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  1. As tempting as it may be to retrospectively play down the IRA threat, I remember it very well. Many of us grew up not knowing what Gerry Adams even sounded like because it was illegal for news programs to broadcast his voice. His words were read out by actors. Does that sound as if the situation was seen in 'logical' terms, that the IRA were seen as not 'hugely different to you or I'? IRA terrorists occupied the go-to bad guy slot now occupied by Islamic terrorists in popular fiction, characters you could watch being shot by the hero and not feel bad about it. Soldiers patrolled the Belfast streets in armoured vehicles because even armed police weren't seen as being up to the threat. And let's remind ourselves that the Manchester bombing was in 1996, only five years before 9/11, and that there are still dissident Republicans out there trying to kill people. There are many things about the IS threat that are different, but there are also others that are the same, and it would be an injustice to the people the IRA killed and injured to play down in any way the situation that existed just a few years ago, in real terms.
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    And if his voters don't get what Trump promised them, it's Ryan's fault - if they even care. I've heard a lot about what a great salesman Trump is and how this explains his success. It's not true. But I'll give him this: what he is great at, exceptional in fact, is taking credit when things go well and ducking the blame when things go badly.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Trump's short political career has been spent burning bridges. To date, all his fellow Republicans have done about it is order some more wood.
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    This has always been the script. If the bill passes, it proves Trump to be a brilliant negotiator. If it fails, it proves Ryan to be useless. No-lose for the White House.
  5. The natural reaction after an incident like this is to look at what could have been done to prevent it. The answer 'nothing much' isn't one people want to hear. That's disturbing. That suggests it could happen again, and this time it could happen to you or someone you care about. (It's even more disturbing if it already did happen to you or someone you care about.) So people will look for failings and who's to blame, I'm afraid, even if it's not very reasonable. It's human nature.
  6. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I think you've misunderstood the Republican position on foetuses. It's simple. Men who don't plan to have kids are entitled to tell women whether they should carry a foetus to term, but at the same time should never be asked to pay a cent towards looking after those foetuses. Foetuses are precious lives that are everyone's business except when it comes to paying for them. It's actually a remarkably philosophically consistent position if you take it back to first principles, which is that women should never have sex unless they're willing to pay for it for the rest of their lives.
  7. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Well, setting aside my reasons (I'm not a US citizen after all), one might imagine that a party so insistent on reducing immigration and increasing the native birth rate could perhaps do something to help people have healthy children?
  8. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    That's not my understanding, at all. Claremont's original idea was that all the characters should grow, which meant aging and retiring. True, Wolverine's powers would slow his aging but the central concept was to have a turnover of characters over time. Excalibur isn't relevant here - that was a sideways move of characters into another title, not a way to stop them aging up. Also, Claremont was the one who kept Cyclops on at first and brought him back into the plot more than once, in contrast to characters like Iceman and Angel who did exactly what Claremont intended all the X-Men to do eventually: they moved on. Bobby even got a non-superhero job as an accountant! It's true that this plan had been effectively dropped some time before Claremont quit X-Men, though.
  9. I'm no lawyer, but I understand that even if you lose the damages are based on the plaintiff establishing serious harm to their reputation?
  10. I suspect a judge would correctly say that if you're in jail for promoting terrorism, you can't be defamed by someone claiming that you committed an act of terrorism.
  11. On the other hand, and this is a take based on not much information I know, but if this attack was carried out by a guy that normally works as a fundraiser/recruiter, does that suggest he couldn't find a willing volunteer? ETA:
  12. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    This is a bit confusing, because at first it seems she's fighting for the money, but then it's presented as actually being about a need for thrills and action, which explains why she agrees to help Danny... until the shitty revelation that she's been in the Hand all along, when that explanation retrospectively makes no sense any more, and neither does the financial one. I really could go on for hours about how bad that twist is and how it screws Colleen's character up completely. I do love that about her. Jeri gets similar moments. They get even more impact because these two actresses are clearly the best on screen and have been in much better Marvel series. DD S2 has a similar problem, though: there are too many antagonists (the Punisher at first, then the Hand and the Blacksmith, plus Kingpin and even Stick at times). The problem here is that Bakuto is introduced late, gets very little character work before he does a heel turn and then gets defeated in fairly short order. That, plus the final fight being Harold, as you point out. That might work thematically if you're trying to make it a father-son thing but he doesn't measure up as a threat.
  13. Sad that so many were injured and some have died. But I'm glad the security services seem to have responded so well.
  14. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    And your evidence for any of these claims is...? Even if a critic hadn't heard of the character before, why would this mean their outrage was 'manufactured'? Is it only possible to be genuinely concerned if you're a long-time comics fan, not, for example, a person of Asian descent who feels strongly about representation in the media? This is of a piece with the above, and the 'stakes in the game' remark. You're not discussing the issue, you're dismissing people's opinions because (on the basis of no evidence whatsoever) you've decided they're acting in bad faith and don't deserve consideration. Um, no. I hope they do set that up. But we can't assume they will simply because it exists in the comics. I've read it, thanks. The fact that I quote it above should have been a clue. Again, you're just suggesting bad faith for no reason other than to dismiss an opposing argument. That's not an attitude I really see much point in engaging with further.
  15. As of now, the BBC are confirming only that a policeman has been stabbed and the perpetrator shot by armed police. There are reports of five people being injured by a car but these aren't yet confirmed.