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  1. Yeah... something like that.
  2. Alford came out strong with a denial of the Indiana job. If he leaves now, it will certainly make the stereotypes worse.
  3. Holy cow! Have a friend from Wisconsin that I exchange smack talk with. This time last year he had a FB post that was all blah blah blah further than Kentucky two years in a row. With Florida up 8, I saved the Kermit sipping tea pic to my phone and went digging a year back on his page... thought all that work was going to be for naught!
  4. I've felt good about the UCLA game all week, I'm less confident about the way UNC has been playing. But that's why the games are played!
  5. I dunno. I said it upthread and multiple times this season, his shot goes in but Ball has some very fundamental flaws in his shot form. Fox isn't a great shooter, but his form is good. I think a pro staff can work with that better.
  6. As I said upthread, Welsh has been the guy that has killed us the last two times. I think his foul trouble really turned the game around. It was close until he went out with four, then the game was blown open.
  7. Hey @Michael Seswatha Jordan Birthright.
  8. Any NBA team that takes Ball before Fox is asking for trouble.
  9. But it will get slower now!!!
  10. I wonder if anyone outside the states of Wiaconsin and Florida are watching the other game?
  11. Don't want to jinx this... But we're up 9. Under six minutes. Cal is about to whip out his stall ball.
  12. Be hard to say it's not. He's been on fire since conference tourney though.
  13. He cocks his three pointers from his hip. Feel like that will get him blocked a lot in the NBA.
  14. I have no memory of Thomas Welsh from the infamous beatdown in December 2014, but in the two and a half games since that day I think I only remember seeing him miss that little 12 footer of his once. And that was in the first half tonight.
  15. Would love to have him on the floor tonight!!!