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  1. We've finished S1. Once you get into the rhythm of it it doesn't feel that slow. Now, I honestly cannot recall whether I ever watched S2 before. I feel sure that I must have and yet I don't seem to remember anything about it. Oh well. I've started so I'll finish.
  2. Ha. I just want to be sure to give it the benefit of the doubt. If I have to watch it more slowly to appreciate it fully then I will.
  3. Have begun a rewatch of the original Twin Peaks. I'd forgotten how slow it is. The trouble is that I'm so tired lately that I find it a real effort to watch something so drawn out. This is going to take some time.
  4. It's ironic because I put off watching that last episode because I'd lost interest in the series...then I finally got up the 'enthusiasm' to watch it and then was rewarded that drawn out, borefest. Proof, if any was required, that sex and nudity is not inherently entertaining to viewers, regardless of context/duration/intent etc..
  5. Shaun of the Dead is 13 years old. Hot Fuzz is 10.
  6. Pretty much what I have been thinking. I actually said this during the tedious Bliquis opener (where I left the room to make tea as I was so disinterested in what was happening): 'Was the book this boring? I read it so long ago I can't even remember.'
  7. Wow. I'm not even sure where to begin with unpicking this impressive display of privilege.
  8. Had a day at home sick today so watched War Machine, which was kind of obvious, but still blackly humourous and appalling at the same time. Also watched a three part ITV series called Midwinter of the Spirit which was billed as a female priest training to become an exorcist. It's actually more about solving a mystery, with some family drama tied in. It was nicely atmospheric, with some lovely cinematography, and was well acted for the most part. It's not that scary or spooky so don't be put off if you're like me and worry about stuff giving you nightmares. If you like moody shows and are looking for something short to watch in an evening give it a go. Finally, after watching that we felt compelled to watch Hot Fuzz. It is the 10 year anniversary after all.
  9. Aw, come on, don't feed the trolls, you guys.
  10. There are bits that just D R A G to the point where last night, watching eps, I went to the kitchen and made tea instead. The bits with Wednesday and Shadow are generally fine/watchable, I guess because it feels like the story is unfolding. I've always said I thought his novels were far weaker than his short stories. This just confirms that.
  11. Finding it a real effort to even bother to finish the series. But then I didn't think the book was the great either.
  12. In the past few years we've been offered 0.5% or even 0.1% as an annual cost of living pay rise. We've had to strike to get that offer up to 1%. Cannot recall the last time we were offered 3%. I think it was probably ten years back when we got 5% AFTER all the unions went on strike and refused to set or mark exams. (I work in HE)
  13. I listened to it while I was cooking dinner last night. I am going to watch it later on today.
  14. Yes, sorry, the leaves and stalks of the plant; your cilantro. I got over excited. *sing-song voice* And now watch this cute little video
  15. People should know who their MP is before voting in a GE. It's dead easy to find out. I'm not saying everyone needs to be 'politically active' every single day or anything but yes, they should find out who their MP is before they vote for them. Also, it's actually written on the card - so no excuse to not know by the time you cast your vote.