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  1. Just watched Crimson Peak on Netflix. It looks gloriously gothic and moody. I imagine it might have been spookier in a dark cinema. Still, nice performances from the leads. And amazing costumes.
  2. I tweeted about how poorly written The Martian was and the author thanked me... Guess he didn't get any better then? Going on holiday kind of crashed my reading for some reason. But I've just started the new Harkaway and it's gooood. I stalled about a third into Ancillary Mercy. Not sure if it was me or the book but I just didn't care that much about what happened any more. I'll try again with it after Gnomon.
  3. I felt like that scene was funny and entertaining on numerous levels. I pretty much gave up after Prometheus and I expected to hate everything about this film but I actually enjoyed watching it on a really basic sci fi level. I liked the genetic engineering stuff on David's part, he was so excited about creating the perfect xenomorph. I admired his passion.
  4. I feel like I've spent most of this series either wondering or not really caring what is going on. I find it almost impossible to watch it without doing something else at the same time. I also agree that Carol was a bit blah in that episode. She didn't exactly 'emote' at any point. Sad because I usually enjoy her character.
  5. I finally watched this film because it was available to view on my flight home from the US. I had zero expectations - other than expecting to find it unbearably awful. I actually thought that if you consider it as a standalone movie it was ok. If you generously consider it as an homage to Alien/Aliens (the repeated motifs, the set pieces, the music) it was even better. Fassbender did a good job of acting like an android, albeit a multi-faceted android. I especially enjoyed the flute playing sequence. My favourite scene with him was when the mini xenomorph emerges and does this humanoid stance with its 'arms' in the air, mirroring David's stance - that was JUST SO CUTE. A bit like the orc-birthing scene in The Two Towers when Saruman gets this misty-eyed look. The 'hey, why not look into this weird-looking alien egg thing, it's completely harmless' moment is absolutely hilarious. It's almost taking the piss out of itself. See also, 'hey, this planet seems like a really nice habitable place, so let's just wander around breathing the atmosphere without ANY precautions against microbial pathogens'. It's farcical that any biologist would do that. So, therefore, it's just impossible to take the film seriously. I mean, if they wanted to I am sure the writers could have found a way to make this super evolved, terrifyingly clever pathogen beat the humans even though they took the necessary safety precautions. The fact that they chose not to surely means that the film is not to be taken seriously. I thought that thematically it was a very simple idea, laid out very clearly in the prologue and then executed in a predictable and satisfying way. What you expect to happen..does happen. In that way it is satisfying your expectations. I give it 6.5/10.
  6. Fortitude was great. S1 slightly better than S2. I watched Alien Covenant on my flight home yesterday and it was far better than I expected it to be. Everything...made sense?
  7. I saw it this week and found it bland and disappointing. I wasn't expecting all that much but it was still a let down. There were some cool bits with Roland's guns though. Plenty of attention to detail there.
  8. The Dark Tower movie was a crushing disappointment. The kid playing Jake was just bland. Idris Elba did an alright job of Roland. But overall it just felt like a pointless waste of time. I also saw Finding Nemo for the first time, which was...fine I guess. And Inside Out which I thought was a bit smarter and more thought provoking.
  9. Well, I don't know about you but I think it's mean to give two finalists the same level of praise and then one wins and the other loses with no further explanations.
  10. It went straight onto my list. Not sure when I'll get time to watch it though. Haven't even watched THT yet.
  11. THE CORRS?!?!?!!!!!!! Why am I the first person to mention this anomaly? There are many artists on that last I personally don't care for however, The Corrs are so actively terrible that they shouldn't be on any such list. Unless it's a list of terrible bands.
  12. The idea that teens today are still drinking as heavily as we (born in 77) did in the 1990s is incorrect. Subsequent generations are drinking less as a whole. Your anecdotal evidence might make you think otherwise but I've seen the stats. The one thing that galls me the most I think, is that younger generations will have always had the ability to look something up online instead of using a book or asking someone.
  13. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, Helena. I have not discussed it with anyone except my manager and HoD (and HR). But there was actually a subsequent incident where three different members of staff were caught gossiping about me and were reprimanded for it. Those three are all buddies of the person who wrote the note about me. So I would guess there has been 'talk' but I have no idea if Person A has explained their own actions honestly or if they have told their buddies a fictious tale about what happened.
  14. Thanks for the varying viewpoints. We are a small group - about 15 of us including everybody in the department. Some people do notice who does/doesn't sign cards/contribute because some people are nosy gossips. I chose not to put into the collection because it doesn't feel right to do so given the context and I don't wish to be a hypocrite. I did choose to sign the card to say 'best wishes for the future' because I don't wish any ill on this person. I don't worry too much about what people think of me generally (especially at work). I am more annoyed that I have been placed in a situation (by this person) where I am having to ask myself these questions at all, and also things like: is the gift giving event going to happen in our communal office while I am working in there? It just makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable - I know that it shouldn't but it does.
  15. Should I contribute to the leaving collection of a colleague who stuck up an abusive note about me in a shared office? What about signing a leaving card? I have a functional professional relationship with this person (the incident was almost two months ago) but I naturally I don't consider them a friend and they never apologised (to me at least) for their actions. It's all a bit weird and uncomfortable but that's not of my doing so I probably shouldn't feel bad about it, right?