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  1. I read The Troop this time two years ago whilst on holiday. I'd say it was a good holiday read. I might do another Paul Tremblay this year. I'm currently reading The Devourers by Insta Dad, which is about shape shifters - not sure if that counts.
  2. I wasn't sure if you were serious about the not eating meat thing. Interesting. I am certainly trying to cut back on my own meat intake (somewhat).
  3. They were great! We had Irish, Scottish, and two English ones (Essex and I can't remember the other place because I was too excited). That place does a happy hour from 3-5pm: 6 oysters and a glass of (non-specified) 'bubbly' for £10. I AM THERE. ETA: Actually, I was thinking about whether you wanted me to bring you some Maldon sea salt across but then I don't suppose that's allowed is it?
  4. Best ever homemade fried chicken from the new Korean cookbook; magically dry, crispy umamiiiiiiiiiii batter. Tonight we're going out for oysters and hopefully some decadent wine choices. It's kinda weird living in the SE of England and hardly ever eating oysters. Need to remedy that.
  5. Ok, so I'm trying to keep it really low key for now, to stop it from beign too much of a chore. For now I have set up the all basic pages of the journal and I am using the daily log for my to-do-list. I quite like the fact that you don't need to cross stuff out each day and move it to the next day, you can just leave it where it is. The only other thing I have done is a habit tracker page, again I've kept it short, there are only five items on there. But they are things that matter to me and I am finding it helpful to track them. I am also keeping the colours to a minimum for now. It's just black ink with green accents. I may think about getting into some hand-lettering in the future as that would be a practical use for doodling. But for now I don't want to set myself up for a fall. In terms of journalling, I am not doing much of that yet. I guess the habit tracker counts though. I had a couple of bits of good news last week (in amongst a black cloud of negative stuff) so I just noted those in the daily log (I'm not logging negative stuff in there as I thik that defeats the object). I plan to keep it going in a low key way for a couple of months before committing to anything fancier (in terms of format and input). Although I can see myself using it to plan personal projects in the near future. But more than anything it is helping me to focus my mind, show me what I have acheived and what I still need to get done.
  6. I'm currently zipping though The Obelisk Gate. I have set aside The Weird Tales of Tanith Lee for now as I was finding it too samey to read continuously. My albatross book at bedtime is Midnight's Children. The plan is to read enough each day to be finished with it by the end of the year. I'm trying to consciously read more - more often, for longer, in more situations etc - to just push forward with my reading pile really.
  7. We finally got to the end of Twin Peaks S2. Holy shit, 22 episodes is way, way, WAYYYYYY too long for any show (leave 'em wanting more x10). Plus with Twin Peaks it's all so meandering and whimsical; it was actually torturous to get through in places. Now we just need to watch the film and then we can start on S3.
  8. I caved and have started bullet journalling, you guys. I am trying to keep it low key and minimal so far, I don't want to go overboard with it early on. One question I have - has anyone truly gotten rid of their actual diary completely? I'm worried that I'll always have to carry both around with me.
  9. And how is the soundtrack?
  10. This thread has inspired me to grab a load of Tanith Lee collections for my kindle. Going back 20 years I'd done a good job of collecting her short stories and novels, but I clearly have some catching up to do.
  11. I think that many of you are your own worst enemy when it comes to this show. It just wasn't as clever as you thought it was after all (S1), so S2 felt like an anticlimax for you. And now you're getting your hopes up (again) for S3 to be 'as good as S1'. I doubt it'll hit the heights of S1. So don't expect it to. And I thought that both VV and CF put in great performances in S2. I just didn't find the story as compelling as S1.
  12. Every time I use my Naked Smoky palette now (every other day or something) I look at it with big sad eyes before I close it. I'm not sure if I really need to buy a 'spare' at this point though as I still have lots of mileage in the one I have. Do I? Someone tell me how to live my life.
  13. Yeah, I already ordered myself a nice new journal and some pens. EXCITE! I am keen to do a bit of habit tracking actually and (finally) I really need to get with the mindfulness. I was meant to start meditation at the same time I started yoga (2.5 yrs ago). Whoops. Maybe I can get started before the end of the year though. But I really hope that the combination of reflection, organisation and a bit of doodling sounds right up my street. Fingers crossed.
  14. I cannot help but think that if there is anything growing inside Cersei it is just one of those freakish tumours made of eyes, teeth and hair. Like a kind of fucked up, retarded onset conjoined twin thing.
  15. We have finished all four seasons of Endeavour and now feel bereft. I think it might be the best thing we have watched all year. Goddamn, the seasons are so short though. I don't even know if there are going to be any more seasons.