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  1. Football: gegenposting

    I like to think Sturridge changed his boots there because he's decided that today is more of a bronze day than an orange day, rather than because he had the wrong studs.
  2. Football: gegenposting

    Yeah, he does get caught out of position sometimes, but such is the life of the attacking fullback. (And Moreno does it loads too!)
  3. Football: gegenposting

    Hmm. We've not had a terrible first half, but Benteke's still looking like he's not with the program. Perhaps half a Sturridge can help make a difference. Brad Smith's having a good game though. Hopefully he displaces Moreno sooner rather than later. And is Lucas Liverpool's best centre back?
  4. Football: gegenposting

    Yeah, he's been our only threat, but that doesn't mean he's been good; it just means we've been rubbish.
  5. Football: gegenposting

    Firmino is still shite. Are you watching the game? He's kicked it into the first-person-in-front-of-him's legs about fifty fucking times today!
  6. Football: gegenposting

    I'd rather Liverpool bought nobody than doing their usual trick of buying a bunch of numpties who barely improve the squad, never mind the first team. I'm sure they have targets, but it appears none are available at 'reasonable' prices at the moment.
  7. Football: gegenposting

    Joe Allen needs to watch his back here: Brannagan and Stewart have both been more impressive and will be jumping above him in the queue if he's not careful. Brannagan especially. These are the best free kicks and cornersĀ  I've seen from us for a while.
  8. Football: gegenposting

    Ha! Perhaps, but Henderson needs game time to get back to 100%, and recovery has never been an issue for him in the past. And I'm still not convinced with Firmino anyway. He's been getting praise for his recent performances, but his first touch is often bad and he strikes the ball so so poorly most of the time. Can anyone else think of a really good player who can't kick the ball properly?
  9. Football: gegenposting

    You're basing this on his performance tonight, where he came on at a time where Stoke were content to sit back and give Liverpool space, and he wafted a bunch of crappy, floaty passes that achieved nothing, gave the ball away cheaply a number of times, and fouled a bunch of players needlessly? Allen is poor, but it seems people expect less of him and set the bar lower.
  10. Football: gegenposting

    I think Moreno is my new least-favourite Liverpool player. Absolutely hopeless. He's quick, but that's the only thing he has going for him.
  11. Football: gegenposting

    Fucking dreadful.
  12. Football : The end of the year as we know it

    The defender looked at Fellaini and extended his arm further towards his face: it looked like a penalty to me. Mike Dean is still dreadful though.
  13. Football : The end of the year as we know it

    Really? I don't watch Real, so this isn't my opinion, but everything I read says that Varane is dodgy and relies on his pace to get himself out of trouble a lot. That doesn't sound stable to me.
  14. Football : The end of the year as we know it

    The funds wouldn't be unlimited though, FFP and all that. (If I were a betting man, I'd still go for City.)
  15. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Thomas the Tank Engine. Show some respect, man!