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  1. In classical HR terms Lord Bloodraven has head hunted Bran Stark , exactly what he has been recruited for I am not entirely sure, but nevertheless, it seems fairly certain a recruitment process has occurred. Do any off my learned colleagues have any idea who could have recruited Lord Bloodraven into team Greenseer. I have had to base my search on a couple of assumptions (yes i know) namely; 1. that it is probably someone somehow known to us historically 2. who pre-dates Bloodraven 3. this person went missing from the historical records 4. controversially I have assumed that greenseers are not immortal so i have tried to search from approx 100 AD onwards Aside from that I have left my mind open and to date have yet to find a suitable candidate. I am hoping if I can find a candidate then I can reverse engineer a possible theory as to what Lord Bloodraven may be up to as I suspect he might be the key to the riddle of how the prophetic/magical aspects of the story fit with the marshal/political aspects of our story.