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  1. if so.. then he is the the worst of them all. Especially when he see that his wife and eldest child would be killed. And on top of that, he would be headed, his eldest daughter would be raped and so on and so forth. Thats a terrible sacrifice to save the world.
  2. Is it possible that Cerscei is just fucking petty?
  3. Maybe this was mentioned in the pages of this thread, but maybe Bran didnt know at that time. Tho Bran can see all, he still need to know where to look, and when. With that being said, its not like he knew about this before meeting with Samwell. If so, thats kinda important to tell his siblings, over anything. Even the LF scandal. So since Samwell pointed to where he needed to look concerning Jon's history, this is totally new information which needs to get out. The only other two people who saw something special in Jon, was Maester Aemon, and Mel. Tho Aemon was blind, he stated that he always saw the "light" in Jon. And Mel knew she was wrong about Stannis when she met Jon. I love how the story kept that from our eyes nor made that a priority within this world for all of this time. I always thought Jon was cool and very lucky, and honest. Never would i have imagined that he would be an end game character of importance.
  4. Yup. Actually she was mentioned in the book, cant remember if Littlefinger and Sansa met her, or someone else.. . Lyanna wasnt "in love" with Robert B. She was willing to do her duty for the house by marrying him. To Robert B was in love with Lyanna, he couldnt shake his old habits. It was bound to happen anyways, when she met someone she was madly in love with, and who loved her back.
  5. Didnt Jon provided a powerpoint to Cerscei on how to stop all of this???
  6. you guys mean this??? Bran spilling the beans scene got axed
  7. Children of the forest. If you dont know the story, when they were at war with the first men, they were losing, so they created this ultimate weapon (the night king) to defeat the humans. This was also stated in season 6 when Bran made it to the 3 eyed raven.
  8. Umm dont we know his story already? The COTF secret weapon gone bad. With excellent revival skills, and javelin throwing abilities.
  9. Lyanna: Ned his name is Aegon Targaryen Ned:Sis, do you know how much of a damn shit storm thats going on while yall two was on this unannounced extended honeymoon?
  10. He was in the wolves den stirring up shit. He should have just left, either with his army or without. But it was him who got himself killed. He knew that no one liked him nor wanted to tolerate him except Sansa. Also he was fooled thinking the sisters didnt get along. And he didnt realized that their father always taught them to stay as pack. I dont care about television setups and shit, from what i saw, he thought he could get away with it all, until BRAN SPILLED THE BEANS. Even if it was he say versus she say, no one cared for LF and wanted him dead anyways. So he had no time for tangible evidence, the death of Lysa, her husband, and screwing the stark house was enough for everyone to say, "just fuckin kill em". one of the best scenes. especially arya with the quick death... clasic
  11. Jon is the perfect example of being lucky is better than being good. I really dont think Jon cares about his battle record. I know his success rate is about 100% tho.
  12. So.. then no one knows where lightbringer is in the first place right?
  13. lol
  14. Bingo!!! Im hoping Bran will spill the beads on LF. But if not, then they will have enough ammo to indict LF. LF is hanging out in the wolves den which is very dangerous for him. And one thing about wolves/starks is they have learned or are learning to stay as a pack. .. Well.. outside of Jon and ghost of course.