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  1. I could have sworn from the way episode 6 ended that Arya was just going to wait in the dark for the Waif and use her time as a blind girl to get the upperhand and kill her. Guess not.
  2. Hopefully Brienne will face him in single combat, beat the shit out of him, then drag him kicking and screaming into his book self. Or Cleganebowl will happen and dead Cersei will free him from this bullshit.
  3. But really. If we're going to have book characters be around and do nothing of substance, might as well name some of the extras Victarion, Aeron, and Strong Belwas.
  4. The pessimist in me never let me have any hope for him, but the method is just so lame, especially compared to what he's doing in the books.
  5. And the rest of the bunch. In season one they looked like the spartans of Essos, now they look like El Guapo's gang.
  6. There's a glimpse in the preview of what looks like a Frey surrounded by a ragtag group of soldiers with no visible sigils or banners, so I'd say odds are good. It wasn't stated that they've sided with the Blackfish, just that both are causing the Frey's headaches. If they don't do LSH though I wouldn't be surprised if they sub him in as their leader instead.
  7. Oh sweet summer child...
  8. If true about Jon, Rickon, and Ramsay's fates.... just ugh.
  9. Jon, Sansa, and Davos were all spotted at Deepwood Motte in a preview still, so the whole gang's likely doing a Great Northern Tour. I doubt they'll go to White Harbor though. The Manderly's were named as one of the Bolton allies along with Karstarks and Umbers, Lord Wyman will likely show up at Winterfell first when Ramsay calls him in response to rumors of Jon. Whether his rousing speech will be pro or anti-Stark remains to be seen, but I know which one I'm betting on.
  10. Not using Drogon at Dosh Khaleen was an important choice to show she's not powerless without her dragons. The speech itself was fine, though her voice sounded a bit flat and the Dothraki in front of her were a pretty sad-looking bunch.
  11. There's a chance, but I'm braced for the worst. Winter is Coming.
  12. Ditto. Show Dorne was shit, every episode that goes by that we don't catch wind of it is a mercy. Still can't believe they managed to introduce Hotah and didn't let him use his axe a single time.
  13. She'll send Brienne and Jaime north to fulfill their oaths, Valyrian steel swords in hand.
  14. King's Landing and Mereen are both suffering from the lack of Tysha/Kettleback arcs. Both Jaime and Tyrion should be toiling in their own personal hells but instead they've reverted to the same old incestuous plaything and same old drunk friendless dwarf from season one. It's torture. Much as I am loathe to see his white book redemption stripped, I'm ecstatic that Jaime's FINALLY headed to the Riverlands.
  15. *would have been happier there She's blossoming into a true Northerner and the most diplomatic of the current Stark brood. I've always thought she would end up being the one that returned to Winterfell (and am perpetually afraid Rickon won't), though Bran is looking like a better and better candidate these days.