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  1. Batman and Superman III : Batfleck Rises

    I did like the trailer and I did like that for the first time, I've seen Batman fighting without it being so dark I can't see or the dreaded shaky cam. I will exercise some caution in that this has now given up even more of the movie.
  2. Praise God almighty!  The great injustice of our times has been rectified!!! Thursday/Friday games will once again be referred to as the first round!!!
  3. What you did there... It has been seen.
  4. aTm and LSU both lost and Kentucky plays at USCe on Saturday.  It'll take a bit of road work, but the stage is set for the Cats to steal back the SEC regular season.  If they can do that and don't flame out early in the SEC tourney, I think they could sneak back in as a three seed to the big tourney.  Which would have been unthinkable a couple weeks ago. And as long as I'm dreaming, can I request Villanova's bracket?!!?
  5. It was Larttner stomping on Aminu Timberlake's chest.  (Which should have gotten him tossed...)
  6. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    I have not followed Chicago closely.  Does Hoiberg regret leaving ISU?  Or are the Bulls issues something totally unrelated to coaching?  Is it something that an off season can hit the reset button on?
  7. You guys are gonna win this thing again.  I'll be damned.
  8. First... Stop getting your NCAA buddies to ban my picture!  That stomp was clearly showing up when I posted it!!!    Second... Trey Lyles didn't punch anyone!!!  His hand clearly went too high when trying to get position for a rebound.  I consider that the play that cost us the game, so its still too bitter for me to think about.  (At that moment, Wisconsin was gassed and hanging their heads.  You could tell they were beat.  Lyles gets called for the foul while going for position, and the refs decide to check to see if its a flagrant.  While they go to the monitor, the Badgers get a free 5 minutes to rest.  Then there's the decision not to call it flagrant and the chip on their shoulder is set.  Throw in a shot clock violation that wasn't called as a make up and the stage was set.)     
  9. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    With quality content like that, I just can't believe ESPN is the only Disney property losing money...    
  10. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    My understanding is that the Niners came down to Kelly and Shanny.  Chip wanted to keep Kaep and rehabilitate him.  Shanny wanted to ditch him and draft a QB in the first.  JedBaalke went with Chip. We'll see what history makes of the decision.     
  11. Pshaw.  He's another in a long line of fine leaders on the court for the Dukies. Coach K teaches them to win the "right way" you know.   
  12. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Is Sophie in the show?
  13. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    And yet Cam Newton gets slammed.
  14. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    My overall point was that you can't just "draft a mediocre back-up."  All those guys were drafted to be exactly that.  Yes, the Browns reached on Weeden, but he would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick had they not done that and would have been precisely what you advocate. They have turned out to be terrible back-ups, but they weren't drafted with that in mind. I don't know that I believe there is such a thing in the NFL as a mediocre back-up other than Kirk Cousins or Osweiller. 
  15. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Just what do we think Weedon, Cassel, and Kellen Moore were???