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  1. IMDb Message Boards are no more?

    That explanation is hilarious. IMDB boards 'no longer' provided a positive, useful experience? When were they ever doing that?
  2. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    I don't know the actress so I'll go just by her looks (someone has to get this game back on track!) Mya Stone Elizabeth Henstridge
  3. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    He would have been some 10 years ago, but not these days.
  4. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Firstly, they still need to find a legal justification for it, and secondly, when two powerful countries are fighting for the same strategically or economically important piece of land, as in this case (and many others - wars have been fought over things like that), then it's certainly not as simple as "why doesn't one of these governments just take it".
  5. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    According to the Internet, Fillion will play everything in every genre movie and show, from Nathan Drake to Batman to Cable.
  6. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Uh, no?? Governments can't actually do whatever they want, and legality does matter. And as a matter of fact, we know from history that USA were not able to simply take Nootka, because they never did. As for why it was important, they only explained and stressed that some 150 times during these 8 episodes, going on and on about how crucial it is for trade, especially with China.
  7. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    Lol no, why do you think I haven't posted in a while. Westeros like Ireland?! Westeros is larger than Europe. It's the size of South America, GRRM has said so. I don't think it's modelled just on European High Middle Ages. It's a mix of periods. There is no Parliament or a similar institution, for instance, there is no mention of guilds or a real middle class in cities, eyc. AITOOAH who is reading or has read GRRM's non-ASOIAF novellas? I'm reading A Song for Lya in the Dreamsongs anthology, it's amazing.
  8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    Some mild spoilers for upcoming episodes, if you want that kind of thing. There's been some spoilery unconfirmed info/speculation over the last week on characters that will appear. Also, a set photo that someone has snapped and published on Twitter today. I wouldn't say it's particularly spoilery - two characters interacting in the Framework, but nothing you couldn't have guessed based on how episode 4.15 ended. Still, be warned. I find the hairstyles and clothes particularly interesting.
  9. R.I.P. the great Bill Paxton

    So many people that age die of heart related problems. I feel like there have been so many recently. My cousin died in January in her sleep, and she was also 61 (it was really unexpected, she was just feeling bad for a couple of days). Before that, Carrie Fisher in December, also after a heart surgery. Everyone who knew Paxton is saying he was a really great guy. No wonder he played villains so well. It's always the nicest people who are the best at playing villains and total jerks. I know he's had so many great roles in films, and have seen many of them, but it's some of his recent TV roles I find most memorable. His Randall McCoy was great, and (in a completely different role) he was amazing as Garrett from Agents of SHIELD. And Deathlok...
  10. Nah. It's firmly #2, behind The Winter Soldier. Iron Man is a bit overrated (probably because it was the first), The Avengers is really well done but I found it less impressive on rewatch, and GOTG was a fun space romp, though with 2 or 3 great characters (Groot and Drax are the best).
  11. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    On the other hand, I'm totally delighted that it will be. I was hoping for that eversince the Framework was mentioned. I started hoping/suspecting that's what it will be about when Chloe Bennet gave an interview a couple of weeks ago saying episode 15 and the last pod would be awesome, mindblowing, would make people '$hit themselves' and would be 'rewarding' for fans watching the show since season 1. I love AUs and this is some seriously mindf#cky, twisted stuff. It's going to be like Buffy "The Wish" if it was a full blown arc, with some Matrix and Dollhouse thrown in. It's interesting that the almost all of the main and many of the recurring cast have now played multiple roles on the show. Iain de Caestecker was one of the few who had not, before this latest episode. But Evil!RoboFitz was the best thing ever, especially since he was so similar to the real Fitz. (He also did that thing where characters tell you the truth before you realize it, when he was telling Simmons "I'm the bad guy" in the typical emotional, adorable Fitz way. Kind of reminds of Ward going "I'm not a good man, Skye... I lied to you" in season 1.) That was the best scene in the episode, other than the Framework reveal. Surprise, mothafucka. Dead guys, mothafucka. Jemma dies, mothafucka. Hydra thrives, mothafucka. (Technically it's just 3.0, though I guess some would say 4.0...) BTW wouldn't "Daisy and Her Dead Boyfriends" make a great Goth band name? But how is she going to be in it at all? She can't inhabit a rotting corpse in a coffin. And if she somehow hacks into another avatar... well, that would mean no Elizabeth Henstridge in the Framework, unless they do that weird thing where we're supposed to think they see her differently but we see her as Simmons (like The X-Files did with Mulder in the season 6 episode 'Dreamland'). This is why I'm also skeptical whether she's really dead. It wouldn't be the first time someone in MCU faked their own death, complete with a gravestone. On the other hand, the date of death given on her gravestone (8 November) is very close to the airdate of episode 1.6 "F.Z.Z.T." (5 November 2013), so maybe she's supposed to have died during the events of that episode, because Fitz was not there to encourage her to find a cure? Actually, it's not a weird date at all, since 11 September 1987 is Elizabeth Henstridge's real birth date, and it had already been established as Simmons' birth date in season 1 (we see it on her SHIELD ID). The writers were a bit lazy, I guess. They also gave Ward Brett Dalton's real birth date, 7 January 1983 (it was also seen on his SHIELD ID, in the Pilot, I think). Daisy has a different birth date than Chloe Bennet, though, and she's 4 years older than Bennet (Daisy - 2 July 1988, Chloe - 18 April 1992). Oh yes, they can! Knowing what the title of the last pod is going to be... I'm sure they are going to be spending some time in the real world, too, but I think it will be interspersed with the Framework in all the remaining 7 episodes. According to an interview by Jed Whedon, this isn't just a virtual reality simulation, it's a full blown AU, because the magic (?) of the Darkhold gave Aida the ability to make a perfect duplicate of our world - with a few adjustments. Here is my detailed theory on how the AU as we see it came to be, due to the changes she's made:
  12. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Amerei Frey Dan Stevens
  13. Yay! I did a much better job guessing this than the Female Historical Characters list. And that was a really colorful list.
  14. No change, Duncan the Tall of course.
  15. Obviously, since I've been right so far, no change for me. Same list. 2. Egg 1. Dunk