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  1. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Four (three plus one) games doesn't seem anywhere near enough for a foul like that. For me this kind of thing is far worse than biting or slapping or scuffling. Luiz could have had his season ended there, and through a deliberate action. Aguero should get a ten game ban. He won't of course, as the media don't mind him so the FA won't be put under any major pressure as they would if it had been Costa.
  2. The Drunk Thread: Too Drunk to Theorize

    Yeah, I did. The gin is made by a family of weasels, and they've no use for cash money, so you have to go the the lake and pay them directly in mice and voles. It's nice out there though so I don't mind the trip.
  3. The Drunk Thread: Too Drunk to Theorize

    I'm just drinking Brahma tonight, but I bought my dad the best Christmas present today; a local gin that comes in the most beautiful ceramic bottle. I tried the gin the other week too and it's worthy of its vessel! For anyone interested-
  4. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    I'm playing Far Cry Blood Dragon at the moment thanks to Ubisoft giving it away for free. I love Far Cry 3 so how could I not like this? Michael Biehn! I recently started on Bioshock 2 too, but the combat is shocking. A FPS with a targeting reticule the size of a bottle cap? Bleurgh. And I recently gave Fallout 3 a go, and I'm struggling with that too. Combat feels horrible, and leaving it to VATS RNG is massively unsatistfying. Not sure if I'll carry on with it.
  5. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Well, Klopp fucked that one up. It seems he's yet another manager who can't accept that his plan A isn't working and make changes with enough time for them to actually have a chance to work.
  6. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Firmino is hopelessly shit in front of goal. Fucking hell.
  7. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    I thought Arsenal looked desperately poor. A team in better form would have embarrassed them today. Liverpool looking a bit toothless so far. Coutinho is being well marshalled, Mane is having an off game, and Firmino is working hard but giving the ball away quite a bit. We need a bit more presence and guile up top against the Southampton defence, so hopefully Sturridge comes on sooner rather than later.
  8. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Aww, let us have our moment. We'll stuff it up soon enough!
  9. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Can has been a bit off his game so far. Clumsy and slow to react. I'm surprised he's keeping Wijnaldum out of the team.
  10. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Yeah, and Coutinho gets another. I just wish our conversion rate was better.
  11. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Urgh, can we get Sturridge on please, before all of the good chances have been wasted?
  12. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Yeah, Howard Webb said that Sanchez wasn't interfering, but surely he was a distraction to the keeper. That kind of thing should be considered offside in my opinion.
  13. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Not sure how the offside wasn't called for the goal.
  14. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    By my reckoning that's two goals that should have been ruled out for offside now. Chelsea deservedly ahead though anyway.