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  1. Same. I think I will find something else to do...
  2. I'm pretty sure he won't be the only one that doesn't find it all that funny.
  3. Not cheap, but UK needs to reduce seating capacity in the upper level and get the white hairs into some luxury boxes. Get the younger alums into those seats closer to the court.
  4. Malik Newman expected to drop out of NBA Draft; may transfer from Mississippi State. More evidence that these elite prospects just need to go to UK, KU, Duke, or UNC. Last year's recruiting class featured a lot of really weird decisions, and very few of them paid off.
  5. I don't want to bet against the Warriors in Game 5 at home. If they can get that one, I think it gets interesting. What's been the theme all season on the Thunder? Get a big lead, only to watch it slip away in the fourth quarter. If they don't close it out at GS, I think there's a real chance the pressure gets to them and then you see that theme played out writ large.
  6. Can't speak for everyone else, but Calipari has been very open in his desire to have the big games in neutral court sites that are very big and more closely resemble a tournament atmosphere. Despite that though, we have UCLA and Kansas coming to Rupp this year. That's some solid blue blood action. Throw in UNC in the CBS Classic, Michigan State in the Champions Classic, and our annual game with UofL; and this team will certainly be tested in the non-con. Theres a very real chance that our first game of the year might be Valpo at Rupp. That would be a huge mid major challenge for a young team early in the year.
  7. It was highly suspected with the game at Lawrence last year, but we've had other games in the Big XII/SEC challenge that didn't have a specific return game. So the confirmation is new as far as I know.
  8. Payback's a bitch REG!!!
  9. Green is the NBA's runner-up in technical fouls (only behind Demarcus Cousins) yet he does not receive the same amount of ire as does Boogie. Why? Green has the benefit of being on a great team with likeable players and a likeable coach. But the fact is Draymond can act like a dick and he would be reviled if he was on the Kings, or the Suns, or the Wizards, or any other team that is either bad or just mediocre.
  10. With the OKC win in game one, it's pretty crazy to think that the Warriors could theoretically be bounced in seven games and never have lost back to back games all season.
  11. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I just don't understand how they can not pursue the lawsuit. I'm no lawyer, but I thought the very premise of copyright law is that you have to show that you are protecting the exclusivity of the brand no matter how small the infraction or else you could lose the rights later in bigger situations.
  12. My wife got me to appreciate the flavor of a neat drink. Typically I won't mix a decent bourbon, however I do make an exception for an Old Fashioned. My inner Don Draper has come to appreciate that one quite a bit!