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  1. Could it be that in Earwa, the anus is the seat of the soul?
  2. Have wanted to respond for a while, but just have not taken the time to. You've got some great speculation here. I really like the setting of this world and am eager to see how many of the mysteries he wraps up in the third book and what he might leave for other works. I know he has another novella set to be released (I think its novella length) that is set on the ice.
  3. Trust the process.
  4. He is invisible because of the time wankery with the gods. Kelmomas was always the No God and therefore had always been invisible.
  5. If all I saw was these three playoff games, I would think Jrue Holliday was a perennial member of the All NBA team.
  6. It’d be very easy out of all the properties to just shoehorn Deadpool into the MCU with a fourth wall breaking quip or two.
  7. God that’s fantastic
  8. Came out in the US ahead of the UK. Definitely odd these days.
  9. I've not watched the show, but Allison Brie in 80's tastitc work out clothes? I'm in.
  10. Yes it was jackbauer24 who said Beal was injured and done. Haven't seen him post in over a year... in some ways I feel kinda bad that we ran him off, but he did post some pretty dumb stuff.
  11. C'mon. Don't be so hard on him... he's been mostly dead for the last three years.
  12. When talking about the Pelicans game on another board and the fact that Rondo seems to have found a good role on this team, someone linked a nice write up on a key possession in a game between the Kings and Hawks a couple years ago that demonstrates his basketball IQ perfectly. Rondo tells Cousins to go stand in an empty corner... and reads Hawks play perfectly before it happens.
  13. Maybe Magneto could be the child of Holocaust survivors. Takes away a bit of the “punch” perhaps, but also makes the conflict generational.
  14. Every loose ball is ending up in New Orleans’ hands and even Rondo is hitting threes now. Think Portland is about done here.