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  1. I was semi on board with a film. I do not see the point of another TV series. I liked the original TV series. John Sessions was a brilliant Prunesquallor. Oh, I hope it doesn't end up being massively OTT and style over substance like AG is. That would be gross.
  2. The most recent Agatha Christie adaptation on the BBC (Ordeal by Innocence) was very good. Highly recommend it if you can catch it on iplayer on something. It's a three parter and it's very modern and dark for a BBC show. Great performances all round but Bill Nighy, Matthew Goode and Anna Chancellor were especially good. There's a Guardian piece here about how the effin and blindin in the show got some people people a little upset. Sweary Agatha Christie
  3. One of my key thoughts while watching the final episode was: please don't make The Odyssey, please don't make The Odyssey. Yeah, I mean The Odyssey is much more 'adventurey' than The Iliad. However, the book manages to cope with telling a story about a 10 year siege by starting the story near the end of the siege. It's (maybe too obvious) straightforward enough to do with flashbacks. The book ends with Hector's funeral. And it's pretty significant in the this adaptation it was a bit meh. The other thing is to adapt The Aeneid...but they didn't leave any hints for that either. Odysseus has a GREAT story and I'd love to see it done justice. Just not by these people.
  4. I've just binge watched the whole thing and I really liked it. David Morrissey does a great job. The other main cast members all do their share too. Overall, I really enjoyed the way it looked and felt. I think they handled the whole unseeing thing as well as they possibly could have. The effects they chose work to show two different overlapping places and how people in the two places feel and react. But on top of that there is a lot of imagery and presentation which backs up this overlapping sensation, with reflection, shadowing, fractured images, odd angles, partial images etc. Good stuff.
  5. I wish I could watch The Terror. I've been patiently waiting for it since it was first announced that it was being adapted for TV. It's not bloody fair that we can't see it yet. But I did just binge watch The City & The City - which I thought was really nicely done. I think all of the substantive performances were solidly good but of course David Morrissey was brilliant, the perfect combination of tough, cynical, hopeless, hopeful, tender, earnest... It's just a relief to watch some good acting for a change. I don't have a perfect recollection of the plotline of the book but it certainly looked and 'felt' like it was done right to me. The tone was spot on too, nothing ever quite being in full view or perfect focus, partial angles of faces, shadows, glimmers, shimmers. I thought it was really great TV.
  6. Ok. I've finished watching the show. To be honest the final ep was a gigantic anticlimax. I honestly think the film did a better job of bringing the various archetypal characters to life. I had a problem with the storytelling and I struggled sometimes to know/care who was being spoken about, especially with the 'Helen is betraying Troy' plotline. The level of performance in the majority of cases was lacking. I'm struggling to think of any elements which I could say I thought were done well. I just think it's a real shame that this is the best they could do. Seems like a lot of money down the drain.
  7. We just binge watched S4 of Chef's Table, which is about pastry chefs. The first one is pretty amazing but then sometimes when you take a very driven, successful character it is almost easy to create a narrative which is pleasant to view. I had problems with the third episode in part because I cannot deal with people whispering - it makes me uncomfortable and itchy. Also wtf - a dude is picked on by his brothers and mother for having a big nose when they clearly ALL have the same big nose, and the three sons clearly inherited it from their mother? The biggest lies are the ones people tell themselves I guess. And the fourth episode was entertaining because it makes such a good illustration of the cult of celebrity. Critics and the media build people up and then take great pleasure in bringing them down. It's nuts.
  8. Eugene seems to be all about Eugene. I don't know if he was always this 'cunning' or if he's picked up skills along the way. I suppose he could be cleverly biding his time...but I think he's just out for himself tbh.
  9. I've just picked up Fear the Walking Dead again after seeing the first season ages ago. I'm watching it on my commute, but even on a small screen it seems to have much better cinematography than TWD. I think that only S2 and 3 are available on Prime at the moment. Do we have a thread for this?
  10. The more I think about this film, the cleverer I think it is. At first I couldn't decide whether I wanted it to be more or less ambiguous/explicit. I do really enjoy films that are ambiguous and leave their interpretation very open. So in explicitly showing a witch/witches I wasn't sure if this went too far the other way. But actually I think it still leaves enough uncertainty and questions for it to be considered complex. Funny you should mention the hare, because I just read a book where a character changes into a hare and is described as 'the stitcher of paths/worlds' (I forget which). Also, I seem to recall that in Graham Joyce's Limits of Enchantment a female character changed into a hare. So I was kind of primed to accept a hare as a female shape-changer. I would guess that the two children, at all the times when they were being little demons, had actually been primed to misbehave. But this is very cleverly done because when any little kids play up (especially when they are in it together and seem to make each other worse), you can actually be thinking: YOU LITTLE DEMONS! Like, it is perfectly reasonable that their behaviour is just them being naughty, plus being unsettled because of the grief/uncertainty in their family. And the bit where the father questions whether they are play-acting - you think, yeah, maybe they are just messing about and pretending that they forgot how to pray... but you're never totally sure. In hindsight, they probably were 'bewitched'. But it could equally be them just being naughty kids. I LOVE THIS.
  11. I would have liked to watch the special features. But you can definitely feel the depth of historical research in there. I've been watching the latest Agatha Christie adaptation on the BBC - Ordeal by Innocence, starring Bill Nighy, Matthew Goode and probably some other famous people whose names I don't know. It's great stuff though, beautifully shot and full of absolutely horrible characters.
  12. I'm having a second go at Fear the Walking Dead by watching it on my commute to work. I thought I had finished S1 (ages ago) so I have started on S2. I must say that the cinematography seems a class above TWD.
  13. Finally got to watch this as it popped up on UK Netflix. I've thought about it a lot since I saw it two days ago and I've talked about it with friends as well as doing some online reading. The one thing I was wondering about was what happened to the two (extremely awful demon) children in the end. But if we take the concept of witches murdering children in order to fly on their broomsticks then we can extrapolate that 'missing children (who were completely awful)' ... = lots of levitating witches. So now that I have made sense of that piece of the puzzle I feel like I can stop obsessing about the film and just admire it.
  14. Thanks. I'll visit the thread.
  15. Started a thread for discussing the show... Last night I got round to watching The Witch because it finally popped up on UK Netflix. People I trust had told me it was a great film and I should definitely watch it. But these days I tend to live in fear of watching something disturbing which gets into my head and rattles around in there for ages (like It Follows, which people assured me was not scary). It just goes to show that scary is a relative term. I did think that it was a great film, with an incredible tense atmosphere. Even though it's not a jump scare type film I still kept expecting it to be. I was almost too unnerved to even drink my beer while watching it. So...I guess I'll go spoiler mode here