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  1. Excited for this. Hope it doesn't have the Ridley Scott curse of getting you really excited and then being a crushing disappointment.
  2. I finally, finally got around to watching Snowpiercer. Had to buy it on Blu-ray because it has never been on Prime or Netflix in the UK and has not been on TV to my knowledge. I guess after that wait it was likely to be disappointing on some level. I had tried to find out as little as possible about it before seeing it so that it could be somewhat fresh for me. I don't know really, it was ok. A little underwhelming (as a post-apoc film) but relatively engaging as an action film. Tilda Swinton was fabulous as always. Today I watched a Netflix doc which had been recommended to me called The Mask You Live In which is about the concept of masculinity and what happens to boys at a young age where they have it drummed into them that they need to internalise all of their emotions. I feel as if we are surrounded by examples of toxic masculinity (it's really getting ugly in the beer industry right now) so this topic is as relevant as ever. Of course it's hugely depressing but there is also some hope there. It's only about 1.5 hrs long so I'd recommend everyone give it a look.
  3. Thank you. HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING. Also, I timed this really badly as friend on holiday in new York messaged me yesterday asking if I wanted anything in Sephora and I could have sent her on a palette quest for me.
  4. Yes it balances the gore and violence with the off-the-wall humour and the fantastical subjects. I recall it took me a while to get into the rhythm of it when I started S1 because there's nothing else quite like it, but it definitely works for me.
  5. Zipped through S2 of Dirk Gently. Mostly very pleasing. It did feel a little bit draggy in the early eps and then a bit rushed in the last two but that's a minor complaint. The most standout feature for me is that it can be absolutely hilarious in places. I don't often find series which are more than 'a little bit amusing' or occasionally funny but this show always has a few full on HAHAHA! moments which impresses me.
  6. YOU GUYS. There's this thing? This thing here -> Distortion from Urban Decay. I'm kind of elated and annoyed at the same time. The top row, the ones they call shifts, are all the kind of thing I wanted in a single palette - ONLY light metallic shades. Goddamn, why can't someone make a palette like that? I already have enough that are big, bold colours. I want subtle shades so that I can do mostly light, with some dark accents. Most palettes seem to be the inverse of that. But, I think I might need this one anyway, you know? Just in case. But in the meantime if you see anything which is just pale metallic shades please mention it in here.
  7. Some of it is Clint Mansell. Not sure if all of it is though, as I haven't watched any of it yet.
  8. Are we being all pedantic about this now in general, or just in response to individual posts where people claim a show was from year X and needs to be corrected for The Greater Good?
  9. No, I haven't seen it, but do you think I should before I read the book?
  10. I don't think I've read anything by Lawrence Block and I love short stories so I'll add that to my list.
  11. I did not know this was a thing - the month per year guide. I would've waited over a year before dating again in that case. Personally, when I was asking myself the same question I received conflicting advice from friends. Someone told me that yes, you can date soon after a break up but obviously not start a relationship (I disagree). A very wise friend from this board told me that some relationships are over before they end. And that explains a lot about why you can feel ready to move on earlier than you'd expect. But rather than follow rules you should do whatever feels right to you now. I think you absolutely can date for fun without being concerned about dealing with any penises.
  12. The UK has a huge problem with this issue. It's not an issue for me currently, even though the friends I socialise with are mostly all in the brewing industry, I cannot recall anyone ever getting grilled about not drinking in this community (ironic, huh?). But with work colleagues and previous social groups there has been a fuss made about someone not drinking. It's incredibly rude, intrusive and judgemental. It makes me angry actually. If a person realises they have a problem and wishes to reduce/stop drinking that is difficult in itself without idiots (so called friends, no less!) bullying them into drinking. There is this attitude where one person not drinking is taken as a judgement on others behaviour and they (drinkers) want to pull everyone down to the same level. Similar to when someone gives up smoking and other smokers don't want them to stop.
  13. Nice piece here with comment from Val Curtis (works at the same place as me) who is a global expert on sanitation. Telegraph
  14. Isn't there one already? I am blanking on the name right now...
  15. At first I thought you were being sarcastic. It feels as if I never stop hearing about this (and STOPtober and Veganuary). This is likely because as I beer writer it's impossible to avoid people talking about the health/evils of alcohol. There's actually a backlash movement called Tryanuary, where people are encouraged to try new beer-related activites, visit different venues etc. This is related to the supposed downtown in business for pubs and bars in January, where the quietest month for socialising is exacerbated by people being super healthy and doing Dry January. I don't have strong feelings about it either way. I moderate all year round, instead of bingeing/banning. But I'm not going to knock anyone who wants to be healthier.