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  1. Football: fixture congestion

    Dele Alli really is a nasty piece of work.
  2. Football: fixture congestion

    I recall that when Lucas played defensive midfield for Liverpool he tended to be miles ahead of everyone else in the tackles stats. Which is not to compare the importance of Kanye and Lucas, as there's no contest really, but Lucas deserves the pat on the back!
  3. Football: fixture congestion

    Yeah, that's the frustrating thing. Karius just needed to settle, he's not terminally rubbish like Mignolet. I get that Klopp wanted to protect him, but I think it's time to put him back in. Coutinho is having a poor game, as are a number of our players, but I do think our tactics don't help. They've clearly been drilled to pass it out wide at every opportunity, but we've no height and we're missing other decent options by ignoring things in the middle. Sturridge has made any number of runs and offered himself up and gets ignored every single time.
  4. Football: fixture congestion

    Oh, there's a surprise- Mignolet is still shit. Klopp is utterly clueless. We're doing exactly the same thing in this game that we've been doing in all of the games we've failed to score in. How many square 5 yard passes do we have to make before we get our bonus goal again? He insists on playing Firmino as the main striker in these types of game, even though he drops too deep too often and his shooting is dogshit. The fact that he's great at pressing is pretty irrelevant given that we'll end up having 90% possession. I don't rate Origi as more than average, but even he'd be preferable in these games; at least he looks to get in on goal. Really though, I'd want to see Sturridge. His lack of pressing isn't an issue here, and he's one of the few in our squad who you'd actually trust in front of goal. Can is still rubbish too, so why has he dropped Wijnaldum? I know Wijnaldum is 90% pointless square passes, but at least he's not 90% hopeless dipshittery like Can is at the moment. Hull will probably get another before we manage a decent chance.
  5. Football: fixture congestion

    I didn't see the game, but I did see Jose being a stroppy dickhead in the post-match interviews. Does he get any enjoyment out of football at all these days?
  6. Football: fixture congestion

    Shite. We can't play someone who shoots like that as a central striker and ever expect to do well in a game like this. Why doesn't Klopp have him practising his shooting every day?
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    Mignolet is fucking useless. Hopefully we drop him for good now.
  8. Football: fixture congestion

    It's not Sturridge's fault that the team looks crap, just as it wouldn't be Origi's if he was on instead. The team takes an age to play it forward at the moment. Everyone takes half a dozen touches to control the ball, we're 90% square passes, and no one wants to take a chance on playing a ball through and losing possession. (Though apparently losing possession through being rubbish further down the pitch is absolutely fine.) We could take Can off as he's been as poor as ever, but Wijnaldum hasn't been much better recently. He keeps the ball better than Can, but offers no incisiveness. It's not just us missing Mane either, I don't think. We were starting to look poor with him still in the team, and of course we played well without him last season.
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    A bit meh so far. Sturridge looks good, but Coutinho is playing too deep for my liking, and we're giving the ball to Lovren far too often. It seems one of our main strategies is to pass it square until they get bored and then have Lovren hoof it forward. I'm not convinced.
  10. Football: Reds Rising!!

    We never really recovered from the first two goals. Why did we spend the first 50 minutes playing square passes, afraid to lose possession? Oh well, at least United are almost as rubbish as we are!
  11. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Klavan is fucking dreadful.
  12. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Happy to have Firmino prove me wrong today. I hope he does it more often too!
  13. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Liverpool are shit. I wonder if Klopp will make any changes before the 85th minute today?
  14. Football: Reds Rising!!

    More pointless possession garbage from Liverpool so far. With Lallana up front and Henderson deep, there's no one in midfield linking the attack and it just doesn't look like anything is going to happen. The vast majority of our attacking play is through Clyne, and his crosses are terribly hit and miss. I don't understand why Klopp persists with an out-of-form Firmino in games like this. In the big games where we won't have everything our own way, he makes a difference, but his pressing isn't important in games where we're going to have ~80% possession. Sturridge hasn't exactly played well in the last few games, but part of that has been playing in the B team and poor service, but I'd trust him to take a chance much more than anyone else we might play up front. Other than that, Can is still sloppy, and it looks like it's catching as Hendo has been missing easy passes too.
  15. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Yeah, Can's been rubbish. Moreno's been reminding me why I've not missed him so far today. He's not very good, but he's too stupid to realise that, so he tries to shoot too often, and he gets involved in set pieces that he has no business being anywhere near. He messes up an awful lot of our possession. Hopefully the referee doesn't do Plymouth too many favours. He's already ignored one pretty clear foul in the box.