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  1. May I suggest Littlefinger?
  2. Becomes Lord Commander of a Night's Watch and gets stabbed "for the Watch" because he has let the White Walkers in. You do know that D&D are reading this?
  3. I thought that Rhaegar = jerk was long established historical fact confirmed by many witnesses present at Harrenhall. He publicly humiliated his wife in favor of his lover. Why Martells took no offense is a mystery to me. However: Oberyn was said to be present at Harrenall but absent during the war for all I know. Lewyn Martell was accused of betrayal by the King, even though he's lost his life at the Trident. Annulment of a marriage could happen if a wife is unable to produce an heir. Which Elia succeeded in, unless her two children were bastards by unknown father. Again: Lewyn Martell is sometimes mentioned. Else if Rhaegar wanted more children, he could have dissolved marriage by divorce on that ground, but then his heirs would be: his first son according to 7kingom's law or his firstborn daughter according to Dorne's law. It was already suggested that Rhaegar was trying to avoid succession war: perhaps he wanted to avoid the war between Elia's children. Or maybe as a 20-year old and head over heels he was not thinking straight anymore.
  4. +1 I think that Danny's speeches are unimpressive and I begin to think that is intended. She has lot of titles and cracks grandnoise banter like her brother did but the only thing that people think about when she speaks is "whoa! that's a dragon! an it's huge!". Dany is not a bad person and she can gain friendship, trust loyalty and love in a direct relation but she is an awful leader and politician. Much unlike Jon who easily wins over the Nightswatch, the Wildlings, and the North without even trying. I think that the contrast between the two was highlighted enough.
  5. If Egg had the same heat-resistance as Danny then he couldn't possibly die in the fire. So he is either alive or died by more conventional means. A murder for example. If Egg was murdered then the fire could be a convenient cover up. Fires are often used to cover up murders. GRRM did mention that he intends to write a murder mystery. Or Egg could have sacrificed his life in a blood magic ritual because Rhaegar was stillborn. Rhaegar was melancholic like all resurrected characters. Or Egg could be still alive. He was 2 years younger than maester Aemon, so he would be just as old. Nobody knows just how old Varys is, but he does not appear to be that old. But then again: just how old Mel is? There are ways to prolong life and hide your true age...
  6. Does the boy ever sweat?
  7. Aegon V Targaryen allegedly died at Summerhall. But if you read Dunk and Egg tales carefully it is often implied that Egg had similar heat resistance to Daenerys. So how come he died in fire? Is it possible that Aegon is still alive during ASoIaF timeline? He was mentioned a couple of times in the book. We all know one suspicious old bald guy, a Targ loyalist with a love for common folk. Could it be... ? Or was Aegon murdered at Summerhall and the fire was used to cover up the crime by unknown perpetrators?
  8. I thought there was a scene a few seasons ago with Littlefinger starring at IT and shaking and twitching until Varys jumps him and starts to mock him.
  9. If I got it right then Jamie was fired from kingsguard, so he is the legitimate heir of the House Lannister again. If not, Tyrion is the heir as long as Danny wins (nice work shooting your papa, dude!). So Lannisters still kicking. Other than that, a line can be preserved by matrilineal marriage. That is: in absence of a legitimate male heir, a woman heir carries on the family name and passes it to her children. A most suitable candidate for a husband is someone from a cadet branch, or bastard of the very family who has proper blood but no name. Else a royal bastard would do due to prestige. I think there are at least 2 precedences in the books. So house Greyjoy can continue through Yara with a suitable husband, whomever he might be (for political reasons non-Ironborn would be better). House Stark would do best by marrying Sansa or Arya to Jon or Tyrion (the latter in case Jaimie continues the Lannister line). I actually expect that Sansa-Tyrion marriage might be renewed and consumed for the sake of ending the feud between the two prominent families. And House Targaryen could continue either by Dany marrying Jon and having a child somehow or by Dany legitimizing Jon and making him her heir. Or she can marry just anyone as long as he makes her pregnant, because Targs are definitely matrilineal both in the show and in the books. As for Martel... well apparently a bad pussy can legitimize herself according to show's logic. In Dorne (according to show) anything is possible and no rules apply really. So I guess it is Royal House Bad Pussy-Martell now. Excuse me, I need a drink. As for Tyrell, we don't know. Do we care? The only house that is doomed is Baratheon unless someone finds that lonesome boat and recognizes Gendry for any reason. However if Gendry literally bumps into Dany's ship next season I will buy a shotgun and end somebody's life.
  10. The introduction of Ramsey Bolton was delayed in the show and yet nobody remembers that now. He became the archvillain of the last season. Same goes for Euron. His late introduction means nothing and he has the same sadistic aptitude (or plot armor if you like) as Ramsey. The horn might be introduced easily anytime deus ex machina. Danny is way to powerful now to be struggling whole season. WW are no match against the dragons, they cannot even fight back unless they have dragons of their own. Perhaps undead ice-dragon will be introduced after Euron makes them fight each other.
  11. Interesting option. But would work only if Euron kills Dany and her dragons.
  12. Littlefinger: "Jon Snow stands alone". Sansa: "Not alone". Littlefinger: "..."
  13. All hail Podrick the king of the West!
  14. Podrick did some risking and fighting too, does this make him suitable to be a king?
  15. 1) That is why she is an usurper. 2) This is what her opponents would say, while she might say otherwise. Which makes her an usurper in their eyes but not in the eyes of her followers. 3) But she decided to usurp the crown instead. 4) Wasting all your enemies might be considered equivalent. 5) Unlike what you think conquest doesn't need legal claim only appearances. Take Hernan Cortes as an example. 6) You saw the process, and consequences will be next season. You know what "usurper" means do you?