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  1. Small Questions v. 10105

    Well, Daeron was only fourteen years old. Definitly not too young for a betrothal, but not necessarily at an age where the absence of a betrothal was odd. Look at Rhaenyra, for example. She was Viserys's heir, and discussions about who she should marry had been ongoing for a while, but a decision was only made when she was 16-17 years old. Like I said, perhaps he was married but his wife is simply not mentioned in neither text nor family tree (we know of several Targaryens for this is the case). He could even have been betrothed without it having been mentioned, especially considering the text focuses on the war during Daeron's reign, and not much else. But perhaps he was neither. Perhaps he was waiting to make a decision about his own wife, and basing his decision on how hiw wars turned out. (For example, if Dorne remained subdued and the Stepstones could be made pirate-free to allow for trade, Daeron might not believe it to be necessary to make an alliance by offering his own hand in marriage, and instead taken his youngest sister to wife, whereas any troubles in his plans (as happened) would need him to keep the option of betrothing himself to the daughter of a wealthy and powerful ally open). There are several possibilities.
  2. Project: Featured Article

    Or perhaps we could use a note at the bottom of the page? It was quite a search to figure out where the term originated from, and I can easily imagine people getting confused. I'm testing a new template that will allow us to have more than 31 featured articles (as the current template allows only an amount equal to the maximum length of a month). I'm going to test it for the "did you know" facts as well. I prefer testing the templates first to prevent any issues, since I'm not an expert on templates, and it was quite a puzzle to get it working properly yesterday If all goes well, we could start adding many more "did you know" facts and featured articles (and perhaps also featured quotes?).
  3. Small Questions v. 10105

    For what it is worth: [Was Daeron I gay?] No, Daeron I was not gay. He was married, but died without issue. (So Spake Martin, Targaryen History (April 20, 2008)) So it is possible that GRRM changed his mind on the "married" part, considering Daeron had no wife mentioned in text or the family tree in TWOIAF (although Rhae and Daella were married as well, and even had children, but neither their spouses nor their children were listed either in the family tree, telling us that not everyone is shown). But thusfar, I have not seen any hint suggesting he was gay, and at least in 2008, Martin did not consider Daeron I to be.
  4. Project: Featured Article

    Posted three more: Volantis, Jon Connington, and marriage customs. If anyone knows where to find an image of a marriage ceremony, please post a link!
  5. Project: Featured Article

    I've added it because it is a term often used by fans on forums.. So it seems useful to mention it, imo. Instead of saying "semi-canonically known as" we could perhaps say "referred to by fans as". That would perhaps be a more correct way of phrasing it. I've added the first four new featured articles (Stannis, Melisandre, the Doom, House Arryn), will add more this weekend Edit: And I'll look into editing the featured facts template, as it is currently based on the length of a month, with a current total of ninety-three (displaying all during 31-day long months). If we add more to the list, the template needs to be updates to use a different count.
  6. Project: Featured Article

    I'll start prepping the texts!
  7. Small Questions v. 10105

    Why would we know about a plan to possibly betroth Daeron which never came to fruitation? My point was, that as far as we know Daeron was not yet betrothed, and that might have been because Aegon III wanted to seal some sort of alliance with a marriage to his heir, (and thus not betrothing his heir to his own daughter), but had not yet reached any agreements at the time of his death. Of course Aegon III expected Daeron to succeed him. I never suggested otherwise. I suspect that the Naerys-Aegon match was made to keep the family tree from branching out too much. By marrying Aegon to Naerys, Viserys ensured that he could only have two lines of descendants (children of Aegon and Naerys, and children of Aemon). When Aemon joined the KG, that was brought back to one line. As to why Daeron I might have arranged the marriage of his siblings but not his own, who knows? He was an ambitious man, and so I would expect that if he had to arrange his own marriage, he would want to make it as advantegous to the plans he had for his kingdom as possible. Also, Daeron spend most of his reign at war. I can imagine he wished to spend his energy planning his battles, and not seeking a bride. And who knows? Perhaps Daeron considered or agreed to a betrothal during his time in King's Landing, and we just haven't learned of it, yet.
  8. Small Questions v. 10105

    It also depends on who made the betrothal. If Aegon III had betrothed Baelor to Daena (planning to create an alliance by marrying Daeron to the daughter of a powerful merchant prince from the Free Cities or the daughter of one of the lords from the Great Houses), than Daeron I might have felt like he couldn't break it. If Daeron I was the one who arranged the betrothal, the motives might have been similar. By marrying Baelor to Daena, he likely thought that he had ensured the succession (as Baelor would have been expected to father children on Daena) for a while. Since he was planning to marry one of his sisters (I suspect Rhaena) to the Sealord of Braavos, thus forming an alliance, he might have been planning to form an alliance by taking to wife the daughter of another powerful potential ally.
  9. Euron's death foreshadowed?

    Hmm... But Sam is still "black-clad" while the leviathan in the Davos quote is grey. So perhaps it means that Samwell will only fight Euron after having completed his maester's chain (and thus has the right to wear a maester's grey robes)? In which case, it might still be a while before the battle takes place. Also, that they might meet in battle does not mean that Euron or Samwell will die. The leviathan is not depicting as slaying the kraken, after all.
  10. The mystery of the Tattered Prince

    In 262 AC, he was chosen to be the new Prince of Pentos, hours after the previous one had been beheaded. He declined, and left Pentos, eventually founding the Windblown with a few other men. In the present story, he is the only remaining founder of the company. And it is because of the fact that he was once chosen as the Prince of Pentos, chosen for a mostly ceremonial role where he faces the danger of being sacrificed to the gods once a harvest fails or a war is lost, that he wants Pentos. Rule it on his own, I suppose, without the magisters. Yes. The Windblown changing their alliance will be important for Meereen's chances of winning the battle. We already now one way in which they influenced the battle, from the sample chapters from Winds Additionally,
  11. Small Questions v. 10105

    King's Landing, Dragonstone, or Summerhal. Aerion was likely Maekar's Prince of Dragonstone at the time of his death, so Dragonstone would have been his own seat. However, chances are that Aerion and his wife resided in King's Landing despite that, and thus that Maegor was born there. Summerhal is also a possibility, as Aerion grew up there and might have prefered the castle (as Daeron did), but I would think that the other two options are more likely.
  12. Board Issues 4

    And now it's back to normal again!
  13. Preston Jacobs and the Purple Wedding

    Under which king would the realm be most stable, and thus the chance highest of Margaery's son inheriting the Iron Throne. Joffrey or Tommen? Because that's the king that is the scenario that would be most preferable. He was kind to Sansa too, wasn't he? Until he wasn't. So that he is being kind and gallant with Margaery now does absolutely not mean that he will continue to do so. And as I said He plays the gracious king today. Joffrey could be gallant when it suited him, Sansa knew, but it seemed to suit him less and less. Joffrey's behavior is more and more turning towards the non-gallant side of the spectrum. With Joffrey, yes. But not after he has died, and that was what I was talking about. And that Cersei assumed regency when Joffrey died does not automatically mean that Margaery would be able to assume the regency for her own son. With Cersei as regent, the regency remained in Lannister hands. I strongly doubt that Tywin would be willing to let the Tyrells take even more power than absolutely necessary. Does he? “My uncle hasn’t eaten his pigeon pie.” Holding the chalice onehanded, Joff jammed his other into Tyrion’s pie. “It’s ill luck not to eat the pie,” he scolded as he filled his mouth with hot spiced pigeon. “See, it’s good.” Spitting out flakes of crust, he coughed and helped himself to another fistful. “Dry, though. Needs washing down.” Joff took a swallow of wine and coughed again, more violently. “I want to see, kof, see you ride that, kof kof, pig, Uncle. I want. ..” His words broke up in a fit of coughing. It doesn't sound like it would take much longer to say this than to say He let the empty cup drop from his fingers to shatter on the floor. “He does have power here, my lord,” the woman said. “And fire cleanses.” after Cressen drops the cup. Joffrey begins to cough about the same amount of time after first drinking the wine as Cressen did. And after the second swallow of wine, it grows worse.
  14. Board Issues 4

    Forum lay-out is looking really strange. Titles of threads are in a blue font, bullet points are no longer aligned the way they should, appearing on the left side of the posts, before they greyish box starts (and displayed for every single line, which they shouldn't)
  15. Project: Featured Article

    Good idea! What do you think about the proposed articles?