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  1. Our joint email account is a mash up of our first names. That's completely normal.
  2. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I think we still have these saved up on the Sky box actually.
  3. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I'm listening to Agent Carter's Coffeetime playlist.
  4. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Watched The Nice Guys last night. Perfect 1.5 beers, Friday night film for when you're worn out and you need something that's entertaining without being hard. At times it did walk the line between being genuinely funny and trying a little bit too hard to be funny. But it was only a couple of times so I'll let it off. I also LOVED all the 70's clothes/music/attitudes and so on.
  5. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Went to see Logan last night. I liked it a lot - in an unchallenging comic book film kind of way. My husband has an unhealthy Wolverine obsession and he seemed pretty happy with it too.
  6. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    One nice thing about running again is that I can sprint for a train if I have to (and catch it) without breaking a sweat or huffing and puffing. I'm still only going out once a week and not even got past 4k yet but it's going the way I want it to.
  7. I always get the plainest deodorant possible so it's no bother to share. On the occasions that I bother to wear any perfume I wouldn't want it to clash with my deodorant.
  8. Wow. Ok. What is so precious about YOUR deodorant that it cannot be shared? I mean, we have our own but if one person runs out then we share until it is replaced. Or going away for a night or two and travelling light we share that type of thing (shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant), what's the point of taking two of everything? I'll only share a toothbrush if I have forgotten mine - never on purpose.
  9. Alien: Covenant

    Oh, were Aliens and Alien3 in the same year? I thought there was some aimless drifting aournd in space between the two. Though I have to say I've not sat and watched them all 'properly' for a long while.
  10. I don't think it matters what other people think about your relationship and I don't think there is a 'normal'. People have their own reasons for doing stuff like banking jointly/individually. So long as you're both happy with it and one person isn't just pretending to be ok with it. OTOH, if you keep saying stuff like 'do you think we're too cutesy? Do you?' to people, then that would just be annoying. We share lots of stuff too because most of our interests are shared with each other.
  11. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I need that. *goes to Spotify* Also have belatedly discovered The Decembrists. Honestly, I am about 15-20 years behind the curve when it comes to music these days.
  12. Alien: Covenant

  13. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    For some reason* we decided to watch Spectral last night. It was...I don't know...awful? It's lucky I spent the day at a wine fair so I wasn't that bothered by all the nonsensical stuff in it. I guess it was a relatively interesting idea for a film but as with many things that are just totally pulled out of someone's arse there a lots of bits that look cool but make no sense. I'm surprised that Emily Mortimer lowered herself to this depth really. *actually I had a craving to watch Grand Budapest Hotel but guess what, it's not on Netflix or Amazon so I've had to buy the DVD.
  14. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I watched Match Point the other day and I thought it was quite horrible. Maybe it would work better as a book than a film? I also think it was mis-labelled or mis-advertised as 'two social climbers trying to get on' or something like that, it said something like that on Netlfix I'm sure. This was recommended to me as I am trying to work my way through Woody Allen - otherwise it wouldn't be the kind of thing I am interested in watching. Anyway, he (whatever his name was in the film), Jonathan Rhys Meyers's character was a social climber, yes, but Scarlett Johansson's character was just a kind of free-spirited, non conventional, slightly self-centred actress who played on her looks. She didn't seem to care than much about the trappings of society life or even having lots of money. Anyway, it was mildly diverting, only in that I wanted to know how it would end. Are you meant to dislike the rich family it revolves around? I think you probably are as they're pretty cliched. And you're surely meant to dislike the protagonist, because he has no redeeming qualities. It's just unpleasant all round really. I can't recommend it. I can't seem to remove this box, sorry.
  15. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Um, I'm not sure if you're new or what but threads here get closed after 400 posts, that's why I started a new one. Red Snow: I sent you the link. I think it's the same one I was thinking about for ages (thought I had it saved to Pocket but it doesn't seem to be there). I recall it being a long video. Not sure if it was this long though. Anyway, it's a pretty interesting theory. We can discuss in person if need be.