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  1. Today's Star Wars news makes the future of single player look very messy.
  2. Wow. That really is a short tour for one of their big tent pole releases. The JoeBeth I was talking about is the one that GRRM always talks about being the place he will always return to because they had a huge turnout for AGoT right after his event in St Louis was outdrawn by Clifford the Big Red Dog. I went to Sanderson signings for A Memory of Light (with Harriet) and Words of Radiance there. My first ever book signing was when I went to the ADWD signing for GRRM there... that was a long time ago.
  3. Nah... I think Arlen gets to the Core, they kill the Demon Queen and then Jardir rapes him with a handy trident laying around. (Sadly... that story has essentially already been done in this series though.) I am looking forward to reading the book though. Skull Throne really was an improvement on the previous entries and there were a lot of plotlines which I have probably forgotten all about that need resolution.
  4. I just noticed today while getting on Amazon to order something else that The Core released on October 3. The series had a decent following on this site at one time, so I was a bit surprised to see there was no discussion on it. So anyways, I don't have the book yet... but it will be here in a couple days and I will start reading it; figured I'd open the topic and see if anyone was reading it or had read it yet. I made the topic Spoilers for ease of use, but if you could go easy on them in the first few replies; I would be much obliged.
  5. @MisterOJ @Ded As Ned I went looking to see if Oathbringer has a promotional tour bringing him to our neck of the woods. JoeBeth has nothing on their website and I didn't see anything about a promotional tour other than a Mormon campout at BYU or some such. I sent JoeBeth an email through their contact form, if I hear otherwise I will let you know so Mister OJ can blow us off again.
  6. God... EA's announcement oozes with corporate bullshit. They even use the hot buzzword "pivot"
  7. Desperation in corners of the Tennessee fanbase: If Vols can't land Gruden, they should re-hire Kiffin. You can't make this stuff up.
  8. I had no clue that The Fractured But Whole had released. I was at Target today and saw it there Loved Stick of Truth, will have to grab this one as well. I really have lost touch with recent releases when I don't even know what's coming down the pike.
  9. Not a chance. Quade Green is no Ryan Harrow. I think the analogy you are looking for is 2014.
  10. Crazy couple days of college football. The local rumors are that Petrino has one foot out the door in the direction of Knoxville and the team knows it and has quit on the season. Honestly though... with the chaos in the athletic department at UofL, can you blame him for wanting out? Soon after AD Jurich was suspended following the FBI story, I read that Petrino’s buyout in his contract gets cut in half if Jurich isn’t AD. Its pretty bad when Petrino is the best behaved of your major sport coaches.
  11. BBM was exactly what I have come to expect. Hard to know much obviously, but this team is long. Penetrating this defense with a pass will be challenging for teams. Hope Jared Vanderbilt gets healthy, I was really excited to see him play. I’m ready for the season to start!
  12. I wanted to try to copy this to the new thread, but my mobile is not cooperating. You know I got love for you man... but do you even hear yourself speak sometimes?!!?
  13. What a great date night movie...
  14. I do love me some Bam Adebayo. Have loves what I’ve seen Malik Monk doing in preseason for Charlotte. He picked right where he left off from college as a natural scorer all over the court. Speaking of UK guys picking right up where they left off, funny that Ball is still ducking Fox.
  15. Remember when the ACC didn’t want WVU in conference expansion because they “weren’t a match academically.”