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  1. agreed. you are not. let your imagination run free. we have another woman passing as a men, to enter a male only organization (IIRC the small council does not allow women to serve.... your examples of female masters of whispers were kind of informal). Salleras. Also Sweets, kind of another Valyrian (he is said to have purple eyes)... though he is an hermaphrodite IRRC
  2. exactly the kind of answer i would expect.
  3. What else can they be? Kings Blood has power beyond human sacrifice? you misunderstood. I was rebutting your claim that when varys changes his tone of voice, we should pay special attention, because thats when we know he is telling the truth. This happens in ADWD and ACOK. Yet if one is a believer of the (f)Aegon theory (except the double swap version), we "know" he is lying in ADWD. How can we still believe the change in tone is an identifier of truth? if anything, its when the biggest lies come in. agreed. Still if he is fake, then the identity of his mother should be explained at some point. Whether a random whore or a sion of house blackfyre, or a decedenat of Aerion, it still needs explanation.
  4. Thats where i was going for. Illyrios involvment in the targaryen restoration is usually explained by (f)Aegon theory. He is placing his son on the iron throne. Fair enough But Varys? Well readers asume he is Serras brother, therefore Aegon his nephew. But if Varys is Serra.. then it makes more sense IMHO. He/she could be the implied female line of house blackfyre... or the Brightflame descedent. Depending on which version of the (f)aegon theory you prefer. We know he kind of dresses like a woman. Painting his fingernails and all that. It would be an awesome hint if Varys were Serra. again, i admit its a weak theory. Still it has been speculated over the years that Varys was really a woman. I never saw much use in that. What would be the point? unless, he was specifically Serra. Then yes. The Varys being a woman theory would make much more sense.
  5. hahaha i know. i thought the same (i still do, sort of...) i dont` know if there is a thread that develops the theory, since well... theres not much on the evidence department i admit. theres a bunch of threads and posts that speculate on it. This is what i remember: Theres a bunch of times, Varys is associated with women. We can all agree he is pretty effeminate. The Eunuch cover is pretty genius, since it would explain that, as well as the lack of facial hair. The Spider symbology is as usually associated with femininity. What would varys (serra) know of female seducation? Many readers have pointed out these line to support the Varys Targaryen theory. But it works this way as well i think In fact, think of Lysonno Maar for a second. A Valyrian transvestite from lys, who serves as master of whispers in the golden company.... exactly like Varys (serra) just the other way around. he is a man who dresses like a woman, We know like 3 things about Serra. one of which: The eunuch spread his soft hands. (...) who will mourn poor Varys then? North or south, they sing no songs for spiders." He reached out and touched Ned with a soft hand. (...) Varys gave the king an unctuous smile and laid a soft hand on Ned's sleeve. (...) Varys was wringing his soft hands together, (...) "The poor child," murmured Varys. "A love so true and innocent, Your Grace, it would be cruel to deny it … and yet, what can we do? Her father stands condemned." His soft hands washed each other in a gesture of helpless distress. (...) "Why are you so helpful, my lord Varys?" he asked, studying the man's soft hands (...) Varys stood over the brazier, warming his soft hands. (...) "Indeed." Varys laid a soft hand on the queen's sleeve. (...) Varys caught up with him as he was crossing the yard. "My lord," he said, a little out of breath. "You had best read this at once." He held out a parchment in a soft white hand. "A report from the north." (...) He stood in a pool of shadow by a bookcase, plump, pale-faced, round-shouldered, clutching a crossbow in soft powdered hands. Silk slippers swaddled his feet. "Varys?" Theres like 6 or 7 men in the entire series described as having "soft hands"...each one just once. Except Varys. Virtually every time he appears.
  6. a) he hates sorcery and sorcerers, yet as far as we know he is just fine if (f)Aegon marrys dany and conquer the seven kingdoms with dragons.... "dragons are magic ser davos". Kind of hypocrite dont you think? b ) I don`t see how GRRM will bring out the motives for the castration later on. It could happen, but for now it has been useless bit of information. c) Unless you believe that Aegon is a true targaryen, or the double swap version of the (f)Aegon theory.. then you know Varys was lying to Kevan in ADWD..How can you claim his change of tone is evidence of saying the truth back in ACOK? if anything he is telling his biggest lie when his voice changes. d) i agree. we have no evidence of her existance. Yet she will be somewhat important for the plot. There is no point in George bringing that up, unless she will impact the story to some degree. We already had one example of the rich merchant that marries the bedslave.
  7. most memorable, and probably false part of his story. Whats the point? are we going to meet that mysterious wizard at some point? was the ceremony useful to advance the main plot in some way? The demon is going to make an appearance? the only relevant effect storywise of the castration ritiual is that apparently varys hates magic after that....yet he is willing to invade westeros with dragons ... sounds like crap to me....completely useless information as far as im concerned (at least for now). Theres really no way of telling what is true and what not about varys. Well yes. Serra could be just a cover story. point was. Serra = (f)aegons mother. all her backstory could very well be false.
  8. Never liked much the theory of Varys being secretly a woman. I never thought it added anything useful to the plot. But lately i have changed my mind to a particular scenario. Varys = Serra kind of solves a number of issues presented in this thread. granted it lacks much more evidence to be credible. But still, i think it would be an awesome twist (if Aegon was indeed son of illyrio and "serra")
  9. When the bodies of Kevan and Pycelle are found the next morining, Mace will take the regency and most of the small council. Pycelle was a key witness against his daughter, having publicly accuse her of drinking moon tea. Him dying makes the tyrells look guilty. Killing both Pycelle and Kevan looks like a power play to take the regency.
  10. i seem to have missed a couple of essays. like finding a wrapped christmas gift. quality stuff for the weekend, Ill come back later.
  11. I like this. I wonder if Jons integration policy will bring more weddings between Wildings and Northmen. Like Tormund and a Mormont seems likely. but there are other female heirs in the north that could follow Alys Karsktar lead in this. Jonelle Cerywn (house with axe sigil) for instance, marrying Soren Shieldbreker (big axe guy) Eddara tallhart Beth Cassel.
  12. a
  13. Taena is ten years younger than cersei. That means she was born in 276. She married in Myr while Orton was in exile (after 283). Taena was 7 years old during roberts rebellion. Conventional age for marriage would be somewhat 16 years i seem to recall from a SSM. Russel Merryweather was born in 293, that means Orton should have married her at least 9 months earlier. say 292 (Taena would be 16 in 292) That could very well mean Russel was conceived at the very start of their Marriage. Yet, interestingly enough, the have no other sons or daughters. We are told Orton Merryweather is gay: Taena is arguebly the sexiest woman that we know off in the entire planetos. Therefore Orton must have choosen her for prestige to impress other men,, or to use her to influence other men... Orton is associeted with Horns (his sigil) and a couple of times in the text BTW, how did Orton recover his lands? Robert was a generous guy it is true. And he won enemies over by being generous., but it doesn´t make sense he would keep them for years 9 years just in case his former enemies returned to ask them back. he would rather distribute them among friends or former enemies as soon as possible right? especially if his rule was new and controversial... yet it would seem Orton returned 9 years later, with a gorgeous wife, he went to his knees and Robert delivered. Im sensing a possibility here. Orton choose Taena to seduce robert.. he pimped his wife to win his lands back. Which takes us to the mysterious scarred black hair lover, taena told cersei about: Wouln´t it be really smart writting if the man was in fact robert? And later to the myrish swamp scene: Cersei mirroring Robert with Taena. 9 months later after Lord Orton and Lady Taenar arrive to westeros newlywed, little Russel Merryweather is born.. . the one who likes playing with swords (bttw where does he get that from? certainly not from Lord Orton), and Taena refuses to bring to court (fear of Cersei murdering him like she did with all the other bastards?) I don´t think Orton Merryweather is a player. His interventions in AFFC don´t strike me as consistent pattern of manipulations in favor of some other player of the game of thrones..He is just a amiable lickspittle, like his grandfather, whose contributions are just to praise Cerseis "intelligence". But taena is. All her actions help destroy the lannister-tyrell alliance. She is clearly doing Varys´ bidding. Why? i wonder if VArys knows who the real father of russel is and blackmails taena..
  14. maybe he never did and thats the whole point about LF. What if he always thought he did spend that night with Catelyn, and that she had feelings for him... So he goes on and challenges Brandon to a duel, gets wounded. Cat saves his life by pleading Brandon to spare him. and he gets banished from Riverrun... LF writes her a letter.. she never answers. we readers know she never actually read it, but he doesnt... all he knows is that she goes on and marries to the Starks of winterfell, choosing to become lady of the North rather than marrying him.. a lowborn baelish from nowhere... so he grows bitter and motivated to ascend socially to get a title that might have won the hand of catelyn back then.. and now tries to remake history with Cat 2.0.. sansa.
  15. This could imply she left before he woke up. Theres also the letter Petyr sent Cat before, that she never opened. I think LF always thought he had that one night with Catelyn..