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  1. It's murky since Ned is pretty sure that Jaime will be Warden of the West one day.
  2. Exactly if he's going to flat out lie during a Q&A why even bother doing them?
  3. Would Stannis think that "I didn't think you'd believe me" would be a good enough excuse were he in Robert's position? To be honest if I was Stannis I'd probably tell Renly, or reach out to Ned and not tell Robert until I had proof but you really can't frame simply leaving to sit on Dragonstone as anything else but self serving.
  4. Partially joking but if you're desperate enough I'm sure you'd be able to source some sort of material at the wall, down to rags and sheets if you have to as long as literally everything you're wearing isn't black you're golden. A ranger could probably get enough stuff from Wildling corpses after a while, point is I don't think the mere fact that they only give you black clothes should be enough to make it hard not to get caught, the rangers especially should be able to avoid people long enough to devise something to make sure they don't blunder into the next village all in black. Covering your cloak in mud might even be enough to not get noticed as a deserter of the Night's Watch off the bat, I doubt the randomers in the North are really that vigilant against something so rare as happening to see a Night's Watch deserter in the vastness of the North, they probably never even think about it.
  5. To be honest it shouldn't even be particularly difficult to desert the Wall so long as you aren't picked up by the Night's Watch themselves. Mance can go hang about Winterfell because at the end of the day he just looks like some guy. So long as you're not wearing all black they all just look like random plebs unless they're nobility or known for some other reason, just change your clothes idiots. Night's Watch should have branded their faces or something.
  6. If Margaery had not been a maiden the legitimacy of her first child to Joffrey conceived so quickly after her marriage to Renly could have easily been called into question.
  7. To be honest none of that seems beyond anything he could learn through osmosis during his time at the wall or just common sense really. Also just because the mammoths use giants doesn't necessarily mean that other groups of Wildlings haven't domesticated them as well.
  8. You know what always baffles me is not the various crackpots that people come up but how much they vigorously defend them despite having little to no evidence. STAY AWAY FROM MY CHILD!
  9. I doubt Renly would want to give away his personal seat and power base to a legitimised bastard of his brother for the sake of a flimsy alliance with Dorne, Mya is neither here nor there, she's basically unknown. I doubt Renly even knows she exists or would think of her in such a way if he did. Edric's the only bastard that has real potential to be important politically since he's been acknowledged by Robert and raised at Storm's End.
  10. Penrose raised Edric, he's just scared that Stannis is going to murder Robert's acknowledged bastard.
  11. Tywin probably thought that was still preferable to having vassals kidnap Lannisters with impunity, perhaps he feared that other vassals would see this as a case of House Lannister no longer being able to enforce their rule, perhaps he feared House Reyne and Tarbeck would grow even more powerful if they weren't forced into open rebellion sooner rather than later or that more vassals would join them if Tytos gave into their threats. We know Tywin's not exactly a stupid man, I would imagine he thought he would have the manpower to defeat them should he provoke a rebellion. We don't really have enough information regarding their dispositions to say whether it was foolish or not.
  12. I find it entirely ridiculous that Rheagar or whoever was pretending to be him could not only command a battle but also die FIGHTING THE ENEMY COMMANDER and not have their face revealed. It's not like he was some pleb that died in in some random place in the battlefield or even just died in a press of men, he died front and centre fighting Robert Baratheon one on one. Honestly if a lot of these crackpots came true I'd start to consider GRRM a hack writer. Also Jaime talking about crows is likely just poetic licence.
  13. He probably wanted to provoke them into open rebellion.
  14. Ransoming captives is just the norm but all the same I think Sandor wasn't trying to fulfil that role and instead intended to seek favour and rewards for simply delivering Robb's sister to him safely.