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  1. Usually some song you just can't escape because they are playing it everywhere, so even if you were just mildly irritated by it or didn't care to begin with, after a while you just want to scream when you hear it. Lately it's that damn Ed Shireen song, Shape of You. I was on holiday in Greece this August, on a sailing trip in the Aegean sea and visiting various islands - and that goddamn song was EVERYWHERE. It's when I really got sick of it.
  2. Marry Mance (love him) Bed Tormund Kill Varamyr Likable minor fenale characters Lady Smallwood Mya Stone Myranda Royce
  3. Come on, people! No one here watches The Last Kingdom?!
  4. Bed Aerys - not the old, gross, smelly, long-fingernailed Aerys, but the young, hot, not yet utterly crazy Aerys Marry Vargo Hoat and make him sing Seven Swords for Seven Sons at our wedding Kill Tickler, yelling "IS THERE GOLD IN THE VILLAGE???" Siblings - the polyamory/double murder edition Jaime and Cersei Asha and Theon (pick any Theon you want, he can be pre-Reek or post-Reek) Arianne and Quentyn
  5. Ugh Bed Tyrion since at least he has the body parts I'd like to have sex with (but I'd have to put something over my eyes so I don't have to look at him... and I'd also first get him to have a check for any STDs or at least he'd have to wear a condom) Marry Varys Kill Olenna - nothing against book Olenna, but the show has gotten me fed up with her People who exist in crackpot theories: Daario who is Benjen Mance who is Rhaegar High Sparrow who is Howland Reed
  6. Bed Thoren Smallwood (comparatively the hottest one, at least by personality) Marry Othell Yarwyck by default Kill Bowen Marsh - fuck you, Marsh! Next: hunks of 282 Rhaegar Targaryen Brandon Stark (Ned's brother) (Young) Robert Baratheon
  7. Marry Sandor Bed Bronn Kill Qyburn This was an easy choice. People that Jon Snow is rumoured (in the NW) to be banging: Val Melisandre Satin
  8. Courtnay Penrose David Dawson
  9. Wendel Manderly Zack McGowan
  10. That one is not even that vicious. Here's a much more vicious one:
  11. Lady Smallwood Jonny Lee Miller
  12. So then we shouldn't be saying things like "I'm sure this will happen in the books, too", eh? Especially when it's even theoretically impossible for book Stannis to burn Shireen for the reasons he did in the show and in that kind of situation. We may not know what it would be like, or if it will even happen, but we most definitely know that what happened in the show won't happen in the books - because it can't. Yes, like Bronn, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Or Oly and Myranda. Oh, wait...
  13. Not that shit again??!! People are still using those crappy excuses after they've been completely destroyed 1000 times? I have no energy or time to write anything new (and why, I've said it all before): (including in my post right on this very page: and re: Sansa, here, if people are too lazy to click on the link: and other people have summed it all up in detail - why the storyline is not just idiotic on the in-universe level, but terrible storytelling. This article really sums it all up, including destroying the "but it happens to Jeyne Poole!" argument (which, really, you can only use if you also completely misunderstood the Jeyne Poole plot and the purpose of her character):: As she says: "Jeyne Poole and Sansa Stark are not interchangeable rape dolls. Their stories are not the same." And here's some more in detail, by people who actually watched every damn episode of the last 3 seasons, twice: And here's yet another: Sansa (episode 6) Another good point: "When show apologists say that the difference between Ramsay’s wedding nights in the book and in the show is no big deal, they miss the point because they ignore the narrative logic. Ramsay’s wedding night in the show could be tantamount to this hypothetical situation: Theon and Jeyne escaped Winterfell and Stannis’ forces captured them, but then, for some reason, Jeyne agrees to marry Clayton Suggs and, to her horror, he brutalizes her on their wedding night. That would mean that Jeyne’s escape from Ramsay was actually ineffective in a narrative sense and that, after the author manipulated the readers for a while into thinking she’s on her way to some sort of salvation, she just ends up in the same place as in Winterfell." Stannis: Dorne: These were all written during season 5, so they didn't even know what we now know for sure: Sansa's rape for a filler storyline. Try to wrap your head around that. They actually wrote a rape storyline for a main character as filler. It served absolutely no purpose and changed nothing to her story. Did she need to be raped to be "empowered" (ugh)? Nope. That's a terrible trope in itself, but in this case, the show told us she was already 'empowered' and a 'player' at the end of season 4. Did she need to be raped to have a reason to want to defeat the Boltons and have her revenge on them? Hell no. Since, you know, the betrayal and murder of her family was more than enough reason. Did the show meaningfully explore Sansa's trauma, a la Jessica Jones? Nope. Did her marriage to Ramsay change anything in the political story? Nope. She could have just rallied the Vale lords in season 5 and come to Jon's aid with the Vale army, which would have made hell of a lot more sense. They didn't know what to do with Jaime and Sansa in season 5, so they gave Jaime a trashy dumb Ishtar-like B action movie/buddy comedy, and they gave Sansa a trashy and illogical rape storyline. Because of course, you give a guy a dumb action plot, and the girl gets to be raped because "well, we don't know what to do with her, and it will be shocking and entertaining!"... These guys (one of them a book fan, the other not) have also summed most of it up in this podcast: I love the way they laugh and point out: "You want revenge? Don't marry your enemies!" - something that should be glaringly obvious... Also, a really good summary of how badly Sansa has always been written on the show (it was written after 5.6): And here's an overall review of the show by people who have seen every episode even of the last seasons, twice:
  14. Well, the discussion started because someone objected to GoT being placed lower than some other shows on one poster's list. If nobody had complained about other people's tastes and opinions and tried to convince everyone that GoT must be placed super high on everyone's list, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Funny, I'm just starting Iron Fist, the only remaining Marvel show I have to see before I get to watch The Defenders. I'm halfway through the first episode, too early to make any judgments. I know in advance that the Hand is going to be the villain, which, yeah, does not sound very promising. I liked Daredevil season 2, but they were my least favorite part by far (and so far my least favorite Marvel TV villains).
  15. Let's make this very simple: Let's say Stannis is this super evil ambitious power hungry dude who'd do anything to gain the throne. So, because he's like this, he decides to... burn his only child and only heir in front of everyone?... Because that will help him gain the throne somehow?? Rather than, you know - destroy all support he has, since 1) why would anyone fight for a king who has no heir, and is unlikely to get one? 2) people are going to turn against someone who openly murders children and their own children especially, you know (even if kinslaying wasn't considered one of the biggest sins possible in Westeros, which it is). Then there's also the fact that he did it because... Ramsay and his 20 Good Men destroyed his supplies and it snowed??!! This is also the guy who starved and used to eat rats rather than surrender when Mace Tyrell besieged Storm's End (and that's also a part of show Stannis' backstory). You know what this plot reminded me most of? The South Park episode where the townsfolk decide to resort to cannibalism and eat Eric Roberts because they've been snowed in... for a few hours, and haven't eaten a thing since breakfast. The point is not that they portrayed Stannis as evil, the point is that it's an incredibly idiotic plot. (Which D&D wrote because they hate Stannis and because they have a problem with writing logical character development and logical political decisions.) No, Stannis cannot even theoretically do the same in the books, since, to burn Shireen, he'd have to first win the battle for Winterfell andsurvive. So either he dies fighting the Boltons, and never burns Shireen, or he is victorious, and burns Shireen for a completely different reason that has nothing to do with the battle. It's possible that Stannis will approve Melisandre burning Shireen in the books - but in a completely different context. I can see a tragic scenario where Mel believes that Stannis (who she thinks is Azor Ahai Reborn) needs to sacrifice his beloved daughter, the way AA sacrificed Nissa Nissa - the person he loved the most - in order to save the world from the Others and another Long Night. It probably wouldn't work, since Mel is wrong and Stannis is not Azor Ahai. That would be a really tragic story that would pay off Stannis' and Melisandre's stories, and it would be perfectly in character for both of them - Stannis would of course be incredibly reluctant and would hate doing it and it's the one thing that could break him emotionally, because Shireen is probably the only person in the world he actually loves, but he is stubborn and duty bound and would be willing to cross many lines to perform that duty. (Winning the throne would never be enough of an incentive; he was extremely reluctant to burn Edric Storm, his bastard nephew he didn't particularly care for, for that end, and in the end realized Davos was right to stop him from doing it.) Saying such a story and what we saw in S5 would be "the same" would be like saying that The Deer Hunter and The Room are the same movie, since both end with a guy committing suicide. As for Sansa marrying Ramsay, that plot is illogical and idiotic on some many levels that I don't know how anyone ever could have approved of that plot in a sober state. I covered that in this Quora answer, which I'm linking so I wouldn't have to repeat all of it: