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  1. Will we finally get a confirmation of r+l=j? If it's going to happen, I believe it will happen in this episode. It is confirmed that the actor who played young Ned has scenes in the finale. Why show him again unless it is to finally see what is in the tower (I mean we all know who it is, come on). Who ho will be the character to bring this to light for the audience? Will they also bring this information to light for the other characters of this world? There are many possibilities, howland reed, bran, Mel, even littlefinger. Any thoughts?
  2. Just think how awesome the final 2 books will be to read after viewing this chopped up adaption. Sure the larger strokes are there on the show but that's like Monet doing and elaborate outline drawing and having a drunk 4 year old with palsy paint in the lines with a claw hammer.
  3. The night is dark and full of Mojo.
  4. I was really upset with how Riverrun was handled. Why even bother bringing the Black-fish back if he was just going to be killed off-screen an episode later? What greater purpose to the plot did any of that serve? Other than separating Jaime and Cersie again of course...
  5. While I agree that D&D's writing can be horribly clumsy sometimes (and even worse other times *sandsnakes*) Jon and co. can easily breach the gate, they have a Wun Wun. He'll have no trouble booting another giant door down, if it comes to that. Jon is running out of time, he knows he needs to act, if the hearts and words of the Northerners are true, they will act with him when the time comes.
  6. I'm not sure that Mel would be ashamed of what she did or even care that it would destroy Davos and get her killed. When Davos finds the stag carving near the pyre he will realize what happend. He will then confront her about it, and I believe she will not hesitate to tell him exactly what she and Stannis did to Shireen. How Davos will then initially react I'm not sure, but we can assume he won't be very pleased to say the least.
  7. No, but Stannis loved Shireeen, Melisandre burned Shireeen. Melisandre "revived" Jon (unless it was actually Bran somehow), if Jon kills Mel that's close enough for me. prophecy in this series is never exactly as it is written
  8. Ah yes I forgot it was Davos that gave it to her, not the other way around, my mistake. That definitely seems like the way he'll discover it, Davos is a clever man, it won't take much for him to put two and two together. Okay im all but sold on that being how he finds out about it now.
  9. Mel has never really been a liar though. I think if anyone asks her about what happened to Shireen again, and doesn't interrupt the answer, a la Brienne, she will tell the honest truth of what she did.
  10. As I said I don't expect it to happen in the next episode or until the battle of Winterfell is finished, but I posted it here since they arrived at the camp in this episode.
  11. If Jon finds out that she burned an innocent child just to melt the snow he would have no problems killing her. Sure you could argue that he killed Olly, but Olly directly helped in killing Jon. The only time Shireen ever held a blade was when she was whittling the stag for Davos. Perhaps Davos finds out what happened before the battle of Winterfell 2.0. I doubt he would kill Mel before the battle ensues, he may still remember what happened at Blackwater in her absence. It seems likely that Davos will be killed during the battle of Winterfell so maybe Jon will be fulfilling Davos' last wish by killing the red woman and ending her streak of sacrifices/ dark magic following the victory at Winterfell. Not to mention Jon most likely doesn't even want to be resurrected again if he dies once more, what better way to ensure that than by killing her. Im not saying these exact things will happen, but I expect something at least similar to this.
  12. Jon, Sansa and, more importantly, Davos have come upon the camp that Stannis and his army used before the "siege" of Winterfell. This is the camp at which Melisandre burned Shireen. The show runners wouldn't have placed Davos here unless he was going to discover what happened to the Princess Baratheon. Melisandre left the wall with Jon and Co. so she can't be far behind them. Once Davos finds out what happened the proverbial shit will hit the metaphorical fan. Mel will be killed, either by Davos, or in another way that would be awesome and surprising.... Say, Jon plunging Longclaw through the red woman's heart, killing her physical body and transforming the sword into Lightbringer.
  13. Upon multiple rewatches of this episode, I notice that the showrunners make a point to focus on a quick shot of Cersie adjusting a ring on her finger before she tries to leave for myrcella's funeral. The weird part is I don't remember seeing the ring before and they never showed her being gifted with any rings. So where did this ring come from? I think the answer is quite simple, Qyburn. It is my thought that the ring grants it's wearer some form of control over the undead kingsguard "ser Robert Strong" aka Frankenmountain/Mountainstein/Qyburnstein's monster. Either that or it's nothing and I'm a crazy person..
  14. ....Except Brynden Rivers (Bloodraven) has been confirmed to be the man that Bran meets in the cave by both HBO and GRRM. I don't have the time or the need to post a link to prove it but the info is out there, hell it's probably even on the wiki page. Check it out.
  15. "the top is wide enough for a dozen knights to ride abreast, and is even thicker at the base" nope... Not thick at all...