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  1. Thought I'd go with a little Lincoln humor there in the title... an assassination in Washington... what's not to laugh about there???? So anyway... when last we left off; PQJ was off in a dirty alley somewhere turning tricks for whatever drug will help her forget her lost love for McDaniels, Rock was off in a Boston slum lamenting the fact that PQJ's love is coming back to his town, Tywin is lamenting the total destruction of cap space that is required to sign a QB with a pulse and a healthy knee, and Niners fans everywhere are putting up near pornographic posters of Jimmy G. Oh... and we debate whether Shaquan Barkley is the greatest running back since Walter Peyton or something. Commence discussion.
  2. Big Blue Madness is later tonight. I assume Late Night at the Phog and other such events are also being held. The start of the season is upon us and we were at Page 21. Sadly, other events are overshadowing the start of the season. The FBI investigation is looming, fans everywhere outside Chapel Hill are questioning what "student athlete" really means. Despite MFC's request to move on from UNC, its the main story of the day so I had to share this interesting breakdown I read from a judge who posts at another website I frequent:
  3. Yeah, I’d say Thamel and Forde definitely did their usual schtik and over sensationalized this whole thing to generate clicks. Is it bad? Sure. Is there a bigger problem in college basketball? Probably. But this in and of itself isn’t earth shaking. Now... if the FBI got records like this from say, the top ten agents out there? That would likely have a lot more names and something to worry about. From Kentucky’s standpoint, the only worrying claim is Bam. It looks like Noel was a loan after he left school and Knox was one of those who had a meal. Adebayo though? Well that looks pretty damning. It is marked as a “bad loan.” He didn’t sign with ASM and there was some talk that people were trying to get him to go to NCState. Some speculation (likely baseless... but that’s what we do) is that the money went to a family friend who was supposed to get him to NCSt. Miller on wiretap is crazy though. There was a time I thought I would favor him as next coach at UK. Guess not anymore...
  4. Apparently, much of the claimed travel in the books would appear to be a bit iffy. On the same day he claimed a hotel stay at the Loews Vanderbilt in Nashville for a meeting with Wade Baldwin, he also had a meal with Texas’ Prince Ibeh. The meal with Ibeh was supposed to be at the Lava Café, which is in…Philadelphia? Searching Google I do not see a Lava Cafe in Texas or Nashville. So the day after losing to Kansas in Austin, Ibeh travelled to Philadelphia for a $37 dinner? Philadelphia also has a Loews Hotel so I guess Ibeh and Baldwin could have both travelled to Philly… in the middle of the week? Edit: Minor correction... On 3/1 he had a meal with Ibeh at Lava Cafe, and also a meal with Brice Johnson and Dion Bathea (his AAU coach) at Carrabba’s. Then had a meal with Isaiah Taylor (also of Texas) at PF Chang’s on the 2nd, and that was the date he marked the Baldwin meeting at the Loews as well. So in a 2-day span, he met with players for UNC, Texas, and Vanderbilt, and somehow didn’t expense any flights?
  5. Remember. The College Football Championship is not a NCAA thing. The actual NCAA's biggest money maker is the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament.
  6. If you want a quick idea of what to expect here... watch what Duke does. Current player Wendell Carter is named. If Duke sits him out from here out, hold on tight because its going to be a bumpy ride. If he plays, just work on the assumption the NCAA isn't going to do anything.
  7. I listened to a detail of Silver's proposed changes to the playoff structure. I hate them. First, reseeding teams. I understand the desire, but I think its reactionary and unnecessary. I remember well in the mid-90's when the NFC was approaching 20 straight Super Bowl wins and San Francisco vs Dallas was the defacto league championship for four years, there was talk of reseeding for the playoffs. It was a bad idea then, and that played out when we saw Denver upset Green Bay and usher in an era of AFC prominence. Its also a bad idea because schedules are not all the same as long as we are still playing in conferences for purposes of scheduling. Second, and this idea is infinitely worse, the idea of going to play in games for the last spots. The way I heard it explained, the top 6 teams in each conference get their seed as expected. Then you have 7 play 8 with the winner getting the 7th seed. 9 plays 10 and the winner of that game plays the loser of 7/8 for the last playoff spot. Needlessly complicated. And just like my feelings in baseball, if 82 games aren't enough to settle the seeding, then you are doing something wrong. You are taking a sport that determines its champion with a series and throw in a one and done game??? What the hell? The NBA is fine right now, better than it has been in a couple of decades. Yes, its dull seeing Cleveland and Golden State every year; but that won't last longer than another year or two. Don't react to a problem that doesn't exist.
  8. Welp... there's the other shoe. Looks exactly like we figured. Payments to recruits by an agent, but not necessarily on behalf of a school. And its just one agent, if we were to get listings from more agents it would get even bigger. You know its bad when Fred Van Vleet is getting paid.
  9. Saw a couple of posts in the generic thread needing the spoiler tags, figured I’d go ahead and start the thread. I picked the book up today and should start on it this weekend. Spoil away.
  10. So... basketball... yeah... The Mavericks are imploding from within because of sexual harassment... Shit... that wasn't basketball either... dammit... Ummm... Kawhi Leonard isn't going to play anymore and may be done with the Spurs. That's at least basketball related.
  11. So its A Feast For Crows and Crabicus is Brienne on a travelogue to show us how shitty war is on the little people? But with more rape and more phalluses? I love the series. I even liked TUC (I know... I'm a heretic...) but I have no interest in that.
  12. The only possible way I can see this going longer is if he goes full video game with the plot and it turns out that Odium is just the mid-game boss and there is a bigger, badder boss out there in the shadows.
  13. After reading Oathbringer... I can readily believe that he just decides to write until the binding won't hold anymore. Even if there's not enough plot for 2 more books (much less 7) I have no doubt he'll fill it up. And to be fair, I'm sure there will also be two or three epic moments in each of the 7 books that make you want to pump your fist. (Before slogging through 300-400 more pages.)
  14. Wait... the Patriots broke a rule?!!?
  15. Speaking of WKU... an alum friend of mine told me tonight that with UofL’s forfeits; the Toppers are now the second winningest team in the state. And that hurts for me to admit as a Murray State guy.
  16. I saw some posters on Card Chronicle (I only lurk... I never requested to post there... I don't want that on my SB Nation profile!) suggested take the "NCAA" off the banner and just hang one that says "2013 National Champion." While I'm sure it would piss off the NCAA... I'm not sure they are wrong with the idea. I think the UNC case will be a major factor in any future breakaway of the Power 5 schools. Because honestly, if you can't enforce the "student" part of the "student athlete" you have spent millions to promote with advertising campaigns, then what use are you?
  17. @MisterOJ @Ded As Ned I know that schaudenfreud is an ugly, ugly emotion... but I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me. All the years of “Pay Pal Cal” and “Better hang those banners with Velcro” is all coming to fruition. The trashy patient who sat in my office and went on a tirade about the “thugs” at UK while UofL recruited kids who were quality. All of those things have paid off today! Today, I celebrate and it’s a petty, small thing to do... but I rejoice.
  18. OH SHIT! Banners are coming down!!!!!!
  19. UofL is making a major announcement in four minutes... no one seems to know what it is. I'm skipping a meeting just on the off chance it could be something every blue blooded kid who grew up in Kentucky has dreamed of...
  20. I finished South Park The Fractured But Whole last night and laughed out loud doing it. Honestly, SoT and FBW are the two best uses of pop culture licenses I've ever seen in gaming. And both honestly hold their own from a video game standpoint as well with some good RPG action.
  21. He’s taken what was a very mediocre Tubby Smith team and may very well knock Kansas from their perch. (And Tubby is likely to get fired from Memphis.) Hes been very impressive.
  22. I have a PS3, PS4, and a Switch and never notice a delay.
  23. Also, I’ve only seen Civil War the one time in the theater. Can someone help me with the timeline in this one? They mention that Bucky (bomber that killed T’Chaka) has been captured early in the movie. Then we see T’Challa in the jungle. So does the entirety of this movie happen between the chase sequence in CW and the end when he gives Cap and Bucky asylum in Wakanda?