-0 and Iniesta gets his goal in his last cup final for Barca.
  8. Herrera outstanding. Love this guy. He fights for the jersey. MOTM easily. Spurs were always going to have more possession and bulk of the play but I thought we played a good game and deserved the win.
  9. So I guess Roma will not be watering their pitch.
  10. That's not necessarily true. Liverpool didn't want to sell Coutinho but they did and for a huge fee as well. Depends. Many of the top clubs don't have managers staying for 5 years or more yet you wouldn't say that managers being changed every 3-4 years (or less in some cases) have had a major negative impact on the stability of the likes of Bayern, Barca, Real, Juve or even Chelsea.
  11. That's why I also mentioned "in the unlikely event that United are prepared to sell" and "Pogba is a valuable asset both on and off the pitch". There is no evidence to suggest that United are prepared to sell and Pogba is not even 2 years into a 5 year contract plus an option the extend for a further year. We certainly will not be selling Pogba for less than what we paid especially in this post Neymar-Mbappe-Coutinho-Dembele transfer market. I'd say that 3 years or more is managerial stability in the modern game especially at the big/wealthy clubs.
  12. It really isn't. Well 3-4 years would be a a period of stability especially if he builds a strong squad which he has done.
  13. Unfortunately, Mourinho will not be sacked unless he has his 3rd season meltdown. The board likely want a period of stability after Moyes and LVG. Mourinho has also been good in the transfer market and has strengthened our squad but thus far has failed to get the most out of the players at his disposal. And, no, I don't think Pogba's market value has been eroded since joining United. Pogba is a bigger talent and a far, far more marketable figure than Di Maria ever was and while Woodward might not be a "proper football man" he knows his shit when it comes to the commercial side of things. Pogba is a very valuable asset to United both on and off the pitch so even in the unlikely event that we are prepared to sell, it will not be for less than what we paid. Someone will probably need to fork over Coutinho money (or more) which severely limits the options (PSG or Real Madrid are probably the only two realistic candidates as I don't see us ever agreeing to sell to City) with PSG being the most realistic option since there were reports at one time saying that Fiorentino Perez refuses to do business with Raiola.
  14. The problem Robertson had was the timing of the vote. Moreno was starting ahead of him and Robertson only nailed down the position around December, iirc. With the voting taking place early (around Feb, I think) this counted against him since he was a regular for only around 2 months at the time. Players who have a strong 1st half of the season but then fade away are more likely to make the shortlist than players who started slow but finished strong.
  15. Ederson has been good this season but DDG is on a whole other level. Best keeper in the EPL and it's not even debatable. I get that City walked the league and have conceded the least goals but Otamendi should not be in there.
  16. On a serious note, City do have a brilliant side and what they've achieved in the league this season and the manner in which they've done it is pretty incredible - on course to break the 100 points and goals mark. Guardiola is a great manager who plays a progressive style of football and has almost unlimited funds at his disposal so City will be a force for the foreseeable future as well. Whether they can transfer their domestic dominance into Europe remains to be seen. And since we are talking about the quality of Liverpool, I'll just say this: it's actually scary to think what Klopp could achieve with Liverpool if he was given 500 million to spend over two seasons. I'm far more worried about United and the dinosaur tactics of Mourinho in addition to the fact that in nearly two seasons the team still lacks cohesion and any sort of attacking game plan. Far too often we look like 11 guys who have never played together.
  17. The best fucking team in the world got schooled by Liverpool.
  18. A surprise but not a huge one for me. I was expecting a dogshit performance actually: we beat Chelsea and followed that up with a shambolic 60 minutes at Palace but managed to pull that out of the fire. We beat Liverpool only to follow that up with a horror show 90 minutes against Sevilla. We beat City and follow that up with a shitshow against the worst team in the league. We've played turgid football all season but have been more efficient in front goal and we have DDG.
  19. Spurs coming back into it after being blown away in the early stages. Lamela has been shit though. The sooner Son comes on the better.
  20. I think Huddersfield might just be okay. They now have a 7 point gap to Southampton and the way the Saints are playing, it's hard to see them make up that gap. Brighton's loss to Palace was damaging and they are more vulnerable than Huddersfield because their run in is even more difficult - Spurs, Burnley, United, City and Liverpool. Chances are good that they are not picking up another point this season.
  21. We've been saying this for a while now. Eventually the buy low, sell high policy of Southampton was bound to catch up with them. This looks to be the season where that policy leads to relegation. Blame lies squarely on the previous ownership who gambled the clubs premier league stability in favour of short term profit. A season like this was an inevitable consequence of selling over £200m of talent and then not adequately reinvesting in the squad, instead hoping that cheapo signings would be enough to keep the club in the league.
  22. It's a close call between Salah and KdB but I'd go for Salah as player of the season. He's certainly far more important for Liverpool than KdB is for City and could very well hit (or get close to) 50 goals for the season which would be a sensational achievement. Special mention for Sterling as well. He's been brilliant especially in the first half and a bit of the season. All of those late goals he scored won City around 8-10 points which contributed massively to them building an unassailable lead. If not for those crucial late goals of his, we would be having a proper title race. De Gea deserves a mention as well. Easily the best keeper in the league whose brilliance has once again won us a bunch of points. If not for him, we'd be in a battle for 4th place.
  23. They set up with a back three in the 2nd leg but I'm sure it was a back four in the 1st leg. Either way Salah vs Kolarov is a mismatch in terms of pace unless Di Francesco has Kolarov play very conservatively. United managed to keep Salah quiet by having Young stay back. The midfield battle should be interesting though. On paper Roma have the better midfield with Strootman, De Rossi and Nainggolan while Liverpool have the most dangerous strike force of the remaining sides. I think Roma's best bet is to set up conservatively and look to play on the counter. Maybe even look to overload the midfield with a 4-3-2-1 and try to cut off the passing lanes to Mane and Salah. Having a go will probably result in Liverpool sewing up the tie in the 1st leg like they did with City.
  24. Luck of the draw for Liverpool. Chance for Bayern to get some pay back against Real provided the officiating isn't as shit as the last time.
  25. Terrible draw for Arsenal. They will be hoping that Atleti put in a performance like they did last night. Atleti are definite favourites in that one though.