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    I love Harry Potter,The Hunger Game books, A song of ice and fire...I can't think of any other series that have gotten my attention like those. I ship Jaime and Brienne although I think the chances of them having a happily ever after is not good.

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  1. 1. Those convenient cave paintings that just happened to be there and also spelled everything out for them...right down to have the white walkers depicted. How unlikely. Watching I thought... "Are you kidding me?" but with more swearing. 2 The Ayra/Brienne fight. Ayra and her fighting has gotten very Mary Sue-ish. Brienne trained while growing up (probably practicing constantly AND has fought for years afterwords). As someone upthread said Ayra has a sword for a 7 year old and a few months of training. Brienne should have been able to disarm her very, very quickly. (Also poor Pod...Brienne treats him like dirt....they have ruined her character completely). 3. The whole "bend the knee thing". Seems pretty petty when your whole world (and everyone else's) is about to blow up. 4. I love Jaime but getting the scorpion out (and ready to use etc...) would have been #1 priority. (they brought that huge, heavy thing for a reason...then they don't use it until most of the Lannister army are shake n' baked.) He doesn't even have it ready to go!! What in the world was he thinking??
  2. I have never really liked the Starks but I never minded Bran. When he said he wasn't Brandon Stark anymore (at least not fully) it made me sad. It really was like Bran died a long time ago. You'd think the first things he'd look into as an all knowing being is what happened to him at the tower that made him disabled in the first place. If I had his powers that is the first thing I'd want to clear up.
  3. Upset!!! Jaime and Cersie having sex? Again??? His redemption arc is a long distant, forgotten memory. All we have left is Cersie Puppet Jaime. (((sad))).
  4. I've said something like this myself about Ayra and was vehemently attacked by the Gendry/Ayra shippers. I completely agree with your post.
  5. I think she loved him for what he could do for her. Now he isn't as useful anymore so, as someone said upthread, she isn't interested in him anymore and even cruelly mocks his injury. (Who does that? Seriously? I mean even if they weren't romantic they are still family). Also she was quite willing to have him risk his life/more than likely die to be her champion.
  6. I put forth this theory a few months ago just to be rabidly shot down by everyone insisting it had to be a queen that usurped Cersie. Even after I searched online, found the exact text and posted it (which said nothing about it being a more beautiful QUEEN) they still shot me down so I gave up. I will laugh and laugh when we are proven right. As far as her holding Jaime dear...well..Jaime is her power right? Someone annoys her, Jaime will take care of it (which was mentioned in a quote upstream). She's in trouble? Jaime will save her. He's not even a person to her, he's an appendage.
  7. I thought Tywin got the marriage annulled.
  8. We don't all believe it. I never liked the Starks (besides Ayra and I'm neutral on Bran) so could careless whether they get their vengeance or not.
  9. I absolutely hate her and this is why: Because she hung Podrick. He was only around 12 at the time. I have a 13 year old son so I have a pretty good idea what a 12 year old would look/be like.I read upthread that Catelyn really loved her kids. Ho Ho is all I've got to say to that. I don't think leaving a four yr old and someone that is near death to run after your oldest child is a great mother, but I digress. Anybody that murders a child/attempts to murder a child (one she knew had nothing to do with it, not to mention Hyle who also had nothing to do with it) Is just pure evil and I hope Brienne chops her head off ASAP. Also...has anybody actually thought about what a body would be like after 3 days in the water? I don't even think it would be recognizable so when people say they want Sansa/Arya/Bran or any of her kids to meet up with her...I'm like "Seriously?"
  10. I loved that scene. I especially like how he defended her even though she was nowhere around and probably would never know about it.
  11. Yes, I may be slightly biased!
  12. Dreamsongs mentioned my favorite scene--Jaime jumping one-handed and unarmed to save Brienne in the bear pit.
  13. The Jaime/Brienne chapters because I am huge shipper of this pairing.
  14. I like Podrick too! If LSH has murdered him I hope Brienne cuts her up into little pieces.
  15. Even though I am a huge Jaime/Brienne shipper the bear pit didn't come to mind...what immediately came into my mind was Theon rescuing Jeyne. I actually cheered out loud when that happened (luckily I was not out in public!). He was so beaten down I'd almost given up on him. He was so terrified of Ramsey (with good reason!) I think what he did was extremely brave.