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  1. Doran actually was planning to betray the Lannisters and was only feigning peace, yes, even in the TV show. Alexander Siddig who played him said that he played him like that in season #5, and during the preview for season #5 he said that Doran has a secret and put a finger to his lips. Unfortunately Ellaria and the Sand Snakes murdered him before he got a chance to reveal his true intentions.
  2. I can't think of any logical explanation for it at all. To me the whole thing is ridiculously contrived. They even broke guest right at the end of season #5 when they murdered Myrcella.
  3. I agree that vengeance seemed to be very much increasingly the theme of the last two seasons. I hate it, considering that for the most part it makes the person carrying out the vengeance near as bad as or worse than the people their getting revenge on, along the lines of "two wrongs don't make a right". In the books Ellaria gives a great speech about how pointless vengeance and violence are, while on the TV show she's so hellbent on vengeance that she kills people who have nothing to do with the crime (Myrcella) and are in fact the family of the people she's supposed to be avenging! (Hota, Doran, Tystane)
  4. I'm not saying season #2 was my favourite, but it definitely included my favourite episode: Blackwater.
  5. Really? That's almost the first time I've heard that being said. I got the impression season #4 or perhaps #3 fell into that category.
  6. 1. Littlefinger. 2. Olenna.
  7. I put it down to the show runners not being able to keep Varys' motivations consistent. Varys adversely affects Dany late in season #4 even, after on Tywin's orders he gets his little birds to deliver Jorah's royal pardon into Mereen, which results in Dany banishing her #1 advisor.
  8. Well technically Natalie Dormer was only 33 when filming finished for season #6, and 29 in her first appearance. Wikipedia, admittedly not an official source, referred to Margaery as being somewhere in her mid-to-late twenties. She could still be intended to be in her early twenties in season #2. After all, Dormer is four years older than the actors who play Dany, Jon and Robb, who in season 1 are 24-year-olds playing characters who are 16 or 17. Similarly the actresses playing Shae and Doreah in season #1 are 30-year-olds playing characters who are meant to be 23/24.
  9. I agree. Despite encountering few season #6 spoilers, I just knew that the Starks were going to win the Battle of the Bastards because it's now become Hollywoodised, and the Vale army showing up was no surprise at all - it was telegraphed in episode #7 when Sansa was shown writing to Littlefinger. I found it all too predictable. Unlike Battle of Blackwater when there's basically zero clues that Tywin's going to show up - it is believed up until then that he was heading off to deal with Robb. So his appearance is a good twist.
  10. Yes it's a shame because he's likely my favourite character out of those remaining - the only really good villain remaining, in my opinion.
  11. Funny enough it was the first season I did the opposite with, watching all the episodes over a couple of days. I was similarly dissatisfied - it felt like it got off to a terrible start due to Dorne and the only episode that really grabbed me was episode 5, "The Door". On first viewing I enjoyed episode 10 to an extent and my immediate reaction was that the season was an improvement over season 5. But after reading comments about it and comparing the seasons, I'm now thinking even season 5 was better than this. Also I rewatched the first four seasons a lot and even season 5 several times, but season 6 I've only rewatched each episode once at most.
  12. Unlike many characters on the show, I liked show Margaery for the most part and it felt like a real shame that she along with her brother and father got abruptly terminated when it felt like her storyline was going somewhere. I also thought she was the most attractive remaining woman in the cast. I'm going to miss her.
  13. The two who stood out for me - one who I hardly noticed in the books, the other who wasn't in the books at all - were Luwin (Donald Sumpter) and Locke (Noah Taylor). I was annoyed that Locke was killed off so suddenly and anticlimactically, hoping that he'd have a further role to play in the Night's Watch. I agree that Indira Varma was awful as Ellaria (Faullaria) in seasons 5 and 6. Which is ironic given that D&D repeatedly stated that they changed Ellaria's character because they loved Indira Varma and wanted to showcase her talents. She was fine in season 4 when she was actually playing her book character instead of someone who, along with her daughters, confuses losing a trial by combat with murder, enjoys torturing and killing little girls and believes in avenging her lover's family by murdering the rest of his family.
  14. I'm glad that they've fleshed out these two characters who I hardly noticed in the books, although I hate the introduction of a romantic subplot between the characters, which strikes me as incredibly cliché and contrived, as if they had to do this because Daario made a comment about Grey Worm liking Missandei (I actually thought he was saying Grey Worm liked Dany).
  15. As part of that she also tells Jon that one reason to retake Winterfell is to save her brother, Rickon, yet later in the season she says he's beyond saving, and doesn't even seem upset that Ramsay killed him - because he was ahead of her in the line of succession?