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  1. Hi guys, I have started a new site for Game Of Thrones memes and named it Game Of Laughs http://gameoflaughs.com/ . Do check it and if you can also submit memes there. Thank you :)
  2. Hello, I first saw the TV series and became a big fan. After season 3 got over I felt like knowing more about the world created by GRRM. So I started reading the books and now I am about to finish A Feast For Crows and very soon the 5th one also. I am eagerly waiting for the 6th book. Does anyone have an idea when it will be published ?
  3. Winter is coming

  4. For me Ned Stark's chapters were the favorite
  5. Now that you have mentioned it, it all makes sense. I was wondering about the same thing all this time as it wasnt making much sense to show Shae there. Thanks
  6. Wow! I never knew that there was so much stuff about Game Of Thrones. I am reading the novels now and about to finish A Feast For Crows