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  1. "Minor" IS attacks in Europe

    Well, no, we're not. We're talking about IS terror attacks. It's right there in the thread title. If you want to talk about alleged mass sexual assaults in public spaces, start a thread about that. ETA - with links, and sources, those would be good.
  2. "Minor" IS attacks in Europe

    It's worth noting that IS/Daesh have, all this while, been carrying out more 'traditional' terror attacks across the Middle East and North Africa: planned suicide and car bombings with organisational support. Casualty figures for these have been significant. They're not doing the same in Western Europe because our current security makes it harder to pull off this type of attack here. They've resorted to the tactic of inspiring 'lone wolf' attacks and taking credit afterwards out of necessity, not choice. Nice shows that this type of attack isn't necessarily less lethal, of course, and they're by nature very much harder to prevent.
  3. Baratheons are quite unsympathetic really

    [mod] Knock off the personal stuff, people. [/mod]
  4. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    Is the fact that she's a female journalist relevant, though? When you say 'silly female journalist', that comes off badly.
  5. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    I think you'll find Brexit doesn't count because it isn't a defeat for neoliberalism.
  6. Killing Joke Animated Feature to be Rated R

    The contrasting view would be that of course other people would put on a Bat costume, for example, because in the DCU putting on a Bat costume to fight crime is something that actually works. So it makes sense that there's a 'Bat-family'. I also feel that Barbara was more unique and interesting as Oracle, though, but that's comics for you. At least the new Batgirl comics are supposedly quite good.
  7. Killing Joke Animated Feature to be Rated R

    Yeah, I was a huge fan of their SS run and there's definitely a difference between Ostrander's solo stuff and his co-writing with Yale on SS. I think it's also relevant to the creation of Oracle, because Yale is the one that's usually given credit for initiating the idea, though she and Ostrander developed it together.
  8. Killing Joke Animated Feature to be Rated R

    Although this is widely believed (I thought that myself), it's not actually the case. So, clearly TKJ was always intended to be in continuity and was regarded by Moore and DC as such - which, incidentally, puts the 'Batman killed the Joker' theory to bed, since he appeared in other comics shortly thereafter. You might believe it would have worked better as an out-of-continuity GN, and that might be true, but it wasn't one. Ostrander and Yale. Ostrander himself is very quick to give credit for a lot of that Squad run, and Oracle in particular, to Kim Yale (rightly so).
  9. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    Recall that you're saying this in an election cycle where one of the main party candidates has found significant success with public statements that are not a million miles away from putting up a 'no blacks' sign.
  10. Who would win in a fight?

    [mod] Games should go in the games forum, please. [/mod]
  11. Shooting in Munich

    Right. And it's my belief that most immigrants understand that a free society such as the EU can better provide those basic needs: and that the tradeoff for that is understanding that there is a divide between private religious/moral views, and the law of the land as it stands.
  12. Shooting in Munich

    Well, then, provide your data showing that it's false. You refer to it, but don't provide it. If I'm 'demonstrably' wrong, demonstrate it.
  13. Shooting in Munich

    Except that large numbers of these immigrants come to the west precisely because they don't like living in what you term a 'closed' society and want to live in an 'open' one instead. And, of course, in any group of people some will favour 'closed' societies, as we see from pretty much any election in any Western country. So, your argument boils down to yet another attempt to stereotype Muslims.
  14. Shooting in Munich

    Why wouldn't it be likely? He has the wrong skin colour? 'Iranian' and not 'German' is the only relevant identity in 'German-Iranian'? Being 'inspired' by Breivik is 'a far cry' from being associated with his ideology? Hmm. I notice that when people bring up factors in other terror attacks such as domestic violence or mental health, there's a rush from the right to insist on the overriding importance of ideology. Now, it seems, we mustn't associate copycat attacks with the ideology that inspired the original attack. It might be time to admit that what motivates any individual to kill is a complex mix.
  15. Sansa: A passion for Killing. The New "psycho"?

    You're entitled to express yourself, of course. I'm just offering my opinion, which is that we're grown-ups and for grown-ups to use silly nicknames is a bit embarrassing. I'm happy to admit I've only read reports of the panel, but I can't find one that verifies this. In fact, you've said several things that aren't in the accounts I've read, which of course might be incomplete or inaccurate. Can you provide a source?