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  1. Thanks for the tip. I tried to contact him via his homepage. Unfortunately unsuccessful. Try it now via Facebook
  2. Congratulations Becca! The picture looks awesome. I am still looking for an original Gary Gianni Painting.
  3. I collect translations of „A Game of Thrones” and other ASoIaF Stuff. A Game of Thrones Editions (sort by language/country): Arabic 1st Paperback Vol. 1; 1st Paperback Vol. 2 Argentina 1st mass market paperback Australia 15th Anniversary Hardcover Edition Catalan 1st Paperback (large) Czech 1st Hardcover Danish 1st Hardcover Dutch 1st Hardcover 1st Paperback 2nd Paperback 3rd Paperback (HBO) English (American) Editors Page Manuscript from October 1995 incl. address and phone number of GRRM himself Asimov‘s Science Fiction July 1996, Blood of the Dragon Uncorrected Page Proofs Advance Reading Copy with Dust Jacket Advanced Reading Copy Silver Foil 1st Hardcover Hardcover BCA 2nd Hardcover 3rd Hardcover 4th Hardcover 5th Hardcover 20th Anniversary illustrated Edition Proof U.S. Paperback (Hardcover) 1st Paperback 2nd Paperback (Silver Foil) 3rd Paperback 4th Paperback 5th Paperback 6th Paperback 7th Paperback (Movie HBO Edition) 1st mass market paperback 2nd mass market paperback 3rd mass market paperback (HBO Cover) 4th mass market paperback Hardcover Slipcase Edition Hardcover Movie (HBO) Box Set 1-4 Subterranean Press Limited Edition Leather-Cloth Boxed Set Mass market hardcover edition Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition Englisch (British) Advance Reading Copy Preview Edition Paperback 1st Hardcover 1st Hardcover BCA 2nd Hardcover 3rd Hardcover Voyager Classics Special Edition 4th Hardcover 20th Anniversary illustrated Edition 1st Paperback 2nd Paperback 3rd Paperback 4th Paperback (HBO) 5th Paperback Deluxe Slipcase Hardcover Special Leather Bound Slipcase Edition (2016) Finnish 1st Hardcover 1st Mass Paperback French 1st mass market paperback Vol. 1 1st mass market paperback Vol.2 2nd mass market paperback 3rd mass market paperback Steel Case Edition 1st Paperback 3 Volume Box Set 2nd Paperback (HBO) German 1st Paperback Vol.1 1st Paperback Vol.2 2nd Paperback Vol.1 2nd Paperback Vol.2 3rd Paperback Vol.1 3rd Paperback Vol.2 1st Paperback BCA Vol.1 1st Paperback BCA Vol.2 1st Hardcover Vol.1 Special Edition 2nd Hardcover 1st Hardcover Limited Edition (and all other limited Editions of ASoIaF by FanPro) Greek 1st mass market paperback Vol. 1b 2nd mass market paperback (HBO) 1st Paperback (HBO) Hebrew 1st Paperback 2nd Paperback (HBO) Hungarian 1st Paperback Icelandic 1st Paperback Italian 1st Hardcover Vol.1 1st Hardcover Vol.2 1st Paperback Vol. 1 1st Paperback Vol.2 1st Mass Market Paperback Hardcover Special Edition Japanese 1st Tankobon Hardcover Part 1 1st Tankobon Hardcover Part 2 1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 1 of 5 1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 2 of 5 1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 3 of 5 1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 4 of 5 1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 5 of 5 Korean 1st Shinwon Paperback Vol. 1 1st Shinwon Paperback Vol. 2 Latvian 1st Hardcover Lithuanian 1st Hardcover Polish 2nd Paperback Brazilian Portuguese 1st Paperback 1st Deluxe Edition European Portuguese Pack As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo Papaerback Romanian 1st Hardcover 2nd Paperback Vol. 1 2nd Paperback Vol. 2 Russian 1st Hardcover 2nd Hardcover 1st AST Hardcover Part 1 1st AST Hardcover Part 2 2nd AST Hardcover Hardcover Leather Bound Simplified Chinese 1st Chongqing Paperback Vol.1 1st Chongqing Paperback Vol.2 2nd Paperback Vol 1 2nd Paperback Vol 2 2nd Paperback Vol 3 Spanish 1st mass market paperback 2nd mass market paperback 1st Paperback Vol. 1 1st Paperback Vol.2 2nd Paperback 2nd Hardcover Swedish 1st Hardcover 1997 1st Hardcover 1998 1st Paperback Thai 1st Paperback Vol. 1.1 1st Paperback Vol. 1.1 Chinese (Taiwan) Softcover Boxed-Set Turkish 2nd Paperback Vietnamese 1st Paperback 1A 1st Paperback 1B Other ASoIaF Stuff: Calendar: 2009-2018 Original Art Castle Black and Weirwood from Meisha Merlin Edition by Jeffrey Jones Catelyn Reads Lysa’s Letter from Subterranean Press Edition by Ted Nasmith Daenery's Dream from the Finnish Edition of A Game of Thrones (Valtaistuinpeli) by Petri Hiltunen The House Stark from the German A Game of Thrones Limited Edition "Eisenthron" by Caryad The White Raven from A Clash of Kings (Subterranean Press) by Richard Hescox Coldhands from Subterranean Press Limited Edition A Dance with Dragons by Marc Fishman Crow Claw Spine from German Limited Edition of A Feast for Crows (Krähenfest) by Mia Steingräber The story header of THE ROGUE PRINCE by Ken Laager featured in ROGUES/Subterranean Press Bear Island by Franz Miklis from the Agot Card Game by FFG Prints ...and Rhaegar died" Litograph by Mike S. Miller MONDO North of the Wall Michael Komarck: Eddard, Sansa and Jon The Art of ASoIaF Vol 1, Vol. 2, Limited Edition Swords Valyrian Steel Book Version of Longclaw and Needle Comics Limited German Edition of the AGoT graphic Novel. 4 Vol. limited to 99 pieces RPG Limited signed Edition and normal Edition by produced by Guardians of Order RpG Books by Green Ronin Miniatures Limited Edition of "The Ruby Ford" by Testors… The Iron Throne 14 Inch Limited Edition by Dark Horse Eddard Stark 1/6 Miniature by ThreeZero .... I am still missing a few languages, so i am looking for any Edition which is not listed here. On the other site i am looking for original Pantings by Gary Gianni, Charles Vess and Tom Canty from the Subterranean Press Edition of AKotSK, ASoS and AFfC.
  4. I have listed the books on eBay with a lot of pictures. I am still open for offers
  5. I am selling my ARCs of ACoK, ASoS and AFfC. PM if you are (seriously) interested in the set. I am open for offers and would love to send you some pictures. Uploads/20140624_202450_zps74f2478d.jpg.html?sort=3&o=16 (1st, 2nd and 3rd Book from the left)
  6. I have listed the book on eBay . International shipping costs have to be paid extra SOLD
  7. Hello, I am selling my new Subterranean Press Edition of ACoK #205. The book will ship from Germany. If you are interested in buying, please send me a PM with an offer. Also, if you would like to see photo's please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  8. NEW: Aegon the Conqueror (1/6 custom made)
  9. 978-3890645322 or 3890645321
  10. @becca69: I have uploaded a few pics of the german deluxe limited editions incl. original artwork from these books
  11. Thank you very much
  12. A few close-up pics Which finnish edition do you mean? A few years ago, i have bought exactly this one I am always looking for new editions, so feel free to make me an offer...
  13. Hello, i am a Collector from Germany. I collect only editions of "A Game of Thrones" in all translations. I also have an original drawing by Jeffrey Jones from the Meisha Merlin edition (missing unfortunately in my collection) as a special piece of jewelry in my collection an some other stuff...