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  1. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    One more than Kansas has.
  2. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    That's how I essentially see it as well.
  3. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    It does... but Schefter just reported that the Niners plan to offer Shanahan. Now we just hope he accepts!
  4. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Injustice 2 story trailer came out today. I got the first game for free with my PSN subscription or else I likely never would have played it, but I really liked it and my son loves having a fighting game with all the DC characters. So this will definitely be on my radar. https://youtu.be/bj1RC4WWUgA
  5. Mostly I just don't feel like there's a ton of support there. Some of that could be the lackadaisical crowds I see on the rare occasion that I go to a Louisville Bats game. That minor league team is already affiliated with the Reds. Plus, Louisville City (the pro soccer franchise that plays in the USL and aspires to try to get into the MLS) completely outdraws them in the same stadium. I just don't see it. The question about being overshadowed by the college team is a legit one. As is some of the territorialism in the state. Would you call it the Louisvile Mascots or the Kentucky Mascots? There is some history with the ABA having the Kentucky Colonels as one of their franchises that didn't get absorbed into the NBA. Out of any of the pro sports, this seems the most likely. I agree that if the NBA is to expand, two is the correct number... I just don't know where you'd stick the other.
  6. Thoughts on expansion? The NBA is looking at 2 new teams. Clearly Seattle gets a team. But what do you do with the other team? I know the NFL and the NBA are both desperate to try to plug into the Spanish speaking markets. Do you think North American sports leagues are ready to legitimately move to Mexico City? Obviously with the fact that Louisville seems to be the first option amongst cities other than Mexico City, this story has gotten a lot of play locally. Now that Vegas is getting the Raiders, Louisville is actually the second largest city in the USA to not have one of the four major sports. (I don't remember the largest, but I'm thinking its one of the California cities. ) Baseball won't work here. Hockey won't work here. In the NFL, we have the Colts, Titans, and Bengals all in our immediate vicinity. But basketball... that might work. Stick it in the Yum! Center and you already have an NBA quality facility. Half the teams in the league already have a UK alum on the roster and would be an easy draw. Overall though, I don't know how I feel about expansion for the NBA. It feels like the league is already spread too thin as it is.
  7. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    The current general thread Optimal Tip to Tip Damnation is only at page 14. However, the TGO specific threads have been through four full topics and is currently nearly the cut off stage. Much like the splitting of the Ordeal eventually coming back together for the final push, its time for our discussions to return to a single convergence. To the coffers boys! Its the slog of slogs!!!!
  8. This is the perpetual thread devoted to the works of R. Scott Bakker, primarily the books in The Second Apocalypse series, the first novel is The Darkness that Comes Before, the seventh novel will be published on July 4, 2017 and is The Unholy Consult. It is currently available for preorder. This thread is for the series through The Great Ordeal and contains spoilers through that novel. The series is called The Second Apocalypse and is currently comprised of two sub-series, a trilogy and a quartet. Potentially, there will be a third series, although the author has stated that the quartet completes his original vision for the story. The first trilogy of books is subtitled The Prince of Nothing these three books are: The Darkness that Comes Before The Warrior Prophet The Thousandfold Thought The second quartet of books is subtitled The Aspect Emperor, these four books are: The Judging Eye The White-Luck Warrior The Great Ordeal The Unholy Consult (2017). The Unholy Consult will also include an expanded Appendix/Encyclopedic Glossary. The original Glossary exists currently only at the end of the third book, The Thousandfold Thought. Additionally, Bakker has published three short stories, The False Sun and The Four Revelations of Cinial'jin on Bakker's Blog Three Pound Brain and The Knife of Many Hands, which is available for purchase. This thread contains spoilers for these publications. The False Sun is the most discussed work of these three shorts. Since Bakker's writing uses layers of revelation, newcomers are strongly advised to finish the books before coming here; otherwise the spoilers will rot your soul. Eternally. Most denizens of this thread have also read Bakker's non-fantasy novels Neuropath and Disciple of the Dog, but the spoiler policy is unclear. You are advised to hide crucial plot points in those novels. Hat tip to Happy Ent for the intro to the thread.
  9. I don't have anything productive to add... But since I notice this thread is on page 20, I'd just like to request that we bring all the Bakker discussion back into one thread. We can jump the general thread numbers ahead four if we'd like... but its been long enough now that we should be able to have full spoiler discussion in one place!
  10. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    More along the lines of it takes three Duke losses to equal one loss from any lesser program.
  11. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I didn't know much about McDonough until he kind of popped up as a last minute interview. Generally I like what Arizona has put together and I think I heard he had a lot of input in the college scouting department. I like Riddick. I know a lot in the fanbase push back on him, but I like him. Feel like he was sort of hitched to McD though. I think Wolf is my preferred favorite. Have not heard how he would fit with Shanahan though. I read somewhere that Paton from the Vikes or McDonough have been mentioned with him. Now that the Chiefs are out and can't block any interviews, I'd like to hear that we interview Ballard. I think he would have been my favorite from the get go.
  12. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Presumably, a guy like Shanny the Younger or McD would have been reaching out under the table and working their network all along though.
  13. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Considering this is a multi-year rebuild job; I'm totally cool with waiting for the Super Bowl to be over if we need to.
  14. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Triple post incoming... Duke lost twice this week. How far do they drop today? Dare we think that it might be all the way out of the top 10?!!?