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  1. Your boys looked good. Definitely deserve to be in the top 25. You’ll give teams fits. Watching this other game... I can’t believe Conner Frankamp is still around. Dude would look old at a YMCA rec league game!
  2. I wonder what (if anything?) this might mean for the New Mutants film? Is it already finished? Or in post production?
  3. That's awesome!!!!!!! I've never seen those. Let me know how they work.
  4. https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/941836606922661889 Ouch
  5. I knew there had to be a catch. Well played sir, well played.
  6. On first glance, that sounds harsh... but I think that’s about right.
  7. I wondered the same.
  8. Speaking of Maz Kanata... was the slick dude at the casino supposed to be their slicer? Or was it always Benicio Del Toro? At first, I thought maybe he was thrown in jail and the slick dude just took his pin or something; but later I thought maybe there were two guys who could get it done.
  9. You know what folks... I’ve gotten more and more bummed as the day goes on. Maybe it’s the three hours of sleep talking, but as people have come in the office that know I went, they ask “How was it?” and I avoid the question. I don’t want to be responsible for them going in with expectations. I didn’t read any reviews, but the headlines were unavoidable and almost universally they were positive. Look in this thread and we have @Kalbear who loved it and basically everyone else saying “Eh... it was aiight.” I don’t understand how that happens.
  10. You've got a generational talent (if you haven't broken him a la Derek Carr) at QB. No one in this class grades out near that. I think you've got to try to trade that top 3 pick for a boatload of picks/offensive linemen.
  11. Yeah, I didn't even know that was Ackbar until they listed his name. Call me racist if you want, but one Mon Calamari has always looked the same as another.
  12. Pretty neat info graphic showing who owns what after this purchase:
  13. When he first saw Yoda and then stepped past him to burn down the library, I thought he might encounter Ewan McGregor-Kenobi stepping out of there to confront him.
  14. As I said in my original post, I think there was a lot of stuff to like in there; but I may have to think on it some more. I'd like to hear what your thoughts are.
  15. I think Kylo Ren's idea to burn it all down, Jedi/Sith/Republic/Empire and let the entire galaxy rise anew from the ashes could have had potential. But then it turned to him wanting to rule the galaxy again. It could have been a nice contrast. Ren wants to save the galaxy by destroying it while Rose tells Finn that we will save what we love.