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  1. Last year, several threads were created at varying times asking different versions of "What order should I read Abercrombie?" It became a bit of a joke around these parts. That's what he was referring to.
  2. It was revealed today that Stan Lee has already filmed his cameos for four future MCU projects.
  3. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    Things have gotten bad for the game that inspired this thread title... Last week, the active player count for No Man's Sky dropped below a 1,000 players on Steam. And now comes the cherry on top... UK Advertising Standards Authority is investigating both Valve and Hello Games for deceptive advertising practices.
  4. @Ferrum Aeternum For a practice.
  5. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars II

    @Ser Scot A Ellison no disagreement there. However, if we try to hold ourselves back from the future because of the sins of the past we will never go anywhere. There's no reason to attribute meanings to words that are not inherent to their usage. At some point even on Earth, our ancestors were true pioneers discovering areas that had never seen human habitation. That doesn't change the fact that they were pushing frontiers. Out of the words discussed, the one that I find most interesting is "colony." Throughout history colonists have always been people of varying intent. Fortune seekers. Those establishing and spreading religion. Criminals. But expeditions were always chiefly sponsored by a government/monarch. The resulting colony owed loyalty to their home government. If Musk truly achieves his dream and is able to corporately establish a colony on Mars. How does that tie back to Earth? Does it have any governmental allegiance? Does it pay taxes to a home country? Does it then get representation in a governing body? Is it entirely sovereign in itself?
  6. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars II

    I liked much of his concepts. It did seem to involve quite a bit of hand waving away of some of the nitty gritty of how you would actually produce the infrastructure needed to sustain that many lives. He talks of being the first to open a pizza place... but skips over all the things that have to happen before the pizza place. Ultimately though, this kind of sense of wonder and adventure is what it will take to move us beyond the borders of our own world. I think its an evolutionary fact that at some point, humanity on Earth will no longer be viable. Scattering through the solar system and eventually to the stars is the only way to ensure that humans persist. The fact that we aren't trying to do it in the Hollywood scenario at the barrel of a cosmic gun of some sort represents the best of humanity and the prospects for hope and the desire to expand and create.
  7. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars II

    My quote button isn't working... so its not tagging @Ser Scot A Ellison for some reason, but I have the same question. For anyone to say that these words are somehow "culturally loaded" would seem to be creating a problem where one does not exist of the worst sort. From Dictionary.com: Nothing in there is charged. If you have problems with the words, that's on you.
  8. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    My understanding is that he was the primary candidate they wanted after giving Rich Rod the boot.
  9. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    An LSU branded jet landed in Morgantown, WV and sent WVU fans into a panic... Seriously? They were worried that LSU would come steal Dana Holgerson?!!? Based on what I've seen from the limited sample size around here, I would have thought that would be celebrated in West Virginia...
  10. All that picture did was remind me how ridiculous it is that GRRM's publishers have changed the jacket design three times!
  11. Wait...What? They're Remaking MacGyver?

    Is the opening theme song epic though?
  12. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    How glad are you right now that Les Miles passed on the UM job?
  13. I can't even imagine how that would work...
  14. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    CBS takes a wild ass guess at ten candidates to replace Miles. Usual candidates mostly, (Herman) but a few surprising names in there too. They mention Petrino, but I'm still not convinced he leaves UofL just yet. (He has Lamar Jackson for another year.) Could you imagine what he could do with the recruiting base of LSU though?!!?
  15. Probably still distancing themselves from Ryan Reynolds. (Admission... I kinda liked GL...)