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  1. “He was the fourth this year,” Ned said grimly. “The poor man was half-mad. Something had put a fear in him so deep that my words could not reach him.” I think Chapter 2, Catelyn I makes it clear that, if Gared had told Eddard what had happened, it was either not taken seriously (the poor man was half-mad), or a rambling that none could make sense of (and thus, could not report it back to the NW). And that Gared told Eddard what he had seen is not even certain. Although Bran states that "questions were asked and answers given", he does not state who answers here. Are the questions directed at Gared, or at the men who have captured him and present him to the Lord of Winterfell for the King's justice? I suspect that the answers were given by the men who brought Gared forth, as Eddard himself implies that Gared himself was no longer capable of answering anything with a coherent reply.
  2. It is on mobile, so it is Android. Android 7.0.
  3. @Ran, a strange error has been occurring for me on the wiki for a while now, so I figured I should mention it here. When I type in the search box of the wiki on the top of the page, and I click on one of the suggestions it gives me whilst typing, I am redirected to the previous page I was on (even if this is a completely different site). This only happens on Google Chrome on mobile, not on laptop, and while it does not make using the wiki impossible (I just have to type the entire page name manually), it is a rather annoying error. When I type the entire page name manually, I'm redirected to the correct page.
  4. I've been restoring this for articles that are larger and thus have more references, I was wondering whether it would be possible to force even such articles to appear with a single column of references while in mobile view. In mobile view (about half of the readers of wikipedia reads the site on mobile, so I suppose that about half of the readers of the wiki do so on mobile as well) two columns (or more) looks very disorganized and makes the reference list much harder to read. Does anyone know if this can be done?
  5. It still shows up in my "content I posted in" list. But if a new version is preferred (we do have 146 pages, after all), that's fine by me!
  6. As Orys having been Aegon's brother was only a rumour, not something that was confirmed or known, it is unlikely that the Baratheons at any time could have inherited the throne through his lineage. The first known Targaryen blood in House Baratheon came from Alyssa Velaryon, half Targaryens upon her mother's side (although we do not know how her mother related to the main branch of House Targaryen). Alyssa had two children by her Baratheon husband, one of whom inherited the rule over Storm's End, Boremund.* Boremund was succeeded by his son, Borros, but whether Borros was succeeded by a sin or brother is unknown, so whether the Baratheons who ruled after Borros had any descent from Alyssa is unclear. There is no further known Targaryen blood until the marriage of Rhaelle to Ormund, which occurred after the founding of House Blackfyre and the birth of Aerion's son Maegor. *Alyssa's second child was a daughter, Jocelyn, who married back into House Targaryen and had only a daughter, Rhaenys, who was subsequently wed TO Corpus Velaryon and became the mother of Laena and Laenor. Laena in turn had two daughters, who both married as well, although the identities of their children and who their children might have married is unknown as well.
  7. To be fair, Reznak was speaking of how Barristan should adress Hizdahr, which is why "His" stands before each title.
  8. They do "Not Grace," the seneschal complained. "That style is Westerosi. His Magnificence, His Radiance, His Worship."
  9. Is it ever stated in text how many arms the kraken on the sigil of House Greyjoy has?
  10. Would it be an idea to split the article Battle of Castle Black into a separate article for Styr's assault and a separate article for Mance's attack from the north and Stannis's rescue? The struggle north of the Wall has been referred to four times as the "battle beneath the Wall", once as the "battle for the Wall" (Jon XI) and once as the "battle by the Wall" (Melisandre I). Styr's assault on Castle Black might best be called "Attack on Castle Black", as Jon says upon his arrival at CB "The gate is here. The attack is here.". We also have "If the Magnar takes Castle Black unawares, it will be red slaughter, boys butchered in their beds before they know they are under attack." (ASOS Jon V), and "The hope was that the Thenns would see them from afar and decide that Castle Black was too well defended to attack." (ASOS Jon VII), "The Magnar of Thenn had put the empty village to the torch when he passed through on his way to attack Castle Black, [...]" and "Sigorn's father, the old Magnar, had been crushed beneath the falling stair during his attack on Castle Black.", both from ADWD Jon V.
  11. Melisandre tells Davos that the visions she sees in the flames do include visions of things that have already happened, so we do know that it can happen. It takes years of training to see the shapes beyond the flames, and more years still to learn to tell the shapes of what will be from what may be or what was. Even then it comes hard, hard.
  12. You mean this passage? While this took place, Ser Criston Cole decided to punish the "black lords"—those bannermen of the crownlands who remained loyal to Rhaenyra. Rosby, Stokeworth, and Duskendale fell before him, but at Rook's Rest, Lord Staunton had already received word of Cole's arrival. That's the only thing I could find in TWOIAF. The entries would contain minimal information.. But so does the sack of Duskendale entry, so if there are no objections, I'll make a page for Rosby and Stokeworth. TWOIAF lists the defeat at Stone Hedge as being part of the Battle of the Burning Mill: BATTLE OF THE BURNING MILL, where Prince Daemon and the Blackwoods defeated the Brackens and took the Stone Hedge.
  13. Done!
  14. As Martin said to Valyrian Steel "as that is what bastards in Westeros often do", not confirming that Jon himself has, and Jon never identifies with a personal sigil during the series, perhaps the sigil of House Stark might be better.
  15. That's the only source we have for it, as far as I know.