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  1. Hmm.. I don't think we have enough information for it yet, nor has GRRM revealed a name for the battle. And considering the approved notes do not mention any battle, the statement that is currently given on the War of the Five Kings page ("Meanwhile, the Ironborn threat expands when King Euron Greyjoy continues his campaign in the Reach, while his brother Victarion has sailed to Slaver's Bay on Euron’s behalf to seek out the exiled Queen Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons.") might be enough until TWOW is released? Additionally, do Euron's battles in the Reach still count as battles of the War of the Five Kings? It might not be possible to say yet, as TWOW will likely tell us whether the new battles and invasions are going to be recorded as part of the War of the Five Kings, or as part of a separate conflict.. For example, Aegon's landing in the stormlands and the capture of several strongholds are currently regarded as conflicts in the aftermath of the war of five kings (for lack of a name described as "phase 2" on the War of the Five Kings page, under the subheading "New Conflicts Arise". Related, the template {{War of the Five Kings}} currently depicts Aegon's actions in Westeros. However, these are also depicted in the template {{Targaryen Invasion}}. Perhaps these can be consolidated?
  2. That's not known. However, "Fool Frey" was a younger son of House Frey, and Forrest eventually inherited the house, so chances are that Forrest was "Fool Frey's" older brother. But, if Fool Frey's older brother(s) all died before the war, he could have inherited, in which case, they might be one and the same. Impossible to say at the moment without more information, as far as I am aware.
  3. Changed it
  4. Good catch! I agree. The quote plainly states that Viserys served as Hand to Aegon only during the last few years of Aegon's reign.
  5. It would have happened not that long after Dragonstone was captured. Although Cressen states in 299 AC that it has been "some twelve years" years since coming to Dragonstone with Stannis, GRRM has stated that Stannis received Dragonstone before Joffrey had been born (and the wording suggests, imo, that Cersei wasn't pregnant yet, either), which would place Stannis becoming the Lord of Dragonstone, and thus the seat of Storm's End being granted to Renly, in 284/285 AC. Renly, born in 277 AC would have been some seven or eight years old at the time, but that does not prevent him from becoming a lord (we've seen more child-lords, like Edric Dayne and Robert Arryn). It simply means that he likely had a regent to help him rule his lands until he turned sixteen.
  6. Brandon Stark had bid her wait as well. "I shall not be long, my lady," he had vowed. "We will be wed on my return." Yet when the day came at last, it was his brother Eddard who stood beside her in the sept. The way I see it, "the day" that came at last refers only to "the day she was wed", not a specific date that had been agreed upon for her wedding to Brandon.
  7. The original website has been offline since February. It might be (partially) restored, but that's not yet certain (as far as I understood). Google does not show any further text besides the translated statement found in the SSM. I see no reason why there would be something left out of the translation, though.
  8. In addition to RumHam's answer, we also know that when Dany was born in mid 284 AC (~9 months after the war ended), it already was summer. But when spring started and how long it lasted is atm unknown.
  9. We do not know the exact location, but from and AMA on reddit we do know that it is located somewhere near King's Landing.
  10. I have to disagree. Sam is planning to pretend that the child is his son, but as Sam is going to train at the Citadel and next return to the Wall, he will not be involved at all in the boy's upbringing. But Gilly, Craster's daughter, is going to be. In addition to that, neither Dalla and Val nor Mance have any relations to Craster. "It's strange," he said to Sam. "Craster had no love for Mance, nor Mance for Craster, but now Craster's daughter is feeding Mance's son." That Craster's daughter (Gilly) is feeding Mance's son would not be a strange thing if the child's mother had been Craster's daughter to start with, right? What Sam means, is that the child inherited Mance's bravery, and through Gilly's manner of raising him will get Craster's bravery (as Craster passed that on to Gilly). Gilly would keep going even if that happened. The girl was very brave, not like him. So whether through blood relations, or adoptive relations, Sam's claim that the child is his son will not lead to the child "getting" any of Sam's "cravenness".
  11. I interpret this to mean that the boy is Craster's grandson in the sense that his adopted mother (Gilly) is Craster's daughter, making the child Craster's grandchild in a way, although they are not related by blood. According to the appendices, Mace has no brothers. So it likely is a mistake.
  12. So then, the High Septon from the time of the Conquest (who died in 11 AC) is included in the count of six High Septons during Aegon's reign? Or were there six additional ones after the High Septon who died in 11 AC? Because you previously reported this: I'm not sure about this. Who knows how Aegon would have acted if he had had any daughters. The Faith objected to a betrothal between Maegor and Rhaena, so clearly they would have objected to a betrothal between Aenys or Maegor and one of their sisters. If Aegon truly tried his best to keep the Faith on his side, he would have listened to those objections, just as he did when Visenya suggested the Maegor/Rhaena match. Alyssa seems to have been the closest cousin Aenys and Maegor had, so Aegon might have arranged the match without even suggesting a marriage between his heir and his daughter. And if he did entertain the idea of betrothing Aenys to his sister, the High Septon might have proposed Ceryse for Aenys, instead of Maegor a few years later. And if Aegon had decided not to marry Aenys to his sister, despite the fact that he had one, Aenys himself might have never arranged the Rhaena/Aegon match.
  13. Lord Varys, you gave a couple of interesting new pieces of information here that were absent from your notes of The Sons of the Dragon as read at Loncon. I'm curious, do you by any chance recall any other details?
  14. Nvm
  15. Nine new articles updated and added to the list: Margaery Tyrell Jorah Mormont Maegor I Targaryen Battle of the Blackwater House Velaryon Others Robert I Baratheon Conquest of Dorne Dragonstone Bringing the new total to 44.