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  1. I like how you left out basically every other city in history that's been on the coast, you could just as easily list all the inland great cities that have been razed, sacked or conquered because they basically all have at some point.
  2. Renly didn't inherit anything, Robert gave up his lordship of Storm's End and invested the castle and title in Renly as such House Baratheon of King's Landing and House Baratheon of Storm's End are two distinct entities and would have continued to diverge had things played out differently. Renly does have a claim to the Iron Throne, he's the King's brother but he was never the heir apparent or considered close to being so. However saying that I'm not convinced that the granting of Dragonstone had much to do with the succession either, neither Renly nor Stannis were ever granted the rank of prince, the succession before Joffrey's birth probably didn't come up all that much and I doubt that Robert granting Dragonstone to Stannis was a display of acknowledgement, Stannis would naturally be the heir presumptive I doubt Robert would give two shits about confirming that. Point is disregarding bastards Stannis is legally Robert's heir but in reality Renly has a blood claim to the throne and enough backing to enforce it and if you're getting into the legality of things Robert claimed the Iron Throne on flimsy blood ties to the Targaryens, so Stannis is the next step down the pole to that Targaryen blood claim and Robert giving away the lordship of Storm's End has no bearing on that, he could have given it to a peasant if he wanted to, it was his to give.
  3. Just to add to Bernie's argument. "“So be it. Stannis was never the most cherished of brothers, I confess. Do you suppose this tale of his is true? If Joffrey is the Kingslayer‟s get—” “—your brother is the lawful heir.” “While he lives,” Renly admitted." If Renly already knew that Robert's children were bastards then this little thought he has here would have to be an act for Cat's benefit which doesn't make much sense or gain him anything.
  4. If anything Winter being right around the corner makes it easier to gain a foothold in the North. The campaigning season is drawing to a close, Northern Lords would be more likely to compromise than start besieging the captured castles especially with most of their strength trapped in the South, the Ironborn would control shipping in the West and overland traffic from the South. The castles they do take won't need to be supplied from the Iron Islands, they're self sufficient and by their very nature project power. With Robb trapped in the South and a harsh Winter about to set in it's not unlikely that they'd be able to broker deals and arrangements with various nobles to expand that foothold either. He might not conquer the North in ten years or a century but what matters is gaining that foothold, an independent Iron Islands won't last long as a power without a strong presence on the mainland especially if the Iron Throne can rein in its vassals, which under Tywin Balon probably expected, the Winter will buy them time but Balon knows that if the Kingdoms can you unite that they are capable of staging a naval invasion of the Iron Islands, Ironborn fiefdoms and raiders out of the North act as insurance against that. The North was vulnerable as was the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, it was the perfect opportunity to gain that foothold. You might not think it was a good plan but it's hardly insanity. Had he not been murdered then that foothold may have remained strong even now as Winter sets in and alliances and cooperation would be looking prettier and prettier to struggling Northerners. If anything Balon's focus on capturing castles and then projecting power from within them rather than committing to a campaign of pitched battles reflects typical medieval warfare more than anything else in the books.
  5. He was always going to attack the North. It's the only viable option for actually capturing some castles and holding onto them for a while, he wanted land not plunder, there's no point in sending anyone but Robb doesn't know that so he would likely send some lord of no particular value as an envoy. I don't think he'd risk anyone important and didn't see a risk in sending Theon.
  6. No one cares about the Wildlings and most people consider the war to be basically over by the time he's even relevant.
  7. I think we have enough bloat without adding extra paragraphs for an in depth description of Eddard washing his balls.
  8. Were they surprised? More like they knew they were there and hoped the shiny elves didn't decide to take their clay, unless of course there's a line I don't remember stating that Westeros was surprised by dragons.
  9. Just because I started a reread recently so it's fresh but I absolutely checked out and skipped Bran's chapter where he sees Cersei and Jaime, we get it, you're good at climbing and know your way around Winterfell. Honestly I find quite a bit of the series pure tedium to read and think I've been drawn in mostly by the setting and characters and can't help feeling that a lot of it could be gutted without really losing much.
  10. It's about removing Cersei from her position of power and influence, Lannister influence at court flows through her.
  11. Sansa mostly because Arya stabbed up Dareon, the guy was an arsehole but was just escaping a shit hand he'd been dealt (if you believe that he didn't rape Mathas Rowan's daughter) and it seems that Arya's walking down an increasingly sinister path. From a reader's perspective Sansa as well, since she became Alayne her POVs became much more interesting as Arya's because less so.
  12. "“If that is so, why is the Knight of Flowers not among you? And where is Mathis Rowan? Randyll Tarly? Lady Oakheart? Why are they not here in your company, they who loved Renly best?" I think the army that gathered had more to do with Renly than you give him credit for, this line from Penrose suggests that Renly had been cultivating alliances in the Reach and not just with Highgarden, if anything I doubt Mace could raise an army that large considering the disunity of the Reach without a popular figurehead to rally behind.
  13. Dance and Feast could have been much shorter, two books of similar size should be enough if we don't meander down too many side plots.
  14. Bran in reality, fake Arya to the Iron throne and Rickon to House Manderly and by extension Davos and possibly Stannis. It all depends on which faction holds power in the North at the end.
  15. It isn't worth the loss in power and revenue and a man made river is beyond too great an undertaking. The issue is that it's being compared against regions that just happen to have super defensive bottlenecks, typically that should be the exception rather than the rule. They should just build castles on strategic points along the rivers to project power which I imagine they already have done, they just never work because GRRM has castles fall like dominoes or be insurmountable when the plot demands it.