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  1. I wouldn't agree with that. There's a huge difference between a show (film, book...) portraying a misogynistic society/misogynistic characters, and a show itself being misogynistic. It's the whoe depiction vs endorsement thing, which, oddly enough, people seem to confuse.
  2. I've always liked to pretend that season 2 ended with the unmaskimg of Laura's killer - I think that was episode 2.9 - because that would make for a great ending, and the rest of season 2 is aimless and awful. I dropped it mid way because I couldn't go on, no matter how much I loved the show before, and on rewatch I tried to get through it, but dropped it again, and only saw the last couple of episodes. I've always liked the film. I still haven't seen the new episodes - I intend to rewatch the season 2 finale and the film, and watch "Missing Pieces" (deleted scenes from the film - I haven't seen them before), before plunging into the new episodes.
  3. Littlefinger Alex Kingston
  4. Well,,that's obvious. There is one rile that the great Wiseau was born to play: Victarion Greyjoy. Of course, there may be a problem with him not being able to say his lines, but we could just let him improvise, and it would be perfect. He'd still completely get across Vic's essence and vibe. Like Brando changed Kurtz' lines in Apocalypse Now, but got across his essence. "I had to hit her, I had to hit her...oh, hi Euron." James Franco
  5. Mace Tyrell Aubrey Plaza
  6. "GOT books"? There are "GOT books"? Someone made a novelization of D&D's scripts? Or are those books about the making of GoT?
  7. I don't know him, but looking at his pics on Google - brown wavy hair, boy band look - Loras Tyrell. David Tennant
  8. Mad Men is a good show, but I just never could get into it, for some reason. (And The Sopranos is one of my favourite shows. The Americans, too, so it's not like I'm not into character based drama that is not super actiony.) I don't know why. The last season I saw was season 2. I never disliked the show, but I just never felt any overwhelming urge to see the next episode.
  9. I saw the last episode yesterday. It was really good. Now I have to check out when they will repeat the series so I could see it from the beginning.
  10. In short, it's a pretty bad show. And for once, the child character really is awful. (Fans tend to hate child characters in general and in most cases it's undeserved and pretty disturbing, but in this case it's not.) His behavior would be understandable if he were 3, not 12 or 10 or I don't know how old he's supposed to be. I watched the first 2 seasons, but I don't have a particular wish to continue, especially with how they ended season 2.
  11. Lady Smallwood Hugh Laurie
  12. Bumping this. Come on, why is this game constantly getting stuck?
  13. Since I'm female, I wouldn't have the option of being a septon, or is a septa also an option? In any case, being a priestess of R'hllor seems a lot more fun, and you may have actual powers. If you could be an animal for a day, would you rather be a direwolf or a dragon?
  14. Moon Boy Justin Theroux
  15. Oh for heaven's sake, can't anyone answer? Is the game dying? I don't know who this guy is, so I googled him, and going by his looks... uh.. I don't know, Varys? Let's move on... Noah Emmerich