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  1. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    And there goes Seamus Coleman's season, thanks to some second-rate Welsh thug. A truly horrible tackle that should carry with it the kind of ban duration that the injury itself will see. Perhaps these dipshits wouldn't lose their head quite so easily if there were significant consequences.
  2. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I've no idea how Sterling managed to miss the ball there, but I'm glad he did. Agreed on Yaya, he should have had a few red cards against us over the years, all for horrendous challenges, but he seems to be immune to them. Klavan is dogplops.
  3. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I don't think missing out on the top four would be the worst thing in the world for Arsenal. Perhaps, from a board point of view, they need the catalyst of missing out on the Champion's League. This might be a necessary step in facilitating positive change. The bigger thing I think will be persuading their better dudes to stick with them in the meantime.
  4. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    He's still shit; it'll take more than one goal to change my mind on that!
  5. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Good finish from Wijnaldum. He didn't panic, and waited to put it away nicely. We need to do a lot better in the second half.
  6. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Desperately poor so far from Liverpool, with Can and Klavan competing fiercely for Worst Player On The Pitch. We need to get rid of both as soon as possible. I've no idea what Klopp was thinking, buying a Div 2 level defender. We need to buy maybe 10 players in the summer; we've no depth at all.
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    Better from Liverpool (unsurprisingly), but 2 goals isn't much of a deficit against a determined team: we're going to need another 5 or so. Good Firrmino has turned up today. I like Good Firmino.
  8. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    The new Zelda is absolutely wonderful. I've not played that much so far - I've still not done everything I want to in the Plateau, but it is so much fun. Exploring, fighting, cooking; all great!
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    Firmino's first touch is worse than Heskey's, Jesus.
  10. R.I.P. the great Bill Paxton

    He was such a huge part of my childhood, and he stayed on throughout. I enjoyed him in so many films and it saddens me greatly that he won't be murdered by any more by alien monsters or killer robots for my pleasure. RIP Bill.
  11. Football: fixture congestion

    Henderson out with a foot injury tonight; hopefully we cope without him. Can is due a game where he's not diabolically useless I suppose!
  12. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Just started playing Hyper Light Drifter. I love the aesthetic and the music, and the combat is mostly fun, but shooting seems a little meh. I find that most combat is too fast paced to use the gun without getting teabagged senseless so I tend to stick to my sword 90% of the time, which is a shame. Still enjoying it though. I bought an XBONE controller so I could play a few of the platformy games I liked the look of, like Inside and Limbo, and so far I'm not regretting it! Looking forward to next Friday too - is anyone else getting the Switch? For the longest time I was going to wait, but I just plain want to play Zelda. From the sound of the previews, it should be pretty good.
  13. Football: fixture congestion

    Dele Alli really is a nasty piece of work.
  14. Football: fixture congestion

    I recall that when Lucas played defensive midfield for Liverpool he tended to be miles ahead of everyone else in the tackles stats. Which is not to compare the importance of Kanye and Lucas, as there's no contest really, but Lucas deserves the pat on the back!
  15. Football: fixture congestion

    Yeah, that's the frustrating thing. Karius just needed to settle, he's not terminally rubbish like Mignolet. I get that Klopp wanted to protect him, but I think it's time to put him back in. Coutinho is having a poor game, as are a number of our players, but I do think our tactics don't help. They've clearly been drilled to pass it out wide at every opportunity, but we've no height and we're missing other decent options by ignoring things in the middle. Sturridge has made any number of runs and offered himself up and gets ignored every single time.