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  1. It does a very good job of humanising awful people. Carmela is such a raging hypocrite but at the same time you feel bad for her being married to Tony. The kids are going to grow up to be horrible, entitled adults. Meadow, especially, is unremittingly shallow and ignorant - despite all of her book learning. She'll never have to live without a safety net. But getting the viewer to care what happens to Tony, just because he has anxiety attacks and likes animals, is the greatest trick of all.
  2. Do you think there is an obvious solution which the government should be implementing to 'prevent all terror attacks' then? I didn't say that preventing attacks by ISIS would deter ISIS. The purpose of preventing attacks is to keep people safe. Ok, I have a question for you: do you think that CT work is only related to what is happening either right now or in the immediate future?
  3. On the way into work this morning I was wondering how long it would be before the first one of these types of comments appeared. The threat level has been raised because there is a possibility that Abedi was not working alone, meaning that there could be more attacks of this kind planned to take place in the near future (e.g, I personally wouldn't go anywhere near Wembley this weekend). The problem is that the security services cannot 'claim success' because that is the secret nature of their work - they cannot disclose the details. So when they thwart an attack or the preparations of an attack the average person will not get to hear about it and that's just how it is. Nobody does that kind of work for the glory. There is no spin. It's just public servants working hard and doing their best to stop people getting hurt. So can we please point the blame in the direction it is deserved - the terrorists and not those working in CT.
  4. I'm not watching Riverdale but if I was my first thought would be that you do not get a comprehensive six pack like that from 'working construction'.
  5. I'm so glad she's ok, mormont. Jesus. Christ. <3 <3 <3 So, I'm aware that people are saying/posting inappropriate things on this topic all over the place. But one thing that interests me is the claim that there is a pattern to pre-election attacks... what would be the supposed particular aim of that? Destroy democracy? Stop people voting? Influence direction of votes? What?
  6. LOL Tories. You're a laughing stock.
  7. Yes, there is something you can do about it. You can vote for someone else. Have you looked at everyone who is standing for election where you live? I'm not sure whereabouts you live in the UK, but can you explain this comment about noticing 'that immigration is a bigger problem'? Do you mean that you noticed it is more of an issue where you live, or in the UK as a whole? And what are you basing that on? And do you really seriously think and feel that immigration is the biggest problem for people living in the UK today? E.g. are you more concerned about immigration than the failing NHS? It is not the biggest problem in the UK right now and even if the UK government said 'fine, let's not let anyone else in' how is that going to solve the existing problems with education, healthcare, poverty? Those problems are not caused by immigrants. Again, you can vote for someone else. Anyone else.
  8. Wait. He wrote professionally but didn't know what a word search was?
  9. Yeah. Definitely leave it until last - for when there is literally NOTHING ELSE.
  10. I watched the whole series in just over 24 hours this past weekend. The more I think about it, the better I think it is. First of all, I do not think that it glorifies suicide, at all. I think it shows how it affects everyone who is left behind and it also shows that there are people who care and people who want to help. It also does a good job of showing (as well as telling) that you never know what a person is dealing with that you are unaware of and that we should try not to judge others. I think it is quite an honest portrayal of how fucking awful people can be to each other. What I think is quite cleverly done is that Hannah is actually annoying and at times unsympathetic. The producers could have created a wholly blameless 'perfect' character who would be practically canonised after her death but instead what they did was create an ordinary character who made poor choices, did stupid things, (and had some fucking awful things done to her obviously) and this illustrates the fact that even if you are annoying or immature or whatever then YOU STILL DON'T DESERVE TO HAVE AWFUL THINGS DONE TO YOU.
  11. I watched all of 13 Reasons Why in 24 hours and while it took me a while to get into it (mostly because teens are far, far less exciting than they think they are - but that is part of the point of the show) once I was sucked in I HAD to keep watching it. The more I think about it, the better I think it is. I have THINGS to say about. Lots of things. I will go to the thread and say my things there.
  12. We watched a classic bad Friday night film - The Pyramid. It features Anubis which is a redeeming feature, maybe its only one in fact. It's not a truly terrible film and if you like pyramids you might enjoy a bit of mindless, slightly predictable adventure/horror-based fun. Currently attempting to watch 13 Reasons Why but finding it quite plodding and heavy going. It's not really sharp enough or fast-moving enough for my tastes. I'll give it another couple of episodes to see if it picks up. ...Ok it got a bit more interesting. I think it doesn't help that the 'narrator' isn't entitely sympathetic (ie I don't want to listen to her endlessly). But I guess that's kind of the point!
  13. Do it! As soon as I get some grey hairs I'm going silver. Currently I'm chocolate brown but I may return to my natural colour in the summer then grow my hair in the winter. Kind of bored of having short hair now even though it's so convenient, especially for hot yoga.
  14. Yeah. I'm still anxiously undecided.
  15. Oh, I also watched this Warren Beatty film from the 70's called Parallax View - about a journalist who investigates a shadowy multinational conspiracy group thing. I had high hopes for it. I'm on a real 1970's appreciation trip lately. And to be fair Warren Beatty's character was alright as a brash, go-it-alone, down-on-his-luck MANLY MAN. The plot was actually ok, as it panned out in the end. But, I don't know, it just felt a bit flat and even a bit overly long, almost boring toward the end. Kinda wish I hadn't bothered.