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  1. I thought the best episodes were 2 (Put it Down), 7 (Doubling Down), 9 (Super Hard PCness) and the finale.
  2. It would be much odder if this was the only prophecy that didn't refer to the death of any prominent person or similar major event, but to a completely random and unimportant thing. Let's see, she talked about her visions of those past and future events... Renly's death Balon's death The Mountain taking over Harrenhal from Vargo Hoat, Hoat's death The Red Wedding, Robb's death and Catelyn's death and resurrection Joffrey's death and... Sansa ripping Sweetrobin's doll apart?! One of these is not like the others, one of these does not belong. If ripping dolls apart is a thing she makes prophecies about, she may as well had make a prophecy about Arya ripping apart the doll of that girl from the Vale village. Sure, she had been talking about Sansa, but Arya was right there, and the Ghost of the High Heart was looking at her and seeing some dark things and death about her. (I don't think she meant death of a doll. ;)) And no, the incident with Sweetrobin didn't lead to Lysa's death at all. Littlefinger kissing Sansa did, but that happened before Sweetrobin arrived, and Lysa didn't summon Sansa because of Sweetrobin.
  3. Yes, I know. I just don't believe for a second that it's anything but a red herring/foreshadowing for the actual thing that the prophecy was about.
  4. Plus, how exactly would Aemon know? He mentioned Benjen because Benjen was a Night's Watch brother, which is more important as far as other NW members go, then whether Jon's father was a Lord of Winterfell.
  5. No, it wasn't.
  6. Marry Tommen when he's older Bed Rickon when he's older Kill Sweetrobin when he's older Celebrated knights of the Kingsguard Aemon the Dragonknight Arthur Dayne Barristan Selmy
  7. Have you read the book to the end? It's Olenna, probably with the help of some other Tyrells (not sure which ones), in collusion with Littlefinger. Anything else (like the post above line) is a total crackpot.
  8. Everything except the savage giant (arguably) is made clear in the same book.
  9. No, she did not. Stannis was never going to be allies with Robb Stark, because in his view, Robb was a traitor who was trying to take half of his kingdom. Melisandre had nothing to do with that. There's no reason to think she had any feelings on Robb either way.
  10. IMDB is not a terribly reliable source. But there are some spoilers for episode 5 in the episode info/synopsis that's been released recently (I mostly try to avoid them now, but I saw this one on SpoilerTV... it's not terribly spoilery, IMO, and it's just something fans have speculated about, but still, be careful:
  11. It premiered in December because of Inhumans, not because of Infinity War. There is no reason whatsoever for the show to run till July or August - if the show doesn't go on long hiatuses again, it can air the season finale in May, especially if the season finale is a double episode. This season is the first time they did a double episode season opener. I also don't see an entire season being about this plotline. This show usually goes through a plot much faster (excepz for season 1, when they had to stall for Winter Soldier. I don't see the show ever being that tied to the movies again - it hasn't been since TWS) and last year's 3 pod structure was very well received. I think they have said they have just two rather than 3 this year. That can also mean less or less long hiatuses.
  12. Deke really isn't much like Starlord. But the kreepy governor (I know, I know, it's a low hanging fruit and everyone is making that pun, but it's hard not to use it) is like a blue Commodus from Gladiator. Any theories on who/what the guy from the opening scene was? That scene reminded me of the opening scenes of Lost season 2 and season 3 (of course, AoS already had an episode start with a similar scene - only with Jemma rather than an unknown character - it was episode 2.3). I'm not sure how I feel about time travel being introduced. I love many TT stories, but they can also turn out really badly. AoS had previously established in 3.15 (Spacetime) that the future - and logically that should refer to the past as well - cannot be changed. I guess now we'll learn that Fitz was wrong after all? If not, the story would be way too bleak and hopeless. But the whole changing the past thing can result in some messy plots and questionable logic.
  13. So, they really are doing that one SciFi theme that they haven't done (nor has MCU in general) before this season, and that wasn't even the biggest twist in these two episodes (also, I thought it was kind of obvious early after that guy's speech - I didn't get it in the trailer since they cut the lines that were more revelatory).
  14. No, I guess everyone is aware that bad writing and bad adaptations are not technically illegal.
  15. So, you're saying that people should never, never make movies tbat take place in exceptionally cold weather and that's not just casual thing but an important part of the movie, unless they are able to 1) ensure a big budget just to do CGI condensation, or 2) ensure filmimg only in locations with extremely cold weather and durimg the times when it's extremely cold, and find a cast and crew that are willing to and able to endure extremely cold weather?!