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  1. Project: Featured Article

    So, I've added a few more pages (Aegon I Targaryen, Brynden Tully, Sunspear, Theon Greyjoy, and Chroyane), bringing the total at the moment to 36. As such, I've undated the template, as to calculate which featured article text to use by looking at the amount of days still remaining in the year (and not month, as was the case before). It seems to be working just fine I've also added some "did you know" facts (we have 114 at the moment), and, as the previous template for that feature could not allow for more than 93 facts, I've updated that template accordingly as well.
  2. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    Who says that Brandon and Petyr only met once? We don't know how many times Brandon visited Riverrun, but I imagine that Hoster would have wanted to see Brandon in person at least once before promising Catelyn's hand in marriage to him. Additionally, Catelyn speaks of the differences between Ned and Brandon's personalities, suggesting she knew Brandon better than she could have after just one visit. The duel was after the tourney. Exactly.
  3. Small Questions v. 10105

    Considering that Jon had taken a wife shortly after losing his former heir, I would think that Jon believed he would soon have an heir by Lysa (she had proven to be fertile, so he had little reason to doubt it at first). And Lysa was pregnant on multiple occasions. She miscarried five times, and gave birth to two stillborn children. Though we do not know how many of these pregnancies occurred before Robert's birth in 292 AC, some 9 years after their marriage, some are likely to have taken place before (especially the two miscarriages at the Eyrie). So with the hopes of a son to be born within a few years, Jon might have believed that keeping Harrold close would create a danger for the claim of his own son.
  4. Board Issues 4

    I'm suddenly constantly being logged out when visiting the forum. Selecting the "remember me" option when logging back in does not change this, because if I take a look on the forum for example an hour later, I'm logged out again. This is happening on all devices.
  5. Small Questions v. 10105

    He would have been living at Casterly Rock, and travelled with Tywin to the tourney at King's Landing for Joffrey's birthday. I suspect he remained there, to avoid having to travel to Casterly Rock with Tywin, and Cersei, and Joffrey as his companions, and as such, was at KL when Jon Arryn died and Robert decided to travel north.
  6. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Ok, so I've rewritten the March on Winterfell page and created a page for the battle in the ice. I'll look at the army numbers for the battle tomorrow (because I think there are some mistakes in the info the battlebox originally contained). It's hidden from the reading-view at the moment.
  7. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I'm rewriting the page at the moment, and I suggest that the upcoming battle between Stannis's forces and Roose's forces (dubbed the "battle in the ice" by Martin in interviews) be given its own page, since we know that battle is coming. Whatever siege might follow that battle should receive its own page, of course. But I agree on removing the battlebox.
  8. Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    I doubt it, since in ADWD it is later specified that the Red Wedding is only some half a year ago. And unless Roslin has been pregnant for more than a year, since she has not yet given birth when the GC lands (and had only conceived at the end of 299 AC), Volantis has a different date for the new year than Westeros (who, we know, start the count of their year on the day Aegon was crowned in Oldtown, and Volantis has absolutely no reason to use Aegon as a reference for their own count.).
  9. Project: Featured Article

    I've been preparing some new articles. Will include them on the "to complete"-list! Some of these could use some more editing before becoming a featured article. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    It seems to have originally been added earlier, though by the same user, in this edit. But I see no reference for it. Last year I've researched the army numbers mentioned in text, and while there is a reference that Roose returns north with ~4000 men (most of them Dreadfort men), and Theon later claims that Roose has six thousand men or more, in total (so including the Manderly men etc.), I see no reference for the "500 other survivors of Robb's army"..
  11. Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    Since Tyrion leaves Westeros early in 300 AC, and ADWD ends about half a year, or slightly more, later, it cannot be the new year yet. I suppose it is possible that Volantis has decided to go to war earlier than originally planned.
  12. Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    Westeros counts their years from the date of Aegon's Conquest, which Volantis is highly unlikely to do. For example, the Free Cities count their days differently than Westeros does. She thought she was still ten, though it was hard to know for certain. The Braavosi counted days differently than they did in Westeros. For all she knew her name day had come and gone. So without knowing how the new year of Volantis relates to the new year of Westeros (how many months are in between), and without having a year pass in Volantis to match this mentioning of the new year to another one, we can't really use it yet. TWOW or ADOS might change that, though it will depend on whether Volantis plays a bigger role in the story that is to come (with POVs being present there).
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

  14. Small Questions v. 10105

    Where is Ryam Redwyne specified as the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard?
  15. How old is Braavos? When was the city founded?

    @Ran, would you perhaps be able to tell us whether GRRM has a (rough) founding date for Braavos?