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  1. I actually enjoyed the Slavers Bay chapters in ADWD. Although it may be because I am interested in the Ancient Near East.
  2. I'd have left out most of the common sayings and House words if I were GRRM. I felt they were poorly executed and mostly came across as cheesy.
  3. I'd personally say the most evil acts in the series are: 1) Ramsay's treatment of Donella Hornwood. 2) The deaths of Aegon and Rhaenys. 3) Tywin's destruction of the Reynes. (due to how over-the-top his methods were) 4) Randyll Tarly threatening to kill Samwell. 5) Victarion murdering his wife for being raped. What do you think?
  4. Vargo Hoat. I still miss him.
  5. Hand of the King- Hodor Master of Laws- Yurkhaz zo Yunzaq Master of Coin- High Sparrow Master of Ships- Anyone from the Thousand Isles Master of Whisperers- Shitmouth
  6. This is a list of what I think are the worst lines of dialogue in the show, most of these however, end up being good because they are so bad: 1- "His name is Aegon Targaryen" 2- "You need the bad pussy" 3- "Poisoned by his enemies" 4- Varys saying Mhysa is High Valyrian for mother 5- Myrcella being glad to have been born of incest 6- "I'll burn their cities to the ground if they touch her" (Cities in Dorne?) 7- "It's pussy for me" 8- "Jon Snow avenged the red wedding" (Did he?) 9- "A finger in the bum?" 10- "You on the other hand, you murdered your own father (says the man who threatened to kill his own son and sided with a woman who killed two of her relatives) and chose to support a foreign queen. One with no ties to this nation(?)" What are the worst lines of dialogue in your opinion.
  7. Fave: 1) Tyrion, 2) Euron (though still a disappointment) 3) Davos Honourable mentions: Tormund/Sandor, though only due to entertainment Least: 1) Littlefinger (seems devoid of all purpose right now) 2) Arya (I've never been a huge fan of hers, but she has become obnoxious and unlikeable right now) 3) Lyanna Mormont (The most overrated character in existence) Dishonourable mention: Varys (turned into an idiot by the show)
  8. Bad pussy WYR be sat on by Yezzan or Illyrio?
  9. This concerns the f(Aegon) theory, which I am actually on the fence about. I do think that the cloth dragon on a pole in the House of the Undying suggests that we will see a false Targaryen, but there are in my opinion a few problems with the idea of Aegon being false. One problem for me being the fact that Varys mentioned that he was Aegon to a Kevan Lannister. Why would he bother to lie if he was dying?
  10. Melisandre was sold at a slave market as Lot 7 I do believe
  11. The title pretty much says it all. In your opinion how much of TWOW will align with the show? I can see the Siege of Meereen 'ending' in a similar way to how it ends in the show. R+L=J will turn out to be true I also believe it to be possible that the outcome of Cersei's trial will remain the same. I can see Jon Snow becoming king in the north, but through different methods than his actions in the show. The Battle of Winterfell will most likely be different, although Stannis may still lose. Benjen Stark will certainly not turn out to be Coldhands These are my predictions.
  12. I saw Gillen in the film Calvary, he more or less used the same voice, I think it is his real voice. I also think it suits him, it makes him sound sly.
  13. I watched cyberbully, I thought it was great... ...Until the end.
  14. But I don't see how other Forms of magic such as skin changing, green sight and shadow birthing, etc can be the result of technology
  15. I don't know if this has been said or not, but the wildling hornfoot tribe instantly struck me as being hobbit-like, mainly due to the fact that both groups have very hard leathery feet and do not wear shoes. I also compare the crannogmen to tolkiens hobbits due to their short stature, shyness of other people, isolation and skillfulness in stealth.