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  1. Sansa mostly because Arya stabbed up Dareon, the guy was an arsehole but was just escaping a shit hand he'd been dealt (if you believe that he didn't rape Mathas Rowan's daughter) and it seems that Arya's walking down an increasingly sinister path. From a reader's perspective Sansa as well, since she became Alayne her POVs became much more interesting as Arya's because less so.
  2. "“If that is so, why is the Knight of Flowers not among you? And where is Mathis Rowan? Randyll Tarly? Lady Oakheart? Why are they not here in your company, they who loved Renly best?" I think the army that gathered had more to do with Renly than you give him credit for, this line from Penrose suggests that Renly had been cultivating alliances in the Reach and not just with Highgarden, if anything I doubt Mace could raise an army that large considering the disunity of the Reach without a popular figurehead to rally behind.
  3. Dance and Feast could have been much shorter, two books of similar size should be enough if we don't meander down too many side plots.
  4. Bran in reality, fake Arya to the Iron throne and Rickon to House Manderly and by extension Davos and possibly Stannis. It all depends on which faction holds power in the North at the end.
  5. It isn't worth the loss in power and revenue and a man made river is beyond too great an undertaking. The issue is that it's being compared against regions that just happen to have super defensive bottlenecks, typically that should be the exception rather than the rule. They should just build castles on strategic points along the rivers to project power which I imagine they already have done, they just never work because GRRM has castles fall like dominoes or be insurmountable when the plot demands it.
  6. I'd basically say they were drunk on victory and got caught up in the moment especially with the anti Lannister sentiment boiling in the Riverlands but it always still struck me as a bit dumb that they'd all unanimously swear themselves to a new overlord from an entirely different region on the fly so I pretty much agree with you.
  7. Doesn't he say he was at Horn hill when Tarly got his, already crowned and on the march.
  8. Walder Frey's a pretty good parent all things considered.
  9. No one likes the Lannisters and lots of people like Renly is basically it. With Robert dead Joffrey's basically a Lannister puppet and a Baratheon brother has a good enough claim to be worth a bit of treason to oust the Lannisters from power. Loyalty and oaths are just a convenient truth until you get an overlord that you dislike enough to favour a rival claimant instead. Just look at the discussion among Robb, his lords and the lords of the Riverlands "“Tommen is no less a Lannister,” Ser Marq Piper snapped." This is in response to Robb basically stating that Joffrey is the true heir with Tommen after him, yet the issue Piper raises is that they're Lannisters, their legitimacy is of no concern as they see being ruled by Lannister stooges as reason enough to enter into open rebellion. Look at our own history, it's littered with rebellions and inter family wars between claimants, the right of succession is basically followed so long as enough influential people don't have a problem with the person taking up the mantle of ruler, if they are disliked enough and there's a more palatable contender with a strong claim they'll flock to them with whatever excuse they can muster, basically dynastic tit for tat. Furthermore Penrose even lists Tarly as one of that that "loved Renly best" among other prominent nobles from the Reach so it's clear Renly's been cultivating alliances and friendships not just with House Tyrell but also with their vassals. It really shouldn't be that uncommon in a feudal setting. If Renly had staged his coup and Ned has gained the regency such sentiments may have been avoided since the king wouldn't be under the direct control of the Lannisters. Renly's plan seemed to be going for the typical control the king and blame evil councillors approach as was often the case in the medieval world.
  10. Stannis could only be on par with Caesar because no one in ASOIAF has a particularly long battle resume. Stannis has one land battle under his belt, a siege in one of the strongest fortresses in Westeros, the capture of a basically abandoned castle, a naval victory and a catastrophic defeat on the Blackwater, now don't get me wrong it's impressive that he lured the Iron Fleet intro a trap but beyond that at that technological level level it's basically just numbers at sea so it doesn't really say much for a man's ability to direct a pitched battle or strategise beyond their ability to set traps, despite being one of the best commanders we're shown he still simply doesn't have enough of a record to even lick Caesar's boots so lets not be calling him a Caesar. Mace simply besieged Storm's End and Stannis was stubborn enough to not surrender so I don't really see where the fact that Mace is the opposing commander is coming in if Stannis is still crossing the river or still actively assaulting the city then it's simply a matter of smashing into his rear where the job's mostly going to be up to various sub commanders as it was in the actual Battle of the Blackwater and if Stannis is miraculously in the city with all his strength it's just a matter of besieging him. Where's he going to get supplies from? His fleet can't do anything, he has no ready wealth besides what he may get from looting the city (that'll get him lots of support inside) and no credibility because sure he may hold the Iron Throne, but he's under siege by a superior force. Who's going to supply his soldiers and 500,000 citizens? Renly's supply train was left at Bitterbirdge in the hands of the Tyrells. The only smart option is to withdraw to somewhere where you aren't trapped and can actually prosecute a campaign. You really think those men that joined Stannis in the chaos of Renly's death and immediately gave up on the Blackwater are going to sit in King's Landing eating horses? They'll probably hand him over. The Battle of the Blackwater is a fun read but it's just dumb really, it's a good spectacle but it makes Stannis look like an idiot with tunnel vision, "if I can grab the chair I win by default", ultimately all that matters is that it's fun to read but to analyse it is pretty pointless because it's not written with the intention of making sense militarily, it's just a big dumb battle. Furthermore I really can't see a scenario where it takes the Tyrells so much more time to mobilise that Stannis and his entire army as well as whatever meagre supplies he has have crossed the river and taken the entire city, I mean why would the Tyrells just be waiting around. Even if he did capture the city in a matter of hours his army would still likely be crossing the next day, this stuff takes time and if anything the Tyrells may even arrive earlier if they don't have to wait for Tywin as it'll take scouts less time to report that Tywin has gone West than it would to find Tywin, establish a strategy and then march 20,000 men South to link up. It's not like they just marched off looking for him, there must have been significant communication between messengers, Mace Tyrell is waiting North West of King's Landing with barges ready to link up with Tywin and sail down the river, they've literally marched further North than they'd need to go to relieve the city. If their messengers confirm that Tywin's already gone they can just cut that step out and head straight to King's Landing to lift the siege and there must be messengers otherwise they wouldn't be ready with that plan to link up with Tywin. And honestly they wouldn't even need superior numbers, an army trying to storm a city whilst crossing a river via a bridge of burning ships suddenly being attacked in the rear with absolutely no warning? Right after half their fleet was annihilated in a blazing death inferno. That's game over no matter what, they could be the most loyal men in the world and they'd still break, being attacked in the rear absolutely cripples morale and spreads chaos and confusion even in the best of circumstances. Stannis had no chance the second the Tyrells chose sides. Unless he decided to abandon his attack on the city because there's an undeclared army basically just down the road, which would be the smart choice.
  11. "Hey Euron, find an excuse to leave this meeting because you totally have to be here then secretly sail your fleet of a thousand ships that's anchored right next to the city all the way to Essos and back to pick up a sellsword company that's so super duper awesome that we couldn't possibly lose, meanwhile I will accept their truce to gain their trust by first NOT ACCEPTING THEIR TRUCE muhahhaa, then of course my brother that I want to murder will come to me in private, I'll let him use his intuition to winkle out of me that I am pregnant then use that motherly protective instinct to convince him that I will actually help, this will gain their trust because seeing an undead zombie wouldn't convince me to actually help them, they know that which is why they didn't go North and lose a dragon to do just that banking on the idea that such a thing alone would convince m... oh wait. I sure do hope they don't notice my fleet going the wrong way or that I actually haven't sent any men North before the Golden A-Team gets here." I hope Euron actually did look at that wight and think "Fuck this, screw you guys, I'm going home" because one it's a bloody zombie and two he's sick of this lady's bullshit plans, guy has 1000 ships and Iron Bank fat stacks go be king of somewhere warm and comfy. The show would be saved(probably not).
  12. Because it's very badly written. That entire plot was directed at the audience from Sansa and Arya arguing in private to that final dun dun dun surprise that's not really a surprise when she's addressing Arya then turns to Littlefinger, it's just dumb, they weren't trying to trick Baelish, they were trying to trick the viewer and it's obvious. They needed to get rid of Littlefinger and did it in the simplest way they could, I wouldn't expect them to keep him in character and actually give it a good go of worming his way out of it, they could have even had the lords start to be slightly convinced before Arya slashed him up just to give the scene a shade of grey, but nah. Honestly why did they even need to trick him? Just drag him to the hall and kill him because that's what they basically did anyway. This show is just about the spectacle and gotcha moments now, nothing else. Writing be damned.
  13. They don't even need a good commander, Stannis is mid way through assaulting a city across a river and all his scouts and outriders are dead. It's basically the worst position he could be in militarily, most of his men would break and run just from the knowledge that they're being hit in the rear by a relief army as they did in the actual Battle of the Blackwater, generally when a relief army is about to trap a besieging force between a rock and a hard place they just leave because they know it's not a good position to be in, unless you're Caesar. The time constraint is even less of an issue, Stannis still has to ferry most of his army across and crack the citadel, the Red Keep is a castle within a castle and by all accounts a fearsome fortification and most of his army will be distracted pillaging the city, getting his army across, establishing order in the city and then besieging the Red Keep could take days if not more. Furthermore I doubt it would take less time for riders to establish that Tywin has already gone West than it would for the Tyrells to actually wait for 20,000 men to march down from the Riverlands as they had to in the actual battle. And if it does come to a siege Stannis is stuck in a city that's just been stormed with no food and a brutalised populace on the verge of revolt, his only real option would be to leave by sea. I always took Robb's criticism of Edmure as quite obviously Robb guilting Edmure into marrying a Frey to reestablish his alliance, the Tyrells always seemed more important than Tywin in the Blackwater.
  14. Honestly I don't see why the Tyrells wouldn't just lift the siege themselves, they've pledged themselves to Joffrey's cause through Littlefinger and they still massively outnumber Stannis without Tywin, he's incredibly vulnerable whilst storming a city. If anything such a victory would benefit the Tyrells even more, they'd be seen as the sole saviours of the city. Tywin's presence isn't needed on the Blackwater to defeat Stannis.
  15. I know there's always been stinkers but it's a lot more consistent now especially with no dialogue to lift and adapt from the books.