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  1. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    I really hope this is Liverpool's new third kit. It should be in the rules that everyone have an outlandish kit available to them!
  2. I think Pelle managed to win the Biggest Dicksplash award, for lying to Neuer as to where he was going to put his penalty.
  3. Some dreadful penalties here. Neuer is a dumbass.
  4. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    I'm getting a little concerned about United. They might actually be able to play football next season.
  5. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    I'd rather they drop whoever isn't in form at the time. Anyway, whatever you may think of the transfer fee, Mane has a pretty sweet lean.
  6. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    In fairness, I think Kane is just having an off-spell. Alli is young and needs to learn to fucking pass it though, Jesus.
  7. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    Harry Kane with possibly the worst performance I've ever seen in an England shirt. Holy fucking shitballs.
  8. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    England need to get Sturridge central. Harry Kane is being a useless fucking lump, again. What'll happen instead though, knowing Hodgson, is they'll sub Sturridge off for Vardy and play Vardy wide instead.
  9. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    Haha, fucking hell. "Yeah, Jack Wilshere was shit in the last game: let's get him on!"
  10. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    Utterly baffling as usual. England's best forward is being played out of position out wide, while they have the guy who's hopelessly out of form, and struggles to shoot even on his good days, making the runs into the box.
  11. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    There's a surprise - Hodgson insists on playing guys who are out of form, and England end up being rubbish.
  12. Dele Alli is really frustrating to watch. He needs to learn when to pass the ball sooooooo badly.
  13. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    It tends to be that the managers and coaches holiday during this period in competition summers too, which slows things down even more.
  14. Decent from England so far, with just the final ball missing. Henderson has been the stand-out player for me, though he has been as guilty as anyone of failing to get his last passes right. Jack Wilshere is being the my-mental-image version of himself and keeping the ball for far too long and losing it too often. Pfft.
  15. Wilshere in for the off-form Alli, and Henderson in to look after Hamsik. Good choices, I think. I don't think there's any difference in the quality of the full backs, so no worries there, and switching Sterling and Kane out was a no-brainer.