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  1. I forget what fingers Ramsay removed but I'm pretty sure Theon might still be able to pull a bow.
  2. I've noticed a trend of GRRM releasing some sample chapters before an upcoming GoT episode borrows from it. for instance: both TWOW chapters for Arya have had the payoffs in the show (albeit with different targets). Perhaps something concerning these caves will show up in an upcoming Bran scene?
  3. Well, let's see, perhaps because the show is based on the books. Obviously the show is a paraphrased version of the books but if we're talking about fitting ends for the bad guys what better end for a Bolton then to have one's bannermen betray you in Red Wedding fashion? There's still plenty of intrigue to ponder in the show where hints are peppered along the way. What's Littlefinger's game? Who is the Harpy? etc. Not sure why it's so easy to dismiss something as familiar as "things aren't what they appear" in a show centered around political deception. This show has certainly jaded some readers.
  4. No one's confusing the book with the show here. I think we're all pretty aware of their differences by now. I didn't even mention the books in my initial post. The fact is that there HAS been a conspiracy set up since season 5. The whole "North Remembers" thing suggested that there are people who are looking out for the Starks. Now, is feeding Rickon to Ramsay in his best interest? Certainly not. But do the other Northernes even know exactly how cruel Ramsay is? Attendance at the Winterfell wedding was, from a viewer standpoint, underwhelmingly low. Chalk it up to budget but in any case: most of the people that know how malicious Ramsay is aren't around to tell anyone. Then again, this arc could just be the result of rushed plot development. I was just speculating.
  5. how long have the Umbers had Rickon then? It's been at least a year since we've last seen him at the Gift, near the Last Hearth. I think the fact that we'll meet the Manderlys this season suggests there will be a conspiracy. Why not start the game before we meet the major player? I'll admit, after seeing the Dorne scenes it's obvious that D&D can let some bad writing slip through. I'm just hoping that the Northen conflict isn't so black and white.
  6. I think there's a bit of deception going on here with the Umbers. Aside from Shaggy Dog's head a lot of things in this scene don't add up. First and foremost; the Boltons are heavily responsible for the imprisonment/death of the GreatJon. Though the mastermind, Roose, is now gone I can't see House Umber honoring an heir whose claim results from a coup in which their Lord was killed. SmallJon accuses Ramsay of killing Roose. Perhaps the only crime more severe in the eyes of Northmen than the breaking of Guest Right is Kinslaying, and the Umbers know Ramsay did it. Conveniently, when Sansa is lost another Stark is brought to Winterfell. Certain Northern lords may have had plans that were hinged on Sansa's presence at Winterfell. Having the Stark heir/heiress within the walls of the castle could help lords to convince others to zero in on WF in order to "save the princess". Unfortunately for Rickon, Sansa has vacated her home and perhaps another Stark is required to galvanize any would-be avengers. SmallJon complains about the wildlings but behaves more like one than a Lord. The wildling threat is a convenient excuse, and perhaps warrants concern, though how many have actually left the Wall? And their new freedom comes at the price of abandoning their reaving ways and obeying the laws of the land. Have they reverted this quickly or could the wildlings be informing the Umbers of the going-ons of the Wall and their Lord Commander. Also, SmallJon refuses to kneel! How much more wildling can you get? Perhaps also not kneeling absolves him of any future shifts in allegiance. Something akin to refusing bread and salt in a lords hall with hopes to kill that lord. No ancient law has been broken. Most likely Rickon will be used to draw Jon's forces towards Winterfell: a more beneficial scenario for Ramsay than sending an army to storm Castle Black for Sansa. Rickon will most likely be relatively safe (as his well-being is currently valuable) at least until Ramsay's victory. But, alas, that doesn't explain the wolf's head.
  7. Sam should be in the Citadel by then. It could also refer to the Maesters' library which he'll have access to.
  8. The crannogmen are reclusive. Greywater watch is always moving so I'm sure it's harder to communicate with HR. He did send his children to Winterfell to pledge support and perhaps their captivity by Theon kept him in check. HR wouldve commanded the crannogmen to siege Moat Cailen. The bog devils were bombarding the ironborn with poison arrows. we didn't see Reeds at the Red Wedding because they're feuding with the Freys. In any case, I'm not sure how well the crannogmen are suited for open war. They're more of a guerila army. They could simply be charged with protecting the Neck from invading forces.
  9. Perhaps now that she's sleeping, Bloodraven or bran will be able to get into her head for a peek. Maybe now that her guard is down she'll be open to influence from other forces besides R'Hllor.
  10. Because if there's anything we've learned about Mel it's that she's never wrong and completely effective. She's been staring into her fires and all she knows is that there's something curious about Jon. As for Davos wanting revenge on Mel: he's accepted what she is. It was Stannis and Selyse who pulled the trigger on Shireen. And if Stannis was doomed anyway, Shireen's fate is tied to his with her being the legitimate Baratheon heir.
  11. Perhaps Selyse was too true-believer to notice Mel in the bath tub not wearing her ruby back in ssn 4? That bothered the hell out of me then and it's even more annoying now. Still, glad we got to see some sort of reveal, and liked that she's finally sleeping.
  12. If Ned feels any sort of guilt it would be for failing to get to Lyanna in time.
  13. wow, thanks for the response, Melnibonean. I'm gonna have to reread all this. Great stuff.
  14. The whole point of Ned going down to the ToJ was to rescue his sister. Wouldn't any action that his companions made to help in achieving that goal be greatly appreciated? If Ned was so wrapped up in. Honor he would've told 4 of his men to leave, making it 3 on 3. The OP seems to be injecting a little Jaime Lannister into Ned's pathos. In Jaime and Ned's duel we do meet someone concerned with glory and a fair fight (though merely to preserve Jaime's ego). Ned is more pragmatic and would see a cheap death of a legendary sword as a means to an end.
  15. Can someone please explain to me (or direct me to a thread to) Illyrio's intentions in Game of Thrones? He essentially sells off Dany in order to acquire a Dothraki army for Viserys so on the surface it looks like he backs the heir. However later in the series we learn of his "fostering" of Aegon who he's been educating the past, what, 15 years(?) in efforts to create the perfect ruler. I guess what I'm asking is if the Dothraki marriage was a pre-calculated fool's errand with the purpose of disposing of more legitimate candidates for the Iron Throne. Did Illyrio know Viserys would piss off the Dothraki and was he expecting Dany to become a non-factor in her marriage to Drogo? If so, why give her something extremely valuable like dragon eggs as a wedding gift. Not only could these have funded Aegon's campaign but also could strengthen his identity as a Targ due to the affinity they have with dragons (as well as the threat that he may be able to hatch them). Lastly, if the plan was to dispose of D&V why send an agent like Jorah to merely report on their whereabouts instead of ensuring their demise? What am I missing?