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  1. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Oh, I didn't forget. Everyone at the time took this as foreshadowing that Sansa would eventually become a killer. It sure didn't take long. To be 100% accurate Sansa was thinking of pushing Joffrey (the same character Tyrion said she couldn't have killed - in the books Tyrion does think Sansa may be guilty of killing him at his wedding) to his death after season #1 after he showed her Ned's and Septa Mordane's heads on spikes, before the Hound stopped her. Though that was more spur-of-the-moment than cold-blooded execution.
  2. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yes I thought that was really stupid (in both books and show) of LF to kill Dontos in front of Sansa, at the same time when he was acting as her saviour and friend. It unambiguously shows Sansa that LF is a villain and not to be trusted. While it makes sense for LF to kill Dontos (from a completely ruthless perspective) because he may indeed spill the beans, he could and should easily have done it more subtly when Sansa was not on the scene. I mean, Dontos was about to row back to King's Landing. LF could for example have one of his agents lurking in the shadows to kill him when he arrived back.
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    That may be true, but Hizdahr was stabbed lightly in the gut once or twice and supposedly died. We never actually saw him die, and I thought it would be a nice twist for him to show up again. Sadly that ship has almost certainly sailed with Dany and Co having left Mereen. The same sort of thing happened to Barristan - only it was worse because Grey Worm had just saved his life yet next episode he was magically dead anyway. I'm so annoyed about this one because it was a point (in the books) where he was about to do lots of important stuff. It very much looks like Arya survived when these two didn't because she was wearing armour... plot armour that is.
  4. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    LF is very much scum, though to be fair, he has "saved" Sansa three times: if he hadn't rescued her from King's Landing, she would have been arrested along with Tyrion. He intervened when Lysa was about to throw Sansa out the Moon Door. And he brought the knights of the vale to Winterfell to liberate it from the Boltons. She has had at least two opportunities to kill him already, and hasn't yet. It would seem a bit anticlimactic if she simply changed her mind about this. And tedious, I agree. As against that of course, it was LF who married Sansa off to Ramsay, and framed her for Joffrey's murder. I hope that these leaks are wrong as LF is the only worthwhile villain left in the show and to have him executed due to his own stupidity is an unsatisfying end. Book-LF seems way smarter. The other point to note is that, as Tyrion notes in mid-season four, and is pretty clear in the books, Sansa is no killer. Of course, the showrunners never bothered about remotely consistent characterisation, e.g. when they had her get Ramsay's dogs to brutally kill him. And she smiled about it, which makes her exactly the same as her sister, who she's supposed to be the exact opposite of. (Well, except that Arya performs her killings directly.)
  5. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Slight correction. In the books, the dagger was Littlefinger's to begin with. And I assumed the show too; LF looked pretty familiar with that dagger. It's a case of the best lies having some truth in them, which I think is a statement made by LF himself, to Sansa. The sequence of events was: Littlefinger bet on Jaime Lannister in a tournament. He lost his dagger when Loras Tyrell unhorsed him. But the person he lost it to was not Tyrion. It was Robert. Some time later, Joffrey raided Robert's weaponry and took the dagger. Joffrey gave the dagger to an assassin and instructed him to kill Bran. Tyrion tells Cat that he never bets against his family, meaning he couldn't have won the dagger off LF. Jaime later tells Cat the same thing and also notes that a dagger did change hands and I think it's he who recalls Robert mocking LF because he won the bet or something like that.
  6. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    One of the reasons for my low rating of Cersei's intelligence is that I put several of those people as not having been 'bested by Cersei' but 'shamefully betrayed by Cersei' or collateral damage from Cersei's actions, specifically Cersei taking out her own allies, which to me is rank madness, e.g. Pycelle - Cersei's loyal lieutenant. He ratted out Tyrion to Cersei. Cersei treated Pycelle like dirt from season #4 onwards without good reason (apparently she didn't like him being a dirty old man) and I was left scratching my head as why she had him killed. Loras - Again, shamefully betrayed by Cersei - they were engaged to be married. Tywin's death obviously meant that they were never going to be married but I couldn't understand why she would arrest him as his house was her house's ally. And unlike Pycelle there is no evidence that Loras ever wronged or challenged Cersei. This makes him 100% a victim. Kevan - this is arguably worse than any of them as it makes Cersei a kinslayer - another change from the books that I hate (as with Pycelle). I put it down as another example of Cersei shooting herself in the foot, by taking out useful, loyal family members that might have helped reverse the fortunes of House Lannister. And Kevan was amenable to Cersei's suggestion of sending armies to attack the Faith Militant when Margaery was about to do the Walk of Shame. Kevan (and Pycelle) only took over power after Cersei had been imprisoned by the Faith - it's not like they took power off Cersei. I find it hard to believe that Cersei deliberately killed him (if she did she's even stupider than I think) more that he was collateral damage like all the innocent people who were blown up so that Cersei could get rid of the sparrows and the Tyrells. She didn't even try to console Tommen, which led to his suicide. Granted, she did ultimately get the better of the others in the list, though she seemed to be incredibly lucky (it seemed very contrived by the writers actually) that (1) the faith didn't react after she chose violence and had Gregor kill a sparrow, (2) there was lots of wildfire conveniently stashed away that the faith didn't know about, and (3) when Cersei didn't show up to her trial there weren't more sparrows sent to find her. Otherwise there was a better chance of someone getting Cersei to the trial, or stopping the wildfire from blowing up (which Lancel almost did anyway).
  7. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    This is true. Kevan says as much about her just being the Queen Mother. What I find a bit odd is how Cersei is at that point no longer Queen Regent. She seemed to hold that title until Joffrey's marriage, and then even after Joffrey is killed I cannot refer to her as being called Queen Regent again, even though Tommen - who can only be a maximum of 13 years in season 5, much younger than Joffrey - ought to have a regent and like Joffrey doesn't seem to be doing anything in the form of ruling and there is no other person who is being an obvious regent. I guess Kevan sort of takes up that role near the end of the season when he becomes protector of the realm, a title Tywin held until his death.
  8. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I also saw Cersei request the faith to arrest her fiancé who was also the heir to her allies (a WTF? action). And have other gay men murdered. And set up her daughter-in-law to be arrested. And appoint herself the head of the Small Council acting like a dictator, leading to her uncle's departure. And be extremely condescending towards Olenna. She also broke her deal with Bronn to marry Lollys.
  9. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Nearly everyone thought Cersei would die in season #7 - just about all the websites making predictions rated her chance of survival as next to nothing. They were using logic, which sadly seems to have largely gone out the window in the show in the last couple of seasons. What I really don't like is that we already had a whole season (season 5) of Cersei running the show and proving beyond all doubts that she is a terrible ruler, in complete contrast to her father and brother (the short one), whose own downfall is a direct result of her own actions. Now we're going to have another whole season of Cersei running the show? This feels like a broken record. Admittedly in the books it is also implied that Cersei will regain power following Varys' actions.
  10. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    A case could be made for most of these, though I tend to think of Grey Worm and (in the show) Missandei as being on the simple side. Cersei I had fourth on the list of the stupidest people in the show (behind Joffrey, Gregor and Balon) and that was at the end of season #3... I'd probably put her #1 now after what I'd describe as further acts of stupidity (though she has some serious competition from Faullaria and the Sand Fakes) through recent seasons, like (1) being adamant that her own brother killed her son, which f***ed everything up for her family, (2) having her own fiancé and daughter-in law arrested, never mind that they were the Lannisters' allies, which backfired spectacularly and (3) sure she got rid of the High Sparrow and many of his followers, but in the process also destroyed her uncle, cousin, Lannister loyalist Pycelle and most of the house that was the Lannister's allies, and hundreds of innocent people. She got incredibly lucky here that this plan succeeded and also earlier that she was not killed or even exiled as a result of her incest, especially after Ned found out. As it is, I feel like Cersei has almost single-handedly caused the downfall of her own house. My impression was that Tyrion constantly got the better of her in season #2, the one time when he had real power (ratted out her informant Pycelle, got Lancel to turn informant, while Cersei thought she'd captured Tyrion's whore but hadn't).
  11. What would you change about the show?

    Agree with all that. I would add they ruined her even more in episode 9 of season 6 having turned her into the exact opposite of her book counterpart into a completely new character (Asnas?) who fed a restrained prisoner to his dogs and smiled about it. Gag. Sounds exactly like her sister Arya (who's supposed to be her opposite) and also exactly like Ramsay himself. I'm really disappointed because Sansa used to be one of my favourite characters. It's as if the show insists that all the female characters have to be badass (Arya, Brienne), sex sirens (Mel, Margaery) or a bit of both (Daenerys). Those who aren't tend to get killed off (Cat, Myrcella, Shireen). Also agree that Dorne is worst of all and the worst scenes from the entire series so far IMO are Faullaria and the Sand Fakes avenging the barbaric murder of members of the Dornish royal family by barbarically murdering the remainder of the Dornish royal family (also committing multiple kinslaying in the process) and the guards just standing there and letting them become the new rulers. From season #5 the #1 thing I would have changed about Dorne is to not have Myrcella die on the boat with Jaime. Let the viewers enjoy one nice scene in that finale, let one totally good female character live, and let Cersei see her daughter again. Myrcella didn't have to be killed off so soon. (This would have been far more logical - Faullaria only just swore allegiance to Doran, admitted to Jaime that Myrcella had nothing to with Oberyn's death, and gains absolutely nothing from murdering an innocent little girl.) This along with Doran's and Trystane's murder reflects a broader problem with the last two seasons that the writers are continually insistent on constant shock value regardless of how little sense the shocks actually make.
  12. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    I did a list of the ten smartest characters at the end of season #3 and my top five were, in order: Varys, Littlefinger, Tyrion, Tywin and Olenna. The other five (cannot remember the exact order) included Arya, Dany, Roose, Jaime and I think Margaery. My current top five would not be a lot different. Littlefinger is the main candidate for a slide down the ranks after a lot of his scheming (and his failure to do any background checking of Ramsay) does not make a whole lot of sense in the last couple of seasons. The High Sparrow - also my favourite new character from the last two seasons - would be the most likely candidate to be added to the top five. He was freakishly unlucky (in fact it seemed very contrived) that Cersei blew him up (why didn't anything happen after she said "I choose violence" and got Gregor to kill a Sparrow in episode 8?). He didn't know about the wildfire and wasn't to know that Cersei would be so willing to murder masses of innocents, family members, allies and her own son's wife.
  13. Shireens murder.

    Agreed. I was a fan of Oberyn. Note that Oberyn as well as saying that Dorne doesn't hurt little girls also said, when explaining to Tywin that he didn't poison Joffrey, said that he doesn't hold children accountable for the action of their parents and grandparents. He comes across as honourable. Yet not only are the Sand Snakes and (in season 5 and beyond) Ellaria basically entirely the same in terms of personality and always agree about absolutely everything, but they also stand for (along with the rest of Dorne?) the exact opposite of what Oberyn did. They kill little girls (and boys), they blame children (both Myrcella and Trystane) on the actions of their ancestors (Doran, Tywin and maybe Cersei as well) and they have no problem whatsoever with kinslaying. Oh, and torturing/murdering people who actively help them out for that matter (the Merchant Captain who tipped them off to Jaime/Bronn's arrival).
  14. Shireens murder.

    That's why I said presumed dead - I meant, presumed dead by Dorne. Gregor came back to life as a mindless zombie in the TV version, but the Dornish are not aware of that, as far as I know. The last Ellaria saw of him he was severely wounded by a guy fighting with a poisoned spear.