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  1. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Really fucking nice from Ozil.
  2. Football - dawn of optimism

    Good from Liverpool so far, though Coutinho has been a bit sloppy, and Wijnaldum still doesn't quite look up to pace yet. Lovely goal from Hendo.
  3. Football - dawn of optimism

    No Firmino due to a slight groin strain, so a straight swap with Coutinho.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    Still not keen on Wijnaldum. I'd drop him for Can or Grujic.
  5. Football - dawn of optimism

    Good play from Firmino.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    Sturridge starting for Liverpool finally, so good, but Lucas starting in defence too as Lovren picked up a knock, so entertaining!
  7. Football - dawn of optimism

    Bravo is dreadful. Joe Hart could have done all of those things just as badly, easily! I thought Stones was poor today too. Half of his passes went straight to United players in dangerous positions. City really did themselves no favours. Sane looked just as tentative and uncertain as Sterling. Next level like-for-like. As far as United went, Zlatan took his goal well but ballooned another half dozen other volleys, Rooney should have had roughly fifteen yellows by my count, and Valencia got away with kicking Otamendi. Naughty!
  8. Football - dawn of optimism

    How do the England managers not see the players who are struggling so badly? Harry Kane has been dogshit on toast for at least four months, and he's still being treated as caviar!
  9. Football - dawn of optimism

    It's beginning to feel like Klopp is to distance-covered what Rodgers was to possession. Someone needs to remind him that that's not what wins you games.
  10. Football - dawn of optimism

    Dele Alli is a massive dickhead.
  11. Football - dawn of optimism

    Dude, your avatar is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I would like your permission to take its hand in marriage.
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    I can only imagine the issues with Sakho are attitude-based. The most obvious explanation, from the outside, is that he's not reacted as hoped to being sent home from the preseason tour.
  13. Football - dawn of optimism

    Origi has been ropey tonight. It seems he's forgotten how to pass properly.
  14. Football - dawn of optimism

    I don't know, Firmino has a higher pass completion percentage to Burnley players than any of the Burnley players do today.
  15. Football - dawn of optimism

    Special shoutout to Firmino for being utterly utterly dogshit.