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  1. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Firmino was utterly utterly dogshit. Yet again. He has been costing us points with his mediocracy for a number of weeks now. What does he have on Klopp?
  2. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Emre Can has been horrendous today. Almost everything he's done has been appallingly bad.
  3. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Pretty dreadful from Liverpool so far. Our tactic of playing 3-yard square passes non-stop hasn't yet paid off, strangely. I just hope that the other players start passing to Sturridge in the second half. It seems only Clyne is willing to do so so far, and that's seen Sturrige only getting possession deep and to the right.
  4. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I've only ever seen Depay do well against lesser opposition. I'm sure he'll have a great career, but United is probably a bit too much for him.
  5. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Firmino has been fucking awful today; what will it take for Klopp to take him off? Jesus.
  6. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Heh, I don't hate him or anything but he does frustrate me a lot. I'll never understand how such a technically gifted player can be so weak at shooting. He tends to either be 9/10 or 5/10 too, which can be a bit annoying, though thankfully he's been more 9s than 5s recently. Interesting from Klopp today. Lallana has obviously been put on the left to help Milner with Sterling. I think it works out better anyway, as now Firmino has better movement around him when we're breaking.
  7. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Against the run of play in the first fifteen minutes, but a great cross from Lallana and an even better finish from Wijnaldum. I've been a bit critical of Wijnaldum as I've been disappointed with his finishing, having seen his goals for Newcastle, but that was lovely. Henderson had a strange manic first five minutes where he kept offering himself up for passes from six inches away, but he calmed down quickly, and Milner was sloppy in possession early on, but mostly it has been good. Firmino has been playing with his brain turned off on occasion though. I hope his sloppy passes and touches don't end up costing us points.
  8. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Yeah Pearce is pretty good but I wouldn't put him quite on the level of the other two. I think he has been in the past, but I think a few of his better contacts have since left the club. We do need someone though. Hopefully we get someone who can shoot well, fewer scuffed shots please!
  9. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I've not seen anything from the really reliable Liverpool journalists, like Joyce and Barrett, about Promes. It seems like the rumours might just be based on the fact that he and Wijnaldum are mates.
  10. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I do like him when he's fit, but he seems terribly injury prone. And from his point of view, wouldn't he just be walking into a similar situation to that which he has at Arsenal, ie. he'd be a fringe player? Why would he want to do that?
  11. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Lovren often does good work, but does seem to crumble under pressure more than our other dudes. I'd be interested to see Matip-Klavan.
  12. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Not great from Liverpool so far, but they've been improving as the half has gone on. The front three just hasn't looked that threatening to me over the last few games. Origi is very limited in his link up play and his movement, and I wonder if it's that that's affecting Firmino's form rather than the move to the left. They still switch positions a lot anyway, so it's not as if Firmino is playing completely differently; he just doesn't have the creative quality, the anticipation, near him at the moment. Lallana is still in a great run of form though, so hopefully they just give him the ball a lot. I'd like to see Sturridge get on before the 85th minute. Perhaps that will perk Firmino up too.
  13. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Got Super Mario Run today. I've not played it too much yet but it seems fun. Collecting all of the challenge coins should take me a while, so I've no regrets in buying it. On PC I've gone back to playing Fallout 3 again. I still think the combat is shockingly bad, but I like the atmosphere so I'll keep at it. I've New Vegas and 4 to play at some point down the line too; I hope the combat is better in those.
  14. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Yeah, I've though Klavan has done pretty well in the games he's been given. He doesn't look too bad on the ball either.
  15. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    I see Rojo should have been sent off again.