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  1. This is very true, though if Maekar was an experienced man, and if he had allies, which being Prince of Summerhall he likely did, exiling him to said Summerhall might not be the best idea. And if he was smart, then even more so. You can keep him close without having to look at him everyday. Man would've had a manor in the city no?
  2. Interesting, so potentially Valarr could have created more enmity due to the rage and grief over his father's death? Was there any sign during the novel that he disliked Maekar because of this? He could have seen it as an accident or blamed Dunk anyway
  3. Where do people think Jena Dondarrion, Baelor Breakspear's wife was during the tourney of Ashford and afterwards? Was she alive? What would the position of Kiera of Tyrosh have been after Valarr died? If Valarr Targaryen or his brother Matarys had not died during the Great Spring Sickness, would they have kept Bloodraven on the small council, and would Maekar or Bloodraven been named hand
  4. THis is very true, Lord Varys, do you think then at Summerhall, that Maekar simply kept to himself, or did he play the game?
  5. I'd really love to see more of Aenys, Aegon, and this whole shebang.
  6. Interesting points here, I've always wondered what Valarr and Matarys were like especially growing up in the shadow of their father, as well as Aelor and Aelora with their father being mad. Must've been a fascinating period. I hope we get more info on them soon
  7. What do people think the inter family dynamic was like between the children of Daeron the Good and their own children? Peaceful?> Harmonious or fractious?
  8. I’ve read the books, I’m also aware that aegon hated him, and that Darron saw him as nothing more than cruel. But do we get an in depth look at him enough to formally proclaim thanyes he was mad?
  9. Psychopathic bully from one example?
  10. Interesting, how would he have done that?
  11. Yes, he drank wildfire thinking it would turn him into a dragon, aside from that, the depictions we are usually given of him come from a maester's account, a maester who was in Egg's employ, who would've known to get his bacon he'd need to paint the King's enemies negatively. So, my query is, was Aerion Brightflame really that mad? And what would he have been like as a King?
  12. Whilst I agree with most of the points made here, calling Stannis one of the best strategists in GRRTH is somewhat overselling his military capabilities.
  13. Welcome to feudal society. If she was once married to the enemy, and by their customs is supposed to be devoted to her husband, why would they trust her? Tbh, they missed a trick by not openly declaring for Rickon. Would've made it easier to gain support.
  14. There never was a Queen of Bear Island due to the fact that it was never an independent kingdom, it belonged to the Ironborn and then the Starks. Considering there were lords who witnessed that, it is something. Sansa being married is a something, she was married to two traitorous and enemy houses. Why would anyone trust her?
  15. Mainly the fact that in the six thousand years the Starks have ruled the north, they've never had a Queen Regnant. And the fact that Jon was named Robb's heir, coupled with the fact that Sansa was married to a Lannister and a Bolton, and the fact that northmen are incredibly xenophobic, hence why the Valemen being there, is going to be viewed with huge suspicion.