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  1. No. Because on the one hand, we have an orange: a sweeping statement made by you about accusations of racism in general. And on the other hand, we have a bunch of apples: the whole spectrum of accusations of racism, which will vary widely in how justified and well founded they are, whether they are general or specific, whether they apply to one incident or many, involve individuals or institutions, direct racism or indirect, egregious and open racism or more subtle expressions of bias, whether they are made genuinely or cynically, and on a whole range of other factors. And for some reason, you want to draw a comparison between the former and the latter, as if it were not totally ridiculous to compare two completely different things (or one thing and a whole group of other things, to be strictly accurate). You want me to make a sweeping statement about accusations of racism to match yours, so that you can wave away the criticism as just as dumb as your original statement. That won't fly, though. Sorry. Not really seeing why you would wonder this? The sequence of events is pretty clear. Assange says he'll give himself up if Manning is freed (some time ago). He recently repeats this assertion. Manning's sentence is commuted. Assange blusters about standing by what he said, then claims that technically it didn't meet his conditions. Why would we assume that there's anything more to this than a guy making a promise he thought he'd never have to keep, then backing out?
  2. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Couldn't disagree more. Nancy is quietly a terrific character. Her relationships with Steve and Jonathan are almost always on her terms. She sleeps with Steve because she wants to. She like Jonathan but doesn't fall into his arms because he rescues her - she wants to be his friend, not his prize. She's low-key but in control, determined, and passionate. And Natalia Dyer does a great job with that. Low-key is hard to pull off, but she does a fine job.
  3. If we're being honest, that isn't the case. If we think we're being really smart and perceptive and above the political fray but really, we're just kidding ourselves, we might think that. But if we really are being honest, then we shouldn't be going around making statements like this that have no basis beyond our own flawed perceptions.
  4. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    Our Foreign Secretary has that covered, just in case there should be any residual goodwill.
  5. To the surprise of no-one, Julian Assange will not be giving himself up.
  6. Football: Reds Rising!!

    No, it never meant that, I'm afraid. Well, I didn't. I just threw it out there as an aside. If you hadn't tried to be snarky about it, I wouldn't have had to add the explanation.
  7. It's 100% in line with Trump's usual MO: 'anything I do wrong, it's because you made me do it'.
  8. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Oh, 'funny' might be overstating it. Wry, perhaps. Of course one could also look at it as a way of gently pointing out that most of the sides Man City have struggled against this season don't play in the traditional, direct, blood-and-thunder English style that the 'wet and windy Tuesday in Stoke' blather is supposed to sum up*, but instead play an evolved version of the style Guardiola himself has championed his entire career, with the emphasis on fast counters rather than dominating possession but the basics of quick passing, movement and high pressing still intact. But go with 'pretend it's funny' if you prefer. *in fact, in fairness, Stoke themselves don't really play this way either under Mark Hughes.
  9. Football: Reds Rising!!

    It wasn't a Tuesday, to be fair. So that question is still open.
  10. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Well, except that Guardiola actually won 4-1 away at Stoke.
  11. I mention it only because the difference relates to exactly the point you were complaining about.
  12. Hap and Leonard - SundanceTV's darkly comic swamp noir

    Trailer for season 2, Mucho Mojo: I really like the book, and it's a bit faster-paced as I recall so this could be really good.
  13. Football: Reds Rising!!

    That is the question, and as yet it's unanswered.