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  1. How the heck is that plausible?! Lyanna: Promise me, Ned. Promise me that you will protect my son and will never tell Robert or anyone else the truth about him. Ned: I promise, Lyanna. No one will ever find out he is Rhaegar Targaryen's son, and he will be safe from Robert and Tywin Lannister and everyone else. Lyanna: One other thing: call him Aegon. I really want him to have a typical Targaryen name of five Targaryen kings and the dead eldest son of my dead husband that he had with his other wife, the son that was murdered by Tywin Lannister's men alongside his mother and sister. Ned: Yeees, about that... (to himself: Well, she is feverish.) Not to mention, even in this extremely unlikely scenario, that would still not count as "giving him a name".
  2. Err, I'm pretty sure there are people mourning at least some of the Freys - such as their relatives, wives, friends etc. Not to mention (warning: I'm about to say something suuuuper controversial here..Wait for it...Prepare...) - murder is a bad thing.
  3. She despises sewing and finds it unnecessary. Ergo, no socks, as they don't grow on trees.
  4. Another thought: do we even know the killer has a "silver smile"? We all assumed the regulat client with a silver smile who promised Giorgio/Gloria things was the killer, that may not be the case. I think the client with the silver smile was Willem, but he is not the killer - just a red herring and the reason for police obstruction. Connor etc. may assumed it was him, or just were afraid the investigation would lead to him even though he's not the killer - it would be embarrassing for a rich respected family if people found out their son was hiring boy prostitutes. But Willem can't be the killer - because then the main story would be about Roosevelt vs police corruption and establishment, rather than about Laszlo, John and Sarah finding the truth. Assuming that the killer is the person who wrote the letter, and that most of the conclusions have bee, what do we know? The killer is: - someone between 24 and 35 who was born to an immigrant, poor background, but has made good and become relatively well off (or his family has?) - targets specifically transgender boys of immigrant background (mostly poor - but the first victim was not a prostitute and seemed to be from a middle class family) - seems to enjoy causing emotional pain to a mother figure - shows a deep disgust for immigrants (a form of self-racism?) - has a fixation on mutilation and - if his letter is taken as true - cannibalism - but insists on not having had sex or raped the victims - and seems to feel disgusted and insulted with the idea (and have contempt for sexual "perverts", including the victim?) - has an obsession with religion. The latest episode also had Kreitzler realizing that he is wrong sometimes and that his theories on the killers' motivation may be wrong (this was the theme in both his conversation with the professor, and his encounter with the convicted killer). He has been assuming that those are sex crimes and that the serial killer is someone havong sex with the boys - maybe that's his mistake? Going from the premise of sex crime, he thought the killer was reliving sexual abuse he himself suffered as a child, and Sarah thought the abuse may have been by a woman. They perfectly described Willem - who is reliving his own abuse by his mother with the boys he is dressing up in dresses and mothering - buy the real killer claims not to be sexually interested, probably has different and more complicated motivations? There even seem to be shades of hate crime there (with at least some self-hate).
  5. I don’t remember that guy. I guess I need a rewatch.
  6. Josef Atlin (Pypar) has a prominent recurring role on The Alienist.
  7. The episode pretty strongly suggested that Willem Van Burgen is not the killer. Kreitzler may be wrong about some things, but I really don't think he is wrong about that. ETA: Just checked Josef Atlin on Wikipedia - he played Pypar on GoT?! I didn't realize that was the sane guy. Well, Pypar was healthy.
  8. Did you get GoT mixed up with TWD? The Big Bad are the White Walkers. They are not zombies and don't eat people. They are another species that is sentient and sapient. I don't even know if they eat anything. But they certainly want to kill humans and make dead humans their slaves (ditto for bears, horses etc.). The "zombies" are the wights - dead humans or animals reanimated by the magic of the White Walkers, who are using them as their slave meatbag army. In that sense, they are a mix of classic Haiti zombie and Hollywood zombie. They don't have any goals and don't operate on their own - they are mindless meatbags remote controlled by the White Walkers.
  9. TNG season 1 had OK episodes? I can't think of any. I really think TNG season 1 was outright horrible, not just by the show later standards or Trek standards- in general. The best I can say about it is that some episodes weren't awful. Much of season 2 was the same, but S2 actually did have some good and one great episode. I didn't know that. Way to go, Colm Meaney. If only he had had the clout to do the same on TNG when they made Up the Long Ladder (though that episode is stupid and offensive in so many different ways that even that wouldn't have helped), or been around on VOY when they were making those silly Irish village holodeck episodes.
  10. Oh, I love Cersei as a villain. But I didn't think of her, because she evokes more complicated feelings - I hate her, but I also feel sorry for her at times. Roose is one of the characters who aren't that complex, but is still great. I also enjoy other evil POVs like Varamyr and Chett (enjoyable in being awful).
  11. Yep, she would have. Not immediately - but after a while, she would have gotten disappointed in Rhaegar after realizing he is not the ridiculously idealized image of a person she had built in her head. They probably wouldn't have fit emotionally, intellectually, maybe not even sexually either Rhaegar would never have fallen in love with her, and she would be frustrated and angry and probably gotten bored with him as well. Cersei's crush on Rhaegar was as superficial and fake as Robert's on Lyanna. It wouldn't have gotten as bad as with Robert, since Rhaegar would have shown respect and wouldn't have raped or beat her. But on the other hand, Rhaegar would have quickly realised that she's sleeping with Jaime.
  12. Jesus and God are very different characters. Jesus is really cool and pretty great guy: social reformer/revolutionary, protects the marginalised people (the poor, women accused of adultery, other despised members of society) and speaks out against the rich and the church establishment, cures illnesses and gives people food and drink - all for free. God, however, is really awful. He doesn't pop up in the New Testament (IIRC), which may be considered a separate book, but he shows up a lot in the Old Testament - and he is really unlikelable and despicable. A cruel, immature and petty tyrant who creates sapient beings and then destroys them on a whim, commits genocide, plays favourites and demands absolute obedience from people so they would get his protection - asking them to kill their children just to see if they will follow any orders, or allowing their lives to be destroyed just to see if they will still obey him then...I'd argue he is the real villain of that book (or series of books).
  13. I could go either way. I like Moore, but Kreitzler is so much more interesting, and a potential relationship between him and Sarah would be more intriguing. She seems more interested in him than John as well. But then there's the fact that Mary is obviously in love with Kreitzler and jealous - hopefully she doesn't do anything drastic? It's making me a bit uneasy.