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  1. Good question. George really loves his prime numbers (3, 7,11, 13, 79) and primes as the building blocks of ALL numbers have special significance in religions and spiritual matters all over dating to the beginning of human existence, but nobody thinks that is important for some reason. 7 and 3 are particularly significant in Judaism and factor (heh) into many biblical end of days prophecies, but of course that has nothing to do with this story, right?
  2. I have nothing to add here except that this made me laugh audibly.
  3. Nice catch. GRRM gives other nods to Trumbo as well - I mean, watch "Roman Holiday" and get back to me - throughout the novels, and I've long believed that he specifically references Trumbo's lone fictional published work, Johnny Got His Gun. I mentioned a couple in this post , as well as a few others on here from time to time. He's quoted Trumbo on NaB several times as well. I would love to ask him about this influence at a con.
  4. Yeah, and even though we don't have any textual references for it, the timeline fits and it makes sense. GRRM is clearly holding his House Dayne cards close to his chest, so perhaps in the next book(s) we'll get the backstory on how the Crown and the Daynes came together. WotNPK seems to be where many other noble houses came together though, so I'll keep that as my unofficial headcanon for now.
  5. I recently realized there's a parallel to support this: There's actually more to that parallel... if you back up a bit in that quote of Cat's when she first walks down memory lane, you get a fainter echo: A pale blue scarf, a maiden pleading to her betrothed (a Stark) to spare the life of someone, a promise extracted from that Stark. I find it interesting that in this particular passage, the maiden in question cares for the underdog like a brother - this is not a plea based on romantic love - and the underdog's romantic love for the maiden is completely unrequited. Also, someone here, @ravenous reader I believe? had a great discussion going on about Petyr perhaps purposely throwing this duel in order to lure Brandon - clad in heavy armor - to his death in the water...which likewise has interesting implications for the parallel. Lots of stuff going on in this brief snippet, for sure.
  6. Nothing in text yet to support this notion, but it certainly seems that many friendships/alliances were forged during the War of the Ninepenny Kings: Aerys/Tywin, Hoster Tully/Littlefinger's father, etc., so I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Aerys and Lord Elder Dayne (Arthur's father) were also thrown together at this time. I mean, the Stepstones are right there in Dorne's backyard; it seems reasonable that the Daynes would have a dog in that fight.
  7. Perhaps more like a preemptive defense. IMO we should look at the possibility that Torrhen needed to keep the Targaryens and their dragons out of the North for very specific reasons. He may have known what later kneelers have forgotten. His bringing troops south may have been a matter of necessity rather than battle strategy.
  8. Hey, you only do this in front of people you feel totally comfortable with, amirite? Dragongas = Jon Targaryen - finally, positive proof! The fact that we even have people resorting to explanations like this to make up for bad writing is both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  9. Wouldn’t you guys loved to have been a fly on the wall when D&D and George had that long meeting a few years back concerning the endgame of the series? I have a hard time believing that the "Septon Maynard" crap was a scenario that GRRM laid out for them. D1: Okay, so, uh, the next item that we need to run through is, um... *paper shuffling* ...the question of Jon’s parentage. Obviously, uh, this is a big thing in the show and we’re going to have to address it. D2: Yeah, the fans are really chomping at the bit on that one, since we did all that setup in Season 1 where Jon talks to Ned and everything. GRRM: *digs into chile rellanos* D2: So we wanted to make sure we’re on the same page as you for the reveal- D1: -since that’s basically the central mystery of the series, that, uh, sets up Jon as the hero. GRRM: .... *chewing* D1: We’ve mostly got it mapped out already, the best, uh, most logical way to handle it for the show, but wanted to get some feedback from you about- D2: But for us to lay who Jon’s father is, we need to go over this with you to make sure we’re handling this the way you envisioned- D1: - Jon’s father, that reveal is going to be huge because of who he is. GRRM: *looks up from Wagyu beef fajitas* Who do you think he is? D2: Well, it’s pretty clear it’s Rhaegar Targaryen. GRRM: *stops chewing* You think so, huh. D1: I mean, after reading through the books, and, uh, you know, talking with some people that are really familiar with the story, Rhaegar is the obvious candidate. D2: We’ve been dropping Easter eggs about it since Season Two, and will really ramp up the hints in Season Four. D1: Subtly, though. D2: Right. Really subtle, so the fans understand – D1: -and by the time Jon and Dany get together, like, uh, like sexually, it will totally make sense, they’re both such good leaders and so concerned with their people because they are both Targaryens. D2: And the Targaryens practiced incest, so... GRRM: ..... GRRM: Huh. How are you going to make it happen? The Rhaegar thing. D1: Uh, we definitely want to get your insight on it, but we’re thinking about an annullment and a secret marriage. D2: To Lyanna. D1: It will be very organic. We’ll set it up with the Tower of Joy first. GRRM: The tower of joy? D2: When Ned finds Jon – baby Jon – in the tower. GRRM: Okay. *sips margarita* D2: It’s going to have to curve away from your story somewhat, because we don’t have the space to show them falling in love at the tourney of Harrenhal- D1: Rhaegar and Lyanna. Where they met. He gave her the blue roses. D2: -but we can end up in the same place. D1: I don’t think the fans will care how they met anyway. GRRM : *wipes mouth* Really. D1: Just because we haven’t done much with Rhaegar. And he’s dead, so not central to the plot. GRRM: *chews* D2: We can cover it in a flashback. Maybe Bran can see it. Since he’s, um, the Three Eyed Raven. GRRM: Crow. Three Eyed Crow. D1: Right. So he can see everything, in, uh, the past. Through the weirnet. D2: Like the marriage. We can have the High Septon can do it since it’s the royal family. D1: And make it legitimate. GRRM: The High Septon is in King’s Landing, though...? D1: We haven’t worked out the particulars yet. And, uh, that’s why we wanted your input, so we could understand the details and make it unfold as naturally as possible. GRRM: I see. *drains margarita* D2: Our ultimate goal is to convey this in the way you wanted- D1: - We’re really invested in taking your vision to screen as faithfully as possible to the source material- D2: -while also giving the fans what they want. Which is Jon as a secret Targaryen. D1: Rightful heir to the Iron Throne. GRRM: Sounds like you guys have this all worked out – I’m not even sure what I have to add at this point. *eyes dessert menu* D1: Great – so, uh, if we have your buyoff on it, we’ll just move on to the Dornish plot. D2: We have some terrific ideas for the Sand Snakes.
  10. Normally I would say yes, it's overblown and hyperbolic - if we were talking about a stock-standard tough-talking war hawk that had the capability of making carefully weighed decisions. We're not. We're talking about a pathological narcissist for whom glory and perception are all that matters. Given all of Trump's administrative/legislative failures to date, he now has an opportunity to show the world his true awesomeness, not to mention hold the key to one of the greatest powers of this planet in his tiny little hands - and with this current opportunity comes a future one, that of being immortalized as the president who subdued North Korea via nuclear weapon (which I'm sure he believes would overshadow the Russia business and all the other 'winning'). If that means raining apocalypse on tens of thousands of people in a tiny somewhat backwards country that he doesn't really know or care about, so be it. Do I think this will happen? Probably not - hopefully the cooler heads of Congress and his military will prevail. That does not negate his desire to do it, however. This is reflected in the disregard of the advice of those more experienced in NK relations and the breakneck escalation that we're seeing in between rounds. :/ This is not a stable man. We cannot treat his executive performance and decisions as though he is.
  11. Sure, and we even have confirmation of this from Davos: I am 99.9% certain that Ned didn't know, at least not for sure. Re: Rhaegar's sadness vs. sadism, I'm not totally convinced on his innocence and regret, really. GRRM has set up this noble character atop a pedestal, this amazing guy in the eyes of everyone who knew him - but as Barristan tells Dany, no one really knew Rhaegar or exactly what he felt. He could have been like Dany, telling lies to himself about what some evil deed represented in order to justify doing it, or he could have been even darker. I personally think he might have been several shades greyer than what we've been led to believe, but that's me.
  12. Re: monsters giving children to the flames, consider again the presence of the KG at the TOJ in relation to this: “This isn’t going to be one of those love stories, is it?” Bran asked suspiciously. “Hodor doesn’t like those so much.” “Hodor,” said Hodor agreeably. “He likes the stories where the knights fight monsters.” “Sometimes the knights are the monsters, Bran."
  13. This is really nice. I have believed Rhaegar was planning a sacrifice for some time now, but hadn't really connected his general melancholy and his sense of duty with that notion of prophecy. Well done. This also ties with the notion that Rhaegar learned something from Summerhall, something that his grandfather hadn't succeeded in w/r/t a dragon-birthing ceremony - you've got to have death. There's a process, and Egg missed it; Rhaegar reworked the formula and was going to try again. I wish I had more time to address because lots to say. First, completely agree that there WAS going to be a child sacrifice. A couple of years ago I put together a comparison between the events surrounding Rhaego's death via the MMD ritual in the tent, and the snippets of things we know about Lyanna's death and the TOJ - there are far too many parallels & echoes for that not to be the case, so am totally convinced that something gnarly vis a vis blood magic was going to go down at the TOJ. If it was related to the War for the Dawn 2.0, then it also makes sense to have three members of the KG who also happen to be representatives of three old families/First Men/ magical bloodlines to be present to carry out the deed after Rhaegar's death. Second, I have two competing paths of thought related to some findings in the Fisherman's Daughter essay noted in my signature, particularly revolving around baby Aegon. a ) in the vein of Marwyn's warning about prophecy and this from GRRM: I wonder if Rhaegar may have been trying to circumvent the prophecy somehow after Aegon's birth, and the circumvention may have been what brought everything else to pass. In the quote about Aegon having the song of ice and fire, Rhaegar refers to his son as a future king - almost as if he has reneged on the idea of sacrifice now that his living breathing baby is there in his wife's arms. I'm curious if he changed his mind about giving his son to - whatever - and instead sought out some acceptable substitutes that he could chuck to the flames or bleed out while preserving Aegon's life and eventual rule. Lyanna's child would be one, and I suspect Dany as well. Many crackpots on this that I won't go into, but IMO he would have been looking for particular bloodlines to fill the bill. Rhaegar himself may have opted to revert to Plan A in which he contributed his own blood/life to the cause. b ) If Aegon was indeed the sacrificial dragon, there are subtle hints that both Ashara Dayne and Lyanna Stark were involved with this somehow - these two ladies are "sisters" in some right in the story, I haven't fully fleshed this out yet but they definitely have a sororal connection. My gut feeling is that one or both of them may have known Rhaegar's intentions and tried to get baby Aegon to safety - I'm unsure whether or not this backfired, as there is evidence to support pre-Sack Aegon being both real and fake. The presence of Rhaegar's first son and heir at the TOJ also explains the 3 KG. Anyway, I'm on board the sacrifice train and look forward to more thoughts on it. You are welcome to visit the essay in my sig as you might find some ideas that are in line with yours and/or provide a backdrop for the sacrifice theory.
  14. He absolutely wants it. I've been saying for months that this fool wants to be immortalized as the second president in all of history to drop a nuke on a hostile power. I don't even think Trump particularly cares which hostile power it is, just so long as his tiny itchy finger gets to hit the button. Who cares if the rest of your presidency is a flaming hot mess of dog poo if your name will be forever shown in the annals as the guy that sent the Enola Gay 2.0 over Pyongyang? This pathological narcissistic clown would absolutely have the US go to war and have thousands of people die so that he can see his name in lights. It probably bugs the shit out of Trump that he has to play second fiddle to Harry Truman...a Democrat, no less.
  15. To hopefully clear something up on the confusion about Bran's arc and IHW's acting... I think this may be one area in which D&D actually fucking listened to what GRRM had to say about the characters in their roles beyond the published books. GRRM admires writer/former DC Comics novelist Alan Moore (even invited him to participate in Wild Cards), who is best known for his series Watchmen. If you're familiar with Watchmen at all, it's pretty clear that Bran/3EC/R/Whatever in his current 'enlightened' form is modeled after the character Dr. Manhattan - this emotionally devoid superbeing with unfathomable power over humanity, etc etc. Of course, channeling this to television vis a vis a medieval fantasy background is difficult to do anyway, much less with basically zero build up or lead in so that the audience fully understands what is happening. I think D&D tried, and I think IHW understood where they were going/what they were doing with it, but there just wasn't enough background and the whole thing fell flatter than Bran's responses. Anyway, for the rest of the season just imagine IHW as a big naked blue guy with a hydrogen symbol on his forehead and you should be good to go. LOL