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  1. I have no clue but I lean towards Arya giving her the gift. Side note I'm very excited for this plot line
  2. At this point even a non legitimized bastard could take the throne by force.
  3. I agree.
  4. Don't push that garbage. Hillary lost because she is a neoliberal who pays fan service to donors not citizens. Just as the former Clinton had and both daddy and baby Bush, and Reagan. Sorry for not staying on topic but I believe some one early up nailed it.
  5. Since 2012 I have been arguing this same thing and this was back when D&D kept saying No we are going to end the same and when GRRM still played along. To add perspective in early 2016 they were still saying they knew the ending and that's still their goal to end the same. Them saying it is actually a second universe is news to me. But I feel vindicated. Thanks.
  6. This makes me lol
  7. No, he said he wasn't scheduling new ones but still going to the ones that he is already signed on to. Sorry. He will tell us on his not a blog when it's done.
  8. Nothing is too big to fail.
  9. Stannis was also 18 years old when they met. Idk about any of you but I bonded pretty easily at that stage in life and some of them are still around and just as close as ever.
  10. Way more trouble than it is worth. Not only does Westeros not have any census data but the Lords still have to protect their own lands from threat.
  11. I'm not a fan of the 2nd dance so I could totally back this theory. I honestly believe that GRRM said that there was two before he realized the scope of it and it was "pruned" as he calls himself a "Gardner Type" writer.
  12. This may be the case. However, I loath the idea of it. I think it's more realistic to have at least some incompetent lords especially at tenant-in-chief level. Rome had how many great rules vrs average Joe's and insane and foolish and ect etc. You could count the good on your hands and maybe toes. The bad are nearly countless. But that's not the only reason put simply I just like the character better as an oaf.
  13. I just can't get behind this one. I do like the HR=HS but I don't believe it. IMO he has one concern and that's the long night. If he's anywhere besides the neck in Greywater Watch, which I believe and hope was built on a huge turtle, then it turns the mission of his children into this arbitrary sacrifice. IMO, when he does finally show up it will be in Jamie's PoV. This will be during the two months Jamie has been missing at the end of Dance. BUT this would mean that I believe Stoneheart has her own machinations which is plausible but I don't want it to be in like the aspect of a Dark version of Robin Hood. Anyway I should digress a bit. Him not supporting Robb makes little sense in my eyes. Jojen and Meera both sware by ice and fire, that the Reeds and their men are loyal to the Starks. In real life this would be equivalent to a manse-lord or tenant-in-chief and his tenants or vassals pledging their lives, loyalty, and arms to the king. Side note here is unless I missed something here there is no mention of a tax* to the new lord(Robb) in spite a tax system in place meaning it is a purely ost* Feudal system of land for services in the north?.... * i use tax as it is the easiest term to understand. Just off the top of my head we have Relief, Regalian Relief, Scutage tariff, inheritance tax. *I juggled the best way to explain it couldn't decide as I have knowledge but not the skill or expertise to explain my knowledge so went with an actual term. It means military service in the lords army.
  14. The war that never ends I bet you guys would be best friends in real life.
  15. He's not real that's all I care about. I don't care what theory comes true I'd prefer it to be left ambiguous, like the hound. However, if I were to put money on a theory it's Illyrio's son through a Blackfyre mother.