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  1. Because I don't see why Aerys would just leave Lyanna be if he knew where she was, or was capable of finding her. Even with his unsoundness of mind, why would he not want to capture Lyanna if he could?
  2. I think that is possible, even likely. I have also suggested in previous discussions that Aerys might have found out the identity of TKOTLT, although I am not sure how to square that with his entrusting command of the royal forces to Rhaegar (though, again, Aerys is crazy). That said, I personally do not believe the Starks had any previous issues with the Targs or vice versa between Rickard's visit to KL in 264 and the Harrenhal tourney.
  3. Poor word choice on my part. I only mean to say that I think he would have taken possession of her if he had known where she was. I did not mean to suggest that I think he would have been more likely to keep her as a hostage than to execute her, etc. once he had taken possession of her.
  4. I agree. The simplest explanation is that Aerys didn't know the location and wasn't able to find it, or else he would have taken Lyanna hostage. It seems likely that Hightower would have been given orders to bring Lyanna back if/when he found her, as Rhaegar presumably was when he was tasked with finding The Knight of the Laughing Tree.
  5. Not to mention that the app says Rhaegar could not be found in the first months of the war, without clarifying whether this just refers to the rebels looking for him or the royals as well. Nor does it indicate that the rumors about the TOJ were known only to the royals, or that Aerys had any special knowledge of the TOJ, that it is a given that he could just track them down and take Lyanna hostage. Obviously Hightower eventually found the place, and perhaps it was even part of his charge to bring her back to KL. But it isn't clear how Hightower learned the location of the TOJ, or how long between Hightower being dispatched and him arriving at the TOJ.
  6. It is the simplest explanation. Rhaegar would know he had to return at that point, but could not risk Hightower returning to spill any beans he didn't want spilled yet. The app says that Hightower was dispatched to recall Rhaegar to his duties, so as far as we know that was his primary command from Aerys, though there could have been more. Perhaps Rhaegar was able to convince Hightower that his return to KL would fulfill Aerys's command to him, and that his new command was to remain at the TOJ. Perhaps Hightower wasn't willing to accept such a command, and Rhaegar had to give him an ultimatum that Hightower could either return to KL empty handed, and risk the wrath of Aerys, or Hightower could stay here while Rhaegar returns to KL. I see no reason why he would have wanted to stay at the TOJ, or been convinced to see things how Dayne and Whent might have. And no matter how bad Hightower is, he has little chance of besting Dayne and Whent, who have likely accepted Rhaegar's orders. But I think he ultimately was compelled to give his word to remain there, and that he kept it, regardless of what he could have done.
  7. Every KG we have any familiarity with should warn us against assuming that KG are always certain about how to best observe their vows. But if Hightower's lines in Ned's dream bear any resemblance to his actual stances, he might have gone to the grave without ever being convinced to restrict Aerys or support Rhaegar taking over actual ruling, no matter how much he may or may not have questioned his vows, or Aerys's state.
  8. It seems most plausible to me that Rhaegar compelled Hightower to stay at the Tower of Joy. Hightower's job was likely to bring Rhaegar back to KL so he could command the royal forces. I suspect Rhaegar conditioned his return to KL on Hightower staying with Arthur and Oswell.
  9. I think the impression that she left King's Landing at some point might still derive in part from the SSM that says Ashara was not nailed down to the floor in Starfall, because George chose to qualify that Ashara was one of Elia's lady companions in KL in the first few years after her marriage to Rhaegar. Selmy recalls her having been not long at court as of the Harrenhal tourney in late 281 AC. It is not clear when she left Elia's service. And we now know that Elia spent much of her marriage on Dragonstone, with very few times she can be said with certainty to have been in King's Landing. - Elia was wed in King's Landing in 280 AC - Elia took up residence on Dragonstone - Elia gave birth to Rhaenys on Dragonstone in 280 AC, and was bedridden for half a year, so into 281 AC - Elia and her young son Aegon were on Dragonstone at the coming of 282 AC - Elia and her children were in King's Landing by the end of the Battle of the Bells, and remained there until their deaths during the sack My guess is that if Ashara was still in Elia's service, whether in King's Landing or on Dragonstone, when Brandon and Rickard were killed, she probably didn't stick around much longer. But I wouldn't be surprised if she returned to Dorne not long after the Harrenhal tourney.
  10. I would agree that a connection to Rhaegar's recent birth is likely, in that IIRC no other "new Targaryen" was born between 259-262 AC. But that still doesn't address the greatness and madness Jaehaerys mentions, and which examples he might have had in mind. He didn't live to witness the madness of Aerys, so what examples might he have had in mind? We are talking about a quote that had to have been made within a few years of the Summerhall tragedy, and could have occurred within weeks or months of the tragedy. Jaehaerys may have loved and married his sister (which, the love part is not all that traditional), and believed the TPTWP prophecy applied to his children (as Rhaegar later did), but when this quote was made he had also just lost his father, brother, and who knows how much of his family in a wildfire plot to hatch dragons after a century, however unintentional the end result. Even if he had been on board with the plot going into Summerhall, it is not inconceivable that the tragedy could have sobered him up, and caused him to reconsider the final acts of his father. Aegon might not have had the maliciousness that Aerys would later demonstrate, but Summerhall had to be one of the craziest things a Targaryen had been responsible for before Aerys did his thing. Even Aerion only drank wildfire himself, and was in his cups when he did so. Aegon nearly wiped out his entire house with wildfire.
  11. Viserys never in his life had any supporters. The best he had was a secret marriage pact Dorne didn't trust him enough to ever let him in on. The idea that anyone, especially Targaryen supporters, will care about Viserys's chosen heir, is hilarious.
  12. Even if it turns out that crazy Aerys actually named Viserys his heir while Rhaegar's kids were still alive, I highly doubt that most of Westeros learned of it before the death of Aegon and Rhaenys, or would have actually cared to enforce it. It is amusing to me that so much has been built off of one line based on knowledge the Citadel wouldn't have received until after everyone except Viserys and pregnant Rhaella were dead anyway. Daenerys is a woman, and one that doesn't believe she can have children at that, which only guarantees future instability. She might receive support because she has dragons, but she might just as easily be opposed for that.
  13. We hear from Barristan Selmy: "King Jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a new Targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land." What might have been the context in which King Jaehaerys II, who only ruled from 259 AC to 261 AC, made this statement to Barristan? Jaehaerys didn't live to see his son Aerys descend into madness, though I suppose it is possible that Aerys could have done something to spark the comment or discussion in which it occurred. Jaehaerys was close to ten when his uncle Aerion drank wildfire, so old enough to have been aware of and impacted by it, but even if he had Aerion in mind, what happened or was being discussed with Barristan almost thirty years later that caused him to make this statement? Is it possible that this comment was made in a discussion about his father Aegon V, or that he had his father in mind (among others) when he made this comment? Aegon V had the potential to be a great king, and truly had more concern for the well being of the small folk than almost any Targaryen king that came before him. Yet he also came to dream of dragons as his troubled brothers Daeron and Aerion had, and is said to have become consumed with acquiring dragons in his last years, culminating in the disaster at Summerhall which appears to have involved pyromancers and wildfire in an attempt to hatch dragons, to be used to make and enforce reforms. Now, I am not suggesting that I think Aegon V went mad, but he and his reign seem to embody the whole two sides of the same coin thing, and Jaehaerys would have been making this comment within three or so years of the tragedy.
  14. Most of the theories posted on this forum are tied for worst. If only people spent as much time actually reading and comprehending the books as they do completely making up terrible fan fiction.
  15. How long would Aegon have been content to play consort as Rhaenyra sat the Iron Throne, especially with the Hightowers whispering in his ear? And how easily would they have rid themselves of Rhaenyra without Daemon and the Velaryons in place as her allies? Marrying Rhaenyra to Aegon would have been all but handing Aegon the Iron Throne.