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  1. The main difference between a regular trial by combat and a trial of seven is that the latter form uses 7 combatants on each side to honor the gods. As knighthood has its roots in the Faith, possibly the possession of knighthood is considered more necessary during a trial of seven that during a regular trial by battle.According to Prince Baelor "[...] I remind you that any knight accused of a crime has the right to demand trial by combat. But that doesn't mean that one has to be a knight to demand a trial by combat. Any knight accused has the right to demand a trial by battle, but we have seen women be allowed to demand such a trial as well, for example. The difference might also be rooted in who is the accuser, and who the accused. When Cersei (the Queen Dowager) accuses Tyrion (who is not royalty), she is allowed to use any champion she wants to use. But when Cersei herself stands accused, per customs she must needs be defended by a knight of the Kingsguard, as the Kingsguard are the champions of royalty who stand accused. A similar situation might have been applying with Duncan's trial. Which might mean that another possibility is that Duncan needed six other knights to fight beside him because he was facing royalty. What will I do if I have to ride against a prince? Will I even be allowed to challenge one so highborn? He did not know the answer.
  2. I've added a few more, bringing the new total to 55 Queen Rhaenys Targaryen Faith of the Seven Tyrosh House Tully Dragon Siege of Storm's End (299) Doran Martell House Manderly Visenya Targaryen
  3. No
  4. Sort of. A Feast for Crows, Cersei III "Would that we could do the same to the rest of this foul castle," said Cersei. "After the war I mean to build a new palace beyond the river." She had dreamed of it the night before last, a magnificent white castle surrounded by woods and gardens, long leagues from the stinks and noise of King's Landing. "This city is a cesspit. For half a groat I would move the court to Lannisport and rule the realm from Casterly Rock." Although she is speaking about ruling by herself (as she intends for to rule the realm until Tommen is 16 years old at least). So it would be more of a new seat for her. But her dream has an interesting parallel to Aerys indeed: In 265 AC, offended by "the stink of King's Landing," he spoke of building a "white city" entirely of marble on the south bank of the Blackwater Rush.
  5. Thank you very much for the kind words! Much appreciated!
  6. Yeah. It's odd. It had happened a few days earlier as well. And on other pages, the same image displays just as it should.
  7. It didn't help. The error still occurs.
  8. A wiki-related error: About half of the times I try to place a new image (which has been uploaded long ago and is used on multiple pages without a problem) on a page, I get the error "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination"
  9. IIRC, we're not told an exact number. Only that it's "a token force". No.
  10. That depends on the template used as infobox. Monarchs (e.g., Aegon II) have a different infoboxes than other characters (e.g., Rhaenyra and Daemon). I've tried adjusting the template for the Infobox monarch template, but for some reason, it doesn't show. Perhaps this is a good moment to look at the infobox templates all together, as the Infobox character and Infobox monarch are not entirely consistent (where layout and order of information found in both boxes are concerned). Perhaps we can create two new templates (or adjust the existing ones) where consistency is increased?
  11. Would that be different from the collection of sigil images available on the wiki when sorting per category? http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Category:Coat_of_arms_images
  12. That would be much appreciated
  13. That's not a mistake Both chapters describe one of the seven days and nights of Tywin's funeral. During Jaime's chapter, we learn that it has not yet been seven days (which is why the two chapters are not placed further apart), but that the smell is becomming so bad that Jaime feels Cersei should call an end to it anyway. Hahaha, I've added slightly more info (though it still states "only cat" as well )
  14. @Ran, Regarding the wiki-pages for GOT Seasons 6 (because they have been a bit neglected last year) and 7, what exactly is allowed to be placed on those pages (and the pages for specific episodes), and what is not? It might be a good idea to establish that more clearly
  15. Oops! That's a silly mistake, of course. Will change it! That stems from the issue with Tyrion's travel-time in AGOT. Jon turns 15 while Tyrion is still at the Wall. But Tyrion has such long distances to travel after leaving the Wall (from the Wall to Winterfell, from Winterfell to the Inn at the Crossroads, from there to the Eyrie, to Tywin's army, wich whom he stays for a while, until he leaves for KL), that having Tyrion leave the Wall much later than he does now brings us in trouble with his travel-speed (which is already rather fast ). If you know a way to tweak it so the order is properly displayed, please don't hesitate to post it Because I agree, with Ned's story and Catelyn's believes, Jon's nameday is celebrated after Robb's, not before.