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  1. You held a knife to his looked so beautiful Ok a bit of artistic licence in the quotating but couldn't help myself
  2. FWIW I much prefer your ideas to most of the over thought out crap. Spur of the moment reactions and thoughts generate discussion; a lot of the 'intellectual' stuff on here just makes me groan and often close the thread even if I could contribute in some way. Please keep doing what you are doing.
  3. Ive seen a lot of comments asking why Viserion not Drogon but for me it makes sense (well, i can excuse it) - Viserion was torching his army whereas Drogon was no immediate threat. Also Drogon was loading up the suicide squad so NK may have thought he had time for both and went for the one barbecuing his soldiers first.
  4. Not sure about precedent for it actually happening but Stannis offers to make Jon Lord of Winterfell after the Battle at Castle Black. Also in a Feast for Crows Cersei plans to send Osney Kettleblack to the Wall to assassinate Jon Snow and then says she would pardon him after the fact and he could leave the Wall. I think Robb must have intended it as well when he named Jon as his heir so there is certainly precedent for it being intended/planned
  5. You are correct it doesn't have to be rude necessarily but it does have to be indelicate or impolite to state explicitly. If it just has multiple meanings then it's a double (or triple, etc) meaning statement. To be a double entendre both the giver and receiver (for want of better words) need to be complicit in the meaning and by the fact the meaning is not clear this is not the case with show titles designed to generate debate about what the meaning may be. I don't want to derail this thread into a language debate - let's get back to discussing the episode. I also don't want to admit how much time I've spent googling this today when I'm supposed to be working.
  6. Double entendre would mean it has more than one meaning, one of which is rude or indecent. I think you just mean titles with more than one meaning (in which case, I agree with you)
  7. On Rhaenys's Hill to the north of the Red Keep's_Landing
  8. I wasn't going to name names but....
  9. At some point in this thread someone is going to post spoilers and pretend they're actual predictions (again). If they do please don't call them out for it - season finale being ruined by someone confirming spoilers would be a real shame to those of us who have tried very hard to avoid them. Thank you. (Obviously I'm assuming that 'just don't post spoilers' is too complicated for some of the Muppets we have had on here this season)
  10. Longclaw is actually Saba from Power Rangers!? The way the show is going I'm willing to believe it at this point....
  11. Yes. 81 mins not including commercials
  12. Rowing?
  13. LF - first of his name, most dangerous man in Westeros, creepiest man on the Planet, most ruined character by lazy writing, owner of the only time machine in existence.... but still helpless against Jon's super strong plot armour
  14. Arya kills him but as he hits the floor she notices something looks odd, leans down and peels his face off revealing that LF never actually existed....
  15. They've made one of the most interesting characters seem totally irrelevant - either there's a big twist coming of they've ruined him. Both seem totally possible. Other than Lyssa he doesnt have any onscreen kills yet does he? Surely he'll get a decent one before the end. Also Varys knows something, he called him the most dangerous man in Westeros and it can't just have been because he's quite good at spying and time travel Also when Arya sparred with Brienne Sansa looked surprised and walked off at the end but he didn't so I think he knows what's going on, or worked it out then. (Yes, this is all just my imagination trying to keep LF relevant and interesting. its much more likely that he's not going zombie hunting so he'll get a rushed death in ep7)