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  1. Football - dawn of optimism

    Dude, your avatar is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I would like your permission to take its hand in marriage.
  2. Football - dawn of optimism

    I can only imagine the issues with Sakho are attitude-based. The most obvious explanation, from the outside, is that he's not reacted as hoped to being sent home from the preseason tour.
  3. Football - dawn of optimism

    Origi has been ropey tonight. It seems he's forgotten how to pass properly.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    I don't know, Firmino has a higher pass completion percentage to Burnley players than any of the Burnley players do today.
  5. Football - dawn of optimism

    Special shoutout to Firmino for being utterly utterly dogshit.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    Christ, United's kit is ugly this year.
  7. Football - dawn of optimism

    Redmond is shite. So many poor passes and decisions. Yeah, Martial has looked dangerous, it's just a shame that if he breaks, he's likely to be there on his own, with the old fellas chuffing along trying their best to keep up!
  8. Football - dawn of optimism

    Yeah, he clipped him enough to make Shaw trip himself. United are fun to watch again, which is nice, I guess. I mean, I want them to lose and everything, but they're on telly so often it may as well be entertaining when they win too!
  9. Football - dawn of optimism

    United looking pretty lively so far. I wonder who Jose will play in midfield against the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool, because surely playing Fellaini as a DM is a recipe for disaster in those types of games.
  10. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Henderson was fine, as was Lallana. Wijnaldum, Lallana assist aside, was dogshit, and Firmino was really poor too. I really will never understand how people value two good passes over 3 scuffed shots and 8 half-arsed giveaways.
  11. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Xhaka looks like a bit of a yellow card machine.
  12. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Wijnaldum has been a passenger for the entire half. We need to get Can on for him and free Henderson to go forward more. Firmino needs to come off too. Arsenal are playing a high line and we could really use the pace Origi offers. And if someone could strap Moreno to a rocket and fire him into the Sun, that would be great, thanks. x
  13. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Klopp has seriously fucked up in not bringing in another left back. Any left back. I'd even prefer Manninger ahead of Moreno at the moment.
  14. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Firmino has been desperately poor too. I'd like to see Can and Origi on for them sooner rather than later.
  15. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Wijnaldum looks crap.