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  1. I thought the Broncs should have traded for him before last season. They are literally built almost exactly on the blueprint that Kaep took to the Super Bowl.
  2. Indeed. Makes the Galaxy seem smaller when you only focus on those few characters.
  3. They definitely are. I tend to lean Bagley, but do think the late reclassification could affect his performance on the court.
  4. Who was the point guard he convinced to reclassify to come in and then recruited over him? His uncle then got real loud and testy about how K had promised him lots of stuff and the kid missed out on his senior year of high school things.
  5. Yeah, if you just copied the direct link to a tweet it would pop up in the board. It was one way to still share pictures after they took that feature out. Can only assume they have also taken tweets out now.
  6. Hey Spicey. Michael from Etown again. While at IHOP I had the French toasted donut... tried the bacon covered one and the strawberry one. Didn't try the apple fritter yet. If Mooch had those, think he still would have eaten himself to death like Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs? I'll hang up and listen.
  7. Dammit... has the board stopped displaying direct Tweets?
  8. https://twitter.com/realAnasurimbor/status/897912138580324352
  9. Equally confused. However, with the recent news that Bagley is reclassifying to 2017 to play at Duke this year... there is now a talent sufficient enough to warrant tanking the year! Let the suckitude begin!!!!
  10. (That question was inspired by the local joke of all the callers to the old Cawood Ledford show asking "You think Richie's gonna start tonight?" from back in the early 90's. Seriously... that's still the joke around here when talking about call in sports shows.)
  11. Hey Mooch... Michael from Etown here. Long time, first time. I've got a comment and a question and then I'll hang up and listen. So I was at IHOP the other day and when I got in the parking lot there was a car parked next to me with a Seahawks logo in the window. In Kentucky. Those things never existed five years ago. Just want your thoughts on front runners from half a continent away. And also, do you think CJ Beatherd will beat Barkley for the back-up job?
  12. You mean like convincing the best player in 2018 to reclassify to be the best player in 2017?
  13. Intro may need to be changed up a tad. Sadly, the part that bums me out the most part is: Does it? After everything we know now... is it really layers of revelation? I know its a bit spoiler-y to discuss that here, its just almost unavoidable. FWIW, my feelings on the use of spoilers in this topic is that we stay spoiler free until the current spoiler thread hits page 20 (should be really soon) and then to use Bakker's word "Rip off the G-string".
  14. Personally; I hope there's never another series that starts great, meanders off course, and is never finished. YMMV.