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  1. Russell never did fully recover from that phone thing.
  2. Just came here to post that as well. Only the Knicks.
  3. I agree that he's better... but will he be remembered as better? I think he's in a very odd place legacy wise. He was absolutely the best player on the Warriors, and then just got kind of passed up in the ascendancy of Steph and Klay.
  4. What does a third ring get him though? He won't ever be a Hall of Famer. He won't ever even be regarded as good as Robert Horry. All that's left is a payday.
  5. Fox's shot never fell at a consistent rate. But his form was good. Watching him shoot, I never could quite figure out why it wasn't going in. I feel like that's something that can be fixed with a good shot coach and unlimited time to work on it. Conversely, Ball shot a good percentage from deep but has an awkward side release that I feel like will be a liability in the pro game.
  6. Listen, I know that I'm far from an unbiased observer here; but I just don't see how you can watch that tournament game and come away feeling like Ball is the better player. Apparently the Lakers really liked Fultz' workout with them and were prepared to offer Julius Randle to swap picks with Boston; but it's obvious the C's got a sweeter deal from Philly. Most reports say that Ball's workout with the Lakers was not good and looked lazy. You are absolutely right that every camera in the place will be trained on Lavar and the reaction shot will be epic if it is anyone other than Ball. There may be enough cameras from enough angles that they could give us one of those computerized panoramic views like you get at big NFL games so you can spin around and see his face at every angle. Most things I've read say that the Celtics like Jackson at 3. I'm curious if they would be happy taking Ball or Fox if the Lakers made it really look like they were going to take him, or if they might trade with the Lakers after all to go up to 2. Lastly, on George... I know it's his hometown... but I still don't know why any NBA star would go to the Western Conference right now. Seems like if you got one or two guys together you could make a push against the Cavs in the East and have a real shot at the Finals. Stick George on this Lakers team and are they even a six seed within the next three years?
  7. Why God???? Why????????????
  8. It is rather bizarre. They can read a box score as well as any of us. Kentucky Sports Radio looked at it yesterday. Some of the dates were odd. One of the prospects was said to be part of the program from December 2010 until July 2014. After looking, it was found that Russ Smith played his first game in December of 2010 and was drafted in July 2014. The local assumption is that banners are coming down. And now that the NCAA has crossed that line... even UNC should be nervous.
  9. https://twitter.com/RowlandRIVALS/status/875394650487611392
  10. Glad they cleared that up...
  11. Hookers. In the dorm. Paid for by staff. That is all.
  12. I think it's a fantastic look for Lonzo.
  13. Black. Like my men. Pardon me... I speak jive.