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  1. I finished South Park The Fractured But Whole last night and laughed out loud doing it. Honestly, SoT and FBW are the two best uses of pop culture licenses I've ever seen in gaming. And both honestly hold their own from a video game standpoint as well with some good RPG action.
  2. He’s taken what was a very mediocre Tubby Smith team and may very well knock Kansas from their perch. (And Tubby is likely to get fired from Memphis.) Hes been very impressive.
  3. I have a PS3, PS4, and a Switch and never notice a delay.
  4. Also, I’ve only seen Civil War the one time in the theater. Can someone help me with the timeline in this one? They mention that Bucky (bomber that killed T’Chaka) has been captured early in the movie. Then we see T’Challa in the jungle. So does the entirety of this movie happen between the chase sequence in CW and the end when he gives Cap and Bucky asylum in Wakanda?
  5. Oh and for the record... I loved that movie
  6. That was my assumption. I kind of figured the Soul Stone is purple and was powering those flowers (and would regrow some after the fire). To respond to this, I went digging through the last MCU General thread until I found this write up I did with a status update on the whereabouts/Powers/color of all the stones. Orange was not a theme for anything in Wakanda. Even so... it’s the only place that makes sense for it to show up and the Powers should fit.
  7. Kentucky and Vandy are 1 and 2 in the RPI Strength of Schedule The SEC is definitely on an upswing... bad year for Kentucky to have their weakest team in a decade.
  8. I don't know if this quote actually came from the game that Walton called in the crossover... but I feel like it should have.
  9. Absolutely nothing to do with the topic... but I saw this today and had to share.
  10. Do we draw a distinction between flaccid and engorged when determining degree of unfortunateness?
  11. The Thameltoe says big bomb from FBI case could come soon and hit as many as 50 schools. Well... on the positive side, Kentucky wasn’t one of those 16. Youve got to be realistic about these things.
  12. Ah! I had been wondering why I hadn't seen the Falcon on the store shelves at Christmas time when getting my son a present. Had planned to get him the one with the gray haired Han. Didn't think about the Solo movie needing a tie in.
  13. And remember... if not for a miracle at the end of the Vandy game, it'd be sitting at 5 games already.
  14. I've not read a lot of 40K, but I have liked what I did. Would like to read Horus Heresy... but 55 books is a daunting task.