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  1. Sophie Turner is a terrible actress. Granted, those who did get nominated didn't deserve it either.
  2. Easy. Character appears on screen for 3 minutes making cock jokes/showing his/her/its genitals/violently murdering randomers. Character dies pointlessly. Plot line resolved.
  3. Hard to tell. The show probably didn't need to be so absolutely moronic to be successful, but the dumbing down, tits and ass, frat jokes and violent nihilist badassery surely helped a lot. More talented people might not have shat on the source material so heartily.
  4. Zero seconds. Realistically she wouldn't have anything to hold in the first place.
  5. Hard to say as zero meaningful interaction has happened on screen between the two, the relationship just randomly hits certain points, now she trusts him, now he admires her, next will be whatever that thing they call a plot requires.
  6. No point in doing that. What little adaptation the show does anymore is stripped of all sense and meaning. Nothing has been spoiled that wasn't already obvious, and that handful of plot points from the books just float on a sea of meaningless garbage.
  7. cock jokes, plot holes, failed attempts at surprise and shock
  8. I doubt we'll ever see any of those locations except maybe CR. Such a shame, what could have been...
  9. Also, why would you force people who aren't even witnesses or have anything to do with the trial to stay inside? How are all these nobles in there without bodyguards? Etc Spectacle? Every single scene in the episode was pure, shameless, stupid, nonsensical fan service. Just what the people want.
  10. She just looked like a Disney villain. Either means 1) she's, like, super evil or 2) next season she's getting empowered through marital rape
  11. Because Benioff and Weiss need a lot of meaningless shocking violent garbage to fill up their one hour allotment in a way that satisfies their target audience and they thought a bunch of children murdering an old man was liek totally awsum bro. But by all means tell yourself there was any reason at all not just to have him be in the Sept with everyone else.
  12. I see. Try not to embarrass yourself this time.
  13. It's a complete moron's understanding of Cannae. What else could it be?
  14. Actually you're not here, you have like 6 posts. You literally came out of the woodwork just to defend honeypotting. Suit yourself, but you're going to be wrong every single time. Bad Writing is always going to be the answer.
  15. A steaming pile of ashes and dragon dung.