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  1. What do you folks say about this thing which I mentioned in the topic; the bastard son of Sansa and Sandor? As for Arya, I don't think she could bear any children. The Waif sought to that in season 6. It's a mirracle Arya survived that multiple stabs in a stomach.
  2. In the season which is now behind us, one great wish of the most number of fans came true. It's the start of the romantic relationship between the Targaryen nephew and aunt. How are the odds of starting the relationships between the next character couples in the final season which most of the fans would also like to happen: 1. Arya and Gendry - most of you probably think that Arya doesn't have a bright future, and that she's most likely to die until the end of series. Also, most of you probably think it would be dumb that Arya dies as a virgin. She and Gendry should really have a reunion and that Arya should give her virginity to him. 2. Sansa and Sandor - less likely than Arya and Gendry, but why not. Since the most of the characters will be at Winterfell, the reunion between Sansa and the Hound is inevitable. The Hound would fall for Sansa more then ever, because Sansa is now a grown woman and no longer that naive and stupid little bird like she was the last time he saw her. I imagine a scene where Sandor confesses his love to Sansa, and Sansa could give herself to him, because he's prettier than Tyrion and not alike Joffrey or Ramsay. And since there is a chance that Sansa survives the end of series, I also imagine that between her relationship with the Hound a bastard could be made. 3. Brienne and Jaime/Tormund - Now that on the show Jaime finally broke up with Cersei, we can hope that Jaime will take Brienne's virginity. Will Brienne give up to him or to Tormund remains to be seen.
  3. The thing I'm looking forward to see the most is Jon/Dany love making scene. I want it to be 1-2 minutes long, and to see both of them on top. Here's how I imagine it: They start kissing and taking off their clothes before climbing on bed together. At first, Dany is on top of Jon during most of the foreplay. Then, they switch to missionary pose, Jon starts kissing Dany's neck, then her teats, then belly and finally he gives her the Lord's kiss just like he gave it long ago to Ygritte.
  4. Euron really fulfilled all expectations. I think that not a single ship in Euron's fleet was sunk during that battle. If the outcome of this battle spoils anything from the books, I think that Euron's fleet will crush the Redwyne fleet just as same as the fleet of Yara and Theon at the start of Winds of Winter. And I also think that Aeron Damphair will jump overboard just as Theon did in the heat of the battle with the Redwynes. Speaking of the future events in the books, Doran Martell could be killed by Euron's Ironborn. Sunspear is not far from the sea, and Doran was occupied with the Lannisters all those years, that he can't foresee his death from another one.
  5. I say there will be romance between those two, but that romance won't have a happy ending. Just like Robb and Talisa they will get married at the end of season 7, and they are both going to die sometime in season 8.
  6. Some of my predictions: - Euron will visit Cersei in King's Landing to propose the marriage and military alliance. Cersei will accept it, because she's aware that Lannisters won't stand a chance against the Targaryen-Tyrell-Martell alliance on their own. Jaime will abandon Cersei's cause. Cersei will leave KL with Euron before Dany's arrival with her dragons. - The first thing Daenerys will do upon her arrival in Westeros, is to retake her ancestral seat of Dragonstone. - With Dany's arrival the RIver lords will once again rebel against the Lannister-Frey occupation. Edmure Tully will head to the North with Brienne and Brotherhood without banners. - Arya will reunite with Gendry and she'll give her maidenhood to him. - Sansa'a mistrust of Littlefinger will get bigger and bigger. Eventually she'll reunite with the Hound and he's going to tell Sansa how did Littlefinger betray Ned's trust back in season 1. After hard fight to expose Littlefinger's treacheries, Sandor will confess his love to Sansa, and they will have sex after which Sansa will get pregnant with a bastard. - Bran's new destination will be The Isle of Faces. On his journey south he will briefly visit Winterfell. He will tell everyone what he saw about Jon in his weirwood visions. At first, no one will trust him, and then Howland Reed arrives in Winterfell and confirms Bran's tale about Jon's true parentage. - Jon will invite Daenerys to Wintefell to ask for an alliance in the war against the Others. Dany will arrive there with Drogon, and then she and Jon will start forming their romantic relationship and get married at the end of season. It took four episodes for Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr to form their romantic relationship in season 2, so I think it's not impossible the same thing happens to Dany and Jon. - Yara will eventually die and Theon will then have to face Euron himself alone to save the honor of house Greyjoy. - Daario Naharis will eventually arrive in Westeros. The people of Meereen have chosen their new leader and Daario is no longer needed there. When he arrives, he'll be heartbroken after learning of Dany's new relationship with Jon. - And, of course, at the end of season 7 White Walkers break through the Wall...
  7. I don't know about that, but my own prediction for Yara and Theon in next season is that Yara will eventually die, and Theon will then have to face Euron himself in order to save his house.
  8. Besides Jorah going to Asshai, I have also come to an idea that his greyscale disease could be healed by the Red priests. After that he might get a smoking arm just like Victarion Greyjoy in the books.
  9. I forgot where have I read it, I can't find it right now, but I think I read somewhere that new locations to be added in season 7 will be: Asshai, Casterly Rock, Greywater Watch and Skagos. Don't blame me if I'm wrong about it.
  10. If the rumors which I have heard are true, one of the new location to be introduced in season 7 will be Asshai by the Shadow. Though GRRM said there will be no POV characters directly in Asshai, the show could make it just opposite. Only person which I can see going there is Jorah Mormont. There, he could find a cure for his greyscale disease and have a reunion with Quaithe. Back in season 2, Jorah was the only person who ever talked with Quaithe, which was very sucks. If the show already introduced her, it would be stupid not to show her again. We should really find out more about her identity, and other mysteries and secrets which she could reveal to Jorah.
  11. RAMSAY KAPUTT!!!!!! Though I always thought that Theon and Ramsay should have a reunion before Ramsay dies, his death is very satisfying for everyone who loathe him.
  12. Not that I watched ep. 8, and because the next episode will be focused on battle in the North, here are my thoughts about the finale storylines: - Kings Lansing: it's hardest to predict. Qyburn will probably inform Cersei about the events in the North, Riverrun and maybe even about Tyrion's whereabouts, which will make Cersei pissed. I don't know if there's gonna be some huge shit like the death of Kevan, Pycelle, Tommen and maybe Loras, Mace and High Sparrow, or that wildfire explosion from Bran's visions. - Riverrun and Riverlands: Probably siege conclusion with some scenes with Jaime and Edmure. I don't know about something with Walder Frey. The best thing I can expect with Brienne is an encounter with the Hound and others from BwB, where they head North to face White Walkers. - The Reach and Dorne: Just to see Sam, Gilly, Ellaria and Sand Snakes in one more episode this season. It's also hard to predict. - Winterfell and North: Aftermath of the big battle. If Ramsay dies, Jon and the other Northerners will turn their eyes to the White Walker threat, but if Ramsay survives and escapes, they will discuss about the siege of Dreadfort. - Braavos: I don't expect anything special. I would't be surprised if Arya is going to be absent in the finale. - Iron Islands: Just one more time to see Euron this season. - Meereen: I expect it to be really exciting. Inside the city Dany and her dragons purge Sons of the Harpy in their lairs, and outside the city the Dothraki wipe out more SoH and other slavers on the land and the arriving Iron fleet destroying slaver ships on the sea. - The Wall and beyond: Bran, Meera and Benjen step out south of the Wall. The thing about Bran I really wish to see is a vision of Lyanna dying after the birth of Jon Snow. And, as a final scene of season 6, I want to see a scene at Castle Black where something cause the Wall to crumble. If the finale title is The Winds of Winter, I think it should be referring to White Walkers.
  13. I believe the Starks will win, but I think Ramsay will survive the battle and escape to Dreadfort. Before he dies in season 7, I really think that he and Theon should have a reunion.
  14. I don't know what made BwB to commit that crime at the end of this episode. Maybe because their new leader is Thoros and because of that they are now killing all R'hlorr non-worshipers. The Hound will now most likely kill their entire brotherhood. I think there is no point for anyone to cherish any more hope for the Lady Stoneheart appearance on the show. As for the book story, I always hoped that Sandor found faith, and that he's repenting for his past sins and crimes. But, if he's going to return to his old ways of warrior, I hope that the reason for that will be Sansa.
  15. In my opinion every episode #7 in one season was quite boring. I hope that won't be the case in this seventh episode.