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  1. The over/under on UCLA at UK is 171.5
  2. What cracks me up is that when I went to the Sanderson book signing for WoR, he was talking about a name for Stormlight 3 and said that his plan had been Stones Unhallowed, but his publisher suggested that it would be a bad idea to be releasing a book with Stone in the title the same year Doors of Stone was coming out...
  3. Babylon's Ashes: The Expanse Book 6

    You need to tell them that you guys are a nationally renowned author as seen on the hit SyFy show The Expanse!
  4. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Yeah, I've read nothing other than what people have said in this forum.
  5. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Noticed the air guitar bit too, laughed out loud at that.
  6. Babylon's Ashes: The Expanse Book 6

    @DanielAbraham with the release of BA, will there be a signing tour? Specifically approaching the Eastern Time Zone? Even more specifically, somewhere in Kentucky?
  7. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    My understanding is that there are no classes anymore. The entire tech tree is available to you and you can unlock what you want and respect as you need. I was doing the same... and then the next quote hit me: I like it. I've only played a few hours so far and I'm still getting used to the combat. The game is gorgeous and has a lot of heart. The opening screen says "A Final Fantasy for Fans and First Timers" and I can definitely see what they mean. As I get deeper into the gameplay, I may either love it or hate it; it might be able to go either way.
  8. Hamilton Creator to Take Reins On Kingkiller Chronicles

    I still find it humorous that Sanderson decided not to name Stormlight 3 "Stones Unhallowed" at least partly over speculation that "Doors of Stone" would come out the same year.
  9. Hamilton Creator to Take Reins On Kingkiller Chronicles

    I'm hard pressed to name a single series where a book that takes substantially longer to complete than its predecessors actually lead to a better product.
  10. Wow. Of course, it's easy to laugh about it, but I know Cal feels that way at Rupp sometimes. And truthfully, it's not like IU fans get up like that when Minnesota comes to town either. Oh, and going back to my ongoing swipe at Kansas for the t-shirt night... I will back that off a bit. For the UCLA game, UK is having a "Blue/White Out." Half of Rupp is to be in blue, the other half white. Fans are supposed to check the map and see what their section is supposed to wear. Don't know how well that will work. The old gray hairs probably don't check their email all that often.
  11. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Always frustrating. I hate that I have to make plans for when I can play a game for the first time too, knowing that an install can take 30-45 minutes.
  12. Watching 14 UofL v 15 Purdue. I'm not afraid of either of these teams. Hopefully, UNC at IU will be a better game.
  13. Would there really be any argument if we went with the old BCS and had Bama play Clemson? I honestly believe that minus the year that tOSU came out of nowhere in the playoffs, the BCS got it right more years than not and I can't necessarily say the same thing for the playoffs.