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  1. Twists will occur in future books that won't be seen in show. Link.
  2. Last night in a notablog comment, GRRM re-emphasizes that the books and show will parallel and be different, also talks about characters who were never featured in GoT that exist in his universe: No major or new development but interesting all the same.
  3. For those curious, I completed a large update of the post Here are the updates: Writing Progress updates since July 2016: GRRM has no announcement to make on The Winds of Winter by August 2016 GRRM won’t talk about his progress until the writing is done GRRM is “back to work” in September 2016 after spending most of August at conventions, meetings in LA and with house guests/visitors. The Winds of Winter is not being cancelled. – GRRM, notablog comment, “Signed Books at the JCC” 10/15/2016 The Manuscript for Winds hasn’t been lost. – GRRM, notablog comment, “Now On Sale, 10/21/2016 GRRM’s appearance schedule for 2017 will be very limited and will remain so until Winds is completed. – GRRM notablog, “South of the Border”, 11/28/2016 GRRM doesn’t want to do a tell-all update on The Winds of Winter, but he’s working on the book. – GRRM, notablog comment, “End of the Season” – 1/7/2017 GRRM states that TWOW is not done. He made progress in 2016 but not as much as he would have liked. He thinks that TWOW will be released in 2017. GRRM doesn’t think Winds will take four more years to complete. – GRRM, notablog comment, “Tor Launches Wild Cards Re-Read”, 2/25/2017 GRRM will announce completion and delivery of Winds months before the book publishes. – GRRM, notablog, “It’s Publication Day”, 2/28/2017 GRRM still working on Winds but seemingly struggling, saying “So much to do. And the days go by so quickly. I love my work, all my work, all my projects, all my children, but sometimes it seems as if the harder I work, the further I get behind.” – GRRM, notablog, “March Madness”, 3/18/2017 GRRM does not have writer’s block though. – GRRM, notablog comment, “March Madness”, 3/19/2017 GRRM won’t comment on rumors of Winds and Game of Thrones, Season 7 – GRRM, notablog comment, “More Cool Wild Cards Stuff”, 4/7/2017 New Confirmed Unreleased TWOW Chapters Cersei Lannister Asha Greyjoy Melisandre of Asshai Plot-Points Confirmed by GRRM At Balticon, GRRM mentioned that Arya would get her first period soon and that he would visit Arya/Gendry again. In December 2016, when asked about “The Forsaken”, GRRM reported that there were a lot of dark chapters in TWOW: We will learn more about the Order of the Green Hand in future books. GRRM has no comment about whether Daenerys or Tyrion will retire as POV characters once they meet. Characters dead in the show but alive in the books have parts to play in The Winds of Winter: GRRM is not done with Salladhor Saan. Miscellaneous TWOW Information As of November 2016, GRRM indicates there won’t be more Dunk and Egg stories until Winds is done. GRRM does not believe that the Arianne II sample chapter should be considered for a Hugo award. GRRM might do an AMA on reddit after Winds is complete. The Deep Ones won’t be rising to trouble the people of Westeros in Winds. GRRM won’t be editing new anthologies until he finishes Winds. As of February 2017, GRRM probably won’t release or read brand new sample chapters from The Winds of Winter. GRRM won’t be doing interview on ASOIAF until Winds is completed. GRRM discovers plot holes that require rewriting chapters “all the time.” As always, this resource has been manifestly improved by everyone who have sent me more information either by comments here, on twitter or elsewhere. Thank you to all of you, and if you know of something, say something! (Or just drop a comment here if you have some info that I don't have in the resource). Thanks again!
  4. A few small updates in recent days: - GRRM declined an update on his TWOW progress - GRRM is constantly rewriting/updating chapters. Nothing major obviously, but something I suppose.
  5. @Werthead To be fair, George wasn't pulling peoples' legs in January 2011. He was still writing Dance, and he thought he had a long ways to go. Namely, GRRM still had two major sequences that were unfinished and set to close out ADWD -- Battle of Winterfell + Battle of Meereen and both sequences were far from being finished. From my reading of what transpired between George and his publisher, they told George to wrap it up in short order. George cut one sequence (Probably the Battle of Winterfell as there were fewer completed chapters), and Anne Groell told George to cut another sequences (The Battle of Meereen), and GRRM did . Back in 2011, Anne said: So, back in January 2011, GRRM probably thought he had another year or so of writing ahead of him. Looking back at it now, I wish that George had spent another year writing the battles instead of cutting the story off where he did.
  6. @rhaenys I believe the user means the WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE app. But to clear it up, the sample on the app is TYRION II. GRRM read TYRION I at Eastercon and Miscon in 2012 which can be found among the sample chapters at the top of the page.
  7. Just as clarification, I just want to point out that GRRM's writing of Tyrion in ADWD was only one facet of difficulty. The major one was the Meereenese Knot -- of which Tyrion played a role in. As for GRRM's problems for TWOW, I think we can only speculate. Part of my speculation is that GRRM is encountering two setpieces in his novels that look to have a conflagration of characters in it: King's Landing and Winterfell. We know that GRRM was rewriting a chapter in his notablog WINDS post back in January. At Balticon in May, GRRM reported that he had left a on his desk before coming to the con. Do those imply that he's struggling with writing a Winterfell or King's Landing knot? It's really impossible to say. The other possibility is that GRRM is dealing with a dark turn in his characters in TWOW -- much like he did with ADWD. I think the two candidates for this would be Daenerys and Jon. Dany's "dragons plant no trees" turn has been talked about ad-nauseum, but Jon's dark turn should be talked about more. If Jon is resurrected in TWOW, are we going to see some of the negative impacts that we've seen in other characters that have experienced resurreciton, ala Beric and Catelyn? Will Jon lose some of his desire to become a hero? Will he not have the same concern for innocent life that he displayed during his time as Lord Commander in ADWD? These are questions that I can't wait to see come to play in TWOW (if they do at all).
  8. The chapter from the Apple Version of A GAME OF THRONES will be Mercy.
  9. Intro As has become the case the longer the wait for TWOW takes, I've come to really enjoy researching, thinking and writing about more meta topics in ASOIAF. One of my favorite topics is how GRRM writes ASOIAF -- especially the last 2 books and TWOW. Today, I wanted to talk a meta-theory on one factor why ADWD took so long to write. Hope you enjoy! A Dance with Dragons took 11 years in total to complete. Yes, A Feast for Crows was released in 2005, but GRRM had "half" of ADWD completed before AFFC was published. At the end of AFFC, GRRM infamously estimated that he would be done ADWD "in a year." But we know what happened next. GRRM ran into writing problems and ended up rewriting most of what he had already written for ADWD. What was once thought to be a one-year wait turned into a grueling six year writing process for GRRM and his fans. One of the major problems in GRRM's writing was the Meereenese Knot, but there was another problem for GRRM -- one that hasn't been explored in much depth: Tyrion Lannister. GRRM's POV Writing Style When talking about GRRM's writing style, I think it's important to zero in on how GRRM writes ASOIAF. GRRM does not write the books in a linear fashion. What I mean by that is that GRRM's typical style is to write multiple chapters or chunks of chapters from the POV perspective of one character until he grows tired of writing him or her or hits a roadblock and transitions to another POV character. In mid-1999, he described his writing style thusly: This is a fairly unique way of writing that has all sorts of highs and lows. On the high side, GRRM can "groove" on one character for an extended period of time and get into the character's head to write an extraordinarily involved, almost manic series of chapters -- think Ned's final chapters in AGOT or Tyrion's Blackwater chapters. Still, there are drawbacks too. For one, the non-linear style means that GRRM will often get pretty far ahead of other POVs on the timeline and will then have to head backwards in his timeline to "fill in the gaps." Oft-times, this gap-filling necessitates re-writes to chapters that GRRM already completed (something George found to his horror as he "unwrote" much of his ADWD material from 2006-2007). GRRM's Favorite POV: Tyrion Everyone at this point knows that GRRM's favorite character in ASOIAF is Tyrion Lannister. GRRM wrote the dwarf to match many aspects of his personality, though obviously not his appearance. In addition to being GRRM's favorite character in his own series, GRRM has also talked about how easy it is to write him, especially in contrast to his other characters: Tyrion as GRRM's easiest POV character to write is a resounding theme in many of his earlier interviews: Circling back to GRRM's writing style of writing from a particular POV until hitting a roadblock and switching, I think that Tyrion was GRRM's go-to POV character for the first 3 books that he ends up switching to when he hits a writing roadblock with another POV. As way of evidence, one interesting thing that GRRM has said is that he wrote almost all of Tyrion's ASOS chapters during the timeline of writing ACOK: This makes a lot of sense considering that GRRM wrote 15 chapters for ACOK and then 11 chapters for Tyrion in ASOS for a total of 26 chapters even before ASOS was published. Given the amount of chapters that GRRM wrote, I think it's a fair bet that GRRM often turned to Tyrion when he ran into writing issues in other POVs. But something changed after ASOS. A Dark Turn for Tyrion When fans consider the length it took to write AFFC/ADWD in contrast to the first 3 books, many look at the wait but don't see the causes for it. One of the major causes was an increasingly complex narrative found most strongly in the Meereenese Knot. His partial solution to some of the problems was to split his POV characters by location into 2 books, but the most pressing issues would be found in his ADWD POVs. Given that ADWD has many POV chapters from characters that he has a hard time writing in the first place (Jon, Dany, Bran), ADWD would prove to be a difficult book to write. However, the difficulty was compounded further when his go-to POV became exceptionally difficult to write. Before the publication of ASOS, GRRM talked about how easy and effortless it was to write Tyrion, but the writing of Tyrion became much, much more difficult. Instead of gliding through Tyrion chapter after Tyrion chapter, we get glimpses of GRRM's writing progress with Tyrion in ADWD like so: And then we get GRRM talking about the Tyrion/Shrouded Lord chapter that was complete that he ended up cutting out of ADWD altogether: So what gave? How did Tyrion become so difficult to write? Well, the character of Tyrion changed dramatically between ASOS and ADWD. While Tyrion was always a cynic and had some darkness in him, the dwarf became damn-near nihilistic in ADWD. He rapes women, fantasizes about raping and murdering his sister, poisons people with mushrooms, manipulates a boy to foolishly invade Westeros without the support of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons and wants to haunt Westeros from the grave after he dies. Tyrion is an ugly mess through ADWD, and this is a bit of a change from his character in the first 3 books. So you can start to see where some of the problems in writing emerged. Where in the past GRRM would hit a roadblock in writing and then possibly switch over to Tyrion for an easier road, that road was unavailable to him. Tyrion was difficult to write and this likely led to many headaches for GRRM. Transitioning Tyrion from being the pragmatic, sarcastic asshole we loved in the first 3 books to a dark nihilist was likely extraordinarily difficult for GRRM to write. In fact, in 2010, GRRM said as much: Speaking personally, I believe that GRRM's treatment of Tyrion in ADWD was extraordinarily successful and compelling, but I certainly understand how difficult that process must have been for George. Conclusion The darker Tyrion that GRRM struggled with was a consistent struggle for GRRM, but towards the end of ADWD, Tyrion seems to be returning to some form. By the end of the book, Tyrion, while not quite overcoming his dark turns earlier in the book, is becoming the pragmatic, cynical, sarcastic asshole again -- joking while being auctioned off and winning the support of the Second Sons in typical Tyrion fashion. In fact, it's very possible that in TWOW, Tyrion's return to form may continue. In 2014, GRRM talked about Tyrion in TWOW: Whether this transitions into easier writing for Tyrion is really anyone but Martin and his editors' guess, but it is interesting to note that he's read or released Perhaps again, Tyrion has returned to the fold as GRRM's go-to POV switch in TWOW, but really, that's speculation until GRRM or someone else says so. Thanks for reading! Special thanks to /u/MightyIsobel, /u/bookshelfstud , /u/hamfast42 , /u/fat_walda , /u/admiralkird , /u/jen_snow , /u/JoeMagician /u/glass_table_girl for allowing me to bounce these ideas off of them some months ago. Thanks!
  10. GRRM said that Areo Hotah would return as a POV character in TWOW. Bran had a chapter cut from ADWD that was originally going to be the chapter after Jon's final ADWD chapter, but GRRM cut it at the last minute apparently. I think it's likely it will be in TWOW.
  11. Try this!
  12. All together now
  13. What we've come up with so far: "Lord Reaper of Pyke" (top middle) "of King Stannis Tommen", line 5. Edit: I think it reads "standard of King Tommen" in that line. Negative image of the doc. /u/Stormlady sees "Asha thought of", "had fought it" -- kind of big, but potential here that this is an Asha chapter, and! Asha hadn't been previously confirmed to return to TWOW as a POV character. /u/MagicBottomMan: "The old northman had fought.." /u/glass_table_girl & /u/Bookshelfstud : "the leader of the [blank] wore sellsword plate and mail." (para 2, line 1) "The knight brandished a bloody head impaled upon the point of a tall spear. The old man's head..." para 2, line 6-7 /u/Mallingerer sees "fashioned in the shape of the twin towers of House Frey" in para 1, line 3.
  14. Over on reddit, we're decoding an image from a brief image when GRRM made a brief appearance on John Oliver's show of what he was writing back in June 2014. In a word, the Battle of Ice, seemingly with Asha as a POV character!