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  1. I don't know him, but since this game has been stuck...Rodrik Cassel Vincent D'Onofrio
  2. Last night I went to finally watch Spiderman (which I didn't get to do before because of work and other obligations - I'm now on my vacation, officially starting on Monday) but I was late so I ended up watching Valerian instead. Worst movie I've seen in a long time. Everything you two said above is true. The visuals were the only good thing. The writing was abysmal - whoever wrote it seems to have no atorytelling skills. They couldn't even tell the simple, Avatar-like plot properly. They drop you in and expect you to care about these underdeveloped characters they haven't even properly introduced. It's full of cliches, predictable extremely male gazey. I almost fell asleep a couple of times. Rhianna's character is the only interesting one and should have had more screentime (but not to deliver male gazey fanservice as in her first scene). The casting is also awful. The two leads have no charisma or chemistry with each other, and their interactions are based on every cliche possible. I don't know why casting Cara Delevigne to play one dimensional characters in SciFi blockbusters is a thing now, and here it's worse than in Suicide Squad, simce she had so much more screentime. The characters are, or are supposed to be, the cliche feisty hot female character and a handsome roguish ladykiller male character with romantic tension, and maybe you could get away with it with the right actors But Dane DeHaan is laughably miscast (is Luc Besson really that clueless as to what a sexy, roguishly charming man is supposed to be like? Couldn't he have consulted some women?) and Delevigne hasn't shown any talent or screen presence. Her casting seems to be stunt casting, it's not like there aren't enough actual actresses in her age range who are at least as attractive and a lot more engaging and charismatic. On another hand, Dunkirk was amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout (literally! It's one of the movies that make me understand why the expression "on the edge of my seat" exists). I don't get why people are thrashing it in this thread.
  3. Nope. AFFC and ADWD are great, and seasons 5 and 6 were rubbish. I can't believe there's anyone saying with a straight face that D&D 'adapted' them well. The only good thing about these seasons is that they can actually make people appreciate AFFC and ADWD more by comparison. I love how D&D "streamlined" AFFC and ADWD... by stretching the plot even thinner, removing any character development that would make it meaningful, and having the show spin its wheels for almost an entire season, so they could shockingly (TM) kill off a bunch of people in the finale. For instance, I find it hilarious that so many people claimed that "nothing happens" in Brienne's chapters (which is not true), and then D&D came and... Brienne spent almost entire season 5 staring at a window! Or how they "streamlined" Arya's Braavos storyline by stretching it to two seasons but randomly changing the order of Arya's kills and reasons for them, removing any backstory or point to what the Faceless Men are, and removing all instances of Arya actually learning anything in the HOBAW, before she apparently learns everything off-screen just before the season 6 finale, on her own. Or how they "streamlined" the Meerenese Knot by removing all reason and narrative logic from it and repeating the same storyline two seasons in a row, only with Tyrion the second time. Or they have characters regress and spin in circles to pass the time, so they give Jaime a bit of filler Ishtar Z movie buddy comedy before returning him to his plot, and Sansa is first a player then goes to being a helpless clueless pawn caught in an illogical marriage plot and gets a bit of filler rape (!) so she could get all rape-empowered and want revenge against the Boltons that she wanted in the first place for, you know, for the betrayal and murder of her family. And let's not even talk about their version of Dorne.
  4. If this even had a chance of being not awful, it went out of the window they hired those two. The idea of them making a sensitive, complex story about slavery... yeah, because they're known for handling that subject so well.
  5. Well, I did. :shrug: Give a damn about the characters, that is. I don't have to have spent 10 hours of screentime with a character to care if they live or die. The movie really had me on the edge of my seat scared if people were going to make it. Especially since I knew almost nothing about the real events going in, and how it eventually turned out. BTW, I didn't know which actors were in the movie beforrehand (hadn't really checked any of the promo material) and it was fun recognizing so many of the actors, including some of the younger ones whose faces I recognized, apart from the character that could maybe be called the lead (and was the first billed), who I think is a newcomer. It was funny when I checked for reviews etc. about Dunkirk afterwards and saw all the talk about Harry Styles. I never realized that was him before I read the closing credits - I have about zero level of interest/knowledge in One Direction, but I did know about him as a celebrity - so his face was vaguely familiar during the film, but I had just assumed he was one of the many young British actors in the film that I had seen in something before, the way I also recognized another actor playing one of the soldiers because he played Odda the Younger in The Last Kingdom, but I didn't know his name. I was more interested to find out Aneurin Barnard was in it, since I had liked him in The White Queen.
  6. Weren't there just two Ragnars in TLK, father and son? I don't remember what other things people called the vikings, I thought everyone just called them Danes? I like Alfred too. Smart guy, and a nice counterpart to Uthred, ~♧whi can be a bit of an idiot.
  7. That's a terrible decision. The first 9 episodes of season 2 are great, and the crucial part of the show as this is when Laura's murder is solved. Episodes 2.7 and 2.9 are among the best in TV history, IMO. Now episodes 10-21 - you can skip those. Actually, you should. It's all downhill after they solve the case, and the show gets really, really bad.
  8. If that was the case, the show should have made it clear. (There's no hint of it in the book.) Not that it makes it OK, either. It seems that I enjoy the show much more than most people here seem to. It doesn't bore me, and I find it almost always enjoyable and interesting. But if someone is looking for super-coherent storytelling, where everything ties up and there are no loose subplots that go nowhere... they aren't going to find it, either in the show or the novel. In both, a lot of the characters, subplots and scenes are there more for thematic significance or because they're just a cool little story (or the author thought they were), but don't actually have a real importance to the plot. This is not necessarily a bad thing - I particularly love the "Coming to America" stories, and they typically barely have anything to do with anything else, except as a part of the general theme of immigration and history of USA, and people bringing their different cultures and beliefs with them (and the concept of gods coming with them due to their beliefs). But the storytelling is intentionally very loose. For instance, Lakeside is a really good story, but it has only a very loose connection to the main plot, and there are a lot of characters/subplots (like Samantha Black Crow, Salim and the jinn, Bilquis...) that don't actually tie into anything. You could easily split the novel into a shorter novel about Wednesday hiring Shadow and recruiting gods and the 'war' between gods etc., a novella about Lakeside, and a bunch of short stories about people "coming to America" etc.
  9. I've finally finished the book (which I started a couple of months ago, and then binge watched the show in the meantime), and while I really enjoy both the book and the show (and Fuller's style works for me perfectly), the weaknesses of the show are also the weaknesses of the books: so many of the side plots are very loosely tied or not tied into the main plot. (Most of the time, it's just a thematic connection.) There are some things I prefer in the books, and some things I prefer in the show to how they are done in the books, especially the expansion of some of the characters (Laura, Mad Sweeney, Salim...) and I've loved all the Coming to America stories (well, maybe not the Viking one on the show... that one was kinda dumb). I also liked the additions like the Mexican Jesus story and the Vulcan gun-loving town story. Something I definitely didn't like and that seriously marred the finale for me was Bilquis. I don't like her in Gaiman's book and I don't like her in the show, and it's worse in the show because they're giving her more screentime, and even tried to force the idea that she's some kind of feminist hero (what??) when all she does is murder people/literally swallow people with her vagina. Yeah, most of these gods are assholes, but are they seriously trying to make me like her and root for her? What was that "men don't like strong women" bullshit? She fucking murders innocent people! And the entire concept they went with (both Gaiman and the show - because apparently that's not really what Bilquis is like in Islamic tradition, where they use that name, and she's also nothing like that in the Bible, where they call it just Queen of Sheba) is a silly archetype of a man-eater, it feels like a misogynist's idea of what an "empowered woman" is.
  10. I remember watching it as a child. It was enjoyable, but I wouldn't put it in my top 10.
  11. I'll do the top 10: Frasier The Simpsons (the first 8 or so seasons) Only Fools and Horses The Good Place (favorite new comedy) Blackadder Arrested Development The Office (UK) BoJack Horseman Archer South Park And if we're not just sticking to what could strictly speaking be called a sitcom, since they are sketch comedies - Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Fast Show. Honorable mentions: 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Royle Family, King of the Hill
  12. Lame Lothar Brie Larson
  13. Well, the show also hasn't lately bothered making sense or being good, so I'm not sure why anyone, especially GRRM, should care what the show is or isn't bothering with.
  14. You thought I needed to post that quote to prove he was there when Ned was executed?! We know that anyway. It's pretty clear he does regret that and consider that one of his "sins" that he was guilty of in front of Arya. Killing Mycah, letting Sansa be beaten, letting Ned be executed. Why else was he saying that in such a highly emotional and traumatic moment (it was miles away from the show scene where they made him laugh!)?
  15. My top 5 favorite ACOK chapters: Sansa VII (Blackwater) Arya X (the escape from Harrenhal) Catelyn VII (in Jamie's cell) Tyrion XV (post-Blackwater, really devastating chapter as he is recovering, having a lot of dreams and memories of Tysha) Daenerys IV (the House of the Undying)