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  1. To be honest, because it is Martin, it could simply be 6. As you said it seems the most probable. Though at the same time because it is Martin it could be something much more complex. I enjoyed your write up, though I don't have much else to offer beyond I feel that 6 is most probable.. Followed by 2 with the others very far behind.
  2. A tiny bit off topic. But who currently "owns" or rules Moat Cailin? Is it the Reeds? And a little more on topic. I don't believe you can look at Moat Cailin alone as the factor it cuts off the south. The Crannogmen are a HUGE factor in this gamble. That before you even have to deal with the ruins of Moat Cailin you have been bled by them and the terrain. Disease, poison, supplies being disrupted, hostile flora and fauna, etc. (Others have echoed this). But additionally whenever you try to take the time to build things and gather supplies you are meet with the harsh terrain and the Crannogmen doing hit and run. And all the time you take trying to fix problem A and then problem B pops up you have already run out of supplies (Or at least have less than those you are trying to siege)
  3. Nah, please share what you think of this. Even if it strays a bit from the main topic.
  4. Again, thanks and Knight of Winter you point out a lot of really good things. I didn't even think of the missing out on an alliance bit. One thing I forgot to ask before is how do you think Eddard and his family would react? Let's say there is a feast, or for whatever reason this second son or lord is there. Scorn from Catelyn? Distrust from Eddard? Curiosity from the kids? And let's just set up the Wildling. Let's say she is a Wildling but she is smart enough or "learned" enough to know when she shouldn't push the boundary. At least in a situation that can radically harm her husband(Violence committed against). But at the same time still is a Wildling as Wildling goes.
  5. Thanks to all you guys for replying. My idea was set in the "normal" times before a Dance of Dragons. It seems like most agree they'd at least be shunned a bit. Now what if it was like a lesser Lord? Say the second son of a smaller house? Do you think it'd matter if it was a second son vs an heir to the house? What if this couple were to leave the north and go south like, King's Landing? Do you think many of them would realize she is a Wildling and shun them? Or would they maybe assume she was a "quirky" northerner?
  6. As the title says what would happen if a Northern Lord take for a wife a wildling? I am curious on what the North's reaction would be to this Has this happened before? The lord's peers, or higher born lords that rule them. Or their lord paramount How would they react? Or how many people would actual care? Wanted to hear what you all thought on the matter.
  7. I really enjoyed the break down. Any other chance's we'll see lots of the Dorne/Vale banners in the future? Or is there too little information to try to figure out how many men they can field per household?
  8. I did indeed checked out this discussion and while it was amazingly helpful it didn't exactly cover everything I was looking for. Though one thing about the discussion that I could humor is Baelish wanting to bring down the great houses of westeros and be the only man left standing. Just because he wants to, and the vindication that he can. To me it seems he is weaving destruction through every great house, as if to bleed them dry. Then use the Vale for his own means to pick up the pieces But still I feel like there has to be something else. But maybe I am comparing him to Varys as Varys has a "higher calling" for his cause..
  9. Thank you! Yeah, he wants to be of importance. But now being Lord Paramount of the Riverlands and Protector of the Vale? Correct? It seems he has gathered a lot of power. And isn't the finding money was just borrowing it from others. I am curious if Petyr was purposely doing this to make the crown in incredible debt and perhaps weaken it. I just have a hard time figuring out why he is doing all this beyond gaining power. It doesn't seem like Varys who according to him he is trying to serve Westeros and seemingly restore the Targaryens to the Iron Throne. His end game. But Petyr just seems like a power grab at the moment but I feel like there has to be more to it than that.
  10. I know it is hard to tell since the books aren't finished but I am have a hard time figuring where he is going. He turned the Starks against the Lannisters, maybe as an old grudge. He has kept the Vale out of the war, I suppose to retain its strength. He obviously wants power for himself, and we know sometimes he does actions that don't make sense to throw his enemies off his trail. But what is the endgame? Does he just want the seven kingdoms to destroy themselves in war, and then swipe in conquering it for himself? Maybe even giving the Iron throne to himself?
  11. I wonder if she nicknamed him Bobby how well that would go over ;). (Especially if that seduction goes well) With 'Joff" control I figured when he was younger, or at least when Robert was alive, Jon Arryn could control him on threat of telling his father. As in "How Joff you are saying the hound should beat this peasant, maybe we should get King Robert involved so he can justly punish what this man has done." essentially stuff like that. The party are in King's Landing and things went very smoothly for the first day. Jon Arryn was amazing, and even some fun with Renly Baratheon. Next sessions is the tourney of Joff's name day and I have a few events planned out. I am assuming the tourney includes a fair and such for smallfolk? (If not I'll still probably keep it in.). Also an intrigue/event with Princess Myrcella went well, and the little Princess (I have her around 14) is enamored by the Dornish Princess. As in "let's sit together" "what is dorne like?" "that dress is so beautiful" etc, etc. I figured Cersei wouldn't be too keen with Myrcella getting close to the character. Though I'm trying to come up with sly remarks she could make alluding what happened to her Aunt. Though I was wondering if Cersei would go this far, to gain the goal of getting the Princess away from Myrcella. I am still facing Challenges with Petyr and Varys on how to use the party in their schemes. Anyways the question I have, is how will it reflect on the Princess if her warriors enter the Melee/Tourney and win? Just normal oh cool that's great? Her martial arts teacher has very high stats and could win the Melee very easily. So I am curious on the King's reaction of finding a fantastic warrior, or Jaime wanting fresh blood in the tourneys. (He won't be in the joust, and I think I can assume that is only what Jaime does.). Also the fact that he is a foreigner.
  12. You could still make an argument that even if Waymar Royce survived the deserter could have still left out of fear. But I like following your logic through all the steps. How interesting if one little thing was different and it creates a huge butterfly effect.
  13. I probably will, so thanks for the offer!
  14. Essentially this is what I am asking. And go on and babble!
  15. So how does that play-out for you, if Robb is warned about the Red Wedding?